N Zealand v England commentary

Last updated: 17th February 2013  

N Zealand v England commentary

That brings our commentary to a close. Thank you for joining us through the night and be sure to do so again for the second ODI on Wednesday morning.

New Zealand win by three wickets McCullum pulls Broad for six with the first ball of the over and that surely settles it. Broad then bowls a bouncer about three feet above head height and it is predictably called a wide. A flick down to mid on takes the target down to five before Guptill blasts another one through the covers for four to tie the scores. A single follows shortly after and it's all over! Guptill grabs the glory after coming back out with a hamstring injury to see his side home, with McCullum also providing a crucial innings at the death. First blood to the Black Caps and England will have to win two in a row to take the series.

Over 48 - New Zealand 246/7 (McCullum 62, Guptill 22) Now time for Woakes to show his mettle as he bowls his final over. The first ball is short and pulled to the boundary by McCullum, who then runs a single. Woakes recovers with a brilliant yorker and another full-length delivery, drawing two dot balls. The fifth ball is wide though and Guptill slashes it square through the off side for another four. Guptill then smashes one down the ground for another four. New Zealand are well on their way!

Over 47 - New Zealand 233/7 (McCullum 57, Guptill 15) Guptill looks to moving a bit better now and lofts one over the covers for four before tapping one over fine leg for six! The second one was a marevellous, perfectly timed shot. He then runs a single before Finn has a lapse and bowls a wide. McCullum rounds off the over with a single to keep the strike.

Over 46 - New Zealand 219/7 (McCullum 55, Guptill 3) Guptill is back! The opener hobbles his way back out to the middle to partner McCullum.

WICKET! Ellis c Finn b Broad 13 The first three balls of Broad's over are all hit for singles before the seamer bowls a wide. The next ball is also hit for a single before Ellis scoops one to Finn at fine leg. The England man just manages to pin it to his body with his arms. Not the most convential of catches but a wicket all the same

Over 45 - New Zealand 213/6 (McCullum 52, Ellis 11) Finn is brought back into the attack and almost gets McCullum twice. First a pull falls just short of Trott coming in from the boundary before the New Zealand skipper almost plays onto his stumps with the next ball. Just three runs from the over is a great result for England, however.

Over 44 - New Zealand 210/6 (McCullum 51, Ellis 9) Some good running brings up McCullum's 50 before a single brings Ellis on strike. Ellis edges an attempted pull past fine leg for four and a single off the last ball makes it eight off Broad's eighth over.

Over 43 - New Zealand 202/6 (McCullum 28, Ellis 4) Four singles off Swann bring up the 200 before two more make it six off the over. That's it for Swann, he finishes with figures of 1-53.

Over 42 - New Zealand 196/6 (McCullum 45, Ellis 1) Brendon McCullum has to carry on and smashes a four off the first ball of Woakes' over. The next four deliveries go for two before McCullum whips a wild full toss for four, despite the best efforts of a diving Root on the boundary

Over 41 - New Zealand 186/6 (B McCullum 36, Ellis 0) Nathan clearly wasn't happy with that but it hit in line and was hitting the stumps accoring to hawkeye, with hotspot and video evidence inconclusive in terms of whether it hit bat or pad first.

WICKET! N McCullum lbw b Swann 14 Swann comes back into the attack as the power play ends. Brendon and Nathan swap singles before the latter smashes a huge six over cow corner. But Swann then turns one into Nathan's pads and the finger goes up. It's reviewed straight away and the decision is confirmed. Nathan goes and New Zealand are running out of wickets. Nathan doesn't look happy - there may have been a bit of bat invovled but there was not conclusive evidence to overturn it.

Over 40 - New Zealand 178/5 (B McCullum 35, N McCullum 7) Finn starts by keeping things tighter as Brendon takes a single to lose the strike, but Nathan steers one square to the boundary and then clips one through the leg side for a single. Morgan stops Brendon's powerful square cut from the last ball of the over.

