Australia vs West Indies commentary

Last updated: 5th October 2012  

Australia vs West Indies commentary

RESULT The West Indies have won, convincingly, by 74 runs and will advance to the final on Sunday where they'll meet hosts Sri Lanka. It's been an epic game with West Indies pretty much controlling everything from the onset after Gayle, Samuels, Bravo and Pollard all played a part in their massive total. Australia's captain, George Bailey, put on a brave fight but in the end there was only one team up for today's challenge and that was of course the Windies. Join us on Sunday for the final which, given this West Indies performance, promises to be a cracker!

Over 16.3 - AUS 131/10 (Doherty 9) WICKET! BOWLED! Rampaul gets his third of the innings clean bowling Starc who tries to smash him straight back down the ground! That's the ball game folks!

Over 16 - AUS 127/9 (Doherty 6, Starc 1) Rambdin celebrates the stumping of Hogg but the umpire wants to go upstairs - the third umpire confirms Hogg has to go - that's unfortunate for the oldest player in the tournament. What a scoop from Doherty who goes over the top of mid-off for four.

Over 15 - AUS 121/8 (Hogg 7, Starc 1) Rampaul continues - Hogg and Starc do just enough to get a few runs added to the score. I think it's fair, given Australia's current situation - it's all over.

Over 14 - AUS 112/8 (Hogg 1, Starc 1) The boundaries seem to be coming thick and fast for George Bailey - he picks up another one for four. But just as he's getting settled - he's OUT! WICKET! Russell takes a standard catch on the boundary as Bailey looks to pull Pollard's second ball of the match for six. Pollard gets Cummins too! WICKET! The batsman skies it high and mid-off makes it his business to get under it and takes another easy catch straight down his throat. Mitchell Starc and Bradd Hogg are the two new men in the middle.

Over 13 - AUS 107/6 (Bailey 59, Cummins 13) Darren Sammy gets handed the leather. This is the Captain's knock I was talking about earlier - regardless of the result, it's a great effort from Bailey who manages another six runs from a poor Sammy delivery - this time its just over the fielder on the ropes; but it's the maximum and that's what counts!

Over 12 - AUS 96/6 (Bailey 51, Cummins 10) Narine returns with the hope of cutting down Bailey's run rate - not a bad effort as the Aussies prove they can run between the wicket pretty well.

Over 11 - AUS 89/6 (Bailey 49, Cummins 7) George Bailey is really trying to turn things around. He smashes a six off the first, a four off the second and third and a six off the fourth - and to end off, a four!! WOW! Andre Russell looks horrified - what can he do, it's his first over.

Over 10 - AUS 64/6 (Bailey 28, Cummins 3) Badree back into the attack but Bailey smashes him over midwicket for a really large six runs! Nice on, Captain!

Over 9 - AUS 53/6 (Bailey 18, Cummins 2) Four singles from the over - the runs are drying up and Australia will know they need to do a lot better than this to even stand a tiny chance of winning...

Over 8 - AUS 49/6 (Bailey 16, Cummins 0) Another bowling change, this time Sunil Narine joins the bowlers and immediately it's Wade that gets his shot wrong, and he's out - a really simple schoolboy catch for Badree! Pat Cummins comes in, doubt he can do very much. Bailey gets a four - although no-one really seems to care too much as the stadium goes silent...

Over 7 - AUS 43/5 (Bailey 10, Wade 1) Cameron White is gone!!!! Another massive wicket for West Indies, but Ravi Rampaul isn't finished his anihilation of this Australian batting line-up as he removes David Hussey with a caught and bowled! WOW! Matthew Wade comes to the middle, he has a massive job to do with his Captain, but you can't help but think it's all over for the Aussies.

Over 6 - AUS 42/3 (Bailey 10, White 5) White picks up a couple off the first as Samuels continues into his third over. Bailey goes straight down the ground as he picks one out the block and plays it away for four. He has a go again on the last of the over, steps back and drives it back past mid-off for four more!

Over 5 - AUS 31/3 (Bailey 2, White 2) WICKET! Badree gets to continue, and a good decision at that as Watson is clean bowled - that's the danger man, GONE! George Bailey gets off the mark with a couple - so he'll be relieved... He needs a massive Captains knock here if he wants to make a name for himself... And get his team into the final!

Over 4 - AUS 28/2 (Watson 7, White 1) WICKET! Samuels does the work off his own bowling with an easy high catch. Mike Hussey departs - a HUGE wicket for the West Indies and Samuels celebration includes kicking the ball away with his feet - that could hurt a little! In comes Cameron White - what can he produce.... Watson smashes a four, driven through the covers, off the last.

