Australia v South Africa commentary

Last updated: 30th September 2012  

Australia v South Africa commentary

Australia win by 8 wickets Australia beat South Africa by 8 wickets, a good performance from the Aussies who are in a great position to qualify for the semis. Watson picks up the man of the match award.

Over 17.4 AUS 147/2 (Hussey 45, White 21) The Aussies now need 9 to win from 18 balls. Botha comes into the attack, Hussey continues his run collection. Six, White finishes things with style. Australia win against South Africa by 8 wickets.

Over 17 AUS 138/2 (Hussey 43, White 14) Peterson comes into the attack now, Michael Hussey is the key wicket here. He is so good in these situations, just picking the singles and twos. South Africa needs wickets. A missed stumping! Hussey comes down the wicket and de Villiers missing the ball that kept really low. The next ball, Hussey comes down the wicket again and hits it for a six. White hits a one bounce four over mid on, South Africa really have not made most of their chances.

Over 16 AUS 125/2 (Hussey 35, White 9) Botha comes in to bowl his third over. A good over from Botha, bowling some good dot balls to the new batsman. Parnell misfields on the boundary and it goes for a four, that won't make the bowler or the captain happy.

Over 15 AUS 118/2 (Hussey 33, White 4) Dale Steyn is into the attack and Hussey pushes it through point and cover for four. A swinging full toss from Steyn and White just edges it past the slips for four, unlucky for the bowler. The Aussies need 29 from 30 balls.

Over 14 AUS 109/2 (Hussey 29, White 0) Peterson comes back into the attack, Steyn has been held back for later. Hit straight and hit hard by Watson for a one bounce four. The field as spread out and the ball was pitched up and gets a four. Another four, Behardien sloppy on the boundary and another boundary for Watson. He has just gone after the bowling today. WICKET! Just trying to get this one over the field for a six only to find Parnell on the long on fence. Watson out for 70, another very good knock from him. White comes in to bat at number 4.

Over 13 AUS 98/1 (Hussey 28, Watson 60) AB de Villiers tries to buy a wicket here, bringing JP Duminy into the attack. A good over from Duminy, keeping Hussey quiet and it is just 4 from the over.

Over 12 AUS 94/1 (Hussey 26, Watson 58) Parnell to continue. Hussey pulls it nicely into the gap and gets four runs for it. When he came to the crease, he was struggling to find his timing, but there was nothing wrong with that shot. Another one, six this time just picks up Parnell very well and puts it over the leg side. Hussey joins the party, its 94 for 1.

Over 11 AUS 81/1 (Hussey 15, Watson 56) Watson mishits one, it gets the toe end of the bat and Parnell runs in from the boundary but it was a difficult chance and dropped it. Watson survives. Hussey trying the reverse sweep, finds the fielder. A good over, no boundaries from it.

Over 10 AUS 76/1 (Hussey 14, Watson 52) Parnell comes into the attack, de Villiers searching for a wicket. Six, Watson picks another one on to the leg side, for another big one. That six brings up his 50, he is in fine form. Hussey happy to pick up a couple of runs and rotate strike. After 10 it is 76 for 1.

Over 9 AUS 65/1 (Hussey 11, Watson 44) Shane Watson now has most sixes, most wickets and most runs in this tournament. A good over from Botha, after being hit for runs in the last over. Duminy does well to keep that from going for a four, saved some important runs there.

Over 8 AUS 60/1 (Hussey 8, Watson 43) Peterson comes in to do a job with the ball. A big shout for lbw against Watson, not given by the umpire. Watson plays the same shot that he did against Botha for another boundary in the same area. Hussey just pushing for a single and giving the strike to Watson. A full toss and put away in the same area for a six. Watson is in such good form that bowling a full toss to him is really asking to be hit.

Over 7 AUS 48/1 (Hussey 7, Watson 32) Spin is introduced in the form of Johan Botha. Hussey will look to play his natural game, pushing it into the gaps and running hard between wickets. Watson will provide the acceleration. Watson pulls the fractionally short ball and hits it for four, a great shot. Ten from the over, its 48 for 1.

Over 6 AUS 38/1 (Hussey 4, Watson 26) A good shot from Watson runs down to the boundary for four, followed by another perfect cover drive for four. Both very good shots, good timing and great balance from Watson. Takes a single to bring Hussey on strike. A good over so far, 10 from 4 balls. Morkel straying down leg and nicely put away by Watson for another boundary. It was a full toss on leg stump and Watson made the most of it. At the end of the powerplay, Australia are 38 for 1.