Over 39 - New Zealand 172/5 (B McCullum 34, N McCullum 2) Here goes B McCullum. He pulls Anderson for six off the first ball of the over then edges one through Buttler's leg for four. The third ball is short again from Anderson and McCullum pulls it away fo another four. A single follows before Nathan blocks one then runs two to give his brother the strike at the start of the next over.

Over 38 - New Zealand 155/5 (B McCullum 19, N McCullm 0) Kust two runs and a wicket from that over from Finn. This power play is rapidly turning into a disaster for the hosts.

WICKET! Franklin c Buttler b Finn 3 Franklin tries to pull a short one from Finn but it glances his glove and goes though to the wicket-keeper. It is not the prize wicket of McCullum but you feel this contest is leaning firmly in England's favour now.

Over 37 - New Zealand 153/4 (McCullum 18, Franklin 2) Anderson gets a nice line and length going in the second over of the power play to force Franklin to go defensive and keep McCullum off strike. The skipper does get to face the last ball but can only play a back-foot defensive. Just one from the over.

Over 36 - New Zealand 152/4 (McCullum 18, Franklin 1) Here comes the five-over batting power play and it will be a crucial one for New Zealand. Finn steps up to bowl the first over. A combination of good fielding and disciplined bowling keeps the run count down to just two from the first five balls but the sixth is pitched short and McCullum pulls it over the ropes for six.

Over 35 - New Zealand 144/2 (McCullum 10, Franklin 1) Quiet over from Swann yields just two and New Zealand's required run rate is rising steeply now.

Over 34 - New Zealand 142/4 (McCullum 10, Franklin 0) What a great piece of fielding that was from Bell and Woakes. Could prove to be what wins the match for England.

WICKET! Williamson run out Bell 74 Woakes' first five balls go for just two runs before there is a run out shout on the final ball. A great pick up and throw by Bell and an even better collection and stumping from Woakes catches Williamson short of his ground. A great piece of team fielding has produced a huge wicket as Williamson, the highest scorer in the match so far, is given his marching orders by the third umpire!

Over 33 - New Zealand 140/3 (Williamson 73, McCullum 9) A quiet over from Swann keeps the required rate down, but the over ends on a sour note as Williamson smashes one to Anderson at mid wicket. It was hit very hard but the England man would have expected to hold on to that one.

Over 32 - New Zealand 137/3 (Williamson 72, McCullum 7) A good piece of fielding by Root prevents Williamson hitting Woakes for four, but the batsmen run three for the first time today. McCullum is then brought on strike and an outside edge just falls short of Buttler behind the stumps. Two more singles make an total of six from the over.

Over 31 - New Zealand 131/3 (Williamson 68, McCullum 5) Williamson takes a single of the first delivery of Broad's over but the England seamer keeps the pressure on McCullum with four dot balls. He lets himself down with the last ball, though, as his last ball is a half-volley on leg stump which McCullum swats away for four.

Over 30 - New Zealand 126/3 (Williamson 67, McCullum 1) Brendon McCullum is the new man in. The match is finely popised now with New Zealand in a slightly worse position than England were after 30 overs. Will they do better than their opponents did in the latter stages though?

WICKET! Elliott c Morgan b Woakes 22 Just as the partnership between Williamson and Elliott looks like it could be a match-winning one the latter batsman goes. He gets a thick outside edge on a Woakes delivery, with the ball arrowing into the safe hands of Morgan at backward point. All to play for now.

Over 29 - New Zealand 123/2 (Williamson 65, Elliot 22) A Williamson cut finds the gap square of the wicket and races away to the boundary. Broad then concedes three more before slamming in a short one which rears up and tags the peak and grill of Elliott's helmet. No harm done though.

Over 28 - New Zealand 116/2 (Williamson 59, Elliott 22) Elliott takes a single from the first ball before Anderson concedes four leg byes down to the fine leg boundary. A loose over from the England strike bowler yields a total of eight runs for the Black Caps.

