South Africa vs Pakistan commentary

Last updated: 17th March 2013  

South Africa win by 34 runs A high-scoring game, but one that was rather more one-sided than the scorecard might suggest. Even when Afridi was batting, one felt that South Africa were favourites. They certainly did the early work well, Hashim Amla and AB de Villiers - the no. 1 and 2 rated batsmen in ODI cricket - both reached hundreds and put on a record 238 for the third wicket against Pakistan. The hosts cashed in as Pakistan sprayed the ball about, hampered by the injury to Irfan. Pakistan's top five all made starts in response, but none was able to push on, and it was left to Afridi to restore some fight to the innings. He made a memorable 88, but once he departed there was little left for South Africa to do. Do join us again for the next match, at Kingsmead in Durban on March 21.

Over 48.1 - Pak 309 (Irfan 0) WICKET! Kleinveldt's first delivery is a pinpoint yorker - perhaps the first one from South Africa all day - and it slips under Riaz' bat to disturb his stumps. South Africa win, and take a 2-1 series lead.

Over 48 - Pak 309/9 (Riaz 45, Irfan 0) Riaz squeezes the first ball through backward point for four, but can't find the boundary again in the over - and turns down singles so that Irfan doesn't have to face. McLaren might also have run Riaz out, the batsman inside edging onto his pad and then wandering out of his crease, unaware of the whereabouts of the ball. Incredibly, he missed from less than a metre, diving into a throw, and Riaz bats on.

Over 47 - Pak 304/9 (Riaz 40, Irfan 0) WICKET! Steyn's pace is simply too much for Junaid Khan. Wahab Riaz took the single on offer from the second ball of the over, giving Steyn plenty of time to work the no. 10 over. He did so accordingly, and Junaid eventually stepped away and swiped at a short one, the ball taking the splice and Steyn himself holding the catch. Mohammad Irfan, hamstrung though he is, comes out to bat, and survives the final delivery.

Over 46 - Pak 303/8 (Riaz 39, Junaid 9) South Africa have been searching for the yorker all match, but it appears Rory Kleinveldt has finally found his. The first ball is swung wildly over mid-off and away for four by Junaid, taking Pakistan past 300, but the rest are aimed right at the batsmen's toes, and they'll need 41 more to win from the final four overs. With the tail at the crease.

Over 45 - Pak 296/8 (Riaz 38, Junaid 4) Riaz, who is batting on his career-best score, continues to swing merrily, heaving Steyn to deep midwicket for four. The remainder of the over brings scurried singles off both bats, and a total of 9 runs.

Over 44 - Pak 287/8 (Riaz 32, Junaid 1) WICKET! McLaren has his third, and South Africa advance closer to a 2-1 series lead. With mid-on and mid-off up in the circle, Ajmal was aiming to flay a full ball down the ground, and got a good connection on the stroke. What he didn't get was elevation, and Kleinveldt moved quickly to his right to hold the sharp chance. Riaz plays a cheeky scoop over four to move into the 30s with a boundary, but Pakistan need close to 10 an over.

Over 43 - Pak 282/7 (Riaz 28, Ajmal 8) Dale Steyn returns, and in fading light Riaz and Ajmal do their best just to lay bat to ball. A push through cover point and a couple of flicks off middle stump bring three runs. After the excitement from Afridi, this finish is turning into something of an anti-climax.

Over 42 - Pak 279/7 (Riaz 27, Ajmal 6) Ryan McLaren, who had a total 'mare in his last over to Afridi, finds his job rather easier to do with Riaz and Ajmal on strike. He hits a variety of lengths - none of them yorker - but does enough to keep the batsman to chancy ones and twos in the over.

Over 41 - Pak 273/3 (Riaz 24, Ajmal 4) Yet another tight over from Peterson, despite a slog sweep from Riaz that skids over the outfield and goes for four. Particularly impressive is Peterson's length: with neither batsman willing to leave the crease, he hits a great length that allows one to move neither forward nor back with too much confidence.

Over 40 - Pak 268/7 (Riaz 20, Ajmal 3) Riaz and Ajmal don't appear to have any shots to Peterson, but both appear more comfortable against pace. Riaz ruins what was turning out to be a good over from Kleinveldt by standing at the crease and heaving a short ball over long on for six.

Over 39 - Pak 260/7 (Riaz 13, Ajmal 2) Yet more nudging and pushing from the batsmen as Peterson continues. De Villiers deliberately brings the man up to mid-on, allowing the batsmen the opportunity to go over the top should they so wish. Neither is willing to take the risk, and just three runs come from the over.

Over 38 - Pak 257/7 (Riaz 11, Ajmal 1) Wahab Riaz' bat has a middle, and he's got some shots too, it would seem. He laces a Kleinveldt half-volley through extra cover for four, and some slightly slip-shod fielding from South Africa means seven runs come from the over when Ajmal should have been run out.

