2nd ODI: South Africa v Pakistan

Last updated: 15th March 2013  

Pakistan win by 6 wickets Pakistan win the 2nd ODI comfortably by 6 wickets after a good overall performance. Good captaincy and fielding by South Africa, but in the end they did not have the runs to defend.

Over 39.2- Pak 192/4 (Misbah 57 Malik 35) Misbah on strike with one run needed, Abbott to bowl and Misbah taking his time. A wide ball called and Pakistan win this 2nd ODI.

Over 39- Pak 191/4 (Misbah 57 Malik 35) McLaren back into the attack and Misbah plays his signature shot down the ground for four. The short and slow bouncer and Misbah angles it away on the leg side to get his 50, good knock from the captain. Misbah hits it out of the ground for a six, good shot from him. Scores level and Pakistan need 1 to win.

Over 38- Pak 178/4 (Misbah 45 Malik 34) Abbott bowling some good bouncy deliveries, extracting something out of the pitch and surprising Misbah. A quick drop and run single from Malik. Misbah running it down to third man for a single.

Over 37- Pak 175/4 (Misbah 43 Malik 33) The powerplay has to be taken now and Steyn will continue. An overthrow makes the run possible. Malik gets it over the slips for a couple of runs to third man. End of the over, Pakistan need 17 more.

Over 36- Pak 172/4 (Misbah 42 Malik 31) Abbott into the attack now. Malik manages a single, after playing and missing a few. A couple of singles from the over.

Over 35- Pak 170/4 (Misbah 41 Malik 30) Steyn to bowl with Pakistan needing 23 runs. The ball almost goes on to hit the stumps, and Malik kicks it away. Misbah plays and misses, and misses it again.

Over 34- Pak 169/4 (Misbah 41 Malik 29) A half tracker from Peterson and Malik puts it away for a comfortable six. Good piece of fielding from McLaren, throwing himself in the way on the ball and saves two. Four runs as Peterson bowls a full toss, a poor over from him.

Over 33- Pak 156/4 (Misbah 35 Malik 22) Steyn drifting down leg and Misbah plays it fine for four. Steyn is asking for a change of ball as it is slipping, umpire checking the seam. Ball has been changed. Steyn is not happy with Tsotosbe's lazy fielding. Another good over for Pakistan, they need 36 to win.

Over 32- Pak 148/4 (Misbah 29 Malik 20) Tsotsobe strays down the leg side and it goes for four, leg glance employed by Malik. Same ball and same shot from Malik, and same result. Tsotsobe releasing the pressure. Malik upper cuts it for another boundary at third man. Three boundaries, and Pakistan need less than 50 to win. Words exchanged between Malik and Tsotsobe, and Malik has the last laugh as he punches this one through the covers for four.

Over 31- Pak 132/4 (Misbah 29 Malik 4) Steyn is back into the attack and this is good thinking from AB. If they can pick up a wicket here, they will put more pressure on Pakistan. Three from the over.

Over 30- Pak 129/4 (Misbah 28 Malik 2) Pakistan will miss Asad Shafiq today if they lose another wicket here. Shouts of catch it, but Misbah has hit it cleanly out of the park for a big six. First runs for Malik, after 10 balls. Ten from that over, Pakistan need 63 more.

Over 29- Pak 119/4 (Misbah 20 Malik 0) Abbott into the attack now, South Africa playing the waiting game to perfection. Just keeping the runs down, picking up wickets when needed and inching their way back. A single from the over, required rate now 4.8 per over.

Over 28- Pak 118/4 (Misbah 20 Malik 0) Peterson stopping everything off his bowling, fielding very well. The fielders again really helping the bowlers to bowl dots. Misbah tries to hit it but only gets a single.

Over 27- Pak 117/4 (Misbah 19 Malik 0) McLaren from the other end. SA feel they have a chance. Faf has been on the ball today, stopping everything in the field. Just two from the over. Pakistan need 75 more.

Over 26- Pak 115/3 (Misbah 18 Malik 0) Peterson brought back into the attack, Misbah may look to attack him. Khan hits it in the air, no one there to take the catch, and it runs away for four. Farhaan cuts it off at the boundary, Khan picks up another two. WICKET! Peterson celebrates, the important partnership is broken and Amla makes no mistake with the catch. The dangerous Khan falls straight to square leg. Malik comes to the crease.

Over 25- Pak 108/3 (Misbah 17 Khan 26) An inside edge for Khan. Pakistan ticking along nicely now, this game is in their comfort zone. SA need to work hard to make things happen.

