2nd ODI: Ind v Pak commentary

Last updated: 3rd January 2013  

Pakistan Win By 85 Runs The tourists take an unassailable two-nil series lead, and can hold the bragging rights over their sub-continental rivals for the foreseeable future. Jamshed rocked with the bat, and Ajmal and Khan with the ball. The third and final fixture is on Sunday. Catch you then.

Over 48 Ind - 165/10 (Dhoni 54) Dhoni not going down without a fight and a flourish, lambasting four down the ground and lacing four more through the off-side. And so arrive's the captain's half-century. Some consolation for him, indeed. WICKET! But that's that - Ishant is clean bowled.

Over 47 Ind - 151/9 (Dhoni 41, Ishant 2) Dhoni will milk this to the nth degree if he can. He wants his side, at the very least, to last their full 50 overs, which is more than Pakistan did.

Over 46 Ind - 149/9 (Dhoni 40, Ishant 2) Here we go. Dhoni, finally, tees off - it's high, it's hard and it's over long-on for six. Some late expense for the otherwise miserly Junaid.

Over 45 Ind - 142/9 (Dhoni 33, Ishant 2) The crowd could at least be treated to some potential fireworks, rather than this dour defence from the impending series losers.

Over 44 Ind - 139/9 (Dhoni 33, Ishant 0) Ajmal welcomes a maiden amid the closing throes of this one-side chase.

Over 43 Ind - 139/9 (Dhoni 33, Ishant 0) Not much fight left in Dhoni, but at least he is shepherding Ishant appropriately.

Over 42 Ind - 138/9 (Dhoni 32, Ishant 0) Still, India hang on for dear life.

Over 41 Ind - 137/9 (Dhoni 31, Ishant 0) India manage to delay the inevitable, for now.

Over 40 Ind - 132/9 (Dhoni 26, Ishant 0) WICKET! Jadeja attempts to loosen the shackles, but doesn't have the carry, instead holing out to mid-on. Pakistan are into India's tail now, though Kumar will fancy himself of an all-rounder. WICKET! So much for that. Kumar is soon outfoxed by some sharp turn, which removes the would-be all-rounder lbw. WICKET! Dinda follows suit, also out lbw. Three wickets in one over for Pakistan. Ishant is the last man in. India circling the drain.

Over 39 Ind - 130/6 (Dhoni 25, Jadeja 13) Dhoni advances down the track in a bid to get under the ball time and time again, but Hafeez isn't offering much flight, instead firing in a string of darts to thwart the batsman.

Over 38 Ind - 125/6 (Dhoni 21, Jadeja 12) The asking rate has reached double figures, and mere singles are not helping its cause to lessen. India need, at least, a boundary every over from here on in.

Over 37 Ind - 121/6 (Dhoni 19, Jadeja 10) Dhoni has called for a heavier bat, and a change of gloves, so that surely means he will look to tee off now. Not yet, though, as the wait continues.

Over 36 Ind - 116/6 (Dhoni 16, Jadeja 8) So arrives the batting Powerplay, and its related fielding restrictions. Deep cover and mid-off put in the hard yards, but both haul in Jadeja and Dhoni's bid to find the fence.

Over 35 Ind - 112/6 (Dhoni 15, Jadeja 5) Irfan back for another burst, and he too restricts the Indians to nothing more than singles and the odd two. The batting Powerplay will soon commence and - boy, oh, boy - do the hosts need to dominate it.

Over 34 Ind - 108/6 (Dhoni 14, Jadeja 2) Pakistan's coaching staff are watching on the sidelines, smiles growing, as a severe lack of urgency plagues India's approach.

Over 33 Ind - 105/6 (Dhoni 12, Jadeja 1) Dhoni survives a marginal stumping chance, and just as well, for he is India's lone hope now. India need 146 runs off 17 overs to win. Drinks break, meanwhile.

Over 32 Ind - 103/6 (Dhoni 11, Jadeja 0) Malik will be the latest bowler to take the pace off the ball. WICKET! Immediate success for him, as Ashwin runs down the wicket, misses the shot, and is easily stumped. Jadeja in now.

Over 31 Ind - 103/5 (Dhoni 11, Ashwin 3) The asking rate is closing in on eight runs per over. That's a hefty requirement on a pitch - and a against an attack - that isn't allowing much pace onto the bat.

