NZ v England; Fourth ODI commentary

Last updated: 20th February 2008  

THAT'S YOUR LOT Thank you very much for your company during an extraordinary day of international cricket, if you have recovered in time please join us again on Saturday for the fifth and final match in Christchurch.

WHAT A GAME! New Zealand look like they've just found a penny and lost a pound, there is no doubting the fact that they looked to be winning comfortably coming into the final furlong. England have escaped with a draw, meaning the series is still alive heading into the fifth and final match.

Over 50: Wright 1-1-2-1-W-1340-7

BALL SIX -There is a scrambled single off the final ball to level the scores, the game has finished in a tie, perhaps fittingly after both teams have given it their all in Napier. Ironically the last time England played an ODI here it too ended in a tie.

BALL FIVE -WICKET! England stay alive thanks to Anderson! He's knocked down the stumps from mid-off to catch How well short of his ground. It's two from the last for the Black Caps, what a finish to an amazing game of cricket.

BALL FOUR How hits it straight to KP at mid-wicket but gets away with it as the throw is just off target, and I mean just. Now it's two from two with Vettori on strike.

BALL THREE - How pumps a ball wide of long-on and his captain comes back for two. It's three from three.

BALL TWO - Vettori looks to whack the ball over mid-wicket but only gets an inside edge to short fine leg. The Kiwi duo scamper a single to make it five from four.

BALL ONE - Wright is full and straight, a good start, with How working it to mid-on to get one. It's six from five.

Over 49: Anderson 4-1-1-2-1-1334-6 - The Kiwi captain comes up big when his side need him, clubbing a length ball from Anderson over mid-wicket for a much-needed boundary. He should have been a goner coming back for a suicidal second off the fourth ball but somehow Mustard makes a mess of Sidebottom's wayward throw.

It all comes down to this - New Zealand need seven from the last over. It's Luke Wright who has been given the chance to make himself a hero. He's not bowled all day so he's something of a lamb to the slaughter here. Why no Dimi at the death?

Over 48: Sidebottom 1-0-1-1-1-2324-6 - Vettori scrambles back for two, although it needs a desperate dive to get in. Television replays suggest he may have been fortunate to be given not out as his bat seemed to bounce on the line and then be in mid air when the bails were taken off. As if we haven't had enough excitement already now it appears we could have a moment of controversy.

Over 47: Anderson 0-0-0-1-0-1318-6 - Anderson comes up trumps when his captain, and his country, needed him, conceding just two to leave the Kiwis needing 23 from the last three. Remember England still need to find another over from either Masarenhas, Shah or somebody else.

Over 46: Broad 1-2-4-W-0-1316-6 - WICKET! - This game is see-sawing each way now. New Zealand looked to be coasting when Oram hits six in two balls, bringing the required rate down to six an over. Yet the game changes in one delivery when the big all-rounder picks out KP at cover as he looked to get back-to-back boundaries.

Over 45: Col'wood 1-0-0-W-2-1w-1308-5 - WICKET! - Two Metre Peter isn't tall enough to get home before Pietersen's underarm throw from mid-on hits the stumps at the non-striker's end. It was a fine piece of fielding from KP and a much-needed wicket, with Fulton going without troubling the scorers.

It could have been an even better over for England but Mustard is unable to gather the ball and stump How down the leg side. No pun intended at this stage, but how big a miss could that be in terms of the final outcome?

Over 44: Sidebottom 4-0-1-W-1lb-1303-4 - WICKET! - How hits away Sidebottom's first ball back into the attack to take New Zealand up to 300. The last 100 runs have come in 76 deliveries, easily the quickest of the innings. However, there may still be a late twist as Styris holes out to long-on to go for 20. England are still alive and kicking, although only just.

Over 43: Col'wood 1-0-4-2-1-1296-3 - Styris, who hit 72 from 69 balls for his district side at the weekend, looks to be back in form, cheekily sweeping away Collingwood's medium pace to pick up a boundary in the over. The Black Caps now need 45 to win off 42 balls - it should be a walk in the park.

Over 42: Broad 1-0-4-1-0-1287-3 - Broad bowls a decent over but for a poor slower ball that allows Styris to pick up four runs. For the first time in the innings New Zealand are now below the original run rate they needed before a ball was bowled by England.

