Sri Lanka v West Indies commentary

Last updated: 7th October 2012  

Sri Lanka v West Indies commentary

RESULT: WI WIN BY 36 RUNS Can you believe it, West Indies are World T20 Champions! It's been an incredible journey for them throughout this series but today they were just too strong for the hosts. Sri Lanka probably went into the halfway point thinking they had done enough in the field to win the game, while West Indies were probably wondering how they'd stop the Sri Lankan batting onslaught. Chris Gayle didn't perform with the bat this evening, but Samuels put in a purely epic display to make ammends. Mahela dragged the Sri Lankan batting innings along but even a late fight from Kulasekara wouldn't be enough to get them to victory. In the end though, there could only be one winner and it seems the better team on the day has ended the tournament with a more than convincing win today. Thanks for joining us!

Over 18.4 - SL 101/10 WICKET! And it's all over!! Malinga skies one off Narine's bowling to Bravo who takes another straight forward catch and the West Indies win the tournament!!!

Over 18 - SL 101/9 (Dananjaya 0, Malinga 5) Samuels bowls his last over - a couple of singles bring up the Sri Lankan hundred. WICKET! Samuels finishes off Mendis who skies one straight up and into Bravo's safe hands - the Windies all gather around Samuels in the middle of the pitch and dust him off - literally. Strange celebration that! Just one wicket away from the trophy as Akila Dananjaya takes to the crease.

Over 17 - SL 97/8 (A Mendis 0, Malinga 2) Narine returns to do his magic, with four overs remaining and he does just that! WICKET! Easy catch for for Badree coming off the ropes to take a sitter! Kulasekara is gone and you reckon West Indies may as well start celebrating right about now! Ajantha Mendis comes to the crease.

Over 16 - SL 94/7 (Kulasekara 24, Malinga 2) Rampaul back into the attack but Kulasekara dispatches him for an 85-metre six before pulling him away on the leg side for four! Ravi Rampaul is getting ripped apart as Kulasekara claws Sri Lanka's way back into this one with a powerful cut away for four! OH NO! He's done it again! FOUR MORE! A big one with a huge edge to third man - bounces short and over the diving fielder for four! Gayle has a chat to Rampaul.

Over 15 - SL 72/7 (Kulasekara 4, Malinga 1) Mix up with the batsmen in the middle but Johnson Charles throws to the 'keeper instead of the bowler and Sri Lanka can consider themsevles saved by the throw. Thirimanne goes for a big big hit but he only manages to put it straight down Charles' throat - an absolute sitter - WICKET! Lasith Malinga can try and redeem his himself for his poor bowling figures as he makes his way out now.

Over 14 - SL 68/6 (Kulasekara 1, Thirimanne 4) WICKET! And another run out! Would you believe it! Perera calls for a quick single and some brilliant fielding by Dinesh Ramdin has made a huge breakthrough with the dismissal of Perera! Now here is Nuwan Kulasekara, he's the new one at the crease. Samuels asked Ramdin not to have a shy but the 'keeper ignored his bowler and just went for it - and heck, why not!

Over 13 - SL 64/5 (Perera 3, Thirimanne 1) Reverse swee and Mahela is out - WICKET! He didn't really connect with it at all and Sammy takes a simple catch at cover! Narine gets his first wicket! Wow, Sri Lanka are suddenly in a huge spot of bother! Drama on the third as the West Indies celebrate a run out attempt by Narine off his own bowling - it's sent upstairs and the Third Umpire doesn't even need a second look - WICKET! Absolute disaster here as Mendis is run out! Lahiru Thirimanne is the new man in.

Over 12 - SL 60/3 (Mahela 33, Mendis 3) Lots of debate in the centre as they seem to be anticipating rain. In the meantime, Mahela slogs one toward Russell who dives forward for the catch and drops him! Bravo in the meantime makes a fantastic save on the boundary! Shoooo! It's all happening!

Over 11 - SL 53/3 (Mahela 53, Mendis 2) Darren Sammy gets a bowl. And a WICKET! Mathews goes across his stumps, tries to flick it over to fine-leg and he's bowled! Jeevan Mendis joins in - he's not too bad with the bat, let's see what he can do! There's a small amount of drizzle in the air as Mahela looks at a print out of the D/L system.