Over 24- Pak 103/3 (Misbah 8 Khan 16) Abbott to continue, almost 8 overs without a boundary now. Six, Misbah hitting it straight and over the field for six, stand and deliver stuff. Pakistan need 89 from 120 balls.

Over 23- Pak 91/3 (Misbah 9 Khan 18) A chance of a run out, but Farhaan misses. It would have been a sure run out had he hit, but Khan survives again. A couple of bad shots from Khan, trying to swat this one through the off side.

Over 22- Pak 88/3 (Misbah 8 Khan 16) Abbott continues, looking for wickets. Just three from the Abbott over, this pair taking their time.

Over 21- Pak 85/3 (Misbah 7 Khan 14) Peterson is replaced by McLaren. AB has captained well today, rotating his bowlers very well and the field placing has been perfect too. The bowlers and fielders have responded to the positive captain.

Over 20- Pak 82/3 (Misbah 6 Khan 12) Pakistan need 111 runs from 147 balls. It is the end of the 20th over and Pakistan are 82 for 3.

Over 19- Pak 79/3 (Misbah 5 Khan 10) Peterson keeping his line and length tight, not giving anything away. A big shout for lbw, and umpire gives it out. Khan does the right thing in consulting his captain and then going for the review. It hit him on the outside of the pad, so could be going down the leg side, and replays show it was missing leg. A good review and Khan survives. Khan sweeps to get a single from the last ball.

Over 18- Pak 75/3 (Misbah 3 Khan 8) Abbott back into the attack, replacing Steyn. Runs coming in singles and twos, after Hafeez departed. A wide slip and a short midwicket for Abbott. Just a couple from the over, Pakistan 75 for 3.

Over 17- Pak 73/3 (Misbah 2 Khan 7) Khan gets a single from the first ball to bring Misbah on strike. He chips it in the air for a couple of runs. Peterson getting a bit of turn and grip on the ball. Just three from the over.

Over 16- Pak 70/3 (Misbah 0 Khan 6) Steyn to continue, and is fired up after getting Hafeez out for the fifth time. Khan is looking awkward at the crease. If Steyn can get a wicket here, SA will be on top of this game. Both these batsmen are slow starters, so the Proteas are add some pressure and increase the required rate.

Over 15- Pak 69/3 (Misbah 0 Khan 5) Peterson continues. WICKET! Akmal goes for the big slog and the ball hits the stumps after hitting his pads, Peterson gets a lucky wicket! Misbah coming out to bat, the bulk of the experience out in the middle. The fielders are not missing a single ball, good support for the bowlers.

Over 14- Pak 67/2 (Akmal 17 Khan 4) Steyn brought back and rightly so, SA need wickets. Good fielding from Ingram on the square boundary. Steyn gets the breakthrough! WICKET! Hafeez hits it in the air and Abbott holds on to a great catch. The experienced Younus Khan comes out to bat. Good fielding at point backing up some good bowling by Steyn. Khan plays it in the air and an athletic Faf can't stop the four.

Over 13- Pak 61/1 (Akmal 17 Hafeez 29) Peterson brought into the attack. Akmal cuts hard and gets a boundary, followed by some good running between the wickets for three runs. Pakistan going at almost 5 runs per over.

Over 12- Pak 49/1 (Akmal 7 Hafeez 27) McLaren to continue. SA can not afford to give away too many runs here. Four wides from McLaren.

Over 11- Pak 41/1 (Akmal 7 Hafeez 23) A cracking shot from Hafeez, comes out of his crease and hits it in front of point for four. Appeal for lbw, half-hearted, and it was pitching outside leg.

Over 10- Pak 41/1 (Akmal 7 Hafeez 23) The powerplay is over. Pakistan are looking to attack and South Africa will need to pick more wickets to curb the run flow.

Over 9- Pak 37/1 (Akmal 4 Hafeez 21) A boundary off the last ball of the over.

Over 8- Pak 33/1 (Jamshed 7 Hafeez 17) A double change with McLaren into the attack, replacing Tsotsobe. WICKET! Jamshed gets an edge and Smith at first slip makes no mistake. Akmal walks out to bat. Akmal gets a bottom edge on it and it runs past the keeper for four, lucky runs for Pakistan.

Over 7- Pak 25/0 (Jamshed 7 Hafeez 17) Abbott into the attack, Steyn kept back for later. Shout for lbw, and it was going down leg.Just a single from the over.