Over 41: Col'wood 0-2-6-1-1-1280-3 - The skipper comes back on but can't stop How, he thumps a short ball for six over backward square leg. There are cries of 'catch it!' from Mustard behind the stumps but the only person capable of taking that one is sitting about four rows back in the stand. England are dying a painful death here.

Over 40: Anderson 1-1-2-2-1-0269-3 - The crowd climbs off their feet to cheer Jamie How as he reaches his maiden ODI century. It has been an outstanding innings from the Kiwi number three when he must've been feeling under pressure following a lean run.

Over 39: Broad 1-0-1-1-0-4262-3 - England have been lifted by the wicket, Collingwood and Bell both saving crucial runs with good stops in the field. However, there's nothing either of them can do off the final ball of the over as Broad is eased through the covers by Styris for a four that makes it seven from the over.

Over 38: Anderson 0-4-W-1-1-0255-3 - WICKET! Captain Colly turns back to Anderson and the Burnley Express gets a wicket right on time, Taylor edging through to Mustard trying to hit a lavish drive that would have got him through to his half century. He's gone for 48 off just 47 deliveries.

Over 37: Shah 4-1w-1-1-1-1-1249-2 - Shah leaks 10 to help the Kiwis remain on track. I'm not sure if England are better off sticking with the part-timers or turning back to their frontline seamers, who have been just as expensive.

Over 36: Col'wood 1-2-1-0-1-2239-2 - How has now managed a new career best score in one-day international cricket. New Zealand need a further 102 runs to win with 84 balls left to be bowled.

Over 35: Shah 1-4-1-0-0-1232-2 - How gets four down the ground with no more than a chip back over the bowler's head. Shah launches an appeal for the wicket of Ross Taylor later in the over but no one is quite sure what he's asking the umpire for - an lbw decision? A catch behind the stumps? A bit of help in a crisis? Billy Bowden looks bemused and just shakes his head to say 'not out'.

Over 34: Col'wood 1-1-1-0-1-0225-2 - Just a word of warning, but New Zealand have managed four of the five highest run chases in ODI history, all of which were against Australia. And as a bit of an omen, the 350-9 they made in Hamilton last year happened to be on February 20.

Over 33: Shah 0-1-1-2-1-1221-2 - The requirement is now 120 from 102 balls, something the Kiwis will feel confident about doing with the likes of Styris and Oram still to come in. Which way do you reckon it's going? E-mail in your predictions.

Over 32: Col'wood 1-1-2-4-1-1215-2 - The 50 stand comes up in 43 balls as How whips away Collingwood just wide of the fielder at deep square leg for four more. 10 come in total from the over and the Kiwis are favourites, they are amazingly 29 runs ahead of what England were at the same stage of their innings.

Over 31: Shah 1-1-2-4-0-1205-2 - New Zealand's 200 is up. The last 50 runs has been the second quickest of the innings, coming off 43 balls. The first half century was four balls quicker.

DRINKS are summoned on by umpire Billy Bowden with this game set up for a cracking finish. Right now New Zealand are the team on a roll and with plenty of wickets still in the hutch.

Over 30: Broad 4-0-1w-0-6-0-4196-2 - Broad returns and gets spannered for 15, including a slog of a six from Taylor that goes way over the short boundary on the leg side. The young bowler doesn't help himself either with two wide long hops outside off stump that get put away to the boundary.

Over 29: Shah 0-1w-2-0-0-1-0181-2 - Shah has become England's most reliable bowler, except for the occasional wide. Not only has he picked up a key wicket in McCullum he's also only gone for 14 in three overs.

Over 28: Sidebottom 0-1-1-1-4-0177-2 - How gets a lucky escape when a pull shot whizzes through the hands of Jimmy Anderson at mid-wicket. The end result is four runs to New Zealand as seven come from the over.

Over 27: Shah 1-2-1-1-0-1170-2 - New Zealand need a further 171 runs from 138 balls. I get the feeling we could be in for a tight finish, England don't like to win games any other way.

Over 26: Sidebottom 0-1-0-0-0-0164-2 - With that much-needed wicket Colly turns back to one of his frontline seamers in the form of Ryan Sidebottom. The left-armer responds with an excellent comeback over that goes for just one run.

Over 25: Shah 1-1w-0-W-1-0-1163-2 - WICKET! - The decision to slow it right down with some spin from Owais Shah has worked a treat. The part-timer tempts McCullum to drag his back foot out of his crease and Mustard does the rest, completing a smart stumping as the batsmen has his foot in the air when the bails are taken off.