Over 30 Ind - 101/5 (Dhoni 10, Ashwin 2) A solitary slip remains in place, with Misbah eager to attack rather than defend. Ashwin, meanwhile, is still troubled - even when he tries to meet the ball at its pitch by dancing down the pitch.

Over 29 Ind - 100/5 (Dhoni 9, Ashwin 2) Ashwin's ploy to move across his stumps as soon as possible is obvious, and almost lands him in trouble, with a quicker delivery almost sneaking through to the stumps.

Over 28 Ind - 98/5 (Dhoni 8, Ashwin 1) Hafeez and Ajmal racing through their overs, not allowing the Indian duo a moment for pause and consideration amid the mounting pressure.

Over 27 Ind - 96/5 (Dhoni 7, Ashwin 0) Ajmal is convinced he has Ashwin out lbw, but umpire Bowden is not buying it, as the ball struck the front pad outside the line of the right-hander's off-stump.

Over 26 Ind - 95/5 (Dhoni 6, Aswhin 0) Spin in tandem now, and success for Pakistan. WICKET! Raina is lured out of his crease by some lovely drift from Hafeez, with Kamran whipping the bails off in a flash. The batsman did no manage to drag his backfoot behind the line at the last possible moment, so he is stumped by a very small margin. Dhoni needs a new partner, Ashwin in now.

Over 25 Ind - 91/4 (Raina 16, Dhoni 4) A later entry into the attack for Ajmal, who immediately extracts plenty of turn from this surface. So marks the halfway mark of the pursuit. India need 160 runs off 25 overs to win.

Over 24 Ind - 89/4 (Raina 15, Dhoni 3) Hafeez returns to the attack, soon glanced around the corner for four by Raina. That will relieve the pressure, momentarily. A lot is going to ride on India's batting Powerplay just now.

Over 23 Ind - 85/4 (Raina 11, Dhoni 3) Irfan back for a burst, and approaching the right-handed Dhoni from over the wicket, but the batsman is untroubled by the angle. Still, valuable dot balls accrued for Pakistan.

Over 22 Ind - 82/4 (Raina 9, Dhoni 2) A mere single each for Dhoni and Raina - and the asking rate is now officially more than six runs per over. This partnership is largely India's last hope.

Over 21 Ind - 80/4 (Raina 8, Dhoni 1) India's boundary drought stretches further, until Gul coughs up five wides in the wake of a very short ball, which is very unlike the otherwise metronomic fast bowler.

Over 20 Ind - 71/4 (Raina 5, Dhoni 0) A tight over brings just one run. Hafeez won't give an inch.

Over 19 Ind - 70/4 (Raina 4, Dhoni 0) WICKET! Yuvraj tries to get on top of the pull, but Gul's bounce gets big on him, and the edge ensues. It's a straightforward catch for Akmal - and a big blow to India's cause. Dhoni is the new man in, hoping for a repeat of Chennai's heriocs, which ended in defeat regardless.

Over 18 Ind - 68/3 (Yuvraj 8, Raina 3) That asking rate is nearing six now. Pressure on India, but a couple of big overs can turn the contest.

Over 17 Ind - 64/3 (Yuvraj 5, Raina 2) India's position is precarious enough, but they insist on adding a run-out to the mix, but Raina beats the return throw to the non-striker's crease.

Over 16 Ind - 60/3 (Yuvraj 3, Raina 0) Time for some spin, with Hafeez introduced into the attack. Right on cue, he finds turn - and keeps the run-rate down. Exactly what his captain ordered.

Over 15 Ind - 59/3 (Yuvraj 2, Raina 0) Gul strikes. WICKET! Sehwag is trapped lbw dead in front of his stumps. Rooted to his crease, the batsman can't successfully defend a big in-dipper. That's as plumb as they come. Off he mopes. India in trouble. Raina in now.

Over 14 Ind - 57/2 (Sehwag 30, Yuvraj 1) A poor judge of line or a masterful leave, you decide, but Yuvraj comes within a whisker of having his off-stump toppled.

Over 13 Ind - 57/2 (Sehwag 30, Yuvraj 1) Gul into the attack, and happy to perform a holding role at this end, while Junaid chases more wickets from the other side.

