2nd Test, Day 4: SA v Pak

Last updated: 17th February 2013  

South Africa win by four wickets So ends an intriguing Test match between two very different teams. Pakistan held their own on first innings, thanks to centuries from Younis Khan and Asad Shafiq, and Saeed Ajmal's six-wicket haul. What was missing, however, was team cohesion, and that South Africa have in droves. Their lower order rallied to keep them in the match after Ajmal threatened to scupper their chances, and a combined effort skittled Pakistan for just 169 today. South Africa deservedly take the game and the series. We do hope you've enjoyed our coverage, and please tune in for the third Test at Centurion, starting on February 22. Goodbye!

Over 43.1 - SA 182/6 (Elgar 11, Peterson 1) Elgar's had enough, and ends the game with an almighty heave into the leg side off Ajmal. The game and the series are South Africa's.

Over 43 - SA 181/6 (Elgar 10, Peterson 1) Mohammad Hafeez comes on, and prolongs proceedings by bowling a maiden to Peterson. The left-hander was looking to end the match, playing a variety of shots, but was unable to beat the ring of fielders. Can Ajmal grab another?

Over 42 - SA 181/6 (Elgar 10, Peterson 1) WICKET! Ajmal traps du Plessis lbw, taking his match tally to 10 wickets. A great performance, but one that hasn't been backed up by his team. Du Plessis asked to review the decision, but he's gone. Peterson gloves a single to take the scores level.

Over 41 - SA 179/5 (du Plessis 15, Elgar 9) Tanvir's over is milked for six, and South Africa are within touching distance now. One shot will do it. Four runs needed.

Over 40 - SA 173/5 (du Plessis 13, Elgar 5) Elgar quickly finds his first boundary, a slog sweep for four off Ajmal, and South Africa's target is in single figures.

Over 39 - SA 169/5 (du Plessis 13, Elgar 1) WICKET! Tanvir Ahmed has broken through for Pakistan, AB de Villiers attempting to thrash him through the covers and getting a thin edge through to the keeper. Where on earth did that come from?

Over 38 - SA 162/4 (de Villiers 33, du Plessis 10) Even with the match as good as lost, Ajmal is still a handful and there are several appeals in this over. Bruce Oxenford isn't the least bit interested in any of them - though some of the calls were mighty close - and that takes us to drinks.

Over 37 - SA 161/4 (de Villiers 32, du Plessis 10) Du Plessis may not have a clear idea about how to play Ajmal, but he's not flustered by Umar Gul's efforts. He's off the mark with a crashing drive through extra cover, and soon adds a second boundary with a chip to midwicket. Just 21 needed now.

Over 36 - SA 150/4 (de Villiers 31, du Plessis 0) WICKET! Ajmal strikes, but one feels Pakistan are only prolonging the inevitable here. Amla had just stepped out to send a scorching drive to wide long-off, but he attempted to repeat the stroke and was beaten in the flight, the ball spinning in sharply to disturb the off stump. That really ripped. Du Plessis looks a little clueless against Ajmal's variations, but successfully sees out the over.

Over 35 - SA 146/3 (Amla 54, de Villiers 31) Umar Gul strains hard once again to try and make something happen in this over. He almost creates a chance as de Villiers chips the ball in the air, but just short of the midwicket fielder, but South Africa's target moves under 40 as the batsmen put pressure on Irfan in the field, running three.

Over 34 - SA 141/3 (Amla 50, de Villiers 30) Amla used his feet to attack Ajmal in the last over, and now de Villiers follows suit, jumping out to smash the offspinner to midwicket. Two balls after that, a single takes the stand to fifty, and there's a third cheer from the crowd - the biggest of the lot - as Amla stretches forward to place a drive through cover point and go to fifty.

Over 33 - SA 133/3 (Amla 47, de Villiers 25) Umar Gul returns to the attack, and he appears to have found a consistent line and length quite quickly this time around. He beats Amla with consecutive deliveries, the ball shaping away through the air - and possibly reversing - and gives away just one run in the over.

Over 32 - SA 132/3 (Amla 47, de Villiers 24) The target is reduced to just 50 as Amla goes on the attack against Ajmal. The offspinner had gone round the wicket at him, but Amla simply made room and intentionally lofted the ball cleanly over mid-on. This stand is now worth 44 runs, and is surely a matchwinning one for South Africa.