Over 24: Col'wood 0-6-6-0-1-0159-1 - Wow How! Consecutive sixes off of Collingwood take New Zealand's number three through to his half century at quicker than a-run-a-ball rate. It's a much-needed knock both for the team and for How himself after a lean time of it in the one-day series so far.

Over 23: Masc'has 1-1-4-2-1-1146-1 - Oh dear, Dimi's suffering de ja vu here as How slaps him wide of extra cover for a four in an over that sees 10 come from it. England are in need of a wicket here with New Zealand well placed to launch an onslaught in the part-time bowlers.

Over 22: Col'wood 1-1-0-1-0-0136-1 - New Zealand need another 204 runs from 28 overs.

Over 21: Masc'has 1-1-0-1-1-1133-1 - Dimi, who was given some long handle in the win in Auckland last week, concedes five singles and now the run rate required is up to 7.17.

Over 20: Col'wood 0-1-0-0-0-0128-1 - Captain Colly concedes just a single in his second over, the last of the power plays. Mascarenhas is now going to come on at the other end, remember England do not have a frontline spinner to call upon in this innings after leaving out both Graeme Swann and James Tredwell.

Over 19: Broad 4-1-0-1-1-1127-1 - How carts away a short ball through mid-wicket to bring up the 50 partnership for the second wicket. It's come in good time too, off only 48 balls. McCullum goes through to 50 in the same over, his 11th in ODI's that has included six fours and a six.

Over 18: Col'wood 1-0-1-1-0-0119-1 - Skipper Collingwood decides that if you can't get someone to do the job for you then go ahead and do it yourself. He shows the rest how it should be done too, conceding just three singles in his first over.

Over 17: Broad 1-1-4-1-0-1w-0116-1 - Another eight from the over keeps New Zealand on course in this mammoth run chase. Anybody still out there reading? Send in an e-mail to let me know where and why. All correspondence greatly appreciated.

Over 16: Anderson 1w-0-1-1-4-4-0108-1 - England have decided to go straight into the third and final power play of the New Zealand innings. Skipper Collingwood may wished he'd not bothered after Anderson goes for another 11 runs, four of which come off a rank bad full toss drifting onto McCullum's pads.

Over 15: Broad 4-0-1-4-1-097-1 - How and McCullum both pick up boundaries in the final over of the second power play. New Zealand are certainly not going down without a fight here.

It's time for some DRINKS here in Hawkes Bay, the bowlers may need some headache tablets to go with their liquid refreshment as this pitch continues to be full of runs.

Over 14: Anderson 1-4-0-0-1-087-1 - Anderson returns and concedes six in his fifth over, a markedly better effort than his first four which went for 44. How helps himself to a four through mid-wicket but not even that boundary can stop the required run rate going above seven an over.

Over 13: Broad 0-1-0-4w-1w-1-0-081-1 - Broad's radar goes a bit wonky, particularly when he sends down an attempted bouncer to McCullum that goes so high poor Mustard behind the stumps has no chance of getting hold of it.

Over 12: Sidebottom 1-0-0-1-0-073-1 - The pace has significantly dropped now Ryder has gone, with the more conservative Jamie How not able to keep the momentum going when coming in at number three. Perhaps the Kiwis need to bump Jacob Oram up the order before he's left with too much to do at the death.

Over 11: Broad W-1-0-0-0-071-1 - WICKET! - Anderson may have bowled poorly but he's gone some way to making up for his dire opening spell with a cracking catch to get rid of the dangerous Ryder.

A slower ball is hit high out to deep mid-wicket by the left-hander and the Lancastrian making excellent ground before sliding on his knees to take the ball before it hits the turf. What made it even harder was the fact that two other England fielders were converging on him.

Over 10: Sidebottom 0-1-4-4-0-070-0 - McCullum comes back to life, hitting back-to-back boundaries off Sidebottom, one past short fine leg and the other through the covers, to help New Zealand finish the end of the first power play on 70 without loss.

Over 9: Broad 0-1-0-1-1-061-0 - Anderson is taken off after four awful overs. Does anyone know what has happened to the bowler who did so well in Auckland? It certainly wasn't the same Anderson we've seen here so far. Broad replaces him and concedes just three runs in his opening over.

