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Last updated: 5th February 2008  

ALL OVER That's all from a short first day of England's tour of New Zealand. They have made an impressive start here at Eden Park. Please join us again on Thursday for the second Twenty20 International from Christchurch.

Over 20: Sidebottom 4-W-152 - WICKET! - The game is over as Oram hits one straight to Ian Bell at long off. England have won this first match against New Zealand by 32 runs and have been thoroughly impressive in doing so.

Over 19: Anderson 1-0-0w-0-4-1-0148-9 - New Zealand need the small matter of 37 from the final over. It's fair to say they will need a little bit of help to achieve that.

Over 18: Broad 1-1-1-0-1-1141-9 - Last man Chris Martin keeps the strike as New Zealand manage just five singles from the over. Broad is bowled out now, so it'll be Anderson and Sidebottom with the final two overs.

Over 17: Anderson 0-1-4-1-W-1136-9 - WICKET! - Oram goes through to his half-century. It's come off just 31 balls and has included five fours and two sixes. However, the end is nigh as Anderson hits the base of Patel's off stump to leave the Kiwis in a pickle at nine down.

Over 16: Wright 3-6-1-1-2-0129-8 - Wright comes on for what is likely to be a one-over spell. It proves an expensive one too as Oram clobbers a six to help keep New Zealand in with a shout.

Over 15: C'wood 1-W-2-6-4-1116-8 - WICKET! - You can't keep Dimi out of this game. After finishing his bowling he's now out in the field taking the catch to get rid of Tim Southee for just one. Oram is New Zealand's last hope and he appears to be up for the challenge, belting Collingwood for a six and a four to show the game is not over just yet.

Over 14: Swann W-4-4-1-1-1101-7 - WICKET! - Anderson takes a very smart catch out at deep mid-wicket to remove Mills. The ball seemed to be sailing for six but the Lancastrian leaps up, pats the ball in the air and then catches it on his way back down. A stunning piece of fielding that has summed up England's professional performance today.

Over 13: Mascarenhas 0-1-1-1-2-190-6 - Dimi's now done for the day, and what a day he has had too. His final bowling figures see him with 2-19 from four overs after he earlier belted 31 in no time with the bat. Not a bad day at the office for the Hampshire man.

Over 12: Broad 0-1-6-0-0-084-6 - Kyle Mills shows why he's in at eight with an amazing back foot drive over the top of cover that somehow soars all the way for six. It's a rare blow of defiance from the Black Caps, who may now be regretting the decision to bowl first in this match.

Over 11: Mascarenhas 0-0-1-1-4-177-6 - Although Oram manages a boundary off the over New Zealand only pick up seven runs. They now need 108 to win from just 54 balls.

Over 10: Broad 0-0-1-4-W-070-6 - WICKET! - Broad gets his first wicket as Two Metre Peter (Fulton) is bowled trying to pull away a ball that was never short enough.

Over 9: Mascarenhas 0-1-0-W-0-165-5 - WICKET! - Styris is meant to be concentrating on playing only one-day cricket for New Zealand now. He'll have to concentrate back in the hutch today as he's bowled off the inside edge by Mascarenhas, who might as well be heading to the bank straight after this over to cash his Man of the Match cheque.

Over 8: Swann 0w-5lb-0-1-2-0-163-4 - England give away five thanks to some sloppy work in the field. Mascarenhas' firm throw trying to run out Peter Fulton goes down to long-on where KP makes a mess of backing up, letting the ball go past him and over the boundary rope.

Over 7: Mascarenhas 4-W-2lb-W-4lb-053-4 - WICKET! - Dimi's on and it takes him just two balls to get a wicket, How hitting him straight down long-on's throat.

WICKET! - There's a second wicket in the over as Ryder is run out, something that always seemed to be on the cards. He turns like the QE II in the middle of the pitch trying to take a sharp single that was never on. Bell's throw sees him well short of his ground.

Over 6: Broad 0-4lb-0-0-4-443-2 - Broad is on. The last time he bowled in an international Twenty20 match he went for six sixes in one over. Thankfully this time it's not so bad, although he does concede back-to-back boundaries to finish that both come off the outside edge of Ryder's flashing blade.

Over 5: Sidebottom 4-1-0-1-1-031-2 - Ryder gets a stroke of luck as Owais Shah fails to hang on to a tough chance coming forward at mid-wicket. With the patient Jamie How in at four, Ryder appears to be the man England have to watch here.

Over 4: Anderson 0-0w-1lb-1-0w-0-0-124-2 - Both of England's opening bowlers are getting some swing with the new white ball, something we didn't see when New Zealand bowled earlier in the day.

Anderson's getting so much movement through the air he's struggling with wides, England cannot afford to give their opponents too many extra balls to have a go at.

Over 3: Sidebottom 1lb-W-0-0w-W-0-019-2 - WICKET! - Sidebottom gets a big breakthrough as McCullum mis-hits a pull stroke that mid-wicket takes a step or two forward to catch.

WICKET! - Sidebottom strikes again! Ross Taylor is in and gone in a hurry, trapped in front leg before by an inswinger.

Over 2: Anderson 0-6-1-4-0-117-0 - McCullum plays a quite remarkable shot to get the first boundary. Anderson sees the Black Caps skipper coming down the pitch and fires it in towards his pads but somehow the right-hander moves his feet out of the way and thumps the ball into the sightscreen for a maximum.

Over 1: Sidebottom 0-0-1lb-0w-2-0-1lb5-0 - A good opening over from Sidebottom that included a loud shout for leg before against McCullum that looked very, very close.

ONE SHORT England's total has been trimmed by one run after someone run one short on the final delivery of their innings.