Over 12 Ind - 57/2 (Sehwag 29, Yuvraj 0) There is a degree of rebuilding required in the wake of Gambhir's departure, and Sehwag and Kohli start doing just that. The asking rate, meanwhile, has crept above five runs per over again. WICKET! Their blossoming alliance, however, is ended when Kohli glances one down the leg-side. Wicketkeeper Kamran is at hand for a superb tumbling catch. The batsman does not wait for the umpire's decision, he walks. Yuvraj in now.

Over 11 Ind - 53/1 (Sehwag 28, Kohli 6) More overthrows, five of 'em again, and India are loving these freebies in the face of a fairly tight pursuit. So arrives the team 50 too.

Over 10 Ind - 42/1 (Sehwag 23, Kohli 0) A fifth over on the trot pays off for Junaid, who clinches the key wicket of Gambhir. WICKET! Short and wide, the left-hander looks to power the ball through the off-side - but only succeeds in chopping the ball onto his stumps. Kohli, who endured a duck and a foot injury in the series opener, is at the crease now.

Over 9 Ind - 40/0 (Gambhir 10, Sehwag 22) Irfan eager to put his height to good use against the relatively diminutive Sehwag, who is left to bob and weave out the way of a slew of shorter stuff.

Over 8 Ind - 38/0 (Gambhir 9, Sehwag 21) Junaid is convinced he has Sehwag out lbw, but umpire Kulkarni isn't buying it. Rightly so, as the angle was headed over the stumps. There is quite a bit of bounce in this Eden Gardens deck.

Over 7 Ind - 35/0 (Gambhir 8, Sehwag 19) Irfan opts for a spell from around the stumps, but the change in angle doesn't trouble Sehwag.

Over 6 Ind - 31/0 (Gambhir 7, Sehwag 18) The cover and point fielders are pretty close to each other, but still Sehwag's outstanding timing manages to split 'em for four more runs.

Over 5 Ind - 27/0 (Gambhir 7, Sehwag 14) Not for the first time today and maybe not the last, a lack of bounce from Irfan almost has the batsman chop onto his stumps. It's Gambhir, this time, who rides his luck. Sehwag, meanwhile, spanks four to the fence on the cut and is later the beneficiary of five ovethrows form an ill-disciplined piece of fielding by Pakistan.

Over 4 Ind - 17/0 (Gambhir 6, Sehwag 5) Gambhir gets on top of some width, cutting superbly behind backward point for four - that might be the Stroke of the Day. Junaid, though, soon bites back by beating the left-hander with some sweet out-swing.

Over 3 Ind - 12/0 (Gambhir 1, Sehwag 5) Straight into Sehwag's slot, Irfan's lame line and length is duly punished through the covers for four.

Over 2 Ind - 8/0 (Gambhir 1, Sehwag 1) Junaid to open the attack alongside his fellow left-armer, and again finding plenty of lateral movement, as he did in the seriers opener.

Over 1 Ind - 6/0 (Gambhir 1, Sehwag 1) Tall and threatening, Irfan almost snares an early wicket, with Sehwag's inside edge missing the off-stump by a veritable whisker.

India's Pursuit All and sundry back out in the middle after a quick bite to eat. Gambhir and Sehwag, as usual, to open the batting.

Pakistan All Out For 250 Pakistan won't consider this a good score, after they slipped from 141 out loss to these average proportions. Jamshed and Hafeez dominated, only for Jadeja to slow the rate and Ishant to wrap up the tail. Stick around for India's chase, it should be a cracker.

Over 48.3 - Pak 250/10 (Junaid 0) WICKET! A huge heave across the line only serves to rattle Gul's stumps. It was a case of 'you miss, I hit' for Ishant, who is capping a great spell here. WICKET!, The lanky Irfan is the last man in, and he is soon clean bowled too.

Over 48 - Pak 250/8 (Gul 10, Junaid 0) WICKET! Ajmal's quest to go big or go back to the pavilion ends in the latter, with Kumar granted his first wicket of the day. Junaid in now.

Over 47 - Pak 243/7 (Gul 15, Ajmal 2) WICKET! Ishant's slower ball is increasing in effectiveness with every match. It strikes again, forcing Malik to bobble the ball to covers, where Yuvraj takes a straightforward catch. Ajmal in now. Pakistan have a fairly long tail.

Over 46 - Pak 236/6 (Malik 24, Gul 10) India have a standard thirdman and a short thirdman in place, with Gul's edge bouncing between the two.

Over 45 - Pak 231/6 (Malik 21, Gul 8) Dinda's return to the attack for the death overs keeps Pakistan' quest to find the fence at bay.