Over 8: Sidebottom 0-0-0-0-1-158-0 - Ken is in China reading on. I can tell you that McCullum has gone completely into his shell since his injury, barely managing to get a bat on Sidebottom except for when the two collide in the middle of the pitch midway through a quick single.

Over 7: Anderson 1-6-4-0-0-656-0 - Dave is logging on while aboard the QE2 to keep updated on the action from Hawkes Bay. Ironically the boat is fast approaching New Zealand, which means it might see the six that Ryder has just hit off Anderson. His lofty blow over mid-on was a home run in any ball park.

A four off the following delivery, all along the carpet through the covers, brings up New Zealand's half century and the over ends with a straight six down the ground. It's game on now, with Anderson going around the park in every direction.

Over 6: Sidebottom 0-0-1-1-0-139-0 - McCullum is clearly in some trouble, he has gone into his shell a little bit and shakes his head after attempting to flick one ball away on the leg side. Not only is his injury a worry for New Zealand's run chase it is also concerning with the Test series not too far away.

Over 5: Anderson 3-2-6-1-4-036-0 - McCullum bashes away a short ball with an outrageous upper cut that sees him lean so far back his upper body is nearly horizontal to the pitch. The bowler gets his revenge, though, striking the Kiwi a painful blow on the gloves that requires some treatment from the physio.

Over 4: Sidebottom 0-0-0-0-1-1w-420-0 - While his opening partner is testing the middle of the pitch Sidebottom is giving it a chance to swing by pitching it right up to both batsmen. It works for the most part until McCullum gets a streaky inside edge that bounces into the turf and over the head of the fine leg inside the 30 metre circle.

Over 3: Anderson 1w-1-3-0-0-0-014-0 - Anderson is keen to bang it in short, particularly to McCullum, who he got out with a good bouncer in Auckland that the wicketkeeper-batsman gloved in the air to second slip. McCullum swings and misses at three deliveries, he's not helping himself out much by batting about a yard out of his crease.

Over 2: Sidebottom 1-0-0-0-0-29-0 - Expect plenty of vocal support for Ryder who went to Napier Boys High School as a young 'un. Apparently he was a little more svelte back then and a stand-out performer at that level.

Over 1: Anderson 0-0-4-0-1-16-0 - Only twice before has a score of 340 or more been successfully chased in one-day international cricket. New Zealand get off to a decent start with six off the first over, local boy Ryder getting four of them with a flick off his hips over the head of the short fine leg.

RUN CHASE It's time for the second innings to get underway, with New Zealand needing the small matter of 341 to win at 6.82 an over.

APOLOGIES Those of you who wondered what had happened to over 36 can rest easy, it has now been found and put in its rightful place. I can only suggest that while seeing England do so well I must've passed out in complete surprise. Sincerest apologies.

BREAK New Zealand now have a much-needed break before they start their run chase, they will be casting their mind back to Hamilton last year when they knocked off 350 against Australia.

Over 50: Mills 0-1lb-4b-2-2-W340-6 - WICKET! - Wright is well caught by Peter Fulton out at long-on off the last ball, though the Kiwis aren't celebrating. England have finished with 340-6, Collingwood finishing unbeaten on 54 from 30 balls, with Wright dismissed for 24 off only 13.

Over 49: Mills 1-1-1-4-1-1331-5 - Mills finishes having bowled nine overs and conceded 52, pretty respectable figures considering the carnage that has been going on. This is now England's highest ever ODI total against the Black Caps.

Over 48: Martin 6-1-1-6-1-4322-5 - Collingwood helps himself to two more legside sixes hitting into the short boundary. His 50 has come up in just 24 deliveries and has included six maximums.

This is now the first time five England batsmen have scored 40 or more in a one-day international. It is only the 10th time is has ever happened in limited overs cricket.

Over 47: Mills 0-1-6-1-1-2303-5 - Wright shows he is the right man to be in now, slapping a rather foolish slower ball from Mills back over the bowler's head for six. England have now passed 300 with the last 100 runs coming in just 68 balls.

Over 46: Vettori 6-1-2-W-0-1292-5 - WICKET! - Shah surreders his wicket for the team, hitting Vettori high into the breeze for Peter Fulton to pouch out at long-on. It's Wright in at seven, but is it right to be Wright? Shouldn't Dimi be in and swinging from the hip right now?

Over 45: Oram 0-1-1-1-1-0282-4 - Perhaps a little surprisingly England have stuck with Owais Shah at six rather than move Luke Wright or Dimitri Mascarenhas up the order in the closing overs.

