India v England commentary

Last updated: 27th January 2013  

India v England commentary

ENGLAND WIN Bell fittingly hits the winning runs to take England to their 227. A single into the covers does the job after the Warwickshire batsman had hit the first ball of the Jadeja over for four sweetly through the extra cover region. Bell ends up unbeaten on 113 with Morgan at the other end on 40 not out, a useful knock for the left-hander after two previous failures. England win by seven wickets with 16 balls to spare, a comfortable enough chase in the end. That's your lot for today and also for England's tour of India. Please join us again in February for coverage of the trip to New Zealand.

Over 47 - England 222/3 (Bell 108, Morgan 40) Bell tolls now, working a straight ball out to the mid-wicket boundary. I forgot to add earlier, during this innings - one that endured a somewhat sticky start but has shown the value of hanging in there - has seen him go past 4,000 ODI runs. He's the second player to achieve the landmark today, with Suresh Raina doing the same in India's innings of 226 all out.

Over 46 - England 215/3 (Bell 103, Morgan 38) Morgan is taking England home in a hurry. Ahmed's greeted back into the attack with a slap down the ground for six, he didn't seem to get all of it but it still travelled 79 metres. Not content there, the Irishman then picks up a short ball and deposits it several rows back over deep square leg. England now need just 11 more runs to win this final match of the series - that equation seems a little easier now, doesn't it? Jack, you alright with that run-rate?

Over 45 - England 200/3 (Bell 102, Morgan 24) Morgan joins the party, lifting Ashwin over wide long-on for a six that takes this fourth-wicket stand beyond 50. Aswhin's work is done with the ball - 0-50 from his 10. Have to say he's not really been a threat during this one-day series, and that's after failing to impress in the Test series before Christmas. England need 27 from the final 30 deliveries.

Over 44 - England 192/3 (Bell 101, Morgan 17) Bell gets a gift of a low full toss, allowing him to flick a four through mid-wicket that takes him through to his third ODI ton for England. He's the 10th Englishman to score a century in India in the 50-over format. Feel free to find out who the other nine are. England need 35 from 36 thanks to that Bell boundary.

Over 43 - England 184/3 (Bell 95, Morgan 15) Bell now has the highest score by any batsmen in this series and a new PB in one-day cricket in India. He has previously made a century against then, at Southampton back in 2007. He started the Ashwin over with a clever reverse sweep that sent the ball through a huge gap at point for four. Several singles later, England need 43 from 42.

Over 42 - England 173/3 (Bell 87 Morgan 14) Bell twice belts glorious shots straight at fielders inside the circle before finding a gap from the last ball, punching a full toss from the returning Ahmed down to long-off for a single. That leaves the equation at 53 runs from 48 balls.

Over 41 - England 170/3 (Bell 85, Morgan 11) Ashwin beats Bell's outside edge - he now bowling around the wicket to both batsmen to create a different angle of attack. Scott is back in touch to say someone has just walked into a bookies (who shall remain nameless) and placed a four-figure sum on England to win at 1/6! Now that's confidence!

Over 40 - England 167/3 (Bell 84, Morgan 9) The final powerplay over sees three singles and a wide - England managed 25 runs for the loss of one wicket, that of Root. Now India can drop all of one more fielder outside the circle for the final 10 overs of the innings.

Over 39 - England 163/3 (Bell 83, Morgan 8) Two lovely drives from Morgan show that he's not completely out of form. The first goes out to the fence for a couple of runs, while the second looked destined to get beyond the rope until extra cover produces a diving stop. The single puts Bell on strike, and he finishes the over off with a lofted drive that goes for a one-bounce four. England need 64 from 66 deliveries now.

Over 38 - England 156/3 (Bell 79, Morgan 5) Five comfortable singles off the Jadeja over. The partnership between Bell and Root put on 79 for the third wicket before the latter was bowled trying to slog-sweep.

Over 37 - England 151/3 (Bell 77, Morgan 2) Sharma looks set to get through a tight over until he gives Bell a ball on his pads to work away past short fine leg for four. England need a further 76 runs from the remaining 13 overs. Tim reckons England will get home with five overs to spare here, while Scott via Twitter says the tourists triumph. He also said not to fear if Root is there, so I don't know if that means we should start worrying now.

Over 36 - England 145/3 (Bell 72, Morgan 1) Jadeja does it again for India - just three singles conceded off the first over of the batting powerplay, as well as claiming the wicket of Root. Poor shot selection from the young Yorkshireman, but had he connected everyone would have praised him for taking the attack to the bowler.