Over 27 - New Zealand 108/2 (Williamson 57, Elliott 19) Williamson takes the strike for the first five balls and adds three runs to his tally with some more solid strokes through both off and leg side. Elliott adds a single of his own at the end of the over to keep the strike.

Over 26 - New Zealand 104/2 (Williamson 54, Elliot 18) New Zealand move past the three-figure mark as the New Zealand pair worlk Anderson around the field for a few runs. Anderson then pauses to pick some grass out of his spikes before he is hit for another single through the off side.

Over 25 - New Zealand 99/2 (Williamson 52, Elliott 15) A textbook lofted cover drive sees Elliott hit Swannn for four after a Williamson single had given him the strike. Two more singles make it seven from the over as the hosts move to the brink of 100 with half the alloted overs gone.

Broad comes back into the attack to replace Woakes. Williamson can't get either of the first two balls away for a single but the third is nudged down the leg side. The crowd begin to applaud his half-century, but the umpire signals leg byes and Williamson will have to wait a little longer. He gets back on strike before the end of the over and steers Broad down to third man to finally bring up the mark.

Over 23 - New Zealand 88/2 (Williamson 49, Elliott 8) Williamson and Elliott continue to nudge it around the infield off the bowling off the bowling of Swann. They gain an even six off the over with Williamson now just one short of his half-century.

Over 22 - New Zealand 82/2 (Williamson 46, Elliott 5) Woakes' spell continues into a fifth over and this is one of his best as he concedes just a single run from it. Williamson is edging towards his half-century.

Over 21 - New Zealand 81/2 (Williamson 45, Elliott 5) Swann beats Elliott all ends up but his ball spins away for four, via a faint inside edge of the bat. There is then a big appeal as Elliott is trapped in his crease but it was probabaly just going down the leg side. The England boys seem to be mulling a review but eventually decide against it.

Over 20 - New Zealand 75/2 (Williamson 44, Elliott 0) Once again the ball fell with the last wicket of the over but the batsmen crossed meaning new boy Elliott will be on strikes.

WICKET! Taylor c Finn b Woakes 22 Taylor undoes all his hard work by mistiming an attempted pull shot of the seamer's bowling. It is the first time he has really flung his bat at a shot and it backfires as the ball loops up for Finn to come round from third man and take a dolly. Big breakthrough for England.

Over 19 - New Zealand 72/1 (Williamson 41, Taylor 37) Taylor scuffs a sweep off Swann down to the fine leg boundary for four. Good running from Taylor and Williamson allows the Black Caps to take 9 off the over and their run rate is slowly creeping up.

Over 18 - New Zealand 63/1 ( Williamson 37, Taylor 17) New Zealand have been very solid since the loss of Watling in the first over and it is a shame for them that Guptill had to retire hurt. A misfield from Trott allows Taylor to add another sinlge to his tally during a solid over from Woakes.

Over 17 - New Zealand 60/1 (Williamson 35, Taylor 16) Another late cut from Taylor brings up his second boundary. The former captain is starting to look a little more comfortable here and England will be eager not to let him and Williamson get the runs ticking over. New Zealand need 199 more runs to win.

Over 16 - New Zealand 53/1 (Williamson 33, Taylor 11) Taylor cuts Woakes for a much-needed boundary and then dabs another fine shot through the covers, although that one only counts for two. Nine off the over is most welcome for New Zealand and Taylor has now moved into double figures.

Over 15 - New Zealand 44/1 (Williamson 30, Taylor 5) Graeme Swann is brought into the England attack now. The spinner makes a good start and concedes just a lone single to Williamson. Taylor now has 5 runs from 23 balls and to be honest he needs to get a mvoe on.

Over 14 - New Zealand 43/1 (Williamson 29, Taylor 5) A couple of singles are all the hosts can take off the first over of Chris Woakes. New Zealand do have to be circumspect because the have Guptill effectively out through injury but they will also have ti be careful they don't fall too far behind the required run rate.