Over 37 - Pak 250/7 (Riaz 4, Ajmal 1) Immediately after the wicket, AB de Villiers brings Peterson back into the attack. Both tailenders happily sweep the left-arm spinner, but to no great effect and just four runs come from the over.

Over 36 - Pak 246/7 (Riaz 3, Ajmal 0) WICKET! Tsotsobe turns the match decisively for South Africa with the wicket of Afridi. The batsman had been dropped by Smith at deep extra cover at the start of the over, but swept the second for four and looked set to continue his assault. It was not to be, however, as Afridi swatted one-handed at the next delivery, a high full toss, to be caught at long off by ... McLaren!

Over 35 - Pak 236/6 (Afridi 80, Riaz 1) No matter what happens in this match, Afridi has provided some remarkable entertainment to a full house at the Wanderers. A ferocious pull and a smear over midwicket take him into the 70s, but he then plays the ball onto his own leg stump to be bowled. McLaren is midway through giving him an almighty send off when Billy Bowden asks for another look at it, and it's a no-ball! The resulting Free Hit results in possibly the biggest of this century. Out of the ground and into the golf course. Game on.

Over 34 - Pak 217/6 (Afridi 63, Riaz 1) Afridi was struck a painful blow to the thumb by Steyn before the drinks interval, and he appears to be in some strife ... but that hasn't stopped him from flaying Tsotsobe for 13 in this over, including a four and a six. He stepped out to Tsotsobe's very first delivery, not really getting to it but following through to lift the ball over long off. He swept the next one, a slower full toss, for four, and the damage had been done!

Over 33 - Pak 204/6 (Afridi 51, Riaz 0) WICKET! McLaren strikes after drinks! Misbah stepped away and had to stretch for the ball as he aimed for the point boundary. A thin edge flew straight through to de Villiers, and the stand is broken at 71. It'd taken only eight overs! South Africa will fancy their chances now. Shahid Afridi is the only thing standing between them and certain victory.

Over 32 - Pak 201/5 (Afridi 50, Misbah 27) Fifty for Shahid Afridi! It's in uncharacteristic fashion, the batsman nudging the ball quietly through point for a quick single to get to the mark. Importantly, it's come up from only 31 deliveries, boosting Pakistan into a position of ascendancy. It's his first international fifty since last February, and his 34th overall in ODIs. And that'll take us to drinks at the Wanderers, where a thrilling finish beckons.

Over 31 - Pak 195/5 (Afridi 46, Misbah 25) A somewhat disastrous over from Kleinveldt goes for a whopping 17 runs. Afridi is the destroyer, top-edging a hoick over long leg for four and flat-batting a slower ball way over the deep midwicket boundary. Kleinveldt is clearly rattled, and sends down two wides as well in the course of an eight-ball over, as he tries to avoid Afridi's swinging blade.

Over 30 - Pak 178/5 (Afridi 31, Misbah 25) It isn't quite as easy having a go at Steyn, who is whistling the ball through at an alarming pace. Afridi has trouble even laying a bat on a couple of Steyn's 90mph thunderbolts, and is forced to nudge and push his runs as just 5 come from the over. With the excitement building, a packed Wanderers stadium has found its voice now.

Over 29 - Pak 173/5 (Afridi 27, Misbah 24) This is stirring stuff from Misbah and Afridi. The mercurial Afridi continues his assault by backing away to smite Kleinveldt over long off for his third six. Misbah sets himself in a similar fashion but flays the stroke over extra cover for a one bounce four. The first over of the batting Powerplay goes for 15.

Over 28 - Pak 158/5 (Misbah 19, Afridi 17) The return of Steyn puts bat and ball on more of an even keel. Afridi is hurried by a 145kph bouncer, miscuing a hook out into no-man's land, and Misbah is lucky as a poke outside off yields nothing more damaging than an inside edge. Steyn's pace is right up throughout the over, and the batsmen appear generally happy just seeing him off. Ah, and here's why: they've called for the Batting Powerplay.

Over 27 - Pak 155/5 (Misbah 18, Afridi 15) Two massive strikes hint at the havoc that Afridi can wreak if he gets going. The first, off a length slower ball, was hacked murderously to deep midwicket, while the second, off a quicker full toss, was dispatched into the second tier of the stands beyond long on. Enormous. But can he keep the onslaught up without doing something silly?

Over 26 - Pak 142/5 (Misbah 18, Afridi 2) Misbah will keep fighting, notching up back-to-back boundaries against Peterson to raise his strike rate well above 100. Peterson offered up a helpful full toss that was swept hard out into the deep, but Misbah leaned forward to repeat the stroke to a better ball immediately afterwards. Pakistan still have a really long way to go, but overs like this will help them.