Over 44 - Pak 228/6 (Malik 19, Gul 7) Gul tees off, high and hard over the midwicket fence for six. He does like that area, as South Africa would have been reminded earlier this year.

Over 43 - Pak 220/6 (Malik 18, Gul 0) Yuvraj's left-arm spin into the attack, and soon swatted to the midwicket fence by Malik.

Over 42 - Pak 210/6 (Malik 8, Gul 0) WICKET! Jadeja back into the attack with immediate success. Jamshed dances down the track, misses the turn, and has the chance to return to his crease as Dhoni can't orchestrate the stumping. The wicketkeeper recovers quickly enough, though, slapping the ball onto the wickets before Jamshed is able to ground his back behind the line. The centurion is out for 106. Kamran in now. WICKET! His stay lasts just two balls, with an edge looped to Sehwag in the slips. The fielder hangs on, but only after bobbling the ball from hand to cap peak and back to hand again. Gul is now the new man in. So concludes a double wicket-maiden.

Over 41 - Pak 210/4 (Jamshed 106, Malik 8) A fourth spell for Kumar, as Pakistan's shaky running between the wickets continues. Almost another run-out, but avoided at the last second. Jamshed seems to be the common denominator in the ongoing mix-ups.

Over 40 - Pak 205/4 (Jamshed 103, Malik 6) Jamshed welcomes the runs needed to move to his second century of the series. This one was largely more attacking than his first, and he punches the air in delight. So arrives the team 200 too - and that's the end of Ashwin's 10-over complement as well.

Over 39 - Pak 197/4 (Jamshed 99, Malik 4) Jamshed finds his mojo again, slapping six high and hard down the ground to move within one run of back-to-back centuries. That's the second time Dinda has been lofted over the ropes today.

Over 38 - Pak 187/4 (Jamshed 90, Malik 3) Jamshed beats a direct-hit to the non-striker's end to move into the nervous 90s. His initally uptempo knock has slowed considerably recently.

Over 37 - Pak 184/4 (Jamshed 89, Malik 1) Pakistan's precarious balance demands an over, at least, of rebuilding. The batsmen do just that, but must soon resume their quest for quick runs mid-batting Powerplay.

Over 36 - Pak 182/4 (Jamshed 87, Malik 0) WICKET! Pakistan opt for the batting Powerplay, but it doesn't get off to a good start. Misbah is out lbw too. Ashwin's dismissal is more deserving than that of Raina. It pitched on off-stump, turned into the right-hander and struck him on the front pad dead enough in front of the wickets. Malik in now.

Over 35 - Pak 179/3 (Jamshed 86, Misbah 1) The last 11 overs have produced a mere 22 runs - and two wickets. Raina, meanwhile, returns to the attack. WICKET! The part-timer enjoys immediate success, removing Khan lbw on the sweep. That seemed pretty plumb, until television replays show a thick bottom edge. Khan is livid with the decision, and mopes off the field. ODI debutant umpire Kulkarni got that very wrong. Shame. Human error has to be forgiven. Misbah in now.

Over 34 - Pak 176/2 (Jamshed 84, Younis 10) Kumar returns to the attack for a third spell. Jamshed wants to crank the new bowler down the ground too, and at least gets some bat on this one for a single skewed to thirdman.

Over 33 - Pak 171/2 (Jamshed 81, Younis 8) Dhoni takes a moment to change the field. He sense the gap, and wants to cash in. Jamshed, meanwhile, decides it's time to tee off. He dances down the wicket, tries to smear the cover off the ball, misses - and looks foolish for it.

Over 32 - Pak 168/2 (Jamshed 80, Younis 7) Pakistan dealing exclusively in singles for the time being.

Over 31 - Pak 163/2 (Jamshed 78, Younis 4) Ishant builds the slightest bit of pressure with another tight over.

Over 30 - Pak 162/2 (Jamshed 78, Younis 3) Jamshed and Khan take what they can, which isn't much, off another tight over from the left-arm spinner, who is thoroughly justifiying his selection ahead of batsman Rohit.

Over 29 - Pak 158/2 (Jamshed 76, Younis 1) Ishant returns to the attack, with Jamshed spanking a rank loosener from the fast bowler past the diving cover fielder for four. Raina might have hurt his hand in the process.