Over 13 - New Zealand 41/1 (Williamson 28, Taylor 4) Finn slides one past the edge of Williamson but his next deleivery is a loose one and the New Zealander flicks it into the ropes on the third man boundary. Another errant delivery sees a wide called down the leg side. A dot ball completes the over.

Over 12 - New Zealand 36/1 (Williamson 24, Taylor 4) Taylor finding it really hard to get going. he is well in behind Broad's deliveries but a flick down to third man is the only run he manages to get out of Broad. Williamson also angles one down to third man on the last delievery to keep the strike.

Over 11 - New Zealand 34/1 (Wiliamson 23, Taylor 3) Finn comes back into the attack at the other end, with Anderson given a rest. The towering seamer continues to restrict Williamson and Taylor, who can only muster two off the over between them while being forced to play off the back foot.

Over 10 - New Zealand 32/1 (Williamson 22, Taylor 3) Nick Knight tells us that Guptill will bat "if required", although how much use he will be is an enitely different matter. Taylor again struggles to get the scoreboard ticking over in Broad's second over. He is hitting thre ball well, but he is also hitting it straight at fielders.

Over 9 - New Zealand 29/1 (Williamson 21, Taylor 1) Anderson continues his spell. Williamson nicks a single to bring Taylor on strike. Anderson chucks one down the leg side for a wide but the Black Caps star cannot find the gaps with any of the remaining deliveries and remains on one.

Over 8 - New Zealand 27/1 (Williamson 20, Taylor 1) First bowling change sees Broad come on for Finn. The T20 captain begins his spell with four dot balls before Williamson flashes at a short one and sends a top edge flying over everyone's heads for four. A single rounds out the over.

Over 7 - New Zealand 22/1 (Williamson 15, Taylor 1) Williamson is striking the ball well as a flick off his pads for two is followed by a block down to third man for a single. Taylor uses the rest of the over to get his eye in as Anderson produces three dot balls.

Over 6 - New Zealand 18/1 (Williamson 12, Taylor 0) Guptill is not right at all and he is going to have to retire hurt. He is able to take one single but his hamstring has cried enough. Williamson smacks one four through the covers and another down the ground but he will have a new partner at the end of the over as Ross Taylor takes to the pitch to replace Guptill. Will McClenaghan and Guptill play any further part in the series?

Over 5 - New Zealand 9/1 (Guptill 2, Williamson 4) Guptill takes a quick single and then grabs his hamstring as he slides his bat in. That is not good news for New Zealand. Guptill looks to be struggling and he can't have a runner. He gets stretched out and is able to continue but will he be able to run properly?

Over 4 - New Zealand 8/1 (Guptill 1, Williamson 4) Williamson gets off the mark as he sends a fine cover driver racing to the boundary for four. Finn then sends a wide down leg but hits back with four dot balls to end the over, stopping Williamson from getting into too much of a rhythm.

Over 3 - New Zealand 3/1 (Guptill 1, Williamson 0) Great stuff from England at the start of the innings. Anderson keeps Guptill pinned back in his crease for a fine maiden.

Over 2 - New Zealand 3/1 (Guptill 1, Williamson 0) Finn takes the other new ball for England. He generates plenty of pace and zip in his first over, which goes for just one as the tourists keep the pressure on early.

Over 1 - New Zealand 2/1 (Guptill 0, Williamson 0) And what an end to Anderson's first over. Williamson is the new batsman but it will be Guptill on strike first.

WICKET! Watling b Anderson 2 Andeson is worked for two in his first over but then gets one to nip back through the gate and take BJ Watling's middle stump out of the ground! What a start for England.

We are almost ready to get back underway at Seddon Park. Can New Zealand chase down 259? Let me know at alex.williams@bskyb.com.

Star performer for New Zealand was McClenaghan but he looks to have paid a heavy price for his exertions and had to go off injured.

258 all out So that's it for England's innings. Bell, Trott and Root laid the foundations for a big score but the more explosive players further down the order could not build on the groundwork. 258 is a defendable total if the England attack is on form, but the Black Caps may be slight favourites now.