Over 25 - Pak 133/5 (Misbah 10, Afridi 1) WICKET! Tsotsobe returns to the attack, and strikes straight away as Pakistan sink further. Shoaib Malik hadn't settled in his short stay, and drove far too early at a slower cutter from Tsotsobe, popping the ball straight to Kleinveldt at mid-off. Afridi reins in his attacking instincts to see out the over, though Tsotsobe still beats the outside edge of his defensive bat with a quicker one.

Over 24 - Pak 131/4 (Misbah 9, Malik 4) De Villiers has some clever field placements in for Misbah, who isn't the strongest sweeper of the ball. Men at short third man, and fielders at short fine leg and square leg. Five runs come from the over, but Pakistan have to sweat for every run

Over 23 - Pak 126/4 (Misbah 5, Malik 3) McLaren's unerring line and seam movement troubles Malik, who pushes a couple of runs through the covers to begin the over but is then kept rooted to the crease.

Over 22 - Pak 124/4 (Misbah 5, Malik 1) WICKET! Peterson has a second, and Pakistan are crumbling. Younis stepped way back, giving himself width to cut, but bottom-edged the shot as the ball kept low, bouncing back to disturb his stumps. Peterson retains his stranglehold for the remainder of the over, and the required run rate is nudging up towards eight.

Over 21 - Pak 123/3 (Younis 19, Misbah 5) A boundary apiece for Misbah and Younis as McLaren gets his lengths wrong. He's too short to Younis, who rolls his wrists over an attempted bouncer to pick up four runs behind square. McLaren then offers a full, wide half volley to Misbah, who slots it through extra cover.

Over 20 - Pak 112/3 (Younis 13, Misbah 0) WICKET! This will hurt Pakistan. Hafeez has departed for 57, and there are now two new batsmen at the crease. Hafeez was looking to attack Peterson, advancing down the track and getting right to the pitch ... only to lift the ball straight into Steyn's hands at long off. Pakistan have Misbah and Younis at the crease, and they'll need to draw on their wealth of experience to marshal this chase now.

Over 19 - Pak 104/2 (Hafeez 57, Younis 5) A nice, tight over from McLaren. He's a touch on the short side, but his line is straight and there's no room for either batsman to work with. Just the three singles, and South Africa maintain control.

Over 18 - Pak 101/2 (Hafeez 56, Younis 3) An over that might give Pakistan the jitters. Peterson invites the big shot with plenty of flight, but neither batsman takes the bait. There's is some slightly indecisive running, however, and Hafeez also has to scamper very quickly back to his crease after jumping out and driving straight to the bowler, who immediately fired a return at the stumps.

Over 17 - Pak 98/2 (Hafeez 56, Younis 1) WICKET! McLaren breaks the stand with his fourth delivery! Akmal looked to attack him straight away, and almost lost his leg stump before attempting to ramp a short ball over de Villiers' head. The ball was, perhaps, slower than he expected, and he thrust at it too early, the ball striking the glove on the way through. So, a 82-run partnership is broken, and the wicket will lift South Africa once again.

Over 16 - Pak 96/1 (Hafeez 55, Akmal 30) Consecutive sixes take Hafeez to fifty! He's had a difficult tour, but he's got the chance to give his team a series lead after his start in this game. Hafeez seized upon a flighted one from Peterson to hoof a huge six over wide long on, and then rocked back to hammer a quicker, shorter delivery in the same direction. Pakistan's innings run rate has touch a-run-a-ball.

Over 15 - Pak 82/1 (Hafeez 42, Akmal 29) An eventful over from Kleinveldt. With the run-rate dipping, Hafeez was eager to get a move on, but he should have been run out after being stranded mid-pitch by Akmal. Fortunately for him, du Plessis' return to de Villiers from short cover point was really wild, so he got back safely. Just to rub it in, he hooks wildly at the next delivery, and a top edge flies all the way for six over de Villiers' head. Kleinveldt slips in a wide before the over's up, 9 runs coming from the over.

Over 14 - Pak 73/1 (Hafeez 35, Akmal 28) De Villiers turns to spin for the first time, bringing Robin Peterson on. There was plenty of spin for Pakistan's slow bowlers earlier, not that it helped them much. Peterson doesn't try anything too fancy, just looping the ball down on a good length to keep the batsmen to two runs off the over. The truce surely won't last.

Over 13 - Pak 71/1 (Hafeez 34, Akmal 27) Superb strokes from both batsmen take the partnership beyond 50. Akmal kicks things off by fetching the very first delivery from outside off to send it bouncing to the midwicket boundary, but Hafeez' shot is even better. There's a resounding crack as he steps forward to drive the ball down the ground, beating a diving mid-off.

Over 12 - Pak 62/1 (Hafeez 30, Akmal 22) An over replete with slight changes of pace, and cutters. Tsotsobe has bowled six on the trot, and this is probably the best of the lot. There are three singles in the over, but each one is hard work with the lack of pace, and he beats Akmal's attempted cut for good measure.

