1st Test, day 5: WI v NZ

Last updated: 29th July 2012  

Over 20 Vettori 0-0-1 102-1 The single from the third ball of the over brings up a much wanted and deserved victory. They take the lead in the two match series, making it 1-0. West Indies win by 9 wickets.

Over 19 Wagner 4-0-4-2-1-1 101-1 Gayle upper cuts a good ball from Wagner over the slips for a four. Taylor jumps and tries to catch it, but it goes over his head. That is another boundary for Gayle towards fine leg, just guides the ball from his pads and makes it look easy. Then works the ball on to the off side for a couple, inching closer to a good win. Scores are level! WI need one to win!

Over 18 Vettori 0-0-0-1-1-0 89-1 Vettori gets the ball. A good over to start for the spinner. Just two runs from it.

Over 17 Wagner 0-0-0-0-4-0 87-1 Wagner keeps Gayle guessing with a good over. Eventually Gayle drives one straight down the ground for four, bringing up his 50 in style. Just the boundary from the over.

Over 16 Bracewell 1-0-0-0-0-0 83-1 Gayle takes a single of the first ball and moves on to 48. Fudadin defends the rest of the over. Windies now need 19 to win.

Over 15 Wagner 1-4-0-0-0-0 82-1 Wagner replaces Williamson. Fudadin clips one away on to the leg side for a four. Nicely played off the pads. A quiet over after the boundary, Windies need 20 more to win.

Over 14 Bracewell 0-0-4-W-0-0 77-1 Bracewell is back to replace Wagner, and Williamson will also be taken off the attack after the last over. Powell plays a controlled shot, guiding the ball past gully for four. WICKET! After the controlled shot, he plays this one into the air to give Brownlie an easy catch at point!

Over 13 Williamson 1-2-6-2-6-2 73-0 A good shot from Gayle behind point for a couple. Then goes over the top of the off-side for a six, just hitting the rope. He drives through the covers for a couple and picks one up straight down the ground for another six. A huge over for Gayle and the Windies. And gets two to finish off a great over for the home team.

Over 12 Wagner 0-2-1-0-0-1 54-0 Gayle uses the pace of Wagner to cut for a couple of runs. The keeper walking up the the bowler to tell him something. A good over from Wagner.

Over 11 Williamson 0-0-0-0-0-0 50-0 Two slips for the spinner. Appeal for a catch in the slips again, Taylor taking the catch of Powell. Umpires gives it not out, reckons it did not hit the bat or glove. Replays show the umpire was correct. A maiden from Williamson.

Over 10 Wagner 0-1-0-1-1-4 50-0 Wagner who fought with the bat will have to strike with the ball. Powell quietly working the ball to the leg side for a single. Another single on the leg side. Another single, that's three in the gaps of the leg side. Gayle touches one with his bat and it runs down for a four.

Over 9 Williamson 1-1-0-4-4-1 43/0 Gayle and Powell back as Windies need 70 to win. Kane Williamson to start with the ball. A shout for a catch against Powell, the umpire says no but Taylor refers it. Replays show it hit the Powell's fore arm and went to Taylor in the slips, that is not out. NZ lose a review. Powell hits one in the air through the covers, shouts of 'catch it' but it is over the head of the fielder for a boundary. Then smashes one through straight mid-wicket for another four. A good over for WI.

Tea break West Indies need 70 more to win at tea. NZ still looking for their first wicket.

Over 8 Martin 0-0-1-1-0-1wd-0 32-0 Very wide down the leg side, van Wyk does well to collect it. Even if Waitling is ready to play the next test, van Wyk should not be dropped. He is a good keeper and puts up a fight with the bat. A wide called, way outside the off stump. That will be tea.

Over 7 Bracewell 4-1-0-0-0-0 29-0 Gayle steps on the gas, by hitting the first ball of the over into the air on the off side for four. Powell blocking the rest of the over after a single for Gayle.

Over 6 Martin 0-0-0-0-0-4 24-0 Martin has bowled a lot better today, controlled his line and length and pitched the ball in the right areas. A half volley punched away for four by Powell.

Over 5 Bracewell 0-1-0-4-0-4 20-0 Gayle plays a nice shot, powerfully dispatching one into the leg side for four. Then he drives one through the point region for another boundary. Nine from the over, a good one for the home team.

Over 4 Martin 0-0-0-0-0-4 11-0 Martin continues over the wicket. Gayle tries to pull the ball to the leg side, unsuccessfully. A good over from Martin, keeping it tight to Gayle, trying to play the patience game. The last ball is a short one that is pulled away for four by Gayle.