WICKET! Whether it's the powerplay or just a moment of rash thinking, Root has gone for 31 after missing an attempt to hit Jadeja over deep mid-wicket. You know with Jadeja that if you miss, he will hit. So, a lifeline for India and a chance for Eoin Morgan to remind us all of his obvious talents after a tough time of it in India.

Over 35 - England 142/2 (Bell 70, Root 31) So England go to DRINKS in Dharamsala needing 85 runs from the remaining 90 deliveries. This third-wicket stand is now worth 76 and they have the batting powerplay to come as soon as play resumes. Jack thinks India are still going to win this game, predicting a margin of eight runs. Anyone else want to suggest the outcome? Email to, or tweet @SkySportsLanny.

Over 34 - England 137/2 (Bell 67, Root 29) Lovely stuff from Bell, a shuffle down the wicket allowing him to loft Ashwin straight down the ground for six. There's the required runs for the over taken care of with one sweet, sweet shot. Few batsmen look more graceful lofting spinners over the top than Bell, there's no real force to it, just elegance and timing.

Over 33 - England 126/2 (Bell 59, Root 27) Jadeja is now through four overs at a cost of just nine runs. I'm a little perplexed at just why England find him so mystifying, though it's always difficult to work out a spinner who doesn't really tend to turn it that much.

Over 32 - England 124/2 (Bell 58, Root 26) Singles apiece from an Ashwin over that ended with an appeal for leg before that could never be given out in a month of Sundays. England need 103 from 108 - any panic yet, Jack?

Over 31 - England 122/2 (Bell 57, Root 25) A pair of twos for Bell, both well-run in tandem with Root, takes this third-wicket partnership up to 58. With Morgan and Buttler still to come, England are nicely working this run chase.

Over 30 - England 118/2 (Bell 53, Root 25) Well, Ashwin didn't end up doing much better than Yuvraj. There's one foul long hop that Root slams away to backward square leg - the poor fielder at leg gully (a position Dhoni seems to love) feared for his life when he spotted how short Ashwin had dropped it in. After 30 overs, India were 117-5.

Over 29 - England 111/2 (Bell 50, Root 20) Bell is beaten by one that turns from Jadeja - you shouldn't worry about that too much, it's being beaten by the one that just comes in with the arm that it is the worry. England require a further 118 runs. The Yuvraj expiriment has, unsurprisingly, been stopped. Ashwin is coming back in to the attack.

Over 28 - England 109/2 (Bell 50, Root 19) A half-century for Ian Bell, one described as "important in the context to the chase" by David Gower on commentary. It's his 25th in one-day cricket for England and has come up in 88 deliveries. Yuvraj has now bowled two overs for 15 runs - perhaps India need to cut their losses and try someone else.

Over 27 - England 103/2 (Bell 46, Root 17) Bell makes sure he keeps the strike with a single off the final ball of the over, denying Jadeja a maiden at the start of his spell. Jack is on fire with the emails this morning: "If one day cricket is about entertainment (it is, regardless of if you agree with it) then should spectators not get refunded after turgid rubbish like that?" If you just want pure entertainment non-stop, then save your money and buy a ticket for Twenty20 cricket.

Over 26 - England 102/2 (Bell 45, Root 17) Boundaries for both batsmen as the decision to put Yuvraj on ahead of Jadeja backfires for Dhoni. Bell latched on to a short ball and pulled it away to the gap at mid-wicket, while Root got a thick edge to a long hop that went down to third man. Jadeja, who has caused England some real problems in this series, despite rolling 75 percent of his deliveries out, is going to come on now at the other end.

Over 25 - England 93/2 (Bell 40, Root 13) After some repair work to the wicket, work that ended up being done more by Sharma himself than the groundstaff, Ishant concedes a mere single from the 25th over. Just for Jack, England have now patted back 116 dot balls in this innings, with 14 boundaries being hit.

Over 24 - England 92/2 (Bell 39, Root 13) Three runs from the latest Ashwin over - now 135 needed for victory and a chance to finish this tour on a high, which would seem fitting with the backdrop of the mountains at this venue. Nick Knight on commentary thinks England are comfortably on course. India at this stage of their innings were 84-5.

Over 23 - England 89/2 (Bell 37, Root 12) Better from England, a little urgency from Root, as well as a bit of good fortune, and 10 runs suddenly come from an over. The Yorkshireman picked up four with a nice cut through a packed backward point region, then found the fence again with a thin edge that flicks Dhoni's glove and runs away fine.

Over 22 - England 79/2 (Bell 37, Root 2) The required rate continues to climb, it's still comfortably below a run-a-ball but the pressure is mounting. Bell knows he, in particular, can't afford to get out now after batting for so long for so few. He's got a start, the management will want him to go on and carry this innings almost over the finishing line.