Over 11 - Pak 59/1 (Hafeez 29, Akmal 20) More short balls allow Pakistan's batsmen to continue their good work. Akmal hooks, with no great control, and after surviving a strong lbw shout Hafeez slams another short one to the deep midwicket boundary. But despite the good shots, there are a string of dot balls in Kleinveldt's over - something that might hurt Pakistan later on. The required rate is well above seven now.

Over 10 - Pak 54/1 (Hafeez 25, Akmal 19) Lonwabo Tsotsobe continues, and the runs continue to flow despite his efforts. A good delivery takes Hafeez' inside edge, but instead of cannoning into the stumps the ball bounces away for four. Immediately afterwards, Hafeez chips the bowler back over his head for three to deflate him further. Despite the loss of Jamshed, this has been a reasonably solid start for Pakistan.

Over 9 - Pak 46/1 (Hafeez 18, Akmal 18) Rory Kleinveldt comes on as first change, replacing Steyn. He starts really well, getting the ball to lift off a good length and maintaining an off stump line in the course of a maiden.

Over 8 - Pak 46/1 (Hafeez 18, Akmal 18) Tsotsobe, like Steyn, is punished when he slips short: Akmal uppercuts in style to earn a one-bounce four over point. There's still some wobble when the ball is fuller, however, as well as some purchase off the track for his cutters. Apart from the boundary ball, a decent over - but things look quite easy for Pakistan at the moment.

Over 7 - Pak 39/1 (Hafeez 18, Akmal 11) Akmal and Hafeez are finding their footing now. Akmal starts the show by swatting a short ball from Steyn up and over mid-off - a remarkable stroke, similar to a tennis forehand - and Hafeez then collects another boundary in rather more orthodox fashion. Again, the delivery from Steyn is a touch too short, but Hafeez swivels at the crease to send it bouncing out to deep midwicket, well in front of square.

Over 6 - Pak 30/1 (Hafeez 14, Akmal 6) Tsotsobe is already starting to vary his pace well, sending down a selection of full-speed length deliveries and slower cutters. His lines are also better, but this pitch is a superb one for batting and when he does err, Akmal is able to thrash his first boundary through cover point.

Over 5 - Pak 25/1 (Hafeez 14, Akmal 1) Hafeez launches a counterstrike against Steyn - with varying methods that all bring similar results. A booming drive results in a thick outside edge that flies down to the third man boundary, after which the fielder down there is pushed finer. Showing good batting sense, Hafeez then aims a cut towards square third man, and the fielder can't get to it.

Over 4 - Pak 15/1 (Hafeez 5, Akmal 0) WICKET! A neat paddle-pull for six takes Jamshed to 1,000 runs in ODIs, Tsotsobe having slipped a short one down the leg side, but the bowler's retribution is swift. Jamshed chips, aiming for long off, but only goes as far as Amla at mid-off. Tsotsobe gives Jamshed a right old send-off, and South Africa take the early advantage.

Over 3 - Pak 9/0 (Jamshed 4, Hafeez 5) There's an extra element of hostility in Steyn's bowling as he sets his sights on Mohammad Hafeez. The Pakistani opener chips nervously, and uppishly, through midwicket for a couple, but spends much of the over propped half forward in defense as Steyn continues to hit an impeccable length.

Over 2 - Pak 7/0 (Jamshed 4, Hafeez 3) Tsotsobe's lines are not as tight as Steyn's, the left-armer repeatedly pushing the ball wide of the batsmen in his search for movement and the outside edge. Hafeez slashes down to third man, but Jamshed opens his account with a dismissive punt over extra cover for four.

Over 1 - Pak 0/0 (Jamshed 0, Hafeez 0) Dale Steyn takes the new ball, and is immediately on target to test Jamshed's technique on off stump. There's even an optimistic appeal from the slip cordon as an in-dipper gets stuck in Jamshed's pads, but the umpire's not the slightest bit interested. Steyn's line doesn't waver, and Jamshed sees out a maiden.

End of Innings Tremendous stuff from South Africa, and most especially Hashim Amla and AB de Villiers - the world's no. 1 and 2 ODI batsmen. Amla was gifted a life after being dropped at backward point, having already made judicious use of a review, to put on a world record 238 for the third wicket. After they departed, Faf du Plessis led the charge, and this total will take some getting. Pakistan won't feel out of it just yet - the Wanderers is famous for high-scoring ODIs. Join us in half an hour or so for the chase.

Over 50 - SA 343/5 (Behardien 6, McLaren 0) WICKET! Du Plessis whips Wahab over fine leg for six to begin the over, and it looks like South Africa could motor their way to 350 ... but he scoops a drive to deep mid-off shortly afterwards, and Wahab avoids the ignominy of giving away 100 runs in an ODI by keeping the batsmen to ones and twos to end with 2 for 93.

