4th ODI: SL v Ind

Last updated: 31st July 2012  

Innings wrap India made an uncertain start to their chase, losing Gambhir in the first over. At 110/4 Sri Lanka were in the ascendency, but Kohli was in a dogged mood. While the bowling lacked penetration, there were several risky singles which could easily have resulted in run outs. Raina was dropped, but once the Indians got the sniff of victory they put in a brutal charge.that saw them over the line with 46 balls to spare. India have ensured a series win with one match remaining. There is no surprise to see Kohli taking the Man of the Match award.

Over 43 Dilshan 0-4 255-4 - All done and dusted with plenty of time to spare as Raina smashes it through mid wicket.

Over 42 Herath 4-4-0-2-4-4 251-4 - The scores are tied with a full 8 overs remaining after that brutal onslaught by Kohli.

Over 41 Dilshan 1-0-1-1-1-2 233-4 - He often takes early wickets, but not today. 19 needed off 54 balls.

Over 40 Malinga 3-4-0-wd-2-4-2 227-4 - First Raina got to his 50, and a wonderful shot off the next ball took Kohli to his 13th ODI hundred in just his 86th innings. No other players has scored 13 centuries in fewer innings. Soon afterwards he skied the pull, but Pradeep put it down at short fine leg. It's a canter now with just 25 needed off the final ten overs.

Over 39 Perera 4-0-1-0-4-6 211-4 - India have hit the afterburners now. The last shot was a superb strike over long on after he had mishit the previous one. The partnership is now 102, and just 41 more needed from 66 balls.

Over 38 Malinga 1-1-2-1-1-2 196-4 - Even the great Malinga is battling to stem the tide of runs now as India exploit the batting Power Play. 56 needed off 72.

Over 37 Pradeep 1-1-0-4-2-6 188-4 - That might be the decisive over. Pradeep tried the slower ball, but it was a wide half volley and was despatched through the covers. Raina ended the over by driving it straight back down the ground and over the rope. 64 needed off 78 balls.

Over 36 Malinga 0-0-0-0-1-1 174-4 - The ace fast bowler comes back to try to stop the run chase. The last ball was squeezed out by in inside edge, and for once the Sri Lankan fielder hit the target - but with the batsmen safely in their creases. 78 needed off 84.

Over 35 Pradeep 0-lb-1-0-0-1 172-4 - He still has the pace to beat both the inside and outside edges of Kohli's bat. The lbw appeal was denied but the replay indicates0- it was hitting the top of leg stump. 80 needed off 90 balls as the Batting Power Play is called.

Over 34 Mendis 2-0-1-5-0-1 169-4 - Raina would have been run out, but the throw was off target and racks up some more overthrows.

Over 33 Pradeep 4-0-1-0-1-1 160-4 - He starts a new spell with a juicy half-volley on the pads. Brilliant fielding by Dilshan off the next ball almost caused a run-out. The action continues with a dropped catch by Mahela in the slips. Fifty partnership comes up. That was quite an over.

Over 32 Mendis 4-1-1-1-0-0 153-4 - Drinks now, India need a further 99 off 108 balls.

Over 31 Herath 1-1-1-4-0-1 146-4 - Kohli also finds the boundary now as india are starting to accelerate.

Over 30 Mendis 4-0-1-0-2-0 138-4 - Raina produces a rare boundary as he skips down the track and drives it straight back. India need another 114 at 5.7 to the over.

Over 29 Herath 1-0-0-1-1-1 131-4 - "We'll get them in singles", said the old pro. That seems to be India's plan at the moment.

Over 28 Mendis 0-1-1-1-1-0 127-4 - Kohli has quietly slipped past the 50 mark. There are some remarkable statistics. He has the best batting average in ODIs while chasing, and no player has scored more in a ten match sequence than he has produced in his last ten innings.

Over 27 Herath 1-2-0-0-0-1 123-4 - The batsmen have settled into a routine of looking for the slightly off target ball and working it into the gaps.

Over 26 Mendis 1-0-0-1-2-1 119-4 - That was a quieter over after the recent drama.

over 25 Herath 1-0-0-0-1-1 114-4 - There was a huge shout for a catch at the wicket. There was a noise, but umpire Dharmasena is convinced it was not the bat. There may be consequences for keeper Chandimal as he came charging down the track.

Over 24 Mendis 0-1-2-W-2-0 111-4 - Mendis strikes immediately as he tempts the batsman to sweep and it hits him plumb in front.

Over 23 Herath 1-0-1-1-0-0 106-3 - There were a few shouts in that over, but nothing close enough to interest the umpire.

