Lord's: Day 4 as it happened

Last updated: 19th May 2013  

Lord's: Day 4 as it happened

England win by 170 runs Astonishing. A thumping win for England in the end after three-and-a-bit days of intense, hard-fought and competitive cricket. England needed only two bowlers (and a comedy run out) to wrap up victory an hour into the afternoon session on a ludicrous fourth day's play.

WICKET! Wagner run out (Bairstow) 16 Magnificent end to the match. Wagner slogs a short ball from Anderson to long-leg where a steepling catch is dropped. Bairstow grabs the ball and flings it back to the bowler's end after the batsmen decide too late against taking a second run. Wagner stumbles, Anderson gathers, off come the bails.

Over 22 - New Zealand 67/9 (Wagner 15) Billy Root should get an assist for that wicket. Superb piece of fielding to stop Wagner getting back for a second run, which allowed Broad to knock Martin over.

WICKET! Martin b Broad 1 Brilliant fielding from Root the Younger at long-leg keeps Wagner to a single from a pull shot and gives Broad a chance to bowl at Martin. He uproots the middle stump, along with much of the kit that works the stump camera.

Over 21 - New Zealand 66/8 (Wagner 14, Martin 1) Wagner having a bit of fun anyway. A couple of swings and misses before he chips Anderson over mid-on and gets three Martin-hurting runs to become top-scorer in the innings.

Over 20 - New Zealand 61/8 (Wagner 11, Martin 0) The first Investec Bank Maximum (I assume that's what they're called) of the Test as Wagner pulls Broad over Root the Younger at deep square-leg. Another swipe to leg brings Wagner a single. That six meant he became only the second Kiwi, after Watling, into double figures in this innings. Martin plays and misses at the last two balls of the over. His injury has left him with almost zero footwork, which makes things tricky at the best of times; when the ball's seaming and swinging like this it's almost impossible.

Over 19 - New Zealand 54/8 (Wagner 4, Martin 0) As Watling hobbles off, Bruce Martin hobbles on. He's nursing a calf injury and I'm not sure what purpose him batting here serves other than to make it even harder for him to recover in time for Headingley on Friday.

WICKET! Watling c Trott b Anderson 13 Another Anderson special as his outswinger squares Watling up to find the outside edge, and Tott does the rest at third slip. Smart low catch in the end, and England now just two wickets away from victory.

Over 18 - New Zealand 54/7 (Watling 13, Wagner 4) Watling thrashes a cut shot to deep point and uncomfortably makes his way to the non-striker's end to leave Wagner back in the firing line. Big cheers for New Zealand's 50. Wagner gets off the mark in pleasing style with a driven boundary through the offside as Broad overpitches.

Over 17 - New Zealand 49/7 (Watling 12, Wagner 0) Watling takes a single from the first ball of Anderson's over. Anderson then tries to set Wagner up with a couple of outswingers but gets the inswinger wrong and fires it down the legside.

Over 16 - New Zealand 48/7 (Watling 11, Wagner 0) New Zealand avoid the ignominy of the lowest Test score at Lord's as Watling drives down the ground for two and then cuts hard past point for four. Broad fails to field Watling's defensive push from the final ball of the over, so New Zealand's hobbling keeper will keep the strike.

WICKET! Southee c Root b Broad 7 Air of farce about proceedings now. Anderson shells an absolute sitter at second slip to give Southee a life as Cook tries and fails to cling on to the rebound. Southee takes full advantage of the reprieve by slapping the next ball straight down Root's throat at deep square-leg.

Over 15 - New Zealand 41/6 (Watling 4, Southee 7) Good shot from Southee, picking Anderson's inswinger and biffing it through midwicket for three. Sure Watling and his knee are thrilled about that. Watling hobbles a leg-bye from the next ball before Southee slogs a straight ball into the legside for a single. Much oohs and aahs from the slip cordon. All over had he missed it.

Over 14 - New Zealand 36/6 (Watling 4, Southee 3) Southee's policy of spooning the ball up in the air is a bold and unusual choice. He sends a flat-footed drive just short of point before spooning a drive just over cover for a single as his field-teasing efforts continue.