WICKET! Swann c Taylor b Franklin 16 It's on Swann to swing as effectively as he can. The first two balls go for four but the third loops to Ross Taylor coming in from deep mid wicket. England are all out for 258.

Over 49 - England 250/9 (Swann 8, Anderson 0) McClenaghan is forced to end his over two balls early as he looks to have done something pretty significant to his side. A shame as he has bowled well at times. With three one-dayers in a week he may not make it back for the rest of the series. Williamson takes over and bowls two dot balls.

WICKET! Finn c Guptill b McClenaghan 0 Finn gives it a swing but skies a catch to Guptill. McClenaghan looks to be having problem with a muscle in his side but he will keep going.

Over 48 - England 247/8 (Swann 6, Finn 0) Finn is in for England as the over ends with a wicket and we all marvel at that catch from McCullum again.

WICKET! Woakes c B McCullum b Ellis 17 Woakes is swinging away at Ellis now and gets boundaries off two straight balls. He then charges down the wicket but has no shot and has to hang his bat out. He edges behind, where McCullum dives across to take a superb catch. That was agility of the highest order.

Over 47 - England 234/7 (Woakes 7, Swann 4) Swann is in and swinging for the fences straight away. He does connect with one and a boundary duly follows.

WICKET! Broad c B McCullum b McClenaghan 1 Broad slices a pull straight up in the air and it is easily caught by the wicket-keeper. The England all-rounder trudges off as the Seddon Park PA plays the theme tune from Coronation Street (yes really).

Over 46 - England 228/6 (Woakes 6, Broad 1) Woakes lifts one up over the covers for four as Ellis comes back into the attack. But only two singles off the rest of the over limits the damage for New Zealand.

Over 45 - England 222/6 (Woakes 1, Broad 0) Two new batsmen at the crease now but England need runs quickly so there is not much time for them to ease themselves in.

WICKET! Root b Franklin 56 Franklin is back into the attack and uproots Root's leg stump as the batsman flailed at a ball that nipped back in. Good innings from Root but England are running out of hitters.

Over 44 - England 220/5 (Root 55, Woakes 0) So after a single and a six, McClenaghan ends the over with a wicket and three dots as Woakes gets his eye in for England.

WICKET! Buttler c Elliot b McClenaghan 21 Buttler continues to be aggressive, smashing McClenaghan out of the ground over cow corner but the bowler gets the last laugh as a full toss is clumped straight to Elliot at cover. Spectacular but fleeting from Buttler.

Over 43 - England 213/4 (Root 54, Buttler 15) Mills pulls up as Root shapes to hit the paddle shot. Some banter follows, with Mills challenging Root to try the shot again, but instead the Englishman does not take him up on the offer. Still seven came off the over and that is the end of Mills. he finishes with an economical 2-32 but he will not be around to close out the innings

Root and Buttler take ones and twos off Ellis, with the former taking in the applause as he passes his 50 anf the latter ending the over by smashing a welcome six over mid off.

Over 41 - England 193/4 (Root 47, Buttler 3) Buttler is the new man in and he gets off the mark by prodding one down to third man for two. He then nabs a single off the last ball of the over.

WICKET! Morgan c Guptill b Mills 1 Mills has another as Morgan swipes at one outside off stump but only succeeds in finding a diving Guptill at backward point. Blow for England as Morgan would have been expected to accelerate the scoring in the last 10 overs.

Over 40 - England 190/3 (Root 47, Morgan 1) Morgan predictably goes on the front foot against Ellis but gets off the mark with a mere single. No such problems for Root, who pulls a bouncer away for four. The powerplay ends with England having scored 27 runs for the loss of one wicket.

Over 39 - England 184/3 (Root 42, Morgan 0) Morgan leaves his first ball.

WICKET! Trott b Mills 68 Root tries to hit Mills out of the ground twice but misses completely both times. The third ball is worked off his legs for two and the fourth clubbed to deep mid wicket for a single. That brings Trott on strike and he drags an attempted square cut onto his stumps. Leg stump is out of the ground and Trott is gone, clearing the way for some of the bigger hitters who have been sitting in the pavilion to let loose.