Over 21 - England 76/2 (Bell 36, Root 1) Two runs from Kumar's return to the attack. He's now through seven overs for 30 runs. Plenty more dot balls, just to keep Jack happy. England will have to make at least one change to their batting line-up in New Zealand, with KP rested for that section of the trip. I suppose Jonathan Trott will return at three in his place. That'll please Jack even more...

Over 20 - England 74/2 (Bell 36, Root 1) After being beaten early by one outside his off stick, Root gets off the mark with a single worked to mid-wicket off Ashwin's bowling. Bell cuts the final ball away for a couple more, meaning England now require a further 153 runs from the remaining 30 overs. After dismissing KP, Ahmed is off. In his place his fellow seamer Kumar.

Over 19 - England 71/2 (Bell 34, Root 0) After the immediate loss of Pietersen, Bell responds with six runs from the next two deliveries, including four with a tickle to fine leg. The in-form Joe Root is the new man at four, not Eoin Morgan, but he's yet to face as the two batsmen crossed for Pietersen's dismissal.

WICKET! The short ball works like a charm for India, Pietersen taking on the hook but only hitting Ahmed out to Jadeja in the deep. Excellent catch on the mid-wicket fence considering he had to make plenty of ground from square leg to get underneath it.

Over 18 - England 64/1 (Bell 28, Pietersen 6) First involvement of a spinner in this innings - Ravi Ashwin leaks just one from his opening over. Pietersen hit his first delivery down the ground to a sweeper, than watched on as Bell dotted back the next five. While there is no rush, the Warwickshire batsman has got rather stuck of late. He's having real issues being able to work the ball into gaps for singles.

Over 17 - England 63/1 (Bell 28, Pietersen 5) Maiden over from Ahmed this time. England building a platform right now, knowing the run-rate should never really get away from them. A batting powerplay to come, too.

Over 16 - England 63/1 (Bell 28, Pietersen 5) Pietersen finds the boundary, albeit thanks to Rohit Sharma rather diving over the top of a powerfully-struck drive at mid-off. England go to DRINKS in Dharamsala in decent shape in this run chase. Jack, however, doesn't agree. He'd rather see England get a move on. Doesn't matter if they win with 10 overs or 10 balls to spare, Jack. A win is a win. And referring to Australia - a team that were recently bowled out for 74 by Sri Lanka in their own back yard - isn't always advisable.

Over 15 - England 58/1 (Bell 27, Pietersen 1) Pietersen gets off the mark with a pull shot he hits so sweetly that it knocks Jadeja onto his backside as he fields the ball out at deep square leg. England need a further 169 runs from the remaining 35 overs.

Over 14 - England 56/1 (Bell 26, Pietersen 0) Sharma sends down another maiden, this time at Bell. That's three of his four overs that have been scoreless now, meaning he has wonderful figures of 1-4 from four. England are happy to just plod along for now, perhaps not realising that some people want this game to finish early so they can watch a certain Scotsman in a tennis final.

Over 13 - England 56/1 (Bell 26, Pietersen 0) India at this stage were 50-4 in their innings. Jack's lamenting Cook's innings of 22 from 40 deliveries, insisting that it only has a place in Test match cricket. He perhaps isn't completely suited to the 50-over game, but the problem is when you make him captain you kinda have to fit him in the team somewhere.

Over 12 - England 53/1 (Bell 24, Pietersen 0) Wicket maiden for Sharma, who has bowled superbly so far today. It's all a far cry from that opening game of the series when he proceeded to be smashed all around the park. Jack is back - concerned at the lack of intent from England's top order. I agree to a point, I do think the order looked at its best last winter when KP was opening up with Cook.

WICKET! There's no doubt about it this time, Sharma has dismissed Cook. The England captain is a fraction late to react to a good delivery and is castled for 22. Good ball, but the left-hander was stuck in the crease and then beaten for pace.

Over 11 - England 53/0 (Cook 22, Bell 24) The half-century stand comes up for England's openers when a nick off Cook's thigh pad beats the diving Dhoni and runs away to the boundary. The England skipper had already picked up four runs off his bat in the same over, albeit using the top edge of it to send a short ball flying over the slips. A single off the last also means he keeps the strike.

Over 10 - England 42/0 (Cook 17, Bell 23) Cook sees off a Sharma maiden. So England's run rate after 10 overs is, err, hang on, just doing my calculations, carry the one to there, 4.2 an over. Pretty much on target with what they need then. They've hit plenty of boundaries, just haven't perhaps rotated the strike quite enough.