Over 3 Bracewell 0-0-4-0-0-0 7-0 A quiet and watchful start so far from the Windies. Powell changes that with a straight drive past the bowler for four.

Over 2 Martin 0-0-1-0-0-0 3-0 Chris Martin to share the new ball with Bracewell. Three slips and a gully for Powell who drives a couple to mid-on. Gayle blocks the rest of the over.

Over 1 Bracewell 0-1-0-0-1-0 2-0 The West Indies have 46 overs to get 102 runs to win this game. Southee is on the field for Flynn. Powell opens his account with a french cut for a single. Gayle hits and misses, he looks like he is in a hurry!

Innings Break West Indies have bowled New Zealand out for 272, Roach ending van Wyk's fight back who added 30. West Indies now have to chase down 101 runs, and with a lot of time left in the day, New Zealand will be looking for some early wickets. New Zealand have to attack, they can not try to defend this low score.

Over 106 Roach 0-W 272-10 van Wyk plays it on to the leg side, but again does not want the single. WICKET! van Wyk's fight comes to an end as Roach bowls him with a slower delivery. Five wickets for him in this innings and the lead is 101. West Indies need 102 to win.

Over 104 Narine 0-0-0-0-4-1 272-9 Narine is starting his 85th over of the match, his first test. van Wyk reverse sweeps the first two balls but does not take the singles. Then blocks one and reverse sweeps again, only to find Gayle at leg slip. Yet another reverse sweep, this time goes for a four increasing the lead to 100. Looking for the single and gets it off the last ball.

Over 104 Roach 0-2-0-2-0-1 267-9 Rampaul gets a break now as Roach runs in. van Wyk drives one through the covers and immediately calls for two and gets it. They get another two as the keeper has to run to square leg, who fails to collect the ball. NZ lead by 96 runs, van Wyk looking to attack.

Over 103 Narine 0-0-0-0-0-0 262-9 Chris Martin to face Narine now, five men around the bat. The lead 91 now. There was a debate between the batsmen whether to take a single off the second last ball or not, eventually they don't take it. Narine completes another maiden.

Over 102 Rampaul 0-4-0-0-0-0 262-9 Appeal for caught behind off the first ball, and given out. van Wyk refers it straight away, shaking his head and indicating that it hit him on his forearm. Replays show he is correct. The third umpire reverses the decision, van Wyk stays! van Wyk hits one cleanly on to the leg side for a boundary. He is trying to attack the bowling and get some valuable runs. Not taking the singe so he can stay on strike. A 100 run lead will be their first target. van Wyk hits one straight to the bowler, Rampaul doesn't hold on to it in his follow through.

Over 101 Narine 4-2-1-0-W-0 258-9 van Wyk looks to attack now with a nice sweep that runs away for four on the leg side. Another sweep earns them two runs, and a third sweep to get a single. After some handy runs from van Wyk, Narine pushes one faster to catch Bracewell lbw, that looked out. WICKET! They think of a referral, but eventually the batsmen decide against it. The new man in is Chris Martin.

Over 100 Rampaul 0-0-0-W-0-0 251-8 Rampaul takes another one with a really good ball. WICKET! Vettori tries to nibble at one, the movement and bounce does him. Good bowling being rewarded, NZ 8 down. Bracewell replaces Vettori, who looked to score some runs but nicked one to the keeper. A wicket maiden from Rampaul, NZ lead by 80.

Over 99 Narine 0-0-0-0-1-2 251-7 Narine to replace Roach. The lead has crept up to 77 runs. Narine looking to spin the new ball away from Vettori. He gets some bounce too. Vettori tries to sweep and misses, then resorts to block. The lead increases to 80.

Over 98 Rampaul 0-0-0-4b-0-0 244-7 Rampaul gets another one. He bounces one over the head of van Wyk and it runs for a four as the keeper can't get to it. A good over from Rampaul who is putting in more effort after getting a wicket.

Over 97 Roach 1-0-0-0-4-0 244-7 Roach tries to bounce van Wyk who pulls it for a single. Vettori mishits one in the air that falls short of point. Roach comes over the wicket to Vettori who covers his stumps and blocks another one. Vettori clips one away on to the leg side for a boundary, a good shot. Five runs from the over, a good one for NZ.

Over 96 Rampaul 0-0-0-0-0-0 239-7 Narine walks up to bowl, but Sammy changes his mind and gives Rampaul the ball. Rampaul really wanted another one after taking that wicket, and you can see the increased effort in this over. A maiden as Vettori tries to work the ball and misses.