Over 49 - SA 332/4 (du Plessis 38, Behardien 3) Junaid completes his work with the ball with another good over. He's thumped through cover for four by du Plessis - who must have a really good bat - but otherwise keeps the batsmen to singles, and even puts his body on the line to get in the way of a fierce straight drive.

Over 48 - SA 324/4 (du Plessis 32, Behardien 1) Phew, 20 runs from the over! Du Plessis is striking the ball with clean power, and Riaz has no answer. There were, granted, two outside edges, but both flew past Kamran, through the vacant slip area and down to third man for four. Between times, du Plessis aimed a gunbarrel straight six down the ground, and a monstrous mow over deep midwicket.

Over 47 - SA 304/4 (du Plessis 12, Behardien 1) WICKET! De Villiers' stunning knock eventually comes to an end, and it's thanks to a good catch under pressure in the outfield. De Villiers bent down to slog sweep Ajmal, but got rather too far underneath it to present a steepling chance to deep midwicket. Shoaib Malik got underneath it, and clung on to offer Pakistan some respite.

Over 46 - SA 300/3 (de Villiers 128, du Plessis 9) De Villiers and du Plessis are going hard at absolutely everything, but to his credit Junaid is just about holding his own. A smear to deep midwicket brings up the South African 300, and they should be looking to 350 now.

Over 45 - SA 290/3 (de Villiers 119, du Plessis 8) WICKET! What an over. A Riaz wide takes Amla and de Villiers to the record for the 3rd wicket - their 238 beating Dravid and Tendulkar's 237. Amla then scoops a drive straight to Misbah in the covers to be out for 122 ... but Pakistan's celebration is short-lived, as a wild shy brings overthrows, and Afridi is then struck on the back after turning his back on the fielder when he should have been awaiting a return from the boundary. Du Plessis slices over cover point for four to keep the scoreboard ticking over for SA.

Over 44 - SA 279/2 (Amla 122, de Villiers 117) Junaid Khan restores some order for Pakistan, zoning in on some really good lengths to restrict the batsmen to just four runs off the bat and one off the leg.

Over 43 - SA 274/2 (Amla 120, de Villiers 115) Three horrid wides aside, this is actually a decent over from Wahab Riaz. Especially considering what came before it. He comes round the wicket, and when he gets it right his yorker length deliveries are very hard to get away. But the extras really hurt Pakistan, and 9 come from the over. South Africa have some worries of their own, with AB de Villiers starting to really struggle with cramp.

Over 42 - SA 265/2 (Amla 117, de Villiers 112) Even Saeed Ajmal won't escape punishment. He's flat-batted straight back down the ground by Amla, the ball almost striking de Villiers at the other end, and a further seven runs are added to the total.

Over 41 - SA 258/2 (Amla 112, de Villiers 110) Total carnage. De Villiers goes to his ton with a flashing cut that threads the gap behind point, and celebrates by spanking Afridi over cover point for yet another six. Not to be outdone, Amla then steps out to calmly lift a towering six into the second tier of the stands. This partnership is now worth 216, which is the highest for the 3rd wicket by any team against Pakistan. The overall record for the 3rd wicket is 237, which isn't far away now!

Over 40 - SA 240/2 (Amla 105, de Villiers 99) Pakistan are desperate as the runs continue to flow. There's an optimistic appeal for lbw by Ajmal, against Amla, as the batsman is struck on the pad. The appeal is turned down - Ajmal had come round the wicket and there was some doubt as to whether it pitched outside leg - but Misbah calls for the review all the same. Replays show that it did indeed pitch outside leg, and would also have missed leg stump. And what's more, Amla got an edge to it.

Over 39 - SA 234/2 (Amla 100, de Villiers 98) It's all happening! Amla draws a roar of approval from the crowd as he flicks through square leg for his hundred. He's had to work hard for this one, surviving a tough early spell from the quicks and batting on after Hafeez gave him a life by dropping him at point. De Villiers celebrates Amla's milestone with a feast of boundaries, each shot more remarkable than the last. A hapless Hafeez is lofted over extra cover, slog swept, and then - best of all - de Villiers steps back to lift an inside-out drive over wide long off for a second six. Finally, however, de Villiers appears to be in some pain as he takes a single. Could he be cramping up?

Over 38 - SA 215/2 (Amla 99, de Villiers 81) South Africa are flying now! De Villiers moves into the 80s by thumping an Ajmal long hop behind square. Amla then moves to 99 by crashing a cut through point and whipping a single into the leg side. Pakistan are wilting under the pressure.

Over 37 - SA 203/2 (Amla 93, de Villiers 76) Wahab Riaz appears to have picked up a touch of the Mitchell Johnsons as he sprays the ball around, giving up two wides and 13 runs in total in an eight-ball over. The over started with four leg byes off Amla's hip, before Riaz sent down two deliveries much too wide outside off. He switched to round the wicket, but de Villiers then used the angle to step across and scoop a boundary down to fine leg. Up comes the South African 200.