Over 38 - England 181/2 (Trott 68, Root 39) Root looks to be a bit more aggressive off McClenaghan but whiffs badly on an attempted pull. He pulls off the paddle/scoop well though, sending the ball bouncing over his head for a boundary. Trott is initally not as fluent - he hasn't had much of the strike for a while - but whips the final ball away past fine leg for another four.

Over 37 - England 172/2 (Trott 64, Root 34) Mills now comes back into the attack. Root goes after him but his straight drive falls short of the boundary and the batsmen run two. One then rises sharply and flicks Root's glove (?) on the way through to McCullum. He is given out but calls for a review straight away. Replays and hotspot show it missed the vital parts and brushed his back arm. Decision overturned and Root survives. Three singles bring the total from the over to five.

Over 36 - England 167/2 (Trott 63, Root 30) Here comes the batting power play. Only three men allowed outside the circle for the next five overs. Despite the restrictions it's a better over from McClenaghan, yielding just four runs in singles.

Over 35 - England 163/2 (Trott 61, Root 28) Nathan McCullum completes his final over, which England hit six from - a single off each ball. McCullum finishes with figures of 0-42.

Over 34 - England 157/2 (Trott 58, Root 25) McClenaghan comes back on, around the wicket this time. It's a fairly loose one as five singles and a two keep the scoreboard ticking over.

Over 33 - England 150/2 (Trott 54, Root 22) Nathan McCullum comes back on and rattles through his ninth over. Just three from it.

As predicted Franklin is taken off and replaced by Grant Elliot. The gentle seamer keeps things neat and tidy until he offers up a full toss with the final ball, which Trott sweeps away to the boundary to bring up his half-century. Trott has had some rocky moments but it looking in good nick now.

Over 31 - England 140/2 (Trott 48, Root 19) Root strokes a cover drive away for four off Williamson, Things starting to pick up for England now and some more singles make it eight off the over. Run rate creeping up.

Over 30 - England 132/2 (Trott 46, Root 13) Trott slots another one through the off side for four. beginning to find a little bit of form now as the next ball is flicked away fine down the leg side for another four. Franklin, in contrast, looks to be running out of steam and must be close to being taken off.

Over 29 - England 121/2 (Trott 37, Root 11) Nathan McCullum finally comes out of the attack to be replaced by Kane Williamson. England give him the same treatment as his fellow spinner, working away the singles to keep the run rate steady.

Over 28 - England 117/2 (Trott 35, Root 9) Trott finally gets hold of one, swatting a wide and loose ball from Franklin through the covers for four. That's his first boundary he's scored since his first ball. He then almost presents Taylor with a catch but gets away with it. Root chips in with a single late in the over.

Feedback Barry e-mails in with his view: "Would love to see England up the rate a bit. I think they will need to against a strong Kiwi team. Imagine score they could get going at the rate of the last game, would be interesting to see a team have a go at it some time."

Over 27 - England 111/2 (Trott 30, Root 8) An eighth over for Nathan McCullum yields the usual dribs and drabs as Trott maintains his strike rate of 50.

Over 26 - England 108/2 (Trott 28, Root 7) Trott can't find any timing for love nor money but a Franklin bouncer deflects off his noggin and races to the boundary for four. They all count, well those count as leg byes.

Over 25 - England 101/2 (Trott 27, Root 5) A Trott single beings Root on strike and the Yorkshireman edges his first ball past where third man would stand for a boundary. Good start for the youngster.

Over 24 - England 95/2 (Trott 26, Root 0) The wicket came off the last ball over the over, meaning Root will head down the non-striker's end as McCullum continues.

WICKET! Bell c B McCullum b Franklin 64 The singles keep flowing off Franklin. Looks like England are keeping wickets in hand here, but just as I say that Bell charges down the wicket and slashes at a wide one, edging it through to McCullum behind the stumps! Big wicket for the Black Caps.