Over 3 - AUS 22/1( Watson 2, Hussey 18) An expensive over for Badree and his fellow West Indies folksas his first two are punished by Hussey for four. Hussey picks off two more from the fifth and a quick single from the last.

Over 2 - AUS 11/1 (Watson 2, Hussey 7) Michael Hussey is in the middle, possibly a bit earlier than he expected. Watson picks up a single of Marlon Samuels' first ball. Hussey plonks Samuels over the top of mid-off - a few bounces and four runs. Hussey gets a few to end the over, cutting one away through the off side.

Over 1 - AUS 2/1 (Watson 1) Some banter before the over is bowled as Warner gives some words of advice to the West Indies - he umpire has to get involved and separate the teams and tell them we need to get on with things. A couple of singles from the over and some excellent fielding at cover to stop a certain four. There's a but of controversy as the bails are toppled but no-one knows how/why - some confusion as Ramdin appeals - replay shows Warner is clean bowled!

Australia Batting Innings Watson and Warner open the batting. Samuel Badree takes the ball for West Indies.

End of Innings Australia require 206 to win - a huge total but they've got a pretty decent batting lineup who could manage this feat... Join us shortly and lets see how they fare.

Over 20 - WI 205/4 (Gayle 75) Last over, and Doherty starts off with a full toss which Gayle casually sets aside for another 97-metre six! Pollard gets in on the last bit of action with a sterling slog shot over midwicket fox six! Pollard isn't done - he smashes another full toss over long-offfor another huge one. He goes again, can't you believe it!!! Straight back over the bowlers head - that is HUGE! MASSIVE! WOW! Pollard goes huge for the last of the over but skies it really high - Warner gets under it and takes a fairly straight forward one. That's the over and the innings - what a game this is going to be!

Over 19 - WI 180/3 (Gayle 68, Pollard 20) Starc bowls his last over and Gayle shows who is boss by slogging one over deep midwicket, over the ropes, for six! Another fielding wobble from Australia as one bounces on its way to Michael Hussey who misjudges it completely as it speeds away for four! Pollard ends the over by scooping one over the keeper's head for four - that is just SO cheeky... But effective!

Over 18 - WI 163/3 (Gayle 61, Pollard 10) Gayle spent the last few minutes on the ground receiving treatment for what looks to be some kind of rib injury - he chooses to continue but looks in a lot of pain. Pollard picks up three from the first two of the over. Well, if he is in pain it isn't showing as he dispatches a boundary as he pulls Cummins wide of deep midwicket for four. Pollard does likewise on the last of the over, four more!

Over 16 - WI 150/3 (Gayle 56, Pollard 3) Gayle picks up four from Watson's first ball with a thick inside edge beating the man at deep square.

Over 16 - WI 142/3 (Gayle 51, Pollard 2) Cummins gets punished for a poor delivery on the fourth as DJ Bravo goes for height - and just enough distance - to slot it straight over the bowler for six. WICKET! Second attempt by Cummins gets his man as Bravo drives it straight into Bailey's hands while trying to go over the top of extra cover. Kieron Pollard joins Gayle in the middle and gets off the mark with two immediately.

Over 15 - WI 132/2 (Gayle 50, Bravo 30) Gayle gets a very thick inside edge as he smashes Hussey away for four. Gayle changes his gloves then lofts Hussey over the top and seats it somewhere on the second tier! He tries another big one and Starc comes running in off the ropes to try get it - he puts his body on the line as the ball bounces short and smashes into his chin - OUCH! Gayle brings up his fifty with a four run boundary by sticking his bat out at a wide one and getting a touch on it as it races away.

Over 14 - WI 113/2 (Gayle 34, Bravo 29) Bravo climbs into Hogg's first of the over and hammers it again for a flat six. This is quite an onslaught from West Indies! A couple more singles mid-over to either batsmen and Bravo finishes the over with a drive down the ground for one.

Over 13 - WI 104/2 (Gayle 33, Bravo 21) Bravo drives one away for a couple before absolutely smashing one over long-on for six - that was a massive one! Hundred up in the over. Gayle guides another away off the thigh for four to end the over.

Over 12 - WI 91/2 (Gayle 29, Bravo 12) Starc returns for another run but gives away four nasty byes wide down the leg side - that's not like him, an unusual bowling performance to say the least.

Over 11 - WI 83/2 (Gayle 28, Bravo 9) David Hussey gets a chance now as he bowls his first offbreak of the day. A few singles to start. Hussey isn't left amused as one goes straight through Wade behind the stumps for four byes.