Over 31 - SA 127/3 (Amla 43, de Villiers 23) Back-to-back boundaries for de Villiers evaporate the pressure, and South Africa leap closer to their target. The first came from a powerful pull in front of square, de Villiers having sat on the back foot and waited for a short one from Irfan. The bowler switched to round the wicket, but Misbah didn't see fit to put a third man in place and de Villiers simply guided the ball through gully for four more. A series win beckons for South Africa.

Over 30 - SA 116/3 (Amla 42, de Villiers 12) Flight and guile in this over from Ajmal, but no wickets. He's giving the ball a lot of air now, tempting the batsmen to have a go at him. There are no big shots, but de Villiers picks up three runs with a backfoot punch through cover.

Over 29 - SA 113/3 (Amla 42, de Villiers 9) Testing lines once again from Irfan after the interval. He has Amla fending - safely - to gully in an over of searing pace and extravagant bounce. Unfortunately, he also sends down another no-ball - but a slight one.

Over 28 - SA 112/3 (Amla 42, de Villiers 9) Ajmal wants a review! He got one to grip and spin past de Villiers' groping defense, the ball hitting the pad. There's a massive appeal, but Umpire Oxenford doesn't think it's out. In desperation, Pakistan ask for a review ... but the ball is spinning and bouncing too much, and would've missed leg. De Villiers survives the over, and drinks are brought onto the field.

Over 27 - SA 111/3 (Amla 41, de Villiers 9) With no swing on offer, Irfan has settled into a decent line, taking the ball across the right-hander. He began this over by erring with a no-ball, but generally keeps things tight thereafter. Amla is beaten for pace and bounce on the pull, the ball hitting his thigh and looping to slip, and doesn't see the need to play at too many deliveries outside off stump. Pakistan are starting to build a little more pressure now, but it's probably too late to alter the course of this match.

Over 26 - SA 109/3 (Amla 41, de Villiers 9) With men catching at leg slip and short leg - as well as an orthodox slip in place - Ajmal continues to bowl a very straight line at the batsman. There's a bye as he spins one too far down the leg side, and Amla then shows that he can read the doosra with a tap-and-run to cover off Ajmal's other one.

Over 25 - SA 107/3 (Amla 40, de Villiers 9) Mercifully, Misbah takes Tanvir out of the attack and replaces him with Mohammad Irfan, who, along with Ajmal, is the only other Pakistan bowler to have really looked threatening today. De Villiers and Amla milk him for a couple of runs before he surprises de Villiers with a sharp, 144kph bouncer that shots past his helmet and over a leaping Sarfraz Ahmed. Four byes! The over brings runs, but at least Irfan looks like he might take a wicket.

Over 24 - SA 98/3 (Amla 38, de Villiers 6) Another half-chance! Ajmal is quite some bowler. Sharp offspin troubles de Villiers, who is happy to use his feet but can't attack the bowling as he'd like to. With the lack of support from the other end, however, South Africa can afford to play Ajmal with caution and attack the support.

Over 23 - SA 96/3 (Amla 37, de Villiers 5) Pakistan surely won't win this if Ajmal isn't given any back-up. Tanvir continues, over-steps by some distance once again while striving for extra pace, and is thrashed for four through the off side by de Villiers. He's being hitout of the attack.

Over 22 - SA 88/3 (Amla 35, de Villiers 0) WICKET! The match may be running away from Pakistan, but you can never discount Saeed Ajmal! Kallis shuffled right across to the off side and attempted to work Ajmal's sixth delivery into the leg side but it spun sharply past his bat and pinged his pad in front of middle and off. That set off a massive lbw appeal, the umpire quickly giving Kallis out. The South African reviewed the decision, but there was no edge on the ball and he's plumb. Could there be another twist this afternoon?

Over 21 - SA 85/2 (Amla 34, Kallis 19) Another somewhat ineffectual over from Tanvir Ahmed, including a spanking drive straight through mid-off for four by Kallis and a whopper of a no-ball from the bowler. The game slips further away from the visitors, South Africa now needing under 100 to win.

Over 20 - SA 80/2 (Amla 34, Kallis 15) The pressure is evaporating as Ajmal, too, is easily milked for runs by both batsmen. There's not a lot going Pakistan's way, Kallis and Amla combining to take six runs off the over without taking any risks.

Over 19 - SA 74/2 (Amla 32, Kallis 11) Misbah calls upon Tanvir for the first time, but he makes the mistake of offering Kallis successive half-volleys, each of which is threaded through cover with timing and imperious power. Marvellous drives, both of them, and that'll really deflate the bowler and Pakistan.