Over 23 - England 92/1 (Bell 63, Trott 24) The singles keep on coming off McCullum's sixth over but just as the over is fizzling out Bell lofts the last delivery over mid off for a fine boundary.

Over 22 - England 85/1 (Bell 58, Trott 22) The first bowling change in a while sees James Franklin brought into the attack. His first over doesn't threat either batsmen, who work a number of singles away to move the score on.

Over 21 - England 79/1 (Bell 55, Trott 19) Trott again top-edges an attempted sweep off McCullum. This time it goes over the head of short fine leg but could easily have fallen into his hands. Two off the over.

Bell produces the best shot we've seen in a while, pulling Ellis to the boundary for four. He brings up his half-century with a crushing six over long on. Needless to say he is looking a bit more confident now as England start to move things along. A couple more make it 12 from the over.

Over 19 - England 65/1 (Bell 42, Trott 18) Trott now tries to sweep McCullum but like Bell before him he top-edges one which falls short of fine leg. Only a couple of singles from the over.

Over 18 - England 63/1 (Bell 41, Trott 17) A slice down to third man brings up the 50 partnership between Trott and Bell. Bell is then rewarded with a blow to the, er, midriff from Ellis. They hurt. Singles are the order of the day for the rest of the over.

Over 17 - England 58/1 (Bell 40, Trott 13) McCullum takes out Trott while attempting to field yet again as England add four runs to the total this time. Bell is starting to settle into things a little more and should be set to go on and make a big score. Drinks are called for and with both new balls starting to wear a little you would think England will have to step up their scoring soon.

Over 16 - England 54/1 (Bell 37, Trott 12) Top-edge from Trott thankfully drops safe with England unconvincing throughout the rest of the over as both batsmen add a single to the total.

Over 15 - England 52/1 (Bell 36, Trott 11) Mix-up between Bell and Trott is almost costly - the third umpire is called for but the former is clearly in. Misfield from bowler McCullum then brings up the 50. Bell adds a single before his drive is this time stopped well by McCullum, who knocks Trott off his feet in the process of fielding the ball.

Over 14 - England 49/1 (Bell 35, Trott 9) First six of the innings as Bell barely lofts the ball over McClenaghan at fine leg, where a superb catch is taken by a ball boy beyond the boundary. Rest of the over is tidy from Ellis

Over 13 - England 42/1 (Bell 29, Trott 9) Time for some spin as Nathan McCullum replaces the economical Mills. Bell sweeps one away for two then tries a reverse sweep next ball and fluffs it - there is a huge appeal but he was hit well outside the line. Bell sweeps again and top-edges it down to deep square leg, where BJ Watling drops it! Bell should be out, no doubt about it. What a let off.

Over 12 - England 37/1 (Bell 25, Trott 8) Now Trott is getting restless as he slashes unsuccessfully at a wide one. Ellis throws in another short ball - remember you are allowed two an over these days - and the over finishes having yielded just two runs.

Over 11 - England 35/1 (Bell 25, Trott 6) Mills carries on with his new ball. Bell is beginning to get a little antsy here, charging down the wicket to the right-arm seamer and slashing an attempted pull to mid wicket. Trott is much more circumspect when he gets on strike, although he does work a single off his pads.

Over 10 - England 33/1 (Bell 24, Trott 5) Andrew Ellis comes on to replace McClenaghan for the final over of the power play. He keeps Bell under wraps for four balls, fooling him with a shorter one at one point. Bell then takes a dangerous single but a scrambling Ross Taylor cannot gather the ball cleanly with the England player well short of his ground.

Over 9 - England 32/1 (Bell 23, Trott 5) Trott almost elbows Mills onto the stumps but gets away with it. The England batsman blocks the next two then plays and misses at the fourth ball. That puts him back into his shell and allows Mills to complete his second maiden.

Over 8 - England 32/1 (Bell 23, Trott 5) Bell again dispatches the first ball of the over to the boundary, flicking McClenaghan off his pads through square leg. He then pulls one away for another four to add some impetus to the early scoring.