Over 9 - England 42/0 (Cook 17, Bell 23) Bell picks up a pair of boundaries off the back foot, the first top edged over second slip while the second is much more impressive, a sublime punch going to the left of mid-off and then running away to the rope. I swear that ball was still gathering speed as it reached the fence. So far, so good for England in this opening powerplay.

Over 8 - England 34/0 (Cook 17, Bell 15) Sharma thinks he's dismissed Cook with his first ball, but the umpire doesn't agree there was an inside edge through to Dhoni. To rub salt into the wounds, the left-hander then smacks the seamer through point off the back foot for a boundary. Jack is lamenting the lack of power at the top of the England order. Of course Marcus Trescothick has been missed, but the game is a little different now. Remember, there are two new balls used now in each innings, one from each end.

Over 7 - England 30/0 (Cook 13, Bell 15) That's more like it from Bell - he starts the latest Kumar over with a glorious punch off the back foot that leaves the fielder at point and cover looking at each other and wondering which one is going to turn around and fetch it back from the boundary. Still, he likes the bottom edge in this innings. Another Chinese cut gets him two more runs. Change in the attack now for India, Ishant Sharma is on.

Over 6 - England 24/0 (Cook 13, Bell 9) A boundary on each side of the wicket from Cook. The first is courtesy of a trademark flick off his hip that races away over this ridiculously-fast outfield, while the second sees him drive emphatically through the covers when offered some wide by Ahmed at the end of the over. Jack is really not happy with England's run-rate, though. Patience, my child. By this stage India were already two wickets down.

Over 5 - England 16/0 (Cook 5, Bell 9) Bell finally finds the middle of the bat when he drives elegantly past point for four runs. The rest of the over is either defended or left alone outside off.

Over 4 - England 12/0 (Cook 5, Bell 5) Jack gives his thoughts on England's likely run chase: "Lets get ready for the inevitable blocking by the England openers. What's the bet we have below 40 at the 10 over mark? If this was twitter, an appropriate hash tag would be #getonwithit #itsonly50overs" So far, that's about right. Cook has a horrible grope at a full, swinging delivery from Ahmed, barely moving his feet at all. Bell, meanwhile, gets a fortunate boundary with an under-cut back past his own stumps. He's a touch player - and he's out of touch.

Over 3 - England 5/0 (Cook 4, Bell 1) Maiden from Kumar - Bell leaves every delivery well alone outside off stump as they all swing away from him and through to wicketkeeper Dhoni.

Over 2 - England 5/0 (Cook 4, Bell 1) Bell leaves alone his first delivery, a case of either fine judgement or a lucky escape as it barely misses his off stick, then thick edges the next down to fine leg for a single. Shami Ahmed working up a good head of steam and both India seamers have already shown the ability to swing the new ball both ways.

Over 1 - England 4/0 (Cook 4, Bell 0) Cook gets England away in streaky fashion, edging the third delivery from Kumar right where third slip would, probably should, be and away for four. The England skipper also twice plays and misses outside off stump during an opening over that won't have filled his team-mates watching on with a great deal of confidence.

Run chase So England are about to come out in pursuit of a total of 227. The equation is simple enough but they must be positive from the outset.

India 226 So that ends the first innings of this match - 226 looks a below-par total for the surface and the speedy outfield, but India will probably be grateful for having that many after at one stage slipping to 79-5. Suresh Raina made the most of a number of reprieves to make 83, while those two wickets in the last over mean Bresnan finishes with figures of 4-45. England's frontline bowlers have done a superb job - however the combination of Root and Patel has taken 1-80 from 11 overs.

WICKET! Ahmed top edges a Bresnan bouncer into his helmet and then watches it loop into the air for the bowler to take in his follow-through. That ends the innings with two balls to spare.

WICKET! After working the previous ball over mid-on for a boundary, Kumar's lively little knock comes to an end when a miscue is well held by a diving Finn at mid-off. India nine down now.

India 221/8 (Kumar 27, Ahmed 1) Finn ends with figures of 2-27, though it should have been three as his last delivery was spliced into the air by Kumar. Patel made good ground towards it from cover but then drops the chance as he slides in on his knees. Still, great, great work from the Middlesex paceman - he has enjoyed the chance to bowl on a pitch with some pace and bounce.

Over 48 - India 216/8 (Kumar 17, Ahmed 0) Bresnan is boshed straight down the ground for four by Kumar at the start of the over, but then recovers well to concede only a single after that. His switch of policy to shorter stuff worked like a charm, with Kumar in particular getting in a right old tangle when facing something not pitching inside his own half of the wicket.