Over 28 - Pak 153/2 (Jamshed 71, Younis 1) Jadeja's spell continues to turn this contest on its head, but his finger flick en route to the non-striker's stumps is not quick enough to beat the diving Younis.

Over 27 - Pak 151/2 (Jamshed 70, Younis 0) Jamshed is not perturbed by the loss of two batting partners, and keeps going by hoisting a six high and hard into the stands beyond the midwicket boundary. Dinda's shoddy length deserved that entirely. So arrives Pakistan's 150.

Over 26 - Pak 145/2 (Jamshed 64, Younis 0) Jadeja goes up for the lbw shout, but Bowden isn't buying it - the angle was headed down the leg-side, and there was bat involved. WICKET! It's a breakthrough regardless, as Ali manages to run himself out. He wanted the leg-bye, Jamshed did not. The return throw was spot on, with the bails whipped off in a flash. India back in the contest. Younis in now.

Over 25 - Pak 143/1 (Jamshed 63, Ali 1) Dinda back for a burst, and a fierce one at that, with Ali left to fend off a couple of well-directed short balls.

Over 24 - Pak 141/1 (Jamshed 61, Ali 0) WICKET! Jadeja orchestrates India's first breakthrough of the day. Hafeez fancied a slog-sweep, again, but didn't find the right line, and listened in dismay as the ball snuck through the big gap to topple the stumps. So ends a fine opening stand. Ali in now.

Over 23 - Pak 140/0 (Jamshed 61, Hafeez 76) This will be Ashwin's seventh over in a row, and his most expensive, as Hafeez lofts four over the head of the mid-off fielder. Jamshed later sweeps fine for the same result.

Over 22 - Pak 128/0 (Jamshed 56, Hafeez 69) Dinda puts his body on the line, throwing himself at a top edge from Hafeez, but unable to prevent it from rolling over the fence at fine-leg. Gambhir at deep square-leg, too, goes on the dive in the hope of catching the right-hander's slog-sweep, but he is also unsuccessful. Hafeez's fortunate stay continues.

Over 21 - Pak 119/0 (Jamshed 55, Hafeez 61) Hesitancy out in the middle, where Hafeez almost runs himself out at the non-striker's end and Jamshed nearly does the same on the other side. These two need a quick refresher lesson in Communication 101.

Over 20 - Pak 117/0 (Jamshed 54, Hafeez 60) The half-centurions happy to merely milk the singles on offer. Their job is not done. A century each is certainly in the offing. India seem uninspired.

Over 19 - Pak 113/0 (Jamshed 52, Hafeez 58) Ashwin tries the quicker ball again, and again Jamshed's backfoot defence is almost beaten. The left-hander enjoys playing from deep in his crease, but then eases the pressure by launching four over the on-side to go to his half-century. Next stop, perhaps: a second ton on the trot.

Over 18 - Pak 107/0 (Jamshed 47, Hafeez 57) No second over for part-timer Raina, instead left-arm spinner Jadeja is brought into the attack. He almost enjoys immediate success, with Hafeez coming oh so close to steering the ball into the hands of the only slip in place.

Over 17 - Pak 101/0 (Jamshed 46, Hafeez 52) Ashwin to pick up proceedings after the brief break. A quicker delivery almost sneaks through Jamshed's defence, as does some sharp turn, but the batsman gets enough bat in the way on both occasions to bring up the century partnership.

Over 16 - Pak 98/0 (Jamshed 45, Hafeez 50) Time for the part-time off-spin of Raina, who is welcomed into the attack by Jamshed, who packs four through deep cover. Dinda at mid-off had no chance of chasing that down. This outfield is lightning-quick. Hafeez, meanwhile, moves to a confident half-century. Pakistan really looking to attack the ball now. Raina should not be allowed another over. Drinks break, meanwhile.

Over 15 - Pak 88/0 (Jamshed 36, Hafeez 49) Hafeez kept away from the strike for the entire over, as Jamshed deadbats anything and everything churned out before him. A bit of width, though, lures the left-hander into the cut. The ball flies through the air, and almost into the hands of the diving Kohli at backward point.

Over 14 - Pak 87/0 (Jamshed 35, Hafeez 49) Kumar back into the attack, and soon sent packing, as Hafeez clouts a short ball on the pull to the fence. One more run and he will have a fine half-century, indeed.