Over 22 Mathews 0-2-0-0-0-0 103-3 - He continues to calm the Indian onslaught down, although they know that there is no need to panic just yet.

Over 21 Herath 0-0-0-1-3-0 101-3 - Spin comes into the attack, and Tiwary is confident enough to come down the track and flick him to deep mid wicket.

Over 20 Mathews 0-1-1-1-0-0 97-3 - Things calm down a bit, even to the point of Tiwary letting one go to the keeper.

Over 19 Pradeep 4-6-0-1-0-0 94-3 - Another unhappy over. A short and wide delivery got crashed away off the first one, and sloppy fielding saw four overthrows coming from the second.

Over 18 Perera 0-1-0-0-1-1 83-3 - That was a tighter over after the sloppiness in the previous one.

Over 17 Pradeep nb-lb-1-3nb-1-0-2-0 80-3 - A mixed bag of an over with two no-balls. Perera "dropped" a catch off the second of the free hits.

Over 16 Perera 1-0-0-0-4-0 71-3 - Kohli should have been run out off the first ball. Perera should have been waiting at the stumps instead of prematurely celebrating the direct hit which did not quite come. Tiwary celebrated later in the over with a delightful flick off the pads. The Power Play has been taken.

Over 15 Pradeep 0-0-1-0-0-4 66-3 - Ruins a good over, in which he beat the bat, by slipping one down leg. The batsmen are grateful for any loose deliveries.

Over 14 Mathews 0-0-1-0-0-0 61-3 - Batting looks very difficult out there as the players enjoy the first drinks break. India need another 191 at 5.3 to the over.

Over 13 Pradeep 1-0-2-W-0-0 An early wicket for the debutant. It was hitting leg stump, but the umpires still asked for a review of the no-ball. It was a fair delivery though, and Sharma must go.

Over 12 Mathews 0-0-0-1-2-0 57-2 - Sharma just survived a rash shot, the ball carrying over Tharanga at mid off.

Over 11 Pradeep 1-0-0-0-0-wd-0 54-2 - It's tense stuff out there. Kohli was almost run out twice at the non-striker's end in that over.

Over 10 Mathews 0-W-0-0-0-0 52-2 - The slower ball did for Sehwag as he chipped it to the substitute as cover. The new batsman is Rohit Sharma, and he was close to edging to the keeper.

Over 9 Malinga 0-0-0-1-0-2 52-1 - No reward for the bowler despite beating the bat a few times and producing a false shot from Kohli.

Over 8 Mathews 2-2-0-4-1-0 49-1 - Sehwag is getting some room, and his uppercut over backward point was a breathtaking shot.

Over 7 Malinga 0-0-1-1-0-0 40-1 - An over marked by some risky running, and Kohli collecting one in the ribcage.

Over 6 Perera 2-0-1-4-0-4 38-1 - Another big over for India. Perara is getting movement, but in this over Sehwag produced two sumptuous cover drives.

Over 5 Malinga 1-1-4-0-1-0 27-1 - Malinga tested Kohli with the short ball, and it landed just inside the ropes, but a better ball beat Sehwag to end the over.

Over 4 Perera 4-1-1-0-0-0 20-1 - Some useful late swing for Perera, but he is not looking particularly threatening.

Over 3 Malinga 0-0-1-1-wd-0-0 14-1 - He is finding the ideal length almost at will, and the Indian batsmen will be satisfied to keep him out.

Over 2 Perera 0-0-3wd-0-0-4-4 11-1 - Perera sprayed one down leg early on, but Sehwag waited until the last two balls of the over to hit first a glorious lofted on drive, and then the carve to 3rd man.

Over 1 Malinga 0-0-0-0-W-0 0-1 - The perfect start to the defence as Malinga rips the yorker through Gambhir's defences.

Innings wrap Sri Lanka got off to an excellent start, Tharanga and Dilshan putting on 91 for the first wicket. Once they were separated the middle order struggled to keep the momentum going against a variety of part-time bowlers. Tiwary proved to be the pick, taking four wickets. Thirimanne ground out a boundary-less 47. Some big hitting in the final over lifted the total past 250, but Sri Lanka will need to pull out all the stops to defend it on a pitch not offering much to the bowlers.

Over 50 Tiwary 0-4-1-6-1-6 251-8 - Some big hits to end the innings, 18 runs coming in that over and Sri Lanka will have something to defend.

Over 49 Sehwag 2-1-1-1-1-1 233-8 - No lack of effort from Malinga, but the big shots did not come off in that over.