Over 47 - India 211/8 (Kumar 12, Ahmed 0) Despite losing Ashwin, India have cashed in on the extra over bowled by Patel. Cook had no need to keep the spinner on for another, but perhaps Woakes' recent overs tempted him to stick with Samit. India's response was to hit him for 15. Ashwin managed a six down the ground, although only just. Tredwell nearly took a superb catch on the rope but could only palm the ball up in the air and over the boundary.

WICKET! Ashwin lobs up a simple chance to fall at the end of what was a very expensive over from Patel. Still, the batsman had managed to hit the previous two balls for 10 runs. That is Samit's first ODI wicket in 65 overs!

Over 46 - India 195/7 (Ashwin 9, Kumar 12) Yet again, Woakes serves up a treat during an otherwise decent over. And, once again, he feeds Kumar outside off stump, allowing the tail-ender to cut for four runs. This is a player who has a first-class century to his name. Woakes is discovering the difference between county and international cricket on this tour - the margins for error are so much finer at the highest level.

Over 45 - India 187/7 (Ashwin 7, Kumar 8) Just the two singles from Patel's latest over. The departure of Raina is doing wonders for his figures. Nasser Hussain now brings up the name of Ravi Bopara as a batsman who could offer a bit with the ball - he's currently away playing in the Bangladesh Premier League.

Over 44 - India 185/7 (Ashwin 6, Kumar 7) Width from Woakes and he's punished, Kumar freeing his arms to fly a cut shot past the diving fielder at backward point. Interesting point here about the make-up of England's team. With none of their top six offering much with the ball, they need a bowling all-rounder at seven. Patel, however, doesn't seem to be good enough with the ball to be certain of getting through 10 overs each match. Nasser Hussain on commentary brings up the name of Rikki Clarke, someone David Lloyd believes should have been picked in place of Woakes for the Test tour to New Zealand.

Over 43 - India 180/7 (Ashwin 6, Kumar 2) A little disappointing to see Cook allowing Kumar to get easy singles down the ground off Patel, who apparently hasn't taken an ODI wicket since the tour to Abu Dhabi last year. Really? Surely that can't be right?!?!

Over 42 - India 177/7 (Ashwin 4, Kumar 0) Cook realises there's a chance to bowl India out inside the distance now, posting a slip for the rest of Woakes' over following the dismissal of Raina.

WICKET! Raina splices a pull shot to Bell at mid-wicket, giving Woakes his first wicket of the day. He could have had the same batsman on five, but finally does see the back of him when he's 83 to his name. Not sure the India heirachy will be totally impressed with Suresh for getting out with so many overs to go. Let's see what India's tail can manufacture in the closing stages.

Over 41 - India 173/6 (Raina 80, Ashwin 3) Patel gets the nod from captain Cook - and duly proves expensive. With the spin working in his favour, Raina twice cracks the left-armer away into the large vacant spaces at mid-wicket. Root nearly cuts the first shot off moving around from his position much squarer of the wicket, but the second only bounces once before crossing the rope. Samit now has figures of 0-25 from three overs.

Over 40 - India 160/6 (Raina 70, Ashwin 1) Finn finishes off the powerplay with a good over - India have managed 25 runs during the period but have also lost the wicket of Jadeja in rather careless fashion. England have 10 overs to go and at least three of them need to be bowled by either Samit Patel or Joe Root.

Over 39 - India 157/6 (Raina 68, Ashwin 0) That's the lot from Tredwell with the ball, both for today and the series. He finishes here with superb figures of 2-25 from his 10, giving him 11 wickets in total for the series at 18 apiece. England have found an excellent stand-in for Graeme Swann on this tour.

WICKET! Jadeja departs in rather ugly fashion. In attempting to hit Tredwell over the mountains, he only slices to Ian Bell at backward point. He tried to hit that ball so far he nearly swung himself off his feet. Good breakthrough for England right at the end of the powerplay.

Over 38 - India 155/5 (Raina 67, Jadeja 38) It appears short and at leg stump is the area Bresnan is aiming for - not often a seamer decides that's the best place to bowl. He's now bowled eight overs and taken 2-35 - Cook may leave the last two up his sleeve for the death, so Woakes may be asked to bowl an over during the powerplay restrictions.

Over 37 - India 150/5 (Raina 65, Jadeja 36) And another life for Raina. This time Cook is the man to put him down, the England skipper unable to hang on diving to his right at backward square leg. Not an easy chance at all, but the look on Cook's face suggests he feels he should've taken it. And ANOTHER life for Raina - Tredwell's acrobatics aren't enough to grasp a caught-and-bowled opportunity from a firm drive. India's 150 is up and the last half-century has taken just 60 deliveries.