Over 18 - SA 66/2 (Amla 32, Kallis 3) Ajmal resumes after the tea interval. Amla is a picture of concentration as he successfully defends a maiden. Will South Africa try to finish the match in this session?

Tea, Day Four This match is moving along quickly now. Pakistan nipped Petersen out early, but Smith and Amla put on a quick 53 runs at more than four an over before Ajmal removed Smith. The door isn't quite shut for Pakistan, but they'll need something really inspired to get back into the match now.

Over 17 - SA 66/2 (Amla 32, Kallis 3) Searching for a wicket, Misbah brings Irfan back into the attack, but Kallis isn't too troubled in playing out the final over before tea. He eases a legside delivery through midwicket for two to take South Africa's target to 116, and the umpires remove the bails.

Over 16 - SA 64/2 (Amla 32, Kallis 1) WICKET! Ajmal strikes, just minutes before the tea interval! Smith bent low to sweep - never his most comfortable shot - and swished across the line of the ball but couldn't lay bat on it. He was struck on the pad in front of middle, and Umpire Oxenford had little hesitation in raising the finger. Kallis is off the mark with a nudge through point. Another quick wicket, and Pakistan will be right back into this game.

Over 15 - SA 63/1 (Amla 32, Smith 29) Misbah swaps Umar Gul for Mohammad Hafeez, but there's no let-up in the run-scoring as Amla takes the attack to the offspinner. Amla exhibits stunning bat-speed in thrashing a wide ball through cover point, and then dancing down the track to swipe a lofted stroke to the deep midwicket boundary.

Over 14 - SA 52/1 (Smith 27, Amla 23) That's more like it. Ajmal continues to attack Amla's middle and leg stumps, also trying to bring the close catchers on the leg side into play, in the course of a maiden.

Over 13 - SA 52/1 (Smith 27, Amla 23) Gul continues to leak runs. Amla is into the 20s with an elegant square drive for four, and might've been hit for another boundary immediately afterwards had Hafeez not pulled off a sharp stop at backward point. Smith adds two more with a firm push through midwicket, and seven runs come from the over.

Over 12 - SA 45/1 (Smith 25, Amla 18) Irfan is in the wars as both Smith and Amla aim drives towards him off Ajmal. He's not the greatest fielder, and slips to let the ball past him ... but is soon up and after it.

Over 11 - SA 41/1 (Smith 24, Amla 15) There's still no sign of Tanvir Ahmed as Umar Gul replaces Irfan. His comeback over is a loose one, Hashim Amla scything a cut through point for four and Graeme Smith fetching a half volley into the leg side for three more. Nine runs flow from the over. Pakistan can't afford this sort of inconsistency.

Over 10 - SA 32/1 (Smith 20, Amla 10) Smith works Ajmal to leg for a single to move to 20, taking the remaining runs needed by South Africa to exactly 150 at the same time. Ajmal's line of attack to Amla is very straight, but he's got some protection on the leg side. The plan very nearly works as he fizzes one down the leg side, Amla overbalancing as he plays at it, but the batsman manages to keep his back foot grounded so there's no danger of a stumping.

Over 9 - SA 31/1 (Smith 19, Amla 10) This could be the final over of Irfan's spell. He angles the ball repeatedly across Amla on a shortish length, but the batsman won't be tempted and so he pitches it up ... only to be driven for four through cover point.

Over 8 - SA 27/1 (Smith 19, Amla 6) Saeed Ajmal is brought into the attack, and his very first delivery kicks up and spins to beat Smith's outside edge. His second isn't nearly as good, and it's cut away to the backward point boundary, but he soon settles on a good length to test Smith's defense. Is there a case for bringing Hafeez on ahead of Tanvir?

Over 7 - SA 23/1 (Smith 15, Amla 6) Irfan appears a bowler transformed with the new ball in his hands. He was also, perhaps, a little more nervous in the first innings, on debut. Now, he's charging in with great purpose, and again extracts pace and bounce to trouble Amla. His lines to Smith aren't quite as effective, and five runs come from the over, but it's another decent one.

Over 6 - SA 18/1 (Smith 10, Amla 6) Umar Gul isn't close to Irfan's height, but he also finds a hint of extra bounce off this track when he bends his back. He beats Smith's cutting bat with a lifter outside off, and his lines are generally much better as he concedes just one run off the over.