Over 13 - New Zealand 35/6 (Watling 4, Southee 2) Slice of luck for Southee who fends at an Anderson short ball and sends an edge looping into the offside but landing short of gully. The next ball is worked to leg for a single before Watling gets four with a cut shot wide of a diving gully. The on-screen graphic has switched from a list of highest fourth-innings run-chases at Lord's to lowest totals. India's 42 all out in 1974 still to be surpassed here.

Over 12- New Zealand 30/6 (Watling 0, Southee 1) Tim Southee, who started the morning taking three wickets to complete a 10-wicket match haul, starts the afternoon with a bat in his hand. Thick inside edge gets him a single before Broad beats Watling's outside edge to complete the over interrupted by McCullum's pre-lunch dismissal.

Sky BetBetting At the start of New Zealand's innings, England were 1/2 for victory at Sky Bet and New Zealand 13/8. A crazy hour later, the hosts are 1/1000 and the tourists 66/1.

Stats In that session, Broad scored 79% of England's 33 runs and then took 83% of their six wickets. Quite good.

Lunch, New Zealand 29/6 Unreal session of cricket. Ten wickets have fallen for 62 runs. A bowler from each side has completed a 10-wicket haul. England now just four wickets away from what now appears a logic-defyingly easy victory. Great game, this Test cricket. Think it could catch on.

WICKET! McCullum lbw b Broad 8 Stunning end to a stunning session as a Broad nip-backer hits McCullum in front of off stump and Steve Davis raises the finger. McCullum reviews - as he had to do in the situation - but Hawk-Eye can't save him. In the blink of an eye, Broad becomes the second addition of the morning for the honours board.

Over 11 - New Zealand 25/5 (McCullum 4, Watling 0) BJ Watling defies knee-knack to take his usual place in the batting order at number seven. New Zealand need something sensational from their two keepers here.

WICKET! Brownlie c Cook b Anderson 5 Bowling perfection from Anderson in the space of two balls. The first is a ludicrous hooping inswinger that flicks the thigh after beating the inside edge, the second a perfectly-pitched outswinger that finds the outside edge and gives Cook a routine catch at first slip. Just too good.

Over 10 - New Zealand 25/4 (Brownlie 5, McCullum 4) McCullum, surely New Zealand's last hope, strides to the crease and promptly thrashes his first ball to the point boundary.

WICKET! Williamson c Finn b Broad 6 Broad's good days are sensational. When the stars align, he's close to unstoppable. Witness Exhibit A, a wide half-volley bowled to the opposition's most technically adept batsman. He chips it to cover. New Zealand in dire trouble.

Over 9 - New Zealand 21/3 (Williamson 6, Brownlie 5) Excellent over from Anderson, but Brownlie survives. The last ball is full and swinging, and squares the batsman up completely before he manages to somehow wiggle the bat into the correct path to block the ball before it reaches pads or stumps.

Over 8 - New Zealand 21/3 (Williamson 6, Brownlie 5) Five slips waiting as Broad jags the ball past Brownlie's outside edge three times in the first five balls before a clip into the big space on the legside brings a single.

Over 7 - New Zealand 20/3 (Williamson 6, Brownlie 4) Anderson spends much of this over sending the ball past Williamson's outside edge. Williamson's one of those classy batsmen who still looks good even when being beaten all ends up. Feet, hands and bat always in textbook position even as the ball whistles past the outside edge.

Over 6 - New Zealand 20/3 (Williamson 6, Brownlie 4) Specialist slip fielder Dean Bronwlie the new batsman, and Broad promptly jags one past his outside edge before finding it only to see the ball find ground and the small gap between fourth slip and gully. Broad at his best is a game-changing cricketer with both bat and ball. Today we've seen Broad at his best, full Oval 2009 mode.

WICKET! Taylor c Cook b Broad 0 Huge. Broad channelling his inner Flintoff to drag this game England's way. Ross Taylor, who batted so beautifully in the first innings, is gone second ball without scoring as he edges low to Cook at first slip. Really smart catch from the skipper, just getting his fingers underneath the ball.