Over 44: Vettori 1-6-0-1-W-1278-4 - WICKET! KP brings up his 50 off just 46 balls; it's his 18th in one-day internationals and has included four fours and a six. He doesn't make many more, though, his attempts to smack Vettori off Hawkes Bay only ending up with him being bowled.

However, Collingwood does manage a big blow in the over, pumping his opposite number several rows back with a pull shot.

Over 43: Oram 1-1-2-1-2-1w-1269-3 - England must now have desires for 340, maybe even of surpassing Australia's record total at this ground of 341. Even without finding a boundary they still manage to pick up nine from Oram's latest over.

Over 42: O'Brien 0-1-6-6-1-4260-3 - This is more like it from Collingwood! He blasts O'Brien for two big sixes, flicking two full-of-a-length deliveries over backward square leg with ease. The second hits the roof of the stand as 18 come from O'Brien's over. This has been a debut to forget for the seamer.

Over 41: Oram 0-1-0-0-1-1242-3 - After seeing his team-mates make the most of batting on an absolute road, skipper Collingwood comes out and makes it look like a minefield, playing and missing at one Oram delivery and then getting a thick edge to gully to the next after being completely squared up.

Over 40: O'Brien W-0-0-6-1-0239-3 - WICKET! - O-Brien's first ball back sees the end of Bell, who gets underneath an attempted hook and only helps it out to deep square leg where Kyle Mills takes a good catch.

Pietersen shows his colleague how it should be done, swiveling on his back foot and depositing a bumper into the seats.

Over 39: Oram 1-0-4-1-0-2232-2 - Oram comes back on but concedes eight, Bell hitting the one boundary in the over when he comes down the wicket and still manages to bang away a short ball in front of square on the leg side. I wonder if Daniel Vettori is wondering if he can choose again after winning the toss.

Over 38: Vettori 1-0-4-0-1-1224-2 - These two sure like batting together. This is the 27th time they have batted together and on 13 occasions they have added 50 or more. They are possibly the best partnership England has seen since Morecambe and Wise.

Over 37: Styris 4-1-0-1-4-1217-2 - The 50 stand comes up, off just 55 balls, with a cracking sweep by KP off Styris. Pietersen also finishes the over with a flourish, slapping the fifth ball over the top of mid-wicket after coming charging down the pitch.

Over 36: Vettori 1-1-4-1-1-0206-2 - England's 200 comes up in the 36th over. The last 50 runs has come up in 65 balls. The second half century was the quickest of the four, needing just 38.

Over 35: Styris 0-1-0-1-1-1198-2 - England manage four singles, one of which comes courtesy of a good sharp call from Bell to sneak one to mid-off inside the circle. It's fair to say England's running has not been good in this series, it's mainly consisted of three calls; 'Yes', 'No' and 'Sorry'.

Over 34: Mills 0-2-1-1-0-0194-2 - Bell gets lucky when a lofted drive comes off the bottom of his bat and lands safely short of long-on. We're going to have some drinks and a change of ball here, so how about a stat to keep you going during the break? Did you know the last time England picked two wicketkeepers without a Test cap for a tour was also to New Zealand, way back in 1929-30.

Over 33: Styris 0-0-1-1-1-1190-2 - Styris is on with his mixture of slower balls and off-cutters, conceding just four singles. He has the very respectable figures of four overs for 15, far better than some of those above him in the list who just bowl for a living.

Over 32: Mills 0-0-1-0-1-1186-2 - Mills concedes three in the final over of the third power play. Please e-mail in via the FEEDBACK section to let me know why you are tuning into this commentary, wherever you are in the world.

Over 31: Ryder 4-1-3-0-1-2183-2 - It may be a case of one over too many from Ryder, who concedes 11. Pietersen starts the over with an audacious flick from outside off stump through the mid-wicket region for four. With wickets in hand England should look to press on, 320 is a real possibility.

Over 30: Martin 2-4-0-4-0-2172-2 - With the field in Bell gets full value for two cracking front foot drives. Martin concedes 12 from the over.

Over 29: Ryder 0-0-1-1-0-0160-2 - KP keeps out the hat-trick delivery, England can ill-afford to let the momentum ebb away with some tight overs in the middle of the innings, they are still the team firmly in the ascendcy.