Over 48 Tiwary 0-0-1-6-0-0 226-8 - Some much needed aggression as Malinga swipes that over the ropes.

Over 47 Ashwin 0-0-0-lb-0-W 219-8 - Ashwin ends his spell with a wicket maiden as Thirimanne sweeps across the line. The strike rate was not the worst, but he failed to hit a boundary during his vigil.

Over 46 Tiwary W-wd-1-1-1-1-W 218-7 - More wickets for Tiwary at either end of the over, first bowling Mendis slogging across the line and then Perera taken in the deep as he mishit the top-spinner.

Over 45 Ashwin 1-2-0-4-0-1 213-5 - Just the one boundary as Mendis slogged one down the leg side

Over 44 Tiwary 1-2-1-1-0-1 205-5 - The 200 comes up. Thirimanne throws caution to the wind, almost holing out to Kohli in the deep.

Over 43 Ashwin 4-0-0-2-0-1 199-5 - Mendis hits a powerful sweep off the first ball, but survived a big shout for lbw as he attempted the reverse sweep later in the over.

Over 42 Tiwary W-1-0-1-0-0-0 192-5 - Mathews knows he must get on with it, and gives himself some room, but fails to clear Kohli at long off.

Over 41 Sharma 0-1-0-2-1-1 190-4 - He's no Muralitharan, but is doing enough to restrict the batsmen. When will the charge come? This total is not good enough yet.

Over 40 Tiwary 1-1-2-0-1-1 185-4 - Sri Lanka know they need to crack on the pace, but these part-time spinners are not giving much away.

Over 39 Sharma 1-0-0-0-0-0 179-4 - Rohit becomes the eigth bowler to be used, and a pretty tidy over as well.

Over 38 Tiwary 0-0-0-0-0-0 178-4 - A maiden as Tiwary, picked as a batsman, continues to impress.

Over 37 Sehwag 4-1-2-1-1-0 178-4 - A rare boundary as Mathews gets some room and hits a shorter ball through the covers.

Over 36 Tiwary 0-0-1-1-0-0 169-4 - He had a big shout as Thirimanne looked to sweep early in the over, India thought there was a bit of bat before it went off the pad to Dhoni.

Over 35 Sehwag 0-1-0-2-0-0 167-4 - The wily veteran continues to keep it tight.

Over 34 Tiwary 1-0-0-0-5wd-1-1 164-4 - Not a bad over from the leggie, but the one that was allowed to slip down the leg side cost him.

Over 33 Sehwag W-0-wd-0-0-0-0 156-4 - Jayawardene tried to play the scoop, but it was low off the bat and he flips it straight up in the air and another easy catch for Dhoni.

Over 32 Tiwary 1-2-1-W-2-1 155-3 - Another part-timer, this time the leg-spinner Tiwary, and he tempts Chandimal into the big shot with fatal consequences as he is taken at long leg.

Over 31 Sehwag 1-2-1-1-0-1 148-2 - The spinners are racing through the overs as the two inexperience batsmen rotate the strike but cannot take charge.

Over 30 Ashwin 0-0-1-1-1-0 142-2 - More caution now after that let-off for Thirimanne in the previous over.

Over 29 Sehwag 0-2-0-0-1-2 139-2 - Thirimanne does go for the expansive shot this time, but a chest high chance to Rohit Sharma at extra cover is dropped.

Over 28 Ashwin 1-0-1-1-1-0 134-2 - The waiting game continues as the batsmen are not taking any chances.

Over 27 Sehwag 0-1-1-2-1-2 130-2 - Not quite the same control, and again the batsmen are just placing the ball into the gaps as the standard defensive field is set.

Over 26 Ashwin 1-0-0-1-0-0 123-2 - The off spinner is giving nothing away here. Not many batsmen have the flamboyance of Dilshan who can punish the best balls.

Over 25 Pathan wd-0-0-0-0-4-0 121-2 - Started with a loosener, but he kept a good line until he slipped one down leg and Chandimal flicked it away to fine leg. That ends the PowerPlays for this innings.

Over 24 Ashwin 1-2-2-0-0-0 116-2 - Not much to report in that over as the batsmen did not get too many loose balls, and are still content to work it around. Not much width on offer from Ashwin.

Over 23 Dinda 0-2-0-4-wd-1-0 111-2 - The Sri Lankans are consolidating after the quick loss of their openers, but Chandimal still found time for a delightful cover drive. This is only the second time in the current Power Play regime that they have been taken immediately after each other.