Over 5 - SA 17/1 (Smith 9, Amla 6) Irfan keeps Amla pinned on the back foot in the first half of the over, but when he does pitch it up Amla is waiting for it and punches three runs down the ground with a checked straight drive. Smith's meaty forearms are then put to good use as he works a single into the leg side.

Over 4 - SA 13/1 (Smith 7, Amla 2) WICKET! The reprieve, for Petersen, is short. He's trapped on the crease by a Gul indipper, and removed lbw for 1. Amla is off the mark with a hard-run two into the leg side. Pakistan need another early wicket, before Ajmal comes on, if they are really to put pressure on South Africa.

Over 3 - SA 9/0 (Smith 7, Petersen 1) Should have been a wicket! Irfan is bowling so well, but he's got a no-ball issue, and now it's really cost his team. He hurried Petersen with a short, quick one. The South African was late on the pull, spooning the ball to Ajmal at mid-on. But Umpire Davis wants to check for the no-ball. His heel is on the line, but there's nothing behind it so that's not out. And he had a wicket disallowed in the first innings when the umpire wrongly called no-ball ... That'll demoralise Pakistan.

Over 2 - SA 8/0 (Smith 7, Petersen 1) Poor lines from Umar Gul to follow up a good opening over from Irfan. He gifts Smith a leg-stump delivery, the South African captain getting off the mark with a boundary to fine leg. Another one on the pads is tapped away for a single, and Petersen then also flicks one to fine leg. Yet another leg stump delivery is tapped through midwicket for two by Smith, and eight runs flow from the over.

Over 1 - SA 0/0 (Petersen 0, Smith 0) Now, this is why Mohammad Irfan should have been given the new ball in the first innings! He finds shape in through the air, pace and alarming bounce throughout this over to trouble Petersen. His first ball results in an lbw shout, his third in another - and this time Pakistan want to review it. It's mighty close, but the line of the ball mean it's umpires' call: and Davis had given the decision not out.

End of innings So, Pakistan are bowled out for 181, and South Africa will have the better part of five sessions to chase the runs down. Pakistan's collapse today has been startling: they lost six wickets for just 22 runs. There is, however, still one thing that stands between South Africa and victory: Saeed Ajmal.

Over 75.3 - Pak 169 all out (Tanvir 10) WICKET! Steyn finally gets the better of Irfan. Pakistan's no. 11 couldn't get out of the way of another short one, closing his eyes and fending at the ball, which hit the splice and looped easily to Petersen in the slips.

Over 75 - Pak 169/9 (Tanvir 10, Irfan 1) A welcome boundary for Pakistan at last, Tanvir swatting Peterson down the ground for four. That takes the lead beyond 180, which is probably still not enough.

Over 74 - Pak 164/9 (Tanvir 6, Irfan 0) Smith spreads the field with Tanvir on strike, the batsman taking the single on offer and yet again exposing Irfan to Steyn. The world's tallest cricketer fends a brutal lifter straight through the vacant gully area, and takes a single himself.

Over 73 - Pak 162/9 (Tanvir 5, Irfan 0) Tanvir isn't going to die wondering. He charges out repeatedly at Peterson, aiming to blast the ball over Table Mountain, but manages only a two to midwicket and an inside edge before he takes a single to keep strike to Steyn.

Over 72 - Pak 159/9 (Tanvir 2, Irfan 0) Tanvir scoops a drive just over cover and takes a single, exposing Irfan to a fired-up Steyn. The no. 11 wears a bouncer on the chest and edges just short of Kallis at slip, but keeps the ball out when it's aimed at the stumps and survives the over.

Over 71 - Pak 158/9 (Tanvir 1, Irfan 0) WICKET! The first over after lunch brings yet another wicket, Ajmal perishing. Peterson stuck to a line well outside leg stump - so far, in fact, that one of his deliveries was called wide by Umpire Bruce Oxenford - and was rewarded as he landed one in the rough and bowled a sweeping Ajmal round his legs.

Lunch, Day Four What a first session on day four. A remarkable Pakistan collapse after the ball change has allowed South Africa to storm back into the match. Pakistan now lead by just 169 runs, with 2 wickets remaining. South Africa are in charge, but if Pakistan can push their lead beyond 200, things could get very interesting. Join us in half an hour or so for the second session.

Over 70 - Pak 157/8 (Ajmal 4, Tanvir 1) A fiery, but wicketless, over from Dale Steyn takes us to lunch.