WICKET! Rutherford b Broad 9 Stuart Broad is having one of his days. Biffed some priceless runs earlier, and now has two wickets. This one's a crackerjack of a delivery, an off-cutter that jags past Rutherford's defensive stroke and sends the off stump cartwheeling. Bad game for New Zealand's opening batsmen.

Over 5 - England 16/1 (Rutherford 9, Williamson 6) Anderson v Williamson already a good contest. Williamson punches back past the bowler for two, is then beaten by one that shapes away just enough to beat the outside edge before a classical off-drive brings three more as Compton's eager pursuit saves a run. Rutherford works to leg for a single.

Over 4 - England 10/1 (Rutherford 8, Williamson 1) Rutherford finally gets some strike, and gets off the mark with a punchy drive between point and cover as Broad offers width. Picks up four more as a genuine edge bounces away wide of third slip and down to the third-man boundary. Would guess Rutherford will rank alongside Taylor and McCullum as the real dangermen in England's minds, the batsmen who could take New Zealand to their target quickly.

Over 3 - New Zealand 2/1 (Rutherford 0, Williamson 1) Maiden over from Anderson, carefully and safely played by Williamson.

Over 2 - New Zealand 2/1 (Rutherford 0, Williamson 1) Just seen another replay. I was very, very kind to Fulton when describing that ball as "fifth-stump" it was two feet outside off stump. Awful shot. Williamson the new batsman, and he's off the mark with a tight single on the legside. Might've been dicey had Nick Compton managed to pick up cleanly. Hamish Rutherford still yet to face a ball. In Auckland, Matt Prior scored 73 and 110 not out. Here, he got a pair. Peter Fulton made 136 and 110 in Auckland. Here, two and one.

Landmark This has been a Test full of landmarks: Matt Prior now has 200 dismissals in Test cricket. Fourth England keeper to do so.

WICKET! Fulton c Prior b Broad 1 Great start for England as Fulton dangles his bat tamely outside the off stump and nicks through to Matt Prior. Fulton defending a swinging ball off the back foot on a fifth-stump line. Poor from an opening batsman.

Over 1 - New Zealand 1/0 (Fulton 1, Rutherford 0) Peter Fulton off the mark with a thick inside edge to square-leg from the final ball of Anderson's opening over. Decent start from Anderson, some gentle swing. Fulton watchful.

History This will be the third-highest successful run-chase at Lord's in Test cricket if New Zealand get there.

Tails In the first innings England lost their last six wickets for 40 runs. In the second, their last eight for 54. New Zealand lost their last six for 54 in the first innings. The top-order will need to get this done for New Zealand; not easy for the lower order.

Sky BetBetting England 1/2 favourites to win this game at Sky Bet, with New Zealand - out at 12/1 at one point yesterday - now 13/8. The draw is an unlikely 80/1.

England 2nd innings 213 all out England utterly blown away by Southee from a position of total dominance when Root and Trott were making things look so easy yesterday afternoon. The hosts still favourites - New Zealand must make the highest total of the match to win - but thanks to Southee in particular the game is far closer than it should've been. England played some appalling shots this morning to exacerbate the errors of last night.

WICKET! Anderson c Southee b Williamson 0 Shocking from Anderson. Shocking. Broad paddle-sweeps for three and then Anderson, who needed only to bat for his partner, tries to drive Williamson out of the rough and chips an easy catch to that man Southee at cover.

Over 68 - England 210/9 (Broad 23, Anderson 0) James Anderson negotiates the rest of Southee's over. Broad's already giving it the long handle; may now start giving it even longer handle. This is some collapse from 159/2, a potentially match-losing one.

Ten Southee joins Dion Nash as New Zealanders on the 10-wicket honours board.

WICKET! Swann c McCullum b Southee 1 Southee has his 10th wicket of the match as Swann chases a wide one and gets a healthy edge through to McCullum. This match looks increasingly certain to finish today, one way or the other.

Over 67 - England 209/8 (Broad 22, Swann 1) Williamson into the attack with his off-spin. Swann makes good contact with a couple of sweeps but its them straight to backward square-leg.