Over 6- Pak 21/0 (Jamshed 6 Hafeez 14) Tsotsobe getting into the action with a few words of his own. South Africans lauching a double attack with some fierce bowling and well-direct chirping.

Over 5- Pak 19/0 (Jamshed 6 Hafeez 13) Steyn is fired up, gets in a quick bouncer, Hafeez misses the pull shot. Steyn is not shy to exchange a few words. Hafeez quietly walks away.

Over 4- Pak 17/0 (Jamshed 6 Hafeez 11) Hafeez pulls and pulls well, McLaren dives but can't stop the boundary. A positive shot from Hafeez. The next ball Hafeez plays a cut for another four, good solid shots to start his innings. An expensive over for SA.

Over 3- Pak 5/0 (Jamshed 5 Hafeez 0) Steyn starts his second over, SA need a Irfan-like spell from him here. A maiden from Steyn, as Pakistan start cautiously.

Over 2- Pak 5/0 (Jamshed 5 Hafeez 0) Tsotsobe to share the new ball with Steyn. Tsotsobe beating the outside edge of Jamshed. A maiden from Tsotsobe.

Over 1- Pak 5/0 (Jamshed 5 Hafeez 0) Steyn will be steaming in to bowl the first over. A great shot from Jamshed, a four through the covers. A single brings Hafeez on strike.

Pak need 192 to win Pakistan need 192 to win in 44 overs. The innings break will be cut short and play will start soon.

Over 44 - SA 191 (Tsotsobe 0) WICKET! Ajmal picks up another one as South Africa are all out for 191. Peterson is the man out. The innings break will be short.

Over 43 - SA 191/9 (Tsotsobe 0, Peterson 44) Junaid Khan is brought back into the attack, and this could be a scoring opportunity for the Proteas. Again, Peterson gets a single from the first ball, not sure if he knows that there are only 11 balls remaining. Steyn gets a short one and ducks out of the way. Another single, this time it is Steyn. One more singles, the boundaries have dried up completely. WICKET! Khan gets it through Steyn's defenses and Steyn is bowled.

Over 42 - SA 188/8 (Steyn 0, Peterson 43) Peterson on strike to Ajmal, and he takes a single off the second ball. A few wides conceded by Pakistan as they spin the ball down leg. Just a couple of runs from the over, with 12 balls to go.

Over 41 - SA 186/8 (Steyn 0, Peterson 42) Hafeez to bowl the 41st over, Peterson scampers for a single. Steyn is getting most of the strike, when Peterson should take responsibility and go for the big shots. A big shout for lbw, and the umpire gives Steyn out. Steyn goes for the review, with nothing to lose. It looked high and going down leg. Replays show no edge on the ball, and that it was clearly going down leg. Good review by Steyn, can he score some runs here.

Over 40 - SA 183/8 (Steyn 0, Peterson 41) WICKET! Ajmal is so good in situations like these, an easy catch for Afridi as Abbott gets a leading edge on the ball and Ajmal picks up his first for the night. Dale Steyn comes out to bat, Peterson takes the single and gives him strike. It is down the leg side and is called a wide. A shout for lbw, but the umpire is not interested, batsmen run a single. They steal a single from the last ball to make it 183 for 8.

Over 39 - SA 179/7 (Abbott 5, Peterson 39) Hafeez to finish his over after all the rain. Abbott on strike, and he starts off with a wide down leg. After 39 overs it is 179 for 7. Five overs to go.

Reduced overs The latest news is that the rain has stopped, umpires have inspected the field and the weather conditions, the field has drained well and game is about to begin in 20 mins. It will be a 44 overs a side match, so South Africans will have to bat for a bit longer.

Over 38.4 - SA 177/6 (Abbott 4, Peterson 39) WICKET! A critical wicket for Pakistan, Farhaan hits one in the air and the fielder on the boundary takes a good catch. A good knock, but a wicket at the wrong time for SA. Kyle Abbott comes in to bat, gets a four through extra cover. The players are off the field and weather has affected the game.

Over 38 - SA 173/6 (Behardien 58, Peterson 39) The umpires considering the weather, discussing the thick cloud cover, some Pakistanis getting involved. South Africans are waiting patiently. Finally, play continues. Good running from Farhaan, aware of the fielders and the chance of a run.

Over 37 - SA 171/6 (Behardien 57, Peterson 38) Peterson was lucky, but he will take the boundary. This is his highest score in ODIs. All happening here as Peterson gets a leading edge but it lands safely. Peterson is riding his luck. A good over for the hosts.