Over 10 - SL 51/2 (Mahela 27, Mathews 1) WICKET! GOT HIM! Kieron Pollard takes a great catch on the ropes! The stadium goes silent as Sangakkara trods off and returns to the dressing room. The bowling change has had an impact as Badree picks up his first wicket of the game. Angelo Mathews comes in now, can he produce a match winning performance?

91 runs required from 11 overs, RR: 5.22, RRR: 8.27 Can. They. Do. It?

Over 9 - SL 47/1 (Mahela 24, Sangakkara 22) Gayle continues. Sangakkara lofts one up and over extra cover for four - opens himself up and allows space to play that shot.

Over 8 - SL 39/1 (Mahela 22, Sangakkara 16) Sunil Narine is the new bowler abd gus first turns so quickly and is met with an "Oh yes, Oh yes!" from behind the stumps! The second turns even more! Sangakkara eventually finds a single from one that doesn't turn as much. Little bit of chitter-chatter between the bowler and captain before the over resumes.

Over 7 - SL 36/1 (Mahela 21, Sangakkara 14) Gayle opts to take the ball for a bowl. A single to Mahela first up followed straight away with one to Sangakkara. Another single follows with a dot, a couple and one single to end with.

Over 6 - SL 30/1 (Mahela 19, Sangakkara 10) Sloppy fielding on the second of the over at point as the ball goes through the legs of Pollard - but in a really casual kind of way. Four singles from the over.

Over 5 - SL 26/1 (Mahela 17, Sangakkara 8) Samuels continues to Sangakkara who gets a single to rotate the strike immediately. Mahela defends one but then pulls a single out the back next up.

Over 4 - SL 23/1 (Mahela 16, Sangakkara 6) Shocking ball from Badree - wide and short - and it gets punished for four. Mahela sweets away the fourth for a couple - a premeditated shot it seemed like.

Over 3 - SL 15/1 (Mahela 8, Sangakkara 6) Marlon Samuels gets a shot with the ball. Sloppy sweep shot from Mahela who lobs it up for Brvo who comes running in to get it but all he gets is a little finger to it. A chance missed for the West Indies.

Over 2 - SL 11/1 (Mahela 5, Sangakkara 5) Dilshan is out, WICKET! Ravi Rampaul has come into the attack to open from the other end and bowls an absolute peach first up! Off-stump out the ground! Angle in, nip away, top of off! Sangakkara comes to the crease after Dilshan is dismissed without a single run to his name! Kumar edges one into the vacant second-slip spot and that's four! A good over indeed, a wicket and just five from it.

Over 1 - SL 6/0 (Mahela 5, Dilshan 0) Runs on the board straight away as Mahela picks up a single before Dilshan puts him back on strike from a leg-bye. Mahela then turns the fifth away behind short for four!

Here we go The Final part of the final. Samuel Badree opens the bowling with his leg spinners and Dilshan and Mahela are in the middle for the Sri Lankans.

END OF INNINGS : 137/6 You would never have thought they'd make this total, given how long it took them to get to double figures, but West Indies have put up a fighting and spirited performance to bring this game to life and Sri Lanka's task of chasing 138 may not be as clear and simple as they think. In a few moments we'll see what the visitors can produce in the field.

Over 20 - WI 137/6 (Sammy 26, Ramdin 4) Kulasekara gets the honours of bowling the last. Sammy hits one long while two Sri Lankans converge but avoiding each other seems more important than saving the four-run boundary as Sammy gets another quick two from the next ball. Another two on the fourth of the over. Sammy gets smacked in the head by the fielder who sends the ball back to the 'Keeper's end and also gets deducted a run for short-running - although he responds to end the innings with a fierce shot straight down the ground for four. A fighting end by West Indies.

Over 19 - WI 122/6 (Sammy 11, Ramdin 4) Mahela has his brave boots on, Malinga returns for his last over. Guess without Samuels there, Malinga has a chance to redeem himself. Malinga sends in an absolutely glorious yorker moving into the right-hander but Sammy manages to get the toe of his bat on it and it runs away to the vacant fine-leg boundary for four. Malinga's spell finally comes to an end - he'll be fairly happy about that given he's been smashed around for more than 50!

Over 18 - WI 112/6 (Ramdin 2, Sammy 3) Bowling change as Dananjaya comes back into the attack - Samuels goes for another big one but doesn't get it all the way - Jeevan Mendis is on the ropes and takes a straight forward catch against his chest - WICKET! Samuels walks off with tears in his eyes, he knows that wicket could be the end of the West Indies dream. Denesh Ramdin is taking over.

