3rd Test, Day 5: Ind v Aus

Last updated: 18th March 2013  

Result India have timed their chase well and end this Test with a six wicket victory. There have been a few promising performances by individuals in the Australian team, but in these conditions, the team is just not as strong as the Indian unit. India take a 3-0 lead in the four match series with one still to be played. All that Australia have to play for in the last match is pride, and they may be an even weaker side than they are now with their leading batsman suffering from a back injury. India will be delighted with the series win, but they will feel that the job is not done quite yet. They suffered a 4-0 whitewash recently in Australia and they will be looking to return the favour in the fourth and final Test which will be played at Dehli.

Over 34 - Ind 136/4 (Dhoni 18, Jadeja 8) Jadeja's attitude has rubbed off on Dhoni who hits a tired Starc for censecutive fours. Dhoni hits the winning runs with a pull over square-leg for four. India win by 6 wickets.

Over 33 - Ind 124/4 (Dhoni 6, Jadeja 8) WICKET. Tendulkar is run out by Warner and India still require another 17 runs for victory. Siddle now has the new man, Jadeja in his sights. The Victorian quick looks like he is enjoying every second of this contest. Jadeja goes over mid-off and collects four runs off just his second delivery faced. Jadeja stands tall and flat bats another four straight down the ground. He has just broken the back of what was becoming a tight chase.

Over 32 - Ind 116/3 (Dhoni 6, Tendulkar 21) Starc continues as the two big quicks from Australia are putting in a huge effort. Tendulkar finds himself on strike for the first time in a while and cracks a boundary straight down the ground. The momentum is just starting to shift back India's way.

Over 31 - Ind 111/3 (Dhoni 6, Tendulkar 16) Siddle is charged by Tendulkar, as both batsmen are now showing the intent needed to chase down the target. Dhoni is really struggling as he is getting stuck on strike and is finding it difficult to even make contact. The atmosphere is starting to get tense and it seems that something has to give. Dhoni finaly lays bat on ball and collect two runs to end the over.

Over 30 - Ind 108/3 (Dhoni 4, Tendulkar 15) Starc is bowling well but it doesnt look like he has enough gas left in the tant to bowl out the rest of the overs from this end. Dhoni is starting to feel the squeeze as he is moving around the crease in an attempt to create a run scoring opportunity.

Over 29 - Ind 106/3 (Dhoni 2, Tendulkar 15) Siddle is really getting the ball to talk and is making life difficult for the batsmen. He will fight as hard as he can for the remaining seven and a bit overs. India will have to go out and win this Test because it is not being given to them.

Over 28 - Ind 105/3 (Dhoni 1, Tendulkar 15) Starc is now also getting the ball to reverse swing. Tendulkar plays a streaky shot down to third-man and gets off strike. It would not be surprising to see Dhoni attack and end this game as soon as possible.

Over 27 - Ind 103/3 (Dhoni 0, Tendulkar 14) Siddle is brought back into the attack in place of Lyon. There is reverse swing straight away and a big lbw shout is turned down by the umpire. WICKET. Kholi flicks the ball into the leg-side with the swing and i caught at short mid-wicket. Dhoni is the new man at the crease.

Over 26 - Ind 103/2 (Kholi 34, Tendulkar 14) Kholi finally beats the ring of cover fielders as he hits a Starc delivery at the top of its bounce for four runs. The Indian's require just another 30 runs to win this Test.

Over 25 - Ind 98/2 (Kholi 29, Tendulkar 14) Lyon drops short and is flat batted through wide long-on for four. That poor delivery has just release the little bit of pressure that a few good overs had started to build.

Over 24 - Ind 92/2 (Kholi 24, Tendulkar 13) Starc is hitting the pitch hard, but the ball is dying as it hits the surface. The slow nature of the pitch is making it difficult for stroke making. The batsmen seem to be in control of the required rate and look unphased by the recent string of dot balls.

Over 23 - Ind 92/2 (Kholi 24, Tendulkar 13) Lyon is given another over and is worked into space expertly by the Indian batsmen. Lyon completes a far more consistent over and as a result only leaks three runs.

Over 22 - Ind 89/2 (Kholi 23, Tendulkar 11) The final hour of the Test has started and thus India have a minimum of 15 overs to scored the 45 runs they require for victory. Starc is back into the attack after the spinners have been put to the sword. Starc starts his new spell well, going for just one run off the over.

Over 21 - Ind 88/2 (Kholi 22, Tendulkar 11) Tendulkar has looked aggressive from the moment he walked to the middle. The prospect of winning a Test against Australia gets even the most experienced player's blood pumping. The little master gets down on one knee and paddles Lyon through leg slip for a boundary. Lyon is then lofted over the top for another two runs. Tendulkar wants to end this contest in a hurry.

Over 20 - Ind 80/2 (Kholi 21, Tendulkar 4) The arrival of Tendulkar at the crease has raised the intent of the batsmen. Kholi takes the risk and hits Doherty for four through mid-wicket out of the rough. Another two runs ends the over which the batsmen will be happy with as they are on track to chase the runs down.

Over 19 - Ind 74/2 (Kholi 15, Tendulkar 4) WICKET. Lyon has been brought into the attack and has struck immediately. Pujara misses a straight one and it out lbw. Tendulkar comes to the crease and the crowd would love nothing more than seeing the little master hit the winning runs. Sachin is off the mark straight away with two runs behind point.

Over 18 - Ind 70/1 (Kholi 15, Pujara 28) Doherty continues with the negative line around the wicket. If the batsmen want to score, they are going to have to take a risk and play out of the rough. For now, the batsmen are not willing to take a risk and are happy to defend. Doherty finally misses his line and length, allowing the batsman to free his arms. Kholi picks up four runs through point.

Over 17 - Ind 66/1 (Kholi 11, Pujara 28) Starc is coming back into the attack as Siddle takes a well deserved rest. The Australian's will keep at least one quick bowler going until the last hour is called because the long run-ups that the quick bowlers take, will allow Australia to bowl fewer overs and therefore apply pressure via the run rate that India need to score at to will the match. Its a very clever ploy by Clarke, as a draw is probably as good as it could get for his team. The over is ended with a wonderful drive for four by Pujara.

Over 16 - Ind 61/1 (Kholi 10, Pujara 24) Doherty is coming over the wicket to the right handed batsmen now. He is aiming for the foot marks outside the off-stump. It's quite a negative line and it is very difficult for the batsmen to score out of the rough.

Over 15 - Ind 61/1 (Kholi 10, Pujara 24) Siddle continues to give all the energy he has in the last session of this Test match. He will bowl until he can not phisically bowl anymore for his side. The bowler is refusing to lie down and is making both batsmen work very hard for every run. Pujara manufactures a drive on the up and collects another four runs. He looks in very good form.

Over 14 - Ind 55/1 (Kholi 9, Pujara 19) Pujara works Doherty through square-leg for a single to bring up the 50 for India. Kholi plays another text book drive with the spin of the left-arm orthodox bowler and picks up a boundary before stealing the strike with a single off the last ball of