Over 5 AUS 22/1 (Hussey 3, Watson 12) Kallis replaces Steyn, and Watson hits the first boundary of the innings. A good shot between point and cover. A quiet over after the boundary.

Over 4 AUS 15/1 (Hussey 2, Watson 6) Morne Morkel to continue and a WICKET! Another great ball and Warner trying to cut loose and is bowled. First blood for South Africa. Michael Hussey comes in to bat. A wide down the leg side from Morkel. Another good over from Morkel getting the crucial wicket of Warner.

Over 3 AUS 10/0 (Warner 5, Watson 4) Steyn continues. The fielders supporting the bowlers very well, cutting the angles and diving to stop the extra runs. A wide called as it goes over Watson's head. After 3, its 10 for no loss.

Over 2 AUS 5/0 (Warner 3, Watson 2) Morne Morkel to open the bowling with Steyn. The bowlers have started well for South Africa, pitching it in the right areas and making the batsmen play, a slip is waiting for a catch. So after the first two overs, the Aussies are 5 for no loss.

Over 1 AUS 2/0 (Warner 1, Watson 1) Australia need 147 to win as Watson and Warner come out to bowl. Steyn to start with the bowl. A bit of variable bounce and lots of pace from Steyn, a couple of inside edges for Warner. Just two runs from the Dale Steyn over.

Over 20 SA 146/5 (Behardien 31, Peterson 32) The last over of the innings and can South Africa just get the score over 150? Peterson walks across his stumps and finds the gap on the leg side, handy shot for a handy four runs. Starc has been driven through the covers for another boundary, Peterson providing some much needed momentum. A dot ball, goes through Peterson. A scoop shot from Peterson for another boundary down to fine leg. A huge swing and a miss from Peterson, takes a single and brings Behardien on strike for the last ball. After 20 overs South Africa are 146 for 5.

Over 19 SA 132/5 (Behardien 30, Peterson 20) Cummins to continue. Peterson chips it over point and it lands safely, gets a couple of runs. Behardien mishits that one over the keeper for four, a lucky boundary. A slower ball from Cummins and it is called a wide from Dharmasena, a bit harsh on the bowler. The extra ball over for a six, Behardien puts it away.

Over 18 SA 118/5 (Behardien 20, Peterson 17) Watson comes in to bowl, Behardien takes a single from the first ball again. The plan seems to be that Peterson will provide the acceleration. A big wide from Watson outside the off. Four, Peterson gets this one away for a four and found the gap on the leg side. It was in the air for a while but safely reaching the fence. Peterson tries something between a ramp shot and a switch hit and gets a single for his efforts. 11 from the over, 118 for 5.

Over 17 SA 107/5 (Behardien 16, Peterson 11) Pat Cummins comes into the attack. Behardien happy to take a single and give the strike to Peterson who is as unorthodox as ever. It will be difficult to try the reverse shots against Cummins. Three runs from the over, South Africa in need of some boundaries.

Over 16 SA 104/5 (Behardien 14, Peterson 10) Hogg comes back into the attack. Peterson place the reverse sweep, gets hold of that one and puts it past the fence for four, it bounced in front of Cummins and went past him for four. The 100 comes up for South Africa in their 16th over, Peterson will look to accelerate from here. Another reverse sweep, found the gap this time for another boundary.

Over 15 SA 92/5 (Behardien 13, Peterson 1) Watson comes in to bowl his third over. WICKET! AB walks outside his leg stump and hits it straight to Bailey at extra cover. The captain falls trying to accelerate, Robin Peterson comes in to bat. Peterson gets off the mark with a single through the off side. A boundary after a long time, Behardien hits it straight down the ground for four. Five overs to go its 92 for 5.

Over 14 SA 86/4 (Behardien 8, de Villiers 20) A wide called, down the leg side from Doherty who is bowling his final over. AB walks outside his leg stump and reaches out to get that one away for a single. Another good over from Doherty who finishes with 4 overs, 20 runs for 3 wickets.

Over 13 SA 78/4 (Behardien 4, de Villiers 19) Starc runs in to bowl the 13th over. A good over from Starc bowling his variations and mixing them up well. Just five from the over, it is 78 for 4.

Over 12 SA 73/4 (Behardien 3, de Villiers 15) Hogg comes back into the attack. The new batsman will take some time to settle at the crease, so Aussies can tighten their grip with some dot balls. Seven runs from that over, after 12 overs its 73 for 4.