Over 36 - SA 190/2 (Amla 90, de Villiers 72) Wonderfully controlled stuff from Ajmal. He comes round the wicket to de Villiers, the fidgety South African batsman repeatedly looking to launch him over backward point with the reverse sweep. Each time, however, Ajmal adjusted his length and spun the ball hard to leave de Villiers swiping at thin air. Just three singles come from the over.

Over 35 - SA 187/2 (Amla 88, de Villiers 71) Afridi's lengths are a little all over the place, with the odd long-hop and full toss in the course of the over, but he's not harshly punished and just three runs are taken. With 35 overs gone, it's Powerplay time, and Ajmal will continue.

Over 34 - SA 184/2 (Amla 86, de Villiers 70) More trouble for Pakistan. Midway through Ajmal's over, Irfan is down and breathing really hard again. Is he struggling with the altitude? He's breathing hard, and is down on his knees. He's clutching at his chest as the physio helps him from the field. This doesn't look like a hamstring problem, and indeed Pakistan have a substitute fielder on for him. In the meantime, Amla and de Villiers continue to work the ball around, and this is now the highest third-wicket stand for South Africa against Pakistan in ODIs.

Over 33 - SA 178/2 (Amla 82, de Villiers 69) The South African batsmen pick up where they left off before the refreshments interval. After a couple of singles, de Villiers sweeps in the air safely out to the long leg boundary, with some sharp running helping South Africa take eight from Afridi's comeback over.

Over 32 - SA 170/2 (Amla 80, de Villiers 63) There are promising signs from Saeed Ajmal for Pakistan, the bowler finding de Villiers' leading edge twice with doosras in the course of a tight over. Just three runs come from it, but Pakistan still have plenty to think about as the players take drinks.

Over 31 - SA 167/2 (Amla 79, de Villiers 61) Junaid Khan's return brings no respite for Pakistan. He starts with a no-ball, and both de Villiers and Amla use the pace on the ball and the left-arm over angle to their advantage. De Villiers is into the 60s with a superlatively well placed punch behind square off the back foot, while Amla aims a deft - and very, very late - cut down in a similar area for four more. A whopping 13 runs come from the over, and 45 have come from the last five!

Over 30 - SA 155/2 (Amla 75, de Villiers 54) Even Ajmal is leaking runs! Irfan is back on the field now, so Pakistan have a full XI fielders, but there's no stopping Amla as he takes 9 runs from Ajmal's first four deliveries. A brace of twos into the leg side are followed by a shimmy down the track and a majestic chipped drive over long off.

Over 29 - SA 143/2 (Amla 65, de Villiers 53) Fifty for AB de Villiers! He hit the ground running, and hasn't slowed, going to a 47-ball fifty with his fifth boundary. Seven runs come from the over, the partnership also progressing beyond 100. South Africa are set for a massive total now.

Over 28 - SA 136/2 (Amla 63, de Villiers 48) Both batsmen continue to work Ajmal around with relative ease. Importantly, Pakistan are now at a distinct disadvantage because Mohammad Irfan is off the field. He was breathing hard at the end of his spell, and clearly troubled with some sort of injury. Because he came into the match with a hamstring niggle, however, Pakistan aren't allowed a substitute fielder - and so they've only got 10 men on the field. Gaps all over the place.

Over 27 - SA 131/2 (Amla 60, de Villiers 46) Hafeez changes his plan of attack, coming round the wicket to de Villiers, but to no avail as de Villiers reverse-sweeps him to the point boundary. Amla is also warned once again by the bowler for wandering out of his crease too quickly, Hafeez ushering him back to the crease but taking things no further.

Over 26 - SA 120/2 (Amla 58, de Villiers 39) Misbah calls upon Saeed Ajmal for the first time, but de Villiers and Amla have settled against his predecessors and aren't troubled in taking five singles from the over. Neither man appears entirely sure which way the ball is going to spin, but the sweep is used to good effect and they're generally able to pick him off the wicket. This stand is now worth 78.

over 25 - SA 115/2 (Amla 56, de Villiers 36) De Villiers and Amla have slightly different approaches to scoring off Hafeez' offspinners, but both are mighty effective, and both target the leg side. Amla shuffles repeatedly across, to change the angle, while de Villiers is happier using his feet to get down the wicket, rolling his wrists over the ball to pick the gap at midwicket.

Over 24 - SA 111/2 (Amla 54, de Villiers 34) De Villiers and Amla are working Pakistan's fielders very hard. Afridi's fourth over brings plenty of singles, and de Villiers ends it with a brace of hard-run twos on either side of the wicket.