Over 20: Southee 1-0-4-1-4-2185-8 - England finish their innings on 185-8 thanks to boundaries in the last over from both Swann and Sidebottom.

The thought is that 180 might be about a par score but I think Colly's boys have done well with the bat after being inserted. The bowlers certainly have something to work with.

Over 19: Mills 4-1-1-W-1-0173-8 - WICKET! - After hitting the first ball of the over straight down the ground for four Stuart Broad perishes trying to swipe across the line, only hitting the ball high in the air to mid-wicket for Styris to take.

Kyle Mills finishes his work with the ball having taken 2-43 from his four overs.

Over 18: Southee 1-W-4-0-1-1166-7 - WICKET! - Southee gets his first international wicket as Collingwood hits him straight to cover where Scott Styris takes the catch at the third time of asking.

Over 17: Mills 4-1-4-W-1-1159-6 - WICKET! - Ryder takes a flier down at square leg and comes close to pulling off a stunning one-handed catch off Mascarenhas.

The all-rounder does perish to the following ball, though, caught by Patel at third man. Dimi's done his job in fine style, scoring 31 off just 14 deliveries.

Over 16: Patel 1-1-6-6-6-6148-5 - Whooooaaa Nelly! After looking like he didn't know which end of the bat to use in his innings Mascarenhas suddenly gets willow onto leather, and how - Six - Six - Six - Six!

It's like we're back at the Oval as Jeetan Patel gets the same kind of stick that Yuvraj Singh got last summer. That is a massive over literally, but also vital to get England going again.

Over 15: Oram 1-0-0w-0-0-1-0122-5 - England have lost their way a little here, managing just five runs in the last two overs and one of those was a wide from Oram.

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Over 14: Ryder 0-W-0-0-1-1119-5 - WICKET!/b> - Jesse Ryder comes on to have a bowl, you won't be surprised to here he's medium and nothing more. Shah tries to be too clever against the part-timer, attempting a delicate sweep that only ends up in him being given out lbw for 23.

What an over from Ryder - he's conceded just two singles and has picked up a key wicket in Shah.

Over 13: Southee 1-0-1-6-4-1117-4 - Southee pays the price for drifting onto Shah's pads, the Middlesex batsman lifting him over square leg for six with a minimum amount of effort.

The next ball goes back past the bowler at a rate of knots for four more - if England can carry on at this scoring rate they are due to make 180.

Over 12: Patel 1-1-1-1-1-4104-4 - Collingwood lifts Patel over mid-wicket for a one-bounce four that nearly went all the way for a maximum. There's a packed house in Eden Park to watch this clash with New Zealand playing in their old-style '99 World Cup kit.

Over 11: Southee 0-2-0-4-0-195-4 - Tim Southee gets his chance with the ball on international debut and does well in his first over, conceding just seven. Shah does manage to belt a four as he whips away a straight ball through mid-wicket.

Over 10: Patel 1-0-4-1-W-188-4 - WICKET! - Patel comes on and gets rid of Pietersen in his first over. Ross Taylor takes a good low catch at mid-wicket to see the back of KP - he departs for 43 from just 26 balls.

Over 9: Oram 1-1-1-2-1-081-3 - Collingwood comes down the pitch to Oram and then attempts a sweep. For all his efforts he gets the grand total of no runs.

It's tough to know how many is a good score with this drop-in pitch being of good pace and the short boundaries to some corners of the ground.

Over 8: Martin 6-0-1-0-0-175-3 - BANG! Mike Atherton on commentary for Sky Sports suggested Chris Martin should try KP with the bouncer. Sure enough it comes with the first ball of the over and Pietersen smashes it out of the park. Don't you just love it when a plan comes together?

That is the end of Martin, he's taken 2-34 from his four overs. I could make a remark about the lead singer of Coldplay here, but I'm going to save them all for the Test series.

Over 7: Oram 1-1-4-0-W-267-3 - WICKET! - England's third wicket is down as Bell is bowled by a beauty of a Yorker from Oram. It's the perfect revenge for the bowler after he had been cut away over the top of gully for four earlier in the over.

Captain Collingwood is in at five and off the mark first ball with a thick edge through backward point for a couple of runs.

Over 6: Martin 4-4-0-2-4-059-2 - KP gets three boundaries off Martin's over. The first two come in streaky fashion off an outside and inside edge respectively, but the third is a cracker - a crunching cover drive that perfectly dissects the field.

Over 5: Oram 1-0-4-0-1-145-2 - Oram comes on and the slip goes out. It should have stayed in for Bell as he edges one right where the fielder would have been.

Over 4: Martin W-0-4-1-0-238-2 - WICKET! - Just as he appeared to be getting going Mustard gets out, picking out the sizeable figure of Jesse Ryder on the square leg boundary. The fielder didn't have to move, which is probably a good thing in Ryder's case.

Bell is in at four and gets off the mark with a two through the covers.

Over 3: Mills 2-6-1-1-0-431-1 - Mustard, who is dropped off the first ball of the over down at third man, gives us the first maximum of the match with a belt over mid-wicket to the shortest boundary. England have made a good start to their innings.

Over 2: Martin 1lb-0-1-0-W-416-1 - WICKET! England lose their first as Chris Martin cramps Wright for room and has him caught by skipper McCullum diving to his right.

KP comes in and gets off the mark with a four tickled down to the vacant fine leg fence.

Over 1: Mills 1-1-0-0-4-410-0 - After a slow start to the match Mustard gets us going with back-to-back boundaries to finish the opening over from

MUSTARD AND WRIGHTEngland will open up with Phil Mustard and Luke Wright, with KP down to come in at three.

GOOD MORNING And welcome to skysports.com's over-by-over commentary from the first Twenty20 International . The news from the middle is that the home side have won the toss and will bowl first.

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