Over 69 - Pak 156/8 (Ajmal 3, Tanvir 1) A one-handed Saeed Ajmal sweep puts Tanvir on strike. He puts his front pad to good effect, kicking multiple deliveries pitched outside leg stump away. We'll probably have just the one more over before lunch, unless South Africa take the extra time.

Over 68 - Pak 155/8 (Ajmal 2, Tanvir 1) Another probing over from Philander, who zips one past a driving Tanvir's outside edge. Ajmal finds a single, and lunch is now just five minutes away. Will South Africa take the extra 15 minutes and try to bowl Pakistan out?

Over 67 - Pak 154/8 (Ajmal 1, Tanvir 1) Tanvir Ahmed and Saeed Ajmal will, I think, both go for their shots. Tanvir picks up a single with a swat down to long on, the ball landing in front of the fielder down there, while Ajmal sweeps for one more.

Over 66 - Pak 152/8 (Ajmal 0, Tanvir 0) WICKETS! Pakistan are crumbling as Philander takes two in the over. First to go is the obdurate Azhar Ali, who presses forward in defense but can only edge a perfect outswinger through to de Villiers. Gul then unnecessarily flings the bat out at a wide one to fall for a pair, thanks to a stunning catch by Alviro Petersen in the gully. Saeed Ajmal keeps the hat-trick ball out, but South Africa are surging and the lead is just 164. There have been four wickets taken and just 9 runs scored in the last 24 balls! That ball change has worked a treat for South Africa ...

Over 65 - Pak 152/6 (Azhar 65, Tanvir 0) WICKET! And another one falls! Sarfraz started this over from Peterson so well, using plenty of bottom hand to shovel a leg-stump delivery out to the deep square leg boundary, but ends it disastrously. He completely misjudges a delivery landing on leg stump, shouldering arms and allowing the ball to crash into his off stump.

Over 64 - Pak 148/5 (Azhar 65, Sarfraz 1) WICKET! Asad Shafiq departs! A terribly unlucky dismissal for him. The ball after slashing a cut up and over point for four, he steps back and across to defend ... but the ball hits the bat low and bounces back towards the stumps, dislodging the off bail. Shafiq actually turned to watch the ball, but was frozen in the crease as it hit his stumps. Very unlucky. Sarfraz is beaten by an outswinger first up, but is off the mark with a glide through point.

Over 63 - Pak 143/4 (Azhar 65, Shafiq 15) Peterson sticks to a tight, defensive line on leg stump to restrict Azhar and rack up another maiden.

Over 62 - Pak 143/4 (Azhar 65, Shafiq 15) Philander returns to the attack, and his accuracy means there aren't as many scoring options for Pakistan's batsmen. Azhar starts the over by chopping a single through point, but Shafiq is content to have a good look at the new bowler. With two slips and a gully in place, and with an old ball in his hand, Philander beats the outside edge yet again.

Over 61 - Pak 142/4 (Azhar 64, Shafiq 15) A rash shot from Shafiq! He skips out at Peterson and attempts to thwack the ball down the ground, but the over-the-wicket angle and some turn out of the rough means the sliced drive flies over point instead ... and lands safely! Five runs come off the over, but Pakistan needn't be taking those sorts of risks.

Over 60 - Pak 137/4 (Azhar 63, Shafiq 11) Another zippy over from Steyn. Azhar guides a single through gully, and Shafiq is tested by a sharp bouncer, both batsmen standing firm. The new ball is over 20 overs away, and Pakistan now lead by 149. If these two batsmen keep on scoring freely, the game will start to move out of South Africa's reach.

Over 59 - Pak 136/4 (Azhar 62, Shafiq 11) There's apparently been a ball change during the drinks break, the umpires seeing fit to switch the current old ball for another. Peterson continues to come over the wicket, landing the ball repeatedly in the rough outside leg stump, but Azhar reads the line and length of the ball really well, and after defending four deliveries works a single into the leg side.

Over 58 - Pak 135/4 (Azhar 61, Shafiq 11) This over from Steyn is noticeably quicker, his length shorter. He operates in the mid-140s, but Azhar is equal to the task and nudges three runs off the over. And that takes us to drinks on a hot, sunny day at Newlands.

Over 57 - Pak 132/4 (Azhar 58, Shafiq 11) With the batsmen looking to be positive, Peterson goes back over the wicket and aims for the rough outside leg stump. Just two singles off the over as Azhar and Shafiq play with the pad whenever possible.