Over 36 - India 144/5 (Raina 61, Jadeja 35) Bresnan offers up width to Raina and pays the price, getting cut away past gully for four. He had previously been bowling much straighter, targetting middle and leg with the protection out in the deep on that side. Eight from the first over in the fielding restrictions. England are going to continue to use Tredwell during the powerplay.

Over 35 - India 136/5 (Raina 55, Jadeja 33) It's all quiet before the storm - a single apiece to both batsmen in the last over before the batting powerplay has to be taken. England will return to seam in the form of Bresnan for the start of it. India might want to put their foot down in this five-over period, but this pair will realise that there is not a great deal to come after them. They have also now put on a half-century stand since the departure of skipper MS Dhoni.

Over 34 - India 134/5 (Raina 54, Jadeja 32) Jadeja starts off the session after the break with a second six, this time Root the man to be taken over the top. It's gone plenty of rows back, too, and the nearly full house inside this stunning ground are off their feet in celebration.

Over 33 - India 127/5 (Raina 53, Jadeja 26) Maiden from Tredwell - what a series this man is having. He can celebrate those six dot balls with a DRINK as we take a break from proceedings.

Over 32 - India 127/5 (Raina 53, Jadeja 26) Raina hits Root with the spin over cover for a four that brings up his 28th ODI half-century and his fourth in this series. Mind you, it helps when you get dropped on five and then not given out lbw when hit right in front of middle and off. If Patel is only going to bowl a few overs in each game, I wonder the point in really picking him at No.7. Why not push Woakes and Bresnan up the order and give your captain another frontline bowler to use? Any thoughts, send in your feedback to, or tweet to @SkySportsLanny.

Over 31 - India 119/5 (Raina 47, Jadeja 24) Good work from Buttler with the gloves leads to the third umpire being called into action to judge on a stumping chance. Jadeja did slide his foot out, but comfortably moved it back behind the line by the time the bails were removed. Nothing to see here people, let's move on. By the way, if poor Craig Kieswetter hadn't endured a tough enough trip, he was earlier seen in the field doing 12th man duties.

Over 30 - India 116/5 (Raina 46, Jadeja 16) Jadeja decides to have a dart at Patel's darts, pumping his fellow left-arm slowie straight down the ground for a Dorothy Dix. Worringly, Patel has yet to pick up a wicket in this one-day series. While he might be a batsman who bowls a bit, he does need to contribute more in both forms to retain his place in the team. That first over has gone for 10 runs with the maximum.

Over 29 - India 106/5 (Raina 44, Jadeja 14) Tredwell comes back on in place of Root and gives away just two singles. We've had 13 fours and two sixes so far in this India innings, both maximums coming from the blade of Suresh Raina. England are going to have spin from both ends now as Samit Patel comes into the attack. Much better second spell from Woakes - those three overs have gone for just six runs after his first three cost 23.

Over 28 - India 104/5 (Raina 43, Jadeja 13) Jadeja rather cons a wide out of the umpire by reaching out with his bat at a delivery outside off from Woakes. Did you know India have used 43 venues to stage one-dayers? England are next on the list with 22 grounds. The least amount in international cricket? Sri Lanka, with just the nine. Don't say you're not enthralled by cricketing facts early on a Sunday.

Over 27 - India 101/5 (Raina 42, Jadeja 12) Raina helps India reach three figures with his second six of the day, this latest one following a similar flight path to the first straight back over the bowler's head. India needed 75 deliveries for their opening half-century and 86 for their second.

Over 26 - India 91/5 (Raina 34, Jadeja 10) The more replays you see of that Root appeal against Raina, the more you realise how lucky the India batsman is to still be out in the middle. India are currently going along at 3.5 runs an over, putting them on course for 175. Six-an-over for the rest of the way and they'll get up to 235.

Over 25 - India 89/5 (Raina 33, Jadeja 9) Jadeja gets a streaky four when a thick edge from a Root turner goes past the dive of skipper Cook at slip. Raina could have been dismissed in the same over too, England appealing strongly for leg before to the last ball. The umpire seemed to suggest there was an inside edge, but replays show it might have been pad first, then bat.

Over 24 - India 84/5 (Raina 33, Jadeja 4) Woakes returns for a second spell - his first saw him leak 23 from three - and starts with a solid over that concedes just a single, Jadeja getting it with a steer down to third man. The left-hander was also beaten by a beauty that nipped back off the seam in between bat and pad. Woakes certainly has the talent, just lacks a little control at times.