Over 23 - SA 104/2 (Amla 52, de Villiers 29) Hafeez launches into a questioning appeal after getting one to grip and spin past de Villiers' defense, but Billy Bowden is unmoved. There aren't quite as many singles on offer in this over, Hafeez fielding energetically off his own bowling to save runs.

Over 22 - SA 101/2 (Amla 50, de Villiers 28) Fifty up for Hashim Amla! He and de Villiers have raced along at over seven an over in this stand, and they're milking Pakistan's spinners with ease. Amla drives down to long off for bring up his half-century. Every run will hurt Pakistan, and Hafeez - who dropped him at backward point.

Over 21 - SA 98/2 (Amla 48, de Villiers 27) Mohammad Hafeez comes on to turn his reliable arm over, restoring some control as he gives away only singles in the over.

Over 20 - SA 93/2 (Amla 45, de Villiers 25) More runs for South Africa! Both batsmen pick the gaps to rotate the strike, before Amla finds three runs with a whip through square leg. De Villiers goes one better to end the over, rocking back to spank a cut shot to the deep cover boundary.

Over 19 - SA 81/2 (Amla 41, de Villiers 17) Hashim Amla is dropped at backward point! The over began with a shot laced through point for four, but Amla should have been out immediately afterwards as he sliced a drive in the air towards Hafeez at backward point. It was a regulation chance, flying low but straight towards the fielder, who palmed it forward. The over doesn't get better for Wahab, who finds Amla's inside edge, the ball evading a leaping Kamran Akmal and bouncing down to the fine leg boundary. He might've had Amla twice in the over, and instead he's gone for 11!

Over 18 - SA 70/2 (Amla 32, de Villiers 16) Well, there's turn, bounce and menace in Shahid Afridi's first over. Could this track favour spinners? He gets one to rip past de Villier's thrusting defense and spit up to sting him on the thigh, and draws the first false stroke of the day from Hashim Amla. A leading edge is chipped back over the hands of the leaping bowler. Promising stuff for Pakistan, with Ajmal yet to bowl.

Over 17 - SA 66/2 (Amla 29, de Villiers 15) Riaz has pace, but his lines are a little erratic and both batsmen are given scoring options on either side of the wicket. Amla aims a one-legged jab out to deep midwicket, and then punches three runs through cover point. With de Villiers always on the lookout for singles, eight runs come from the over.

Over 16 - SA 58/2 (Amla 23, de Villiers 13) Is Irfan struggling here? He's bent over and breathing hard halfway through the over, and needs some geeing up from his team-mates. He seems to be stretching his back, and his pace is well down in the over. Amla shuffles repeatedly across to off to change the angle and nudge singles to leg, while de Villiers ends the over with an emphatically slapped drive through extra cover for his second boundary.

Over 15 - SA 51/2 (Amla 21, de Villiers 8) AB de Villiers has been at the crease for about five minutes, but he's already showing really good hustle. He was off the mark straight away in the last over, and soon adds a boundary off Wahab Riaz. The left-armer's pace means most of the strokes are going behind square, with runs coming on either side of the wicket and de Villiers ending the over with a paddle-pull that bounces over the fine leg boundary.

Over 14 - SA 43/2 (Amla 20, de Villiers 1) WICKET! Irfan strikes again, the change of ends working very well for him. Once again, it was pace and bounce that did for the batsman. Ingram had looked so good, but was helpless as a delivery climbed alarmingly from a length to strike the bat handle and loop easily back to Kamran Akmal. He was trying to ride the bounce and nudge to leg.

Over 13 - SA 38/1 (Amla 17, Ingram 16) Wahab Riaz looks well up for this battle. Once again, his pace is right up, and Ingram can't quite control his punch off the back foot, the ball flying in the air but landing just short of a diving Mohammad Hafeez at backward point.

Over 12 - SA 37/1 (Amla 17, Ingram 15) Junaid shows good awareness, stopping his run to the crease to remind Amla not to back-up too far, lest he become a victim to the 'Mankad'. He also bowls a good over, nipping one back in off the seam to beat Ingram's inside edge, but with the field spread there are runs to be had and five come from the over.

Over 11 - SA 32/1 (Amla 16, Ingram 11) It's been almost exactly a year since Wahab Riaz last played for Pakistan, but he's quickly into his groove in his first over. He's a touch too straight to Amla, and is worked away for some runs in the leg side, but bowls with brisk pace, topping 147.7kph in the course of the over. There's some worry for Pakistan as he's warned for running on the danger area mid-pitch, but he adjusts the angle of his approach to end the over.

Over 10 - SA 26/1 (Amla 11, Ingram 10) Junaid continues his sterling work. Colin Ingram has struck the ball sweetly in this knock, but he's unable to get the left-arm quick away, and is beaten attempting a booming cover drive. A maiden.