Over 17 - WI 108/5 (Samuels 78, Sammy 2) Malinga back in now after being pummeled in his second over. Samuels uses his open stance to reach at a wide one outside off and smash it through the gully region for four. A dangerous short ball from Lasith follows the four-run boundary and Samuels is happy to dispatch him with a nifty hook over fine-leg for SIX! Malinga doesn't get the yorker right next up and Samuels smashes an absolutely massive SIX - the biggest of the tournament at 108 metres - over long-on. That was INCREDIBLE!

Over 16 - WI 89/5 (Samuels 60, Sammy 1) Into the last five overs now which could very well decide the outcome of this game - that said, Mendis - into his last over - grabs the wicket of Pollard who reaches out to hit one past point but the young Dananjaya leaps up, juggles it mid-air and snaps it as he turns and lands. Quite acrobatic, but a WICKET! Andre Russell comes to the crease. WICKET! First ball and Russell tries to sweep the straightest delivery of the day and is trapped - LBW! Captain, Darren Sammy, is now out there in the middle. We know he can produce the goods if need be, but how will he fare today is the question on everyones mind. Sammy gets off the mark with an inside edge off the hat-trick ball. There's a sneaky run off the last of the over and a run-out attempt which goes upstairs - Sammy looks safe from the replays and the third Umpire confirms it too. Fun over that was!

Over 15 - WI 87/3 (Samuels 59, Pollard 2) Kieron Pollard takes over with Samuels in the middle. He gets off the mark with a single on the second of the over while Samuels smashes a six over midwicket and a four straight through the same gap. Well, if anyone is going to step up and have a go it has to be Marlon Samuels.

Over 14 - WI 73/3 (Samuels 47) Bravo is happy with the singles, it seems. Ajantha Mendis trying a few different things in the over, hoping to force the batsmen into some sort of mistake. Doesn't really work out for him though. Oh no, but it does! Bravo is trapped LBW on the last of the over - the finger is raised, he is out! Replay shows he got a pretty solid inside edge before the ball hit the pads - that's an unlucky call...

Over 13 - WI 69/2 (Samuels 45, Bravo 17) Malinga returns for his second and drops a yorker first up which Bravo manages to scoop up for a single. Samuels flicks his feet and absolutely smashes Malinga for a jolly large six! Malinga sends in another full length delivery on the off side and Samuels hoofs it over the top of extra cover for another big one! SIX! He's not done yet - another incredible shot as he skies it straight up in the air and it glides over the long-on boundary! Three singles and three sixes. Malinga's day just went from fantastic to terrible. In one over.

Over 12 - WI 48/2 (Samuels 26, Bravo 15) FINALLY! A huge six from Bravo as he slogs it over midwicket for the maximum! Well, few more of those and West Indies may be right back in this. Good running between the wickets gives them two from the last.

Over 11 - WI 38/2 (Samuels 23, Bravo 8) DROPPED! Kulasekara comes round at deep long-off for a catch and gets two hands to it but manages to drop it! What an effort though, certainly stopped a maximum! But good to see the visitors going for it now!

Over 10 - WI 32/2 (Samuels 20, Bravo 5) The 19-year-old gets a chance now - wonder if West Indies will take advantage of his inexperience and try go for it now, although he's proven to be a tough bowler to face. A few singles, still no boundaries, as West Indies continue to take a Sunday afternoon stroll through the overs.

Over 9 - WI 29/2 (Samuels 19, Bravo 3) Mathews gets to bowl his last over. Mahela knows he has plenty of bowling options, so heck, why not. A couple of singles and some more fine fielding from the boundary fielders - Malinga becomes known as "Jonty Rhodes Malinga" according Nasser Hussein.

Over 8 - WI 22/2 (Samuels 14, Bravo 2) A single first up as Mendis continues. Two from the fifth and a single from the last. A bit slow for a T20...

Over 7 - WI 18/2 (Bravo 1, Samuels 11) Mathews gets another over, into his third now. Samuels goes over the top but there's a sweeper out there since the powerplay is over with - a single to him. Bravo makes it through for a leg-bye on the second. Samuels forces one through the covers off the back foot for a single, at least the runs are kind of coming, even if they're just singles. Malinga puts in a fine bit of fielding on the ropes to limit the batsmen to a single off the fifth - wow these Sri Lankans look intensely fired up!