Over 23 - India 83/5 (Raina 33, Jadeja 3) Tredwell off, but it's more right-arm off-spin in the form of Joe Root. Interesting that he's bowling here in front of Samit Patel, though that may have something to do with the fact India have two left-handers at the crease right now. Steady over, four runs coming from it.

Over 22 - India 79/5 (Raina 32, Jadeja 0) Wicket maiden from the superb Finn. Raina shook his head at his skipper when he walked past him after being dismissed, perhaps to suggest the lbw decision was harsh. Hawk Eye says not, with the ball just low enough to be clipping the top of the stumps. Have to say it looked a great shout when it happened.

WICKET! Fortune favours the brave! Finn stays on - Finn dismisses Dhoni. The India captain is again shuffling across his crease, only this time he misses a straight one and is given leg before by umpire Steve Davis.

Over 21 - India 79/4 (Raina 32, Dhoni 15) More signs of turn for Tredwell when he gets one to rip and grip to Raina, who was looking to angle the ball to leg but in the end did well to get his bat out of the way and let the delivery strike him high on the pad. It will be Finn to continue - I like the aggression being shown by captain Cook.

Over 20 - India 77/4 (Raina 31, Dhoni 14) Dhoni drives in superb fashion to the final ball of the Finn over, taking the ball to the right of point for another India boundary. So what does Cook do now? Turn back to the expensive Woakes? Keep Finn going in the hope of claiming a fifth wicket? Or is it time for spin from both ends?

Over 19 - India 71/4 (Raina 30, Dhoni 9) Five dot balls in the over, but also the game's first six. Raina clears the rope down the ground, advancing to the pitch of a flighted delivery and driving in fine style. The crowd loved that.

Over 18 - India 65/4 (Raina 24, Dhoni 9) India happy right now to plod along in singles - England are perhaps a little too happy to let them do so. Bresnan and Finn have not got through six overs apiece - Cook has to decide how many he needs to keep in store from the pair for later on in the innings.

Over 17 - India 61/4 (Raina 22, Dhoni 7) Dhoni is a clever, clever player. With the ball turning from Tredwell, he's getting right across his stumps and looking to play almost exclusively to the leg. It means England's appeal for leg before when he attempts to sweep has no chance of being upheld.

Over 16 - India 58/4 (Raina 21, Dhoni 5) England get all excited when Raina considers having a dart at a Bresnan bouncer (which are two words that seem to go together quite nicely) before electing to leave alone at the last second. Remember, this is the first One-Day International to be played at this beautiful venue, although the Indian Premier League does make it here.

Over 15 - India 57/4 (Raina 21, Dhoni 5) Good over from Tredwell, but with the ball turning and India four down Cook could perhaps look to be a little more aggressive. This is a situation they're in control of, another wicket now and India are in deep trouble. What they can't do is let this pair of Chennai Super Kings rebuild at a sedate pace to set up a late blitz. Anyways, time for a DRINK in Dharamsala - a nice strong cup of tea might be the best option.

Over 14 - India 56/4 (Raina 20, Dhoni 5) Bresnan IS now allowed to bowl. Dhoni welcomes him by driving his first ball back past point for four. England appeal from the next for leg before, but the India skipper had taken a pace or two down the pitch and was hit outside the line of off to an away swinger. Apart from that, it was plum.

Over 13 - India 50/4 (Raina 19, Dhoni 1) There's signs of turn for Tredwell, who rips one past the outside edge of Raina's bat. He actually wouldn't have been bowling that over had it not been for the umpires stopping Bresnan from returning to the attack as he'd been off the field in between spells.

WICKET! Tredwell's morning just keeps getting better and better. After taking two catches at second slip, he takes just two deliveries with the ball in his hand to strike. In truth it was short and wide to Gambhir, who then cut it too close to Ian Bell at backward point.

Over 12 - India 49/3 (Gambhir 24, Raina 19) After a maiden last time up, Woakes serves up an over of complete and utter tripe to Raina. There's a leg-side delivery that is flicked away for four, a long half-volley driven past mid-off and a rank long hop to finish that is cut to the fence as well. In the process of ruining Woakes' figures, Raina has now moved past 4,000 ODI runs in his career. He's the joint 57th fastest to that milestone. I won't name the other 56.

Over 11 - India 35/3 (Gambhir 24, Raina 5) Maiden from Finn to Gambhir, who looks to leave as much alone as possible. On one occasion he shows impeccable judgement, shouldering arms to a delivery that was no more than a coat of varnish from the off stump.