Over 28: Martin 0-0-0-0-0-0158-2 - Mills comes back on and bowls a maiden to Bell. How the game has suddenly changed in the space of six balls of the most medium pace you can find. And Ryder is staying on to have a go for a hat-trick in the powerplay overs. The local boy has certainly got the crowd fired up.

FINAL POWERPLAY New Zealand captain Vettori has pretty much raced up to umpire Asad Rauf to tell him he'll now take the third power play. His decision to wait looks like it might have paid off.

Over 27: Ryder 1-0-0-0-W-W158-2 - WICKET! - Jesse Ryder comes on and strikes in his first over. Mustard can't resist the gentle medium pace, having two swipes that fail to get out of the inner circle before whacking one straight to Jacob Oram's hands at long-on. The wicketkeeper-batsman is gone for an excellent 81 made in just 74 deliveries.

WICKET! - It's two in two for Ryder! After seeing his opening partner go to the previous ball Cook is clean bowled through the gate to go for 69. What an amazing over and now England have two fresh batsmen at the crease.

Over 27: Ryder 1-0-0-0-W-0158-1 - WICKET! - Jesse 'Easy' Ryder comes on and strikes in his first over. Mustard can't resist the gentle medium pace, having two swipes that fail to get out of the inner circle before whacking one straight to Jacob Oram's hands at long-on. The wicketkeeper-batsman is gone for an excellent 81 made in just 74 deliveries.

Over 26: Styris 1-1-0-0-1-0157-0 - In case you are already wondering, England's record first-wicket stand in ODI cricket is exactly 200, put on by Marcus Trescothick and Vikram Solanki against South Africa in 2003.

Over 25: Vettori 1-6-0-1w-2-1-1154-0 - A wide brings up England's 150 after Mustard thumps the New Zealand skipper over the head of long-on for his second maximum of the day. After not conceding a boundary in Auckland, Vettori is coming in for some rough treatment today.

Over 24: Styris 0-2-1-1-0-1142-0 - England could well have their eyes set on a new highest ODI score at Napier, which is currently held by Australia at 347-5.

Over 23: Vettori 0-0-4-0-1-4137-0 - Cook drags a flighted ball pitching outside off stump over the head of mid-wicket for four more runs, a feat Mustard matches with a reverse sweep that leaves the bowler chuntering.

This partnership has been outstanding, though they have some way to go to beat the record opening stand in Napier. Sri Lankan duo Upul Tharanga and Sanath Jayasuriya put on 201.

Over 22: Styris 0-0-0-1-1-1128-0 - Scott Styris is the latest cab of the rank for the Black Caps. Remember England still have five power play overs to go in this innings.

Over 21: Vettori 1-0-1-1-0-1125-0 - Even Vettori seems to be bowling too short, the Kiwi skipper is perhaps thinking too much about his team's predicament, at the moment they look devoid of ideas of how to break this opening stand.

Over 20: O'Brien 1-1w-0-6-1-4-0121-0 - Mustard treats us to the first six of the day, backing away to leg to give himself space to upper cut a half tracker over cover and all the way into the advertising boards. Cook gets through to 50, his third in one-day internationals. It comes up with his seventh four - a lovely back-foot drive past cover.

Over 19: Vettori 0-1-0-1-0-1108-0 - Mustard can't resist against the spinner, coming down the wicket and lobbing one over the head of mid-wicket that bounces once before reaching the fielder out in the deep.

Over 18: O'Brien 1-3-1-0-0-0105-0 - O'Brien has been too short of length so far in this spell, allowing England to pick up easy runs on the leg side.

Has Mustard's innings here put him in contention for a place in the Test team? Interested to hear your thoughts on who should be behind the stumps in the longer form of the game.

Over 17: Vettori 1-0-1-1-1lb-1100-0 - Vettori is on and with only four men inside the 30-metre circle. The defensive field allows England to reach three figures in the final over before drinks. These two openers deserve a glass of something bubbly after such a great beginning to the innings.

Over 16: O'Brien 0-4-1-4-0-195-0 - Mustard cleverly steers a short ball right where second slip would have been to get four more and reach his maiden ODI half-century. It's come off 46 balls and included 10 fours.

Over 15: Oram 4-0-0-0-0-085-0 - Cook picks up four more with a well-timed flick down past the short fine leg - we've now come to the end of power play number two and Kiwi skipper Daniel Vettori has decided to hold fire with the last one, perhaps an indication that he'll be coming on shortly.