Over 36 - SA 164/6 (Behardien 56, Peterson 32) Ajmal to bowl as the batting powerplay starts. SA did not take it as they were losing wickets, but now they have to. Just one from the Ajmal over.

Over 35 - SA 163/6 (Behardien 56, Peterson 31) Gul comes into the attack, after the spin twins string a few quick overs. Peterson plays a couple of balls towards the boundary to get singles. Peterson goes over the top, in the air and uses the width to get a useful four. Seven from the over, there are a couple of lightnings and cloud cover.

Over 34 - SA 156/6 (Behardien 55, Peterson 25) Afridi using his variation well. He drifts down the leg side and it goes for four. SA 156 for 6.

Over 33 - SA 151/6 (Behardien 55, Peterson 24) Peterson picks up a couple with a good shot. Good use of the feet and a good attitude in this situation from Peterson, brings up the 150 for SA. It is drinks, as SA edge past 150.

Over 32 - SA 146/6 (Behardien 54, Peterson 20) Afridi and Hafeez looking to finish their quota of overs. After 32 overs it is 146 for 6.

Over 30 - SA 140/6 (Behardien 49, Peterson 19) Behardien gets his fifty, a good knock under the circumstances.

Over 29 - SA 140/6 (Behardien 49, Peterson 19) Irfan is off the field due to suspected hamstring injury. Just four from the over.

Over 28 - SA 136/6 (Behardien 47, Peterson 17) Afridi and Hafeez operating almost similarly, giving away the same amount of runs. Just two from the over, very economical from Afridi.

Over 27 - SA 134/6 (Behardien 46, Peterson 16) Hafeez making the batsmen wait with a pause in this run up. A well stolen single, as there is a slight misfield. Just three from the over.

Over 26 - SA 131/6 (Behardien 44, Peterson 13) Afridi into his fourth over. A good shot from Farhaan but it wont reach the boundary, they will pick up two runs. A single from the last ball, makes it three from the over.

Over 25 - SA 127/6 (Behardien 41, Peterson 15) Peterson can be a handy batsman, and he has scored some important runs for SA in the past. Five runs from the over, it is 128 for 6.

Over 24 - SA 123/6 (Behardien 38, Peterson 13) Afridi, driven through the covers for four from Peterson. Five from the over, another fast one from Afridi.

Over 23 - SA 117/6 (Behardien 36, Peterson 9) Afridi is flying through his overs. This is a busy pair at the crease, placing the ball and picking up those crucial singles and twos. Five from the over, SA 117 for 6.

Over 22 - SA 112/6 (Behardien 36, Peterson 4) Afridi continues. Five from the over,

Over 21 - SA 107/6 (Behardien 34, Peterson 1) A double bowling change, Hafeez into the attack. It was close, but called a wide down leg side. The umpires very strict about anything down leg side. A shout for lbw, and they are thinking of reviewing it. Misbah goes upstairs. It was a good ball, no edge off the bat, it straightened and it hit him on the inside of the pad. This is very close, very very close, but umpire's call stands. WICKET! Hafeez celebrates and Pakistan pick a another important wicket. South Africa are in trouble, more trouble. Peterson gets a single from the last ball.

Over 20 - SA 105/5 (Behardien 34, McLaren 17) Afridi comes into the attack, his pace variation will cause problems with the awkward bounce of this pitch. McLaren playing it out, blocking and getting to the pitch of the ball. Just three from the over, Pakistan hunting for more wickets.

Over 19 - SA 102/5 (Behardien 34, McLaren 14) Gul pitches it short and Farhaan lifts it over the in field for four, a good shot. Four from the first ball of the over. A couple of runs on the leg side, making it six from the over.

Over 18 - SA 96/5 (Behardien 28, McLaren 14) Another quick over from Ajmal, just a couple of runs from it. SA 96 for 5 after 18.

Over 17 - SA 94/5 (Behardien 27, McLaren 12) Pakistan well on top here, but a good partnership developing for the Proteas. A good over for South Africa.

Over 16 - SA 86/5 (Behardien 21, McLaren 11) Ajmal continues from the other end. Two slips and a leg slip as Ajmal bowls a quick over. Just a single from it.

Over 15 - SA 85/5 (Behardien 20, McLaren 9) Pakistan have made in-roads into the SA batting order and will be looking to finish this off early. South Africa, need to bat carefully and build partnerships. Umar Gul, comes into the attack. A good over from Gul so far, a chance of a run out, but replays show that the batsman was in.