Over 6 - WI 14/2 (Bravo 0, Samuels 9) Ajantha Mendis gets a bowl - the West Indies probably quite happy to see some slower bowling with turn. Samuels opens the face on the second and slots it past slip for a quick single. Another massive appeal for LBW - too high though so it's not given - Mendis thought it was out though... Gayle tries to scoop the fourth but short fine-leg is there to stop any thoughts of a run. Mendis traps Gayle on the pads once more on the fifth and this time he's out! WICKET! No questioning that one, plum in front - The Gayleforce is no longer! West Indies in all sorts of trouble now! Dwayne Bravo is the number four to the middle. This is crazy... the crowd are just something else...

Over 5 - WI 12/1 (Gayle 3, Samuels 8) Malinga will get a chance as the pace attack continues. Gayle turns it around the corner for an easy single. Samuels gets one too off the second. Malinga's third is an absolute peacher! Moves away from the batsman as it passes through, narrowly missing the edge! Gayle guides the fourth to third man, just one from it. Samuels sends one off to third man for another single and Gayle lets the last one slide straight through.

Over 4 - WI 8/1 (Gayle 1, Samuels 6) Decent shot choice from Samuels as Kulasekara sinks it in wide of off-stump and the batsmen throws his hands at it, very hard indeed, for four through cover. Samuels rotates the strike with a single to mid-off. Pitched outside leg-stump and there is another LBW appeal - a massive one from Kulasekara - not out, although every Sri lankan on the field felt otherwise. Gayle gets off the mark with an extremely quick single to mid-off. Dilshan puts in a great effort from point to stop a single off the last.

Over 3 - WI 2/1 (Gayle 0, Samuels 1) Samuels leaves the first of the over and defends the second straight to mid-off. Mathews has to do some quick fielding off his own bowling on the third as he drops one in a perfect length which finds some added bounce. Big LBW appeal on the fourth - the Umpire says no as it looks like it's going down leg - but Hawkeye shows it's just tipping the top of the leg-stump bails. Eventually a run off the bat at long last as Samuels gets one away to square leg. Mathews' first to Gayle beats the outside edge on the way through to the 'Keeper. Just a single from the over. Starting to feel like a Test match...

Over 2 - WI 1/1 (Gayle 0, Samuels 0) Nuwan Kulasekara gets the ball and he'll have the tough task of bowling to Gayle - he actually got him out in their last encounter so this could be an important over for both teams. First runs on the board as Kula bowls one wide down the leg side. It's a pretty decent over for Sri Lanka as Gayle looks frustrated and doesn't get a single run from it - besides the wide of course. 12 balls, no runs off the bat. Not the start the Windies wanted...

Over 1 - WI 0/1 (Gayle 0, Samuels 0) Charles has scored 74% his his runs from boundaries this tournament - just by the way. As he goes for a pull shot off the fifth he lobs it up off the splice of the bat and Kulasekara takes a simple catch at mid-off. WICKET! A great start indeed for Sri Lanka! Marlon Samuels comes to the crease.

Openers Chris Gayle and Johnson Charles take to the middle for the West Indies, with Charles facing up first. Angelo Mathews will open the bowling.

Interesting Very interesting to see that Sri Lanka have left out Herath who was arguably their match winner against Pakistan. Instead they've opted for the youngster in Akila Dananjaya - lots of pressure on the young lads shoulders.

West Indies Johnson Charles, Chris Gayle, Marlon Samuels, Dwayne Bravo, Kieron Pollard, Andre Russell, Denesh Ramdin, Darren Sammy, Sunil Narine, Ravi Rampaul, Samuel Badree

Sri Lanka Mahela Jayawardene, Tillakaratne Dilshan, Kumar Sangakkara, Angelo Mathews, Jeevan Mendis, Lahiru Thirimanne, Thisara Perera, Nuwan Kulasekara, Lasith Malinga, Akila Dananjaya, Ajantha Mendis

Toss! The West Indies win the toss and elect to bat first.

Greetings! Hello and welcome to the World Twenty20 final in Colombo, between hosts Sri Lanka and neutral favourites the West Indies. The Lankans overcame Pakistan in the final four, while Chris Gayle led the Windies to a thrashing of Australia.

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