Over 14: O'Brien 0-0-1-4-0-181-0 - Iain O-Brien comes on for the Black Caps, this is his one-day international debut. This is not the best situation to be making your first appearance and he leaks six off his first over including a cut from Cook that is too quick for the fielder at third man to cut off.

Over 13: Oram 0-0-4-3-1-075-0 - Cook gets in on the fun, hitting Oram away through backward point for four more and then picking up three off the next ball with a classical cover drive. England couldn't have asked for a better start after being put into bat - feel free to send in your predictions on how many they will end up with.

Over 12: Martin 1w-4-0-4-1w-2-4-067-0 - Martin comes in for some stick, conceding 16 off his sixth over. Mustard is the man doing the damage, hitting three fours including one beautiful aerial drive over mid-off that nearly goes all the way.

Over 11: Oram 0-1-1-4-0-151-0 - Mustard brings up the 50 stand for the first wicket with by clubbing an off-cutter straight down the ground off Jacob Oram, who is bowling the first over of the second power play. The half-century partnership has come up in 64 balls.

POWER PLAY1 That's the end of the first 10 overs and England will be the happier of the two sides. The Kiwis have been uncharacteristically flat, as display by McCullum's shocking drop off Cook.

Over 10: Martin 0-1-0-1-0-044-0 - Martin's feeling the pain after foolishly putting his boot in the way of a whack down the ground from Mustard. The seamer is now looking like he regretted his actions, though don't ever pick him on your five-a-side football team, it looks like he couldn't trap a bag of sand.

Over 9: Mills 0-1-1-0-4-142-0 - Cook flicks away a short ball that scoots across the fast outfield to the boundary, just beating the dive from the man running around from deep mid-wicket. England have made an excellent start, laying the platform for their powerful middle order.

Over 8: Martin 0-0-0-0-0-035-0 - Martin steadies the Kiwi ship with a maiden to Mustard. Bumble and Beefy on commentary reckon that England will need 280 on this surface.

Over 7: Mills 0-4-1-0-1-035-0 - Cook appears intent on making the most of the reprieve, this time making sure he gets forward to drive a full ball straight through the man at short cover for his first four of the match.

Over 6: Martin 0-0-0-0-0-329-0 - McCullum has just put down a sitter to give Cook a let-off. Perhaps he was thinking too much about the draft later on today for the Indian Premier League. Any Indian side watching may have just decided to lower their bid.

It was such a straightforward edge that the 'keeper inexplicably grassed just as his team-mates were starting to celebrate. Martin looks less than impressed.

Over 5: Mills 0-0-4-0-0-426-0 - Mustard is on fire - his ability on the short ball means Vettori has bought up fine leg to drop a man out for the hook and, as always, the next ball is flicked fine for four where the fielder had just moved from. The Durham man adds a second boundary off the front foot with a crunching cover drive.

Over 4: Martin 4-0-4-1-0-018-0 - Just as he has done throughout this series, Mustard looks in good touch. The problem has been he's too often got a good start and then got himself out. Martin gets hit for two boundaries in this over, both through the offside and both between extra cover and point.

Over 3: Mills 0-0-0-0-0-09-0 - A maiden from Mills that includes a risky leave from Cook that sees the ball only just miss the top of his off bail. There is certainly a bit of early life in this pitch.

Over 2: Martin 0-1-4-0-0-09-0 - Mustard gets England's first boundary with a well-timed pull shot that just gets past the despairing dive of square leg Jesse Ryder, who has been passed fit to play in this match after injuring his ankle in Auckland.

Over 1: Mills 1w-0-0-1-0-0-24-0 - England, who have managed just the seven run outs so far in this series, nearly add to their collection in the very first over, Alastair Cook taking a decidedly risky single to cover to get off the mark.

The pitch looks true and the new ball should do a bit, apparently Kyle Mills was getting it to swing like a boomerang in practice.

TOSS New Zealand skipper Daniel Vettori got the option at the toss and decided to put England into bat, hardly a difficult decision since the side batting second has won all four games so far in this series.

TEAM NEWS No shock to hear that England have decided to stick with the same XI that kept the series alive in Auckland last week. New Zealand, who can clinch the series with victory today, have included seam bowler Iain O'Brien in place of all-rounder Paul Hitchcock.

Good Eveningand welcome to's over-by-over commentary on the fourth match of the one-day series between England and New Zealand.

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