Over 95 Roach 0-1-0-0-0-0 239-7 Roach gives away just a single from the over and bowls some short stuff at van Wyk. NZ battle on

Over 94 Rampaul 0-0-1-1-1-4 238-7 A couple of bouncers to start the over, one hitting Vettori's helmet. Then three singles and a van Wyk dispatches one for a four. A good over for NZ as they look to score some runs and extend their lead.

Over 93 Roach 1-0-0-0-1-0 231-7 Vettori will try to get some runs as Roach runs in to bowl. NZ tried to keep wickets in hand by not taking risks. They have now ended up losing wickets and not scoring any runs, a lose-lose situation overall. The lead is 59 runs with 3 wickets in hand for NZ. Two from the over.

Over 92 Rampaul 0-0-0-W-0-4 229-7 Rampaul to share the new ball with Roach. He needs to keep the pressure on the batsmen and not give any easy runs. He hasn't been very consistent in this innings, and needs to change that. WICKET! A peach of a delivery out of nowhere. What a delivery, pitching just outside off, getting the edge and flying to Gayle in the slips. Brownlie out, NZ are 7 down now. The veteran Vettori streches as he walks in to bat. He drives the last ball through the covers for four.

Over 91 Roach 0-0-0-W-0-0 225-6 Welcome back after the lunch break. The new ball has been taken and Roach will start the proceedings. Two slips waiting for an edge to fly their way as the fast bowler angles it accross the left handed Wagner. WICKET! The patient Wagner eventually nicks one to the keepers, they check for a no ball but it is a legal delivery. He is not happy with himself, but Windies make the new ball count. van Wyk comes into bat now. A wicket maiden with the new ball.

Lunch break A lunch break for about 30 mins or so. It has been a good session for West Indies, who will look to do more damage with the new ball after lunch. New Zealand have lost wickets, but can't afford to go into a defensive mindset. They should remain positive and score some runs when they can. Wagner has been impressive against spin and pace.

Over 90 Sammy 0-0-0-0-0-0 225-5 This could be the last over before lunch. Sammy finishes another maiden and the umpires call lunch. A tough session for NZ, losing 2 important wickets. 2 wickets for 26 runs, the hosts clearly winning the session

Over 89 Narine 0-0-0-0-1-0 225-5 This session so far has been 24 overs, 25 runs and 2 important wickets for the hosts. Narine looking for a wicket before lunch. He has bowled well today. Just the single from that over.

Over 88 Sammy 0-0-0-0-0-0 224-5 Only 10 minutes to lunch now as Sammy runs in to bowl. Good consistent bowling from the captain, ends in a maiden.

Over 87 Narine 0-0-0-0-2-0 224-5 Narine bowling very similar deliveries. Brownlie works him away on the leg side for a couple of runs.

Over 85 Sammy 0-0-0-0-0-0 222-5 Sammy to continue. The lead is now 51 runs, West Indies really keeping the bowling and fielding tight, not giving away any easy runs. Another maiden, this time by Sammy.

Over 85 Narine 0-0-0-0-0-0 222-5 Narine changes ends, the direction of the wind is from the leg side to the off for the right handed Brownlie. A maiden from Narine, who has caused problems for Brownlie.

Over 84 Sammy 1-0-0-0-0-0 222-5 Sammy to replace Narine. The new ball is available and could be taken soon. New Zealand should look to score some runs and not go into a defensive mindset. A good over from Sammy to begin, just a single from it. Wagner now has 13 from 87 balls, good defensive batting from him to hold up one end.

Over 83 Roach 0-0-1-0-0-0 221-5 Roach to continue. A single down to fine leg brings up the lead of 50 for New Zealand. Roach keeping the ball nice and straight, bowling wicket to wicket and that is why he is so effective today. He is getting a good shape, bounce and carry on the ball. Just the single from the over.

Over 82 Narine 0-0-0-0-0-0 220-5 Narine to Wagner who has defended very well. He has played and missed a few times, but has looked solid in defence. Another maiden from the spinner.

Over 81 Roach 0-0-0-0-1-0 The ball has been changed, looks a lot better than the old one. Sammy shining one side of the ball for Roach. There is some chirping going on by the fielders close to the stumps. Just a single from the over, it is 220 for 5.

Over 80 Narine 0-0-1-0-0-0 The bowler goes over the wicket to Wagner. May be, they should give him a single so Narine can target Brownlie. They get a single and now the new man, Brownlie, is on strike. The batsmen negotiate the spin well, just a single from that over.