Over 9 - SA 26/1 (Amla 11, Ingram 10) Colin Ingram must be in some pretty good touch. He leans half forward to meet a rising length delivery, outside off, from Irfan, riding the bounce and punching the ball through cover point for four. He doesn't have it all his own way, however, and fends a single down to third man to end the over.

Over 8 - SA 21/1 (Amla 11, Ingram 5) Junaid's economy remains under one-run-an-over. A tight line on middle and off keeps Ingram quiet, the batsman shuffling further and further across to off in an attempt to angle the ball to leg. He eventually succeeds, turning a length delivery through square leg for one, but Junaid's helped Pakistan to regain some control in this over.

Over 7 - SA 20/1 (Amla 11, Ingram 4) Amla is beginning to flow! He pushes his hands through a crisp cover drive, and then flicks to deep square leg for a pair of boundaries of the highest quality. The pitch is already beginning to settle down nicely, and the outfield is lightning quick.

Over 6 - SA 12/1 (Ingram 4, Amla 3) Junaid wakes Ingram right up with a lifter that cuts through the air adjacent to the batsman's throat, and then straightens his line to cramp the left-hander for room. Ingram turns his wrists over a couple of length deliveries, but can't pick a gap on the leg side.

Over 5 - SA 11/1 (Ingram 4, Amla 2) Once again, Amla works a single to fine leg early in the over to put Ingram on strike. Irfan attempts to rattle him with the bouncer, but the ball slips down the leg side to be called wide, and Ingram ends the over with a cracking drive, on the up, through extra cover. There's no excess in the shot, no great flourish, but it's a great way to get off the mark.

Over 4 - SA 5/1 (Amla 1, Ingram 0) Misbah has two slips in place as a single puts Colin Ingram on strike. He was out first ball at Centurion, but survives the delivery today and sees out the over from Junaid Khan. Khan's been impressive this morning, and keeps the left-hander honest with a strict off-stump line. This has been a disciplined start from Pakistan.

Over 3 - SA 4/1 (Amla 0, Ingram 0) WICKET! There's a huge cheer from the building Wanderers crowd as Smith opens the Proteas account with a slightly desperate steer down to third man off Irfan, but four deliveries later he attempts a similar stroke and plays on! Irfan has been bristling with intent so far in this spell, repeatedly banging the ball down on a splice-jarring length outside off. Smith wasn't quite as tight as he should have been, having possibly been put off by the extra bounce, and poked at the ball with an angled bat.

Over 2 - SA 0/0 (Smith 0, Amla 0) A testing first over from Junaid Khan! He snakes his second ball back in to the right-handed Amla's pads, sparking a huge lbw appeal. Umpire Shaun George upholds the appeal, but Amla's not so sure after consulting with Smith asks for a review - and rightly so as replays show the ball pitched outside leg. Khan's full length draws a couple of flowing strokes from Amla, but the fielders at mid-off and point stop the shots.

Over 1 - SA 0/0 (Smith 0, Amla 0) Irfan makes a solid start with the ball, settling into a channel outside off. He finds enough shape with the new pill to beat Smith's edge outside off, but the left-hander adjusts accordingly and tests out his leave several times in the course of a maiden.

South Africa team GC Smith, HM Amla, CA Ingram, AB de Villiers (c/w), F du Plessis, F Behardien, R McLaren, RJ Peterson, RK Kleinveldt, DW Steyn, LL Tsotsobe

Pakistan team Nasir Jamshed, Mohammad Hafeez, Kamran Akmal (wk), Younis Khan, Misbah-ul-Haq (c), Shoaib Malik, Shahid Afridi, Saeed Ajmal, Junaid Khan, Wahab Riaz, Mohammad Irfan

Team News Pakistan will have three left-arm quicks playing today, with Umar Gul sitting out with a knee injury and Wahab Riaz returning. South Africa have switched Kyle Abbott for Rory Kleinveldt.

Pitch and conditions It's a bright, sunny Highveld morning, but the weather in Joburg has been changeable and a touch chilly recently, which has affected the preparation of the pitch. The track looks a good one for batting - surprise, surprise - though it does have a good covering of grass on it. Shaun Pollock reckons it'll seam about a bit in the first 25 minutes, and settle down thereafter. The average first-inning score at this ground is 255, and that'll be just about par for South Africa.

Toss! Pakistan will be fielding first after winning the toss.

Gear! The Proteas will be wearing an entirely pink kit today, and the ground should be filled with people dressed in pink, as breast cancer awareness takes centre stage. Organisers are trying to set a record for the largest number of people wearing a single colour in one venue.

Weather It's a lovely day in Johannesburg, which will be a relief after the rain affected second game, which was reduced to 44 overs per side. There is always the risk of thunder showers, however.

Greetings! Hello and welcome to the third ODI between South Africa and Pakistan, being played at the Wanderers, where the sides are level at one all in the series.

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