Over 14 - SA 76/5 (Behardien 15, McLaren 8) Farhaan employs the sweep to get a boundary off the spinner. Pakistan will be looking to finish this off. McLaren living dangerously with the lap sweep, will get three runs. Good over for South Africa, but they need to bat more carefully.

Over 13 - SA 68/5 (Behardien 10, McLaren 5) Irfan has come back strongly in this match, justified his selection. A couple of runs as the ball bounces over the bowler. End of another good over from Irfan just a couple of runs from it.

Over 12 - SA 66/5 (Behardien 10, McLaren 2) A change in bowling and Ajmal gets the ball. This is a good change, Ajmal will get some spin and bounce from this pitch. Four from the over, SA are 66 for 5.

Over 11 - SA 62/5 (Behardien 9, du Plessis 17) A big drive from Behardien, but does not make the connection. South Africa seem to be in a hurry to play their shots. This time, the ball drifts on to leg stump and Farhaan places it through the gaps on the leg side for four. A wide called. A lot of extra bounce for Irfan and Farhaan jumps and just manages it to keep it down. WICKET! Another short ball and Faf edges one straight back to the bowler, Irfan does well to take a one handed catch.

Over 10 - SA 52/4 (Behardien 0, du Plessis 17) Faf outside edges one for four, to bring up the South African 50, but it was not a controlled shot at all. Another shout for lbw, but the height will always be too much. Umpire just shakes his head.

Over 9- SA 47/4 (Behardien 0, du Plessis 12) du Plessis keep on going, with another boundary, this time straight down the ground for four. A single to end the over, SA 47 for 4.

Over 8 - SA 43/4 (Behardien 0, du Plessis 8) Khan continues from the other end. Faf plays a confident stroke through the covers for four, just leaning forward into that one and guiding it perfectly. WICKET! Smith goes caught behind, under edge from Smith who is disappointed with himself. Behardien walks into the middle.

Over 7 - SA 38/3 (Smith 10, du Plessis 3) AB de Villiers gets off the mark with a boundary through covers. WICKET! The tall Irfan comes back with another bouncy delivery and Younus Khan takes a good catch at second slip. That justifies his selection in the team. Faf comes to the crease. Lots of bounce for Irfan, causing problems for the batsmen. Three runs from the last ball.

Over 6 - SA 31/2 (Smith 10, de Villiers 0) Khan bowls a wide. Pakistan on top with a couple of quick wickets, SA in need of a partnership. Smith puts it away in the short boundary, a handy shot on the leg side, square of the wicket. Five from the over.

Over 5 - SA 26/2 (Smith 6, de Villiers 0) Amla gets another boundary from a first ball of the over, a flick off the hips for four. WICKET! Irfan comes back with a fuller delivery and Amla edges it to the keeper. Pakistan get their first breakthrough. Ingram comes out to bat. Another shout for caught behind, and Misbah sends it upstairs as the umpire gives it not out. Irfan was not too interested in the appeal, but the keeper was celebrating confidently. Hot spot does not show an edge, but the third umpire gives him out. WICKET! Ingram goes first ball. Irfan on a hat-trick, with a bit of help from the third umpire. The captain walks out with the test captain at the other end. An eventful over comes to an end.

Over 4 - SA 20/0 (Smith 6, Amla 14) Amla fires this through the off side for four, following up on the four through midwicket in the last over. Similar shot, but Nasir Jamshed does well to keep the ball from reaching the boundary, three runs. A good over for SA so far. Smith forces this through the off side for a couple of runs.

Over 3 - SA 11/0 (Smith 3, Amla 7) There may be a chance of rain later on in this game. Smith plays it behind point, but it does not reach the boundary as Ajmal cuts it off, Smith gets a couple.

Over 2 - SA 8/0 (Smith 1, Amla 6) A good start from Khan. A big appeal for lbw but it was clearly pitching outside leg.

Over 1 - SA 3/0 (Smith 1, Amla 1) South Africa get off the mark with a leg bye. Irfan will get some bounce because of his height, and will create an interesting contest. A chance of a run out, but the throw was at the wrong end. End of the first over, it is three for no wicket.

Toss South Africa have won the toss and will bat first. AB de Villiers hopes for more consistency, Steyn comes in for Kleinveldt. Mohammad Irfan is back, replacing Asad Shafiq as the captain looks to strengthen the bowling department.

Greetings Hello and welcome to our over-by-over commentary of the second ODI - in the five-match series, which the hosts lead one-nil - between South Africa and Pakistan in Centurion.

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