Over 7 - England 24/1 (Bell 15, Trott 5) Bell takes to the air for the first time, scooping Mills over mid wicket for four. He can only offer a straight bat to the next four balls, although one of them trickles down the leg side for a single. Trott is a little more unconvincing in defence off the final ball of the over.

Over 6 - England 19/1 (Bell 10, Trott 5) A straight drive from Bell finds the stumps at the other end - it was inches away from McClenaghan's foot with Trott struggling. Bell is then tagged on his back leg but again it is high before the England batsman takes a quick single. Only one run off the over.

Over 5 - England 18/1 (Bell 9, Trott 5) Mills keeps things tight at the start of the over, with Bell only able to nudge one down to third man for a single on the third ball. Mills sighs heavily as Trott takes his time to get ready and then takes a quick single. Another single from Bell keeps things ticking over.

Over 4 - England 15/1 (Bell 7, Trott 4) Trott dispatches his first ball to the boundary for four as McClenaghan cannot continue his magic. A dot ball completes the over.

WICKET! - Cook b McClenaghan 4 Bell nudges one of his pads to get England running between the wickets for the first time. Another dab down the leg side brings Cook on strike, and McClenaghan bowls him through the gate! The England skipper is gone for just 4. It was going over but flicked downwards off Cook's thigh pad onto the stumps.

Over 3 - England 8/0 (Cook 4, Bell 4) Cook tries to cut Mills but slices it to backward point - the ball was in the air momentarily. The seamer then lobs a wide one up to the left-hander, who strokes it through the covers for England's second boundary. Fifth ball nips back in and traps Cook on his back leg. Big appeal but the height was the issue. Another dot completes the over.

Over 2 - England 4/0 (Cook 0, Bell 4) Mitchell McClenaghan takes the new ball at the other end. First delivery is lucky not to be called wide, while Bell prods his second to backward point. The left-arm seamer tightens his line up thereafter but his sixth delivery is again wide outside off stump and clattered away by Bell to the boundary. England off the mark in some style.

Over 1 - England 0/0 (Cook 0, Bell 0) Cook starts cautiously then plays and misses at a wide one from Kyle Mills, who straightens his line up with the fifth ball to pin Cook back in his crease. Another defensive block completes a maiden. Perfect opener for the hosts.

Cook and Bell are out in the middle. Here we go...

Almost ready for the off. A reminder that it's England to bat first after being put in by McCullum.

Sky Bet Plenty of fun flutters to be had over at Sky Bet. England are the 4/7 favourites for this one with the Black Caps at 5/4, which could be a tempting price given their strenght in this format combined with England's top three potentially being a little off the pace. Remember that New Zealand's last ODI series ended with victory over South Africa.

If anyone is pulling an all-nighter and fancies a bit of interaction then you can e-mail me at alex.williams@bskyb.com with any predictions/analysis/general views on the match.

So England bring back the 'big guns' after a period of rest. Cook, Bell, Trott, Swann and Anderson are included again. But will they be refreshed and ready to go or a little rusty? Those five have not played so far on this tour and organised tune-up time with the rest of the line-up has been in short supply with the quick turnaround from the T20I series.

New Zealand team Watling, Guptill, Williamson, Taylor, B McCullum, Elliot, Ellis, Franklin, N McCullum, Mills, McClenaghan.

England team Cook, Bell, Trott, Root, Morgan, Buttler, Woakes, Broad, Swann, Anderson, Finn.

England skipper Alastair Cook says he would have also had a bowl if he had won the toss. Both captains evidently thinks this wicket can offer something early on.

Here comes the toss.. and it's won by New Zealand. Brendon McCullum has decided to put England in. "We think chasing on this ground can be beneficial if you do alright up front with the ball," he says.

Welcome Hello and welcome to our live over-by-over coverage of the first one-day international between New Zealand and England at Seddon Park in Hamilton. The match is due to start at 1am UK time but team news and the toss will be with you shortly.

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