Over 10 - WI 74/2 (Gayle 26, Bravo 6) Gayle has smashed another one - this one is HUUUUUUUUUGE! He dispatches Doherty far over the long-on boundary for six! A few more singles all round ends the over.

Over 8 - WI 64/2 (Gayle 18, Bravo 5) Another boundary! Bravo smashes one to long-off but it drops somewhat short and skids off the surface and away over the ropes for four!

Over 8 - WI 59/2 (Gayle 17, Bravo 1) My word, Samuels has hit one so hard through the covers - imagine one flying at you, chest height, at that speed! Samuels tries to repeat the slog with another big one but he's totally missed it and Cummins gets his man with a well disguised slower ball - clean bowled! Dwayne Bravo joins Gayle in the middle and grabs a single first one up.

Over 7 - WI 53/1 (Gayle 16, Samuels 22) Samuels is ripping this bowling apart - Brad Hogg gets introduced by Samuels smashes his first one straight back over his head for another maximum. Hogg does alright to finish the over with four dots and a single from the last.

Over 6 - WI 46/1 (Gayle 16, Samuels 15) Xavier Doherty joins the bowling attack now - Samuels sits easy for the first few but eventually gets hold of the fourth and smashes it really far far far away over the long-on boundary for another maximum! If that's not enough, Gayle smashes the last of the over far over midwicket for another HUGE six!

Over 5 - WI 33/1 (Gayle 10, Samuels 8) Samuels guides a leg-bye down to fine leg for a single. Gayle looks a little frustrated as he comes down the pitch to Watson and tries to hoof him anywhere but in the ground. Gayle finally makes contact - that's a HUGE one as he smashes it over cover - a slog drive if you want to call it that! SIX RUNS!

Over 4 - WI 24/1 (Gayle 4, Samuels 7) Pat Cummins introduced into the attack while Samuels picks up a single off the first and Gayle gets just a single from the next. Samuels plays the most glorious drive straight past extra cover for four!

Over 3 - WI 17/1 (Gayle 3, Samuels 1) Gayle picks up another single off the first. Charles nicks one to slip where Cameron White gets one which drops slightly short as he dives away to stop anything more than a single. Starc gives away another extra in the form of a wide. WICKET! Charles tries to hit through the line but he's done nothing more than edged one to the 'keeper for the simplest of catches. Marlon Samuels comes to the crease for the last ball of the over. Samuels gets an inside edge away for a single to end the over.

Over 2 - WI 12/0 (Gayle 1, Charles 9) Small LBW appeal on the first as Charles faces up to Watson - the Umpire has none of it and the batsmen take a sneaky leg-bye. Gayle doesn't waste any time as he sets off for a single off his first ball faced. HUGE SHOT from Charles who smashes Watson over the top of midwicket - the Umpire asks for some assistance with this one and replays seem to show it lands inches short of the ropes on its way to the advertising boards. Charles goes for a biggie on the onside again, doesn't time it brilliantly but he manages four nonetheless. Excellent over for the Windies.

Over 1 - WI 2/0 (Gayle 0, Charles 1) First extra of the game gives the first runs as Starc drops in one with too much of an angle to swing back into the batsmen. Charles spends most of the over scooping the others out from the pitch. First single from the bat though as Charles finds a quick single to mid-off.

Opening Chris Gayle opens the batting with Johnson Charles while Mitchell Starc takes the first new ball.

The players are on the field for the anthems, and the Australian ladies, who won their fixture against the Windies this morning to reach the final against England, are watching their counterparts from the stands.

Pitch The wicket is taking strain after two weeks of action, and it's a dusty, crumbling track that will probably help the spinners. Last night's game between Sri Lanka and Pakistan showed that a score of 140 is fairly decent, while earlier in the tournament it would have been about 30 runs short.

West Indies Johnson Charles, Chris Gayle, Marlon Samuels, Dwayne Bravo, Kieron Pollard, Andre Russell, Denesh Ramdin, Darren Sammy, Sunil Narine, Ravi Rampaul, Samuel Badree

Australia Shane Watson, David Warner, Mike Hussey, George Bailey, Cameron White, David Hussey, Matthew Wade, Brad Hogg, Pat Cummins, Mitchell Starc, Xavier Doherty

Toss! The West Indies win the toss and elect to bat first. Dwayne Bravo is back for the Windies, replacing his brother Darren, while Glenn Maxwell makes way for David Hussey.

Greetings! Hello and welcome to the second semi-final of the World Twenty20, between Australia and the West Indies. The winner will take on hosts Sri Lanka, who beat Pakistan on Thursday, in the final in Colombo on Sunday.

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