Over 22 Ashwin W-1-0-0-0-0 103-2 - An ugly shot as Tharanga came down the track and had an ugly swipe, Dhoni had all the time in the world to take off the bails as it went down leg side. Dhoni now has 500 dismissals in all international cricket.

Over 21 Dinda 0-1-1-1-0-0 102-1 - Tharanga goes to his 50 off 71 balls, and that single brought up the 100 as well.

Over 20 Ashwin 1-1-2-0-1-2 99-1 - End of the PowerPlay as the batsmen push the ball into gaps.

Over 19 Dinda 0-W-0-0-1-0 92-1 - Success for Dinda as Dilshan chases the short ball, but only succeeds in skying it off the toe of the bat to the keeper.

Over 18 Khan 4-1-0-4-4-0 91-0 - The Sri Lankans are starting to put the hammer down now, mixing the power of Dilshan with the timing and placing of Tharanga.

Over 17 Ashwin 1-0-1-2-0-4 78-0 - Some lazy fielding mars a reasonable opening over from the lanky off-spinner.

Over 16 Khan 0-0-0-2-1-2 69-0 - India didn't want the PowerPlay, so Sri Lanka called for theirs instead. Zaheer back to bowl, and he troubled Sehwag with some late swing. Drinks are called.

Over 15 Sehwag 0-0-0-0-0-0 64-0 - Kohli found the edge, and Sehwag bowls the first maiden ... who needs specialist bowlers? Some turn there for Virender.

Over 14 Kohli 0-0-1-0-0-1 64-0 - Kohli almost had the breakthrough as Tharanga got a thin edge, but Dhoni, standing up, could not hold on to it.

Over 13 Dinda 1-2-6-0-wd-0-0 62-0 - The first maximum of the game, albeit a bit of a top edge as Tharanga played the pull shot. This pair averages over 50 as an opening partnership.

Over 12 Kohli 1-1-1-1-1-0 52-0 - India have selected a thin attack, and the first part-timer is into the attack early. The Sri Lankans work him around into the gaps for the meantime.

Over 11 Dinda 0-0-0-0-2-0 47-0 - With the field restrictions relaxed, the young quickie has been happy to drop it a bit shorter in this over, varying the pace of his bouncer, but Tharanga was up to the challenge.

Over 10 Pathan 2-0-0-4-1-0 45-0 - One of the most productive overs to end the Power Play. Tharanga had one wild waft but also hit a cracking cover drive.

Over 9 Dinda 0-0-0-0-4-0 38-0 - As usual, Dilshan was looking to dominate the new bowler, but battled to find the middle of the bat early on. A well timed cut went straight to point, but a delightful cover drive followed.

Over 8 Pathan 0-0-0-2-0-0 34-0 - Tharanga is getting frustrated here, playing and missing twice while the last ball was chopped off the inside edge to the keeper, on the bounce.

Over 7 Khan 0-1-0-0-0-4 32-0 - Another probing over from Zaheer Khan, spoilt by an inside edge to fine leg off the last ball as Dilshan tried to flick it off the pads again.

Over 6 Pathan 0-0-1-0-0-4 27-0 - There was a shout for lbw, but Tharanga got a bit of bat on it. Dilshan ended the over with a delightful cover drive.

Over 5 Khan 0-wd-0-0-0-wd-0-1 22-0 - A mixed bag from Zaheer Khan as he found his line, beat the bat once but also sent some way down off side.

Over 4 Pathan 1-0-1-1-0-0 19-0 - Three singles, the batsmen trying to work things around a bit now.

Over 3 Khan 0-0-0-1lb-0-4 16-0 - The batsmen are trying to whip Zaheer off their pads but he's a bit too quick for them, and one leg bye comes from a strike on the thigh pad that squirts away. Dilshan gets his third boundary in three overs, steering the ball off his pads with a thickish edge.

Over 2 Pathan 0-1-4-0-0-0 11-0 - Dilshan's good form continues as he drives Irfan to the long on boundary, and the paceman responds with three fast deliveries into Dilshan's pads.

Over 1 Khan 1-1wd-4-0-0-0-0 6-0 - Zaheer is first up, and he bowls a big wide second ball, before Tillakaratne Dilshan drives him uppishly through the covers for a boundary. Zaheer is angling it across the right-hander, who leaves it when the occasion allows. Sri Lanka will need to put on a big score if they are to avoid losing the series.

Lahiru Thirimanne replaces the injured Kumar Sangakkara for Sri Lanka, while Rohit Sharma keeps his place in the Indian side.

Greetings! Welcome to the fourth ODI between Sri Lanka and India, with the latter leading the five-match series 2-1.

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