Over 13 - Pak 76/0 (Jamshed 29, Hafeez 44) Ashwin approaches the right-hander from around the wicket, with Hafeez tending to the change in angle successfully enough, milking a string of twos in the process.

Over 12 - Pak 70/0 (Jamshed 29, Hafeez 38) Back in his favourite area, Jamshed glances four through backward point. Pakistan's run-rate is in excess of six, and India severely need a breakthrough.

Over 11 - Pak 64/0 (Jamshed 24, Hafeez 37) Spin into the attack, and Ashwin immediately troubles Jamshed, who rides his luck wide of the solitary slip in place for four fortunate runs.

Over 10 - Pak 59/0 (Jamshed 19, Hafeez 37) Ishant slows the growing run-rate, to a degree. So ends the mandatory opening Powerplay.

Over 9 - Pak 58/0 (Jamshed 18, Hafeez 37) Hafeez to the fore again, milking an on-drive for four to bring up the half-century alliance alongside Jamshed, who almost ends it by holing out at midwicket.

Over 8 - Pak 48/0 (Jamshed 18, Hafeez 27) A superb drive off the backfoot brings Hafeez four, but he won't be happy with the uppish nature of his stroke through backward point. Another day and that might have gone to hand.

Over 7 - Pak 41/0 (Jamshed 18, Hafeez 20) Four nudged through thirdman and the same result glanced wide of fine-leg by Jamshed bring an expensive start to the over. Dinda manages to recover, though.

Over 6 - Pak 31/0 (Jamshed 8, Hafeez 20) Ishant into the attack, and immediately finds more bounce than the opening bowlers. Just one slip in place for the lanky seamer, though, which might prove costly if Hafeez fends another edge.

Over 5 - Pak 29/0 (Jamshed 8, Hafeez 18) The outfield is not as heavy as the rain-riddled one in Chennai, so Hafeez's drive screams along the ground for four. Kumar's length has been found wanting, for the most part, today.

Over 4 - Pak 24/0 (Jamshed 8, Hafeez 13) Jamshed through the leg-side, on the up and over the head of square-leg for four. Dinda, meanwhile, continues to flounder with a short length - as his third bouncer wide loops into the hands of wicketkeeper Dhoni. The new ODI rules allow for two bouncers an over - but not of this great height.

Over 3 - Pak 17/0 (Jamshed 3, Hafeez 12) Both slips evaded, marginally, again, as Hafeez edges one to thirdman. The second man in the cordon then decides it's time he stand much wider of his team-mate. Wise move too, but not enough to prevent another edge from screaming past his clasping right hand on the dive. Hafeez living a dangerous life.

Over 2 - Pak 9/0 (Jamshed 3, Hafeez 4) Dinda, not Ishant, to open the attack alongside Kumar. His line is too straight at the start, with Jamshed again afforded easy pickings through the on-side off his pads.

Over 1 - Pak 5/0 (Jamshed 1, Hafeez 4) Two slips in place, but not one of 'em needed as right-arm seamer Kumar strays down the leg-side to Jamshed. Second slip in with a chance later, though, as Hafeez rides his luck off the edge and wide of the fielder.

Pakistan's Innings Umpires Billy Bowden and Vineet Kulkarni, making his ODI debut, head out to the middle - and are followed by opening batsmen Jamshed and Hafeez and the Indian XI. Strap in for the ride, folks, it's sure to be an entertaining one.

Pakistan XI Nasir Jamshed, Mohammad Hafeez, Azhar Ali, Younis Khan, Misbah-ul-Haq, Shoaib Malik, Kamran Akmal, Junaid Khan, Umar Gul, Saeed Ajmal, Mohammad Irfan.

India XI Gautam Gambhir, Virender Sehwag, Virat Kohli, Yuvraj Singh, Suresh Raina, Ravindra Jadeja, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Ravichandran Ashwin, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Ishant Sharma, Ashok Dinda.

Team News India have replaced batsman Rohit Sharma with spinning all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja, while Pakistan have named an unchanged XI.

Toss Home skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni triumphs in the flip of the coin and, right on cue, India will bowl first.

Conditions Today's surface is expected to be a bit two-paced and, given the overcast conditions primed for swing bowling, the captain that wins the toss will probably opt to bowl first.

Greetings Hello and welcome to our over-by-over commentary of the second ODI in the three-match series, which the tourists lead one-nil, between India and Pakistan - at Eden Gardens in Kolkata.

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