Over 10 - India 35/3 (Gambhir 24, Raina 5) Better over from Woakes, and it could've finished with a wicket. Raina has a drive at one outside his off stump and gets an edge towards Tredwell, who can't quite hang on diving low to his left. India playing do-or-die cricket here. They simply can't resist the temptation of anything pitched up outside off.

Over 9 - India 35/3 (Gambhir 24, Raina 5) Finn around the wicket to both lefties - and not pitching too much in their half of the surface, either. England post a leg gully and Raina almost finds Bell with a flick off his pads. It'd have taken some catch to be fair, consider the shot come right out of the middle.

Over 8 - India 33/3 (Gambhir 23, Raina 4) Change in the attack - Bresnan off, Woakes (the man who has replaced him in the Test squad to travel to New Zealand) on. Good start for the Warwickshire all-rounder when Gambhir swings and misses outside off. However, the opener makes contact with the third ball just fine, driving it for four despite the best efforts of Eoin Morgan to cut it off. Raina, too, picks up a boundary to finish, flicking through square leg. Rapid outfield; perhaps there's a thin covering of ice, considering the low temperatures at the venue.

Over 7 - India 24/3 (Gambhir 18, Raina 0) Finn welcomes Suresh Raina to the crease with a cracking short ball, one the left-hander thinks about swaying out of the way of before eventually realising he's going to have to take it on the body, the delivery striking him up near the left shoulder. Finn offers a smile, perhaps as much towards the groundsman for providing a surface hard enough for the bouncer to be an effective weapon.

WICKET! Yuvraj comes and goes without troubling the scorers, almost guiding the ball off the back of his bat straight to Eoin Morgan in the gully region. Didn't fancy Finn there, and he's the second Indian today to perish for a duck.

Over 6 - India 23/2 (Gambhir 17, Yuvraj 0) Just because he's seen two team-mates perish playing drives outside off, doesn't mean Gambhir's going to put the shot away. He takes Bresnan for four through the covers, then plays an even better effort straight down the ground two deliveries later. A leg bye off the last means he will retain the strike for Finn's next over.

Over 5 - India 14/2 (Gambhir 9, Yuvraj 0) Finn hurries Gambhir with a bit of extra pace, but the early signs are that this pitch may suit the swing bowlers more than the taller, quicker men. England may perhaps consider giving Chris Woakes an early bowl, particularly with India having to rebuild now following that double-wicket maiden.

Over 4 - India 13/2 (Gambhir 9, Yuvraj 0) Yuvraj survives the hat-trick, keeping out a booming inswinger with a solid-looking forward defensive shot. Are we still sure Bresnan is actually injured?

WICKET! And another! Same delivery, same shot from Virat Kohli and the same man taking the catch, albeit this time Tredwell has to juggle it not once, not twice but three times before finally nestling the ball into two hands. Two in two for Bresnan - Yuvraj in to face the hat-trick!

WICKET! Bresnan strikes an early blow for England, this time Sharma's attempts to drive an away swinger only resulting in him offering a sharp chance to second slip, where James Tredwell takes a good, sharp catch high to his right.

Over 3 - India 13/0 (Gambhir 8, Rohit 4) Again, another steady over from an England seamer is spoilt by a boundary. Finn gives Gambhir too much width with the fifth ball, allowing the left-hander to free his arms and cut high over the head of gully. Many expected India to give a game to Pujara today, but instead they've stuck with the same XI that clinched the series in Mohali in midweek.

Over 2 - India 9/0 (Gambhir 4, Rohit 4) Sharma spoils a potential maiden from Bresnan by driving the final delivery away through the covers for four, taking the ball on the rise as it moved away from him. So, Bresnan plays here but isn't deemed fit enough for the upcoming tour to New Zealand? Interesting...

Over 1 - India 5/0 (Gambhir 4, Rohit 0) The groundsman claims this is the fastest pitch in India, which is like a Lada car salesman pointing you to the best vehicle he has on his lot. It's got SOME pace, but tennis-ball type bounce. Gambhir tucks into some leg-side fodder from Finn, who had once again started the innings with a wide. The average score in the five 50-over games played at this venue is 286.

India unchanged Captain Dhoni declares he too would have bowled first, with the match starting early in the morning and being played at altitude. The surface is said to have some pace but looks to lack a little grass.

Toss England have won! Well, that's a decent enough start to their day. One change in their XI, Jade Dernbach makes way for Chris Woakes. Stuart Meaker, then, doesn't get a go in any five of the matches.

Hello And welcome to coverage of the fifth and final one-dayer of the series. The curtain comes down on England's tour of India at the home of the Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association in Dharamsala. It is a quite stunning venue for international cricket, played out in the backdrop of the snow-covered Himalayas.

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