Over 56 - Pak 130/4 (Azhar 57, Shafiq 10) These two young batsmen are counterattacking in style! Now Azhar has a go at Steyn, standing tall to punch a backfoot drive through cover point and then leaning forward to thread the gap at cover with a well-timed cover drive. Six runs off the over.

Over 55 - Pak 124/4 (Azhar 51, Shafiq 10) Peterson's line and length goes completely awry, and Shafiq takes 10 runs from the over. After two defensive strokes, Shafiq slaps a full toss to the midwicket boundary, drives a wide half volley through cover for two, and then rocks back to hammer a long hop into the leg side.

Over 54 - Pak 114/4 (Azhar 51, Shafiq 0) Steyn comes back into the attack after the breakthrough, and very nearly grabs another! He pitches the ball right up to Azhar Ali's bat and some away shape draws a skewed drive and an outside edge ... but it drops short of Kallis at slip! The rest of the over is rather less eventful, Azhar playing out a maiden.

Over 53 - Pak 114/4 (Azhar 51, Shafiq 0) WICKET! Peterson's over-the-wicket, leg-stump line to Misbah has worked! He'd speared several deliveries at the Pakistan captain's pads, denying him the chance to score, and the frustration eventually told. Misbah tried to sweep, but top-edged and the ball looped gently to Graeme Smith at short fine leg. Peterson goes back over the wicket to Asad Shafiq, with a slip and short leg in place, and completes a wicket maiden.

Over 52 - Pak 114/3 (Azhar 51, Misbah 44) Azhar Ali goes to fifty, and in suitably restrained fashion. Philander lands one just a little too full and Azhar leans forward to place the ball through cover, rushing back for a second run. A workmanlike, gritty half-century.

Over 51 - Pak 112/3 (Azhar 49, Misbah 44) There's an appeal for a catch behind the wicket after Misbah attempts a reverse sweep against Peterson. South Africa's experience with the DRS in this Test means Smith quickly asks Umpire Oxenford whether he's given it not out because Misbah didn't hit it, or because the ball hit the ground. Oxenford replies that he's just not giving it out, and so the review is called for. Replays quickly show that Misbah hit it straight into the ground, so that's not out. Misbah bats out the maiden safely.

Over 50 - Pak 112/3 (Azhar 49, Misbah 44) Philander, meanwhile, is still utterly metronomic. Playing outswing to the off side and in-dip to the leg, Azhar is unable to find the single he needs for a fifty with his defensive bat in the course of a maiden.

Over 49 - Pak 112/3 (Azhar 49, Misbah 44) Steyn's opening spell is a short one as he's replaced by Peterson. The left-arm spinner hangs the ball high in the breeze with generous flight, and his in-drift takes the inner half of Azhar's bat to start the over. It's three runs, rather than a wicket, that are the result, however, and Misbah also sees fit to power a sweep shot to the fine leg boundary.

Over 48 - Pak 105/3 (Azhar 46, Misbah 40) Philander is flirting outrageously with Misbah's outside edge. This is Test match bowling of the highest quality. There's no great pace for Philander, but just about every delivery is pitched perfectly and the away movement means each ball is aimed at the outside edge or goes past it. Philander does, in fact, find the edge but Misbah is playing very late and with soft hands, and so the ball goes to ground quickly and beats the slips to run away for four.

Over 47 - Pak 101/3 (Azhar 46, Misbah 36) Steyn's line and length this morning have been impeccable. He aims just about every delivery in this over at the top of off or the top of middle, and Azhar has to have his wits about him as he bats out a maiden.

Over 46 - Pak 101/3 (Azhar 46, Misbah 36) Azhar Ali opens Pakistan's day four account with a characteristic nudge into the leg side for a single. Philander's line and length are similar to Steyn's, but he's finding much more curve through the air with this old ball and swings three consecutive deliveries past Misbah's outside edge. Classical swing bowling.

Over 45 - Pak 100/3 (Azhar 45, Misbah 36) A subdued start for both bat and ball. Steyn's length is full, attacking the off stump, but Misbah's low backlift and perpendicular bat are up to the task of keeping the ball out. A maiden to start with. I have the feeling we'll see a lot of those today.

Greetings Hello and welcome to our over-by-over commentary on day four of the second Test - in the three-match series - between South Africa and Pakistan at Newlands in Cape Town.

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