Over 79 Roach 0-0-0-0-0-0 A bit appeal for lbw but it was going down leg side. A maiden from Roach, batsman blocking everthing just in front of the stumps. Another appeal for a catch down the leg side to the keeper. They think about a review but decide against it.

Over 78 Narine 0-0-0-0-0-0 Narine keeps the pressure with another maiden. Roach is attacking from the other end, so pressure from both ends.

Over 77 Roach W-1nb-0-0-0-0-0 Roach has bowled Williamson. WICKET! A great ball, angling slightly after pitching and taking the off stump for a stroll. A double strike for Roach. NZ not struggling with half their team in the pavillion. Brownlie will not the new batsman and will take strike against a confident Roach. It would have been a maiden except for that no ball, but a successful over for the hosts nonetheless.

Over 76 Narine 0-0-0-0-0-0 The spinner now varies the areas that he is pitching the ball. He is getting good bounce and turn which is troubling the batsman. Not giving anything away with a maiden.

Over 75 Roach 0-0-W-0-0-0 Batsmen take strike as Roach runs in to bowl the second ball of his over. NZ would have hoped for more rain and WI will be happy to come back and bowl more. WICKET! A couple of good balls on target, and Roach traps Taylor in front of the stumps. Taylor asks Wagner and then reviews it. Replays show the balls clipping the stumps so the captain goes lbw to Roach. Kane Williamson walks in to bat. A wicket maiden for Windies.

Covers are off The covers will be coming off soon and the play will resume in about 10 mins. Roach will continue with his over from the second ball.

Rain stopped play Rain has stopped play, but it just looks like a passing shower so play should restart soon. Roach's over has been cut short because of rain

Over 75 Roach 0 Ground staff is ready as dark clouds gather over the ground and it starts drizzling. Roach just bowls one ball before the players and umpires clear the field for the ground staff and the covers.

Over 74 Narine 0-0-0-0-0-0 West Indies will be looking to take wickets, Narine now going around the wicket to Wagner. Taylor gives Wagner a few tips as the ball spins away from him regularly. Now goes around the wicket, he should try a few straighter ones. Another maiden for Narine.

Over 73 Rampaul 0-0-0-0-0-4 Rampaul's spray of deliveries continues, with a few outside off and one or two down leg. Sammy will be thinking of bringing himself on soon. NZ will want to play out as much of the day as possible. A beautiful drive from Taylor through extra cover for four. Nicely timed and placed in the gap.

Over 72 Narine 0-0-0-0-0-0 Narine gets in another man closer to the stumps, so thats five fielders around the batsman including the keeper. The ball is consistently spinning away from the left handed Wagner who is covering his off-stump to perfection. A maiden from the spinner, Wagner not looking too uncomfortable at the crease.

Over 71 Rampaul 0-1-0-0-0-0 The empty seats have been allocated to sponsors and the media. Rampaul is not consistent in his control of the ball. NZ are 213-3.

Over 70 Narine 2-0-0-0-0-0 Narine to continue. The stands are mostly empty, as Taylor blocks and watches the ball closely. A tight over from the spinner, 212 for 3.

Over 69 Rampaul 0-0-0-4-0-0 Rampaul probing away outside the off-stump. The pitch has held together very well, there is a bit of grass and the bowlers' footmarks will help the spinner. Wagner edges one through the slip for a boundary. A thick outside edge running down to third man, falling short of Sammy in the slips. Rampaul mixing it up with a short ball. It is 210 for 3.

Over 68 Narine 0-0-0-0-0-0 Narine causing problems for the batsmen. He has a slip and a leg slip to attack and get wickets. A maiden from the spinner.

Over 67 Rampaul 1lb-0-2-0-0-0 Rampaul bowls another good over. He needs to make the batsmen play at every delivery. Just the three from this over, its 206 for 3.

Over 66 Narine 0-0-3-0-0-0 Narine gets the ball straight away. Taylor drives the spinner confidently for three runs. A good over from Narine, he will be trying to get Wagner out early.

Over 65 Rampaul 1-0-0-0-0-0 200-3 - Rampaul to begin the day for the Windies. It is a good over to begin. West Indies will be looking for wickets and early inroads will hamper NZ. A good over, just the one from it.

Greetings! Welcome to the final day of the first Test between the West Indies and New Zealand in Antigua. The Kiwis are 28 runs ahead in their second innings, with seven wickets in hand, so the Windies will be eager to skittle them quickly for fear of a draw.

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