Over 66 - England 209/8 (Broad 22, Swann 1) Swann tries to follow Broad's lead. He's got the swing-and-a-miss sorted, but can't quite replicate the one that whistles away off the middle of the bat. It'll come, I'm sure. Does get off the mark with a clip to long-leg for one. New Zealand will have to make the highest score of the match to win.

Over 65 - England 208/8 (Broad 22, Swann 0) Broad continues his counter-attack to good effect, flicking Boult fine down the legside for four - long-leg had no chance of cutting that off - before a stand-and-deliver cover-drive brings four more. The lead now 233.

Over 64 - England 200/7 (Broad 14, Swann 0) Swann survives the over. Southee already on the honours board for his five-wicket haul; needs just one of these last two wickets for 10 in the match.

WICKET! Bell c Brownlie b Southee 6 Big wicket. Southee draws Bell into the drive, and his thick outside edge flies straight to Brownlie. Never dropping it. England have subsided to 200/8 from 159/2 and this game now right on the edge. Southee reaps the rewards for pitching the ball up and encouraging the drive. He's on the honours board and could well add to his five.

Over 63 - England 200/7 (Bell 6, Broad 14) England's 200 comes up as Broad pulls Boult high towards deep midwicket. Big lbw appeal to end the over, but the ball swinging way down the legside and Steve Davis not interested.

Over 62 - England 198/7 (Bell 6, Broad 12) Good cricket from the England batsmen here as Bell defends towards deep point but manages to scamper back for a second run. Every Run Is Vital. The next ball is defended back down the pitch and the batsmen scurry another single as Southee fails to gather. Broad has another couple of airy swishes outside the off stump before making contact with one. Straight out of the middle, and the ball races to the pickets at cover. Broad's approach is high-risk and it will look ugly when he gets out, but it could be worth a useful number of priceless runs if it's his day. McCullum bolsters the offside field but Broad manages to thread a more controlled drive between point and cover to pick up three more. The lead climbs to 223.

Over 61 - England 188/7 (Bell 3, Broad 5) Trent Boult shares the bowling duties first up, and Broad immediately thick-edges an attempted cover-drive through gully for four. Broad's going to attempt a counter-punch here, and misses with another couple of big drives. Brendon McCullum gathers, who has happily managed to locate a pair of wicket-keeping pads since last night. I was worried about his knees and shins. I hardly slept.

Over 60 - England 184/7 (Bell 3, Broad 1) Stuart Broad's the new batsman, and he gets off the pair by clipping away a full ball with designs on trapping him lbw.

WICKET! Finn c sub (Guptill) b Southee 6 First job done for New Zealand as the Watford Wall is breached in the first over of the day, edging low to sub fielder Martin Guptill at second slip, after Ian Bell had driven through point for three.

Ready to go Tim Southee, who significantly altered the shape of this game last night, starts proceedings. Ian Bell on strike.

Target Mikey Holding reckons England will be favourites if the lead gets to 270-280.

Injuries New Zealand's Bruce Martin and BJ Watling will not take the field today after picking up injuries yesterday. So Brendon McCullum will be keeping again, while Kane Williamson outbowled Martin yesterday anyway. Both men will bat if/when required.

Pitch Report Sir Ian Botham with the pitch report. It's all about the rough outside the right-hander's off stump. Created by Trent Boult and Neil Wagner and, England hope, exploited by Graeme Swann in the fourth innings. Kane Williamson, a handy but part-time off-spinner, bowled some unplayable deliveries yesterday. So, so important that England get a lead that gives Swann the time and also allows him the attacking fields to take advantage.

Target Trott asked if 250 would be a winning lead. He makes one of his faces. "We'd like a little bit more."

Welcome It's Yet Another Crucial Morning Session. Is that because this is an excellent Test match? Or is it just always the case that the first session of a day seems vital? I don't know. Stop asking difficult questions. What is for sure, is that England need a good deal more runs before they start to feel happy about this match situation. With poorly Ian Bell at the crease, plus Stuart Broad and Graeme Swann to come, England do have power to add significantly to their current lead of 205. Another 100 runs would be lovely.

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