Over 11 SA 66/4 (Behardien 1, de Villiers 10) Doherty comes back into the attack, to put more pressure on the South Africans. WICKET! Duminy comes down the wicket, misses the ball and Wade stumps him. Doherty gets another wicket. Farhaan Behardien comes out to bat. Another fantastic over from the spinner, just two runs and the wicket from it.

Over 10 SA 64/3 (Duminy 30, de Villiers 9) Hogg is replaced by Maxwell. These batsmen finding the gaps and running the singles well. So the two from the first ball followed by 5 singles from that over.

Over 9 SA 56/3 (Duminy 24, de Villiers 7) It was a change of ends for Watson. Chance of a run out as White hits the stumps, but it was not out, they get a single from the overthrow. So the formula seems to be a few singles and the odd boundary every over. Duminy pulls this short one from Watson for four, another good shot from him. Eight from that over its 56 for 3.

Over 8 SA 49/3 (Duminy 19, de Villiers 5) Brad Hogg to replace Watson. Hogg pitches it short and Duminy places it nicely into the gap for four. A good shot from Duminy finding the boundary and the gap in the field to perfection. A reverse sweep gone wrong for Duminy, there is no need for that. Seven runs from the over, 49 for 3.

Over 7 SA 43/3 (Duminy 14, de Villiers 3) Cummins comes in to bowl fast. A wide called, as the ball flies over the batsman's head and Wade does well to collect it. Four, Duminy hits it nicely through extra cover, a very well timed shot for four. This pair is also very quick between wickets, quick enough to finish that single.

Over 6 SA 34/3 (Duminy 9, de Villiers 1) Shane Watson into the attack for the Aussies, so a change of bowling from both ends. Amla runs it down to third man for a single, he was trying to hit that through the off side. WICKET! Amla tries to do something different here, walks across his stumps and tries to slash at it hard. But he only manages to give the keeper an easy catch and Wade makes no mistake, Amla walks. The captain, de Villiers comes out to bat. At the end of the powerplay, South Africa are 34 for 3.

Over 5 SA 30/2 (Duminy 7, Amla 16) Bowling change as Pat Cummins replaces Doherty. A drop-and-run single from Amla, this pair needs to stay out there and build a partnership. Another quick single, from Duminy this time. Amla gets an inside edge and it run to the fine leg boundary for four, Cummins bowling it fast. A lucky boundary for Amla. Eight from the over it is 30 for 2.

Over 4 SA 22/2 (Duminy 5, Amla 10) Starc to continue, Australia giving their bowlers more than just one over spells. Chance of a run out, Michael Hussey stops the ball in the covers and both batsmen were in the middle of the pitch, but Hussey misses by a mile. So both batsmen are safe and get a single. A wide to follow from Starc. Nicely driven through the covers, it was away from his body but Duminy controls it very well for a four.

Over 3 SA 16/2 (Duminy 1, Amla 9) The pitch seems to be slower than expected, Doherty gets another over in this powerplay. WICKET! What a comeback, Doherty who comes back into the side, just turns enough to get Kallis' outside edge and Wade takes a good catch behind the stumps. JP Duminy comes in to bat, with South Africa in trouble. Six, Amla on strike and just hits this one out of the park. A cover drive over the field for a six, good shot from Amla.

Over 2 SA 8/1 (Kallis 6, Amla 2) Starc, who has bowled so well, comes in to bowl. The left armer starting well against Kallis and Amla. Kallis tries to get this one through the off side, but ends up hitting a nice straight drive for four. A single from the last ball, making it 8 for 1.

Over 1 SA 2/1 (Kallis 1, Amla 1) Here we go, Levi and Amla to start for SA and Doherty to open the bowling. WICKET! Levi gone! Doherty comes into the side for Christian and provides a wicket straightaway. Bowled him, the leg stump is disturbed. Kallis comes out to bat. A good over from the spinner, its 2 for 1.

Toss Australia has won the toss and decided to bowl first. Xavier Doherty comes in for Dan Christian. The decision to bowl first must have been taken because Australia have chased so well in this tournament, Watson and Warner in top form. AB de Villiers reckons he would have batted first anyway, Wayne Parnell comes in for Albie Morkel.

Greetings! Hello and welcome to the Super Eights match between South Africa and Australia in Colombo, with the the Proteas needing a win to keep their hopes of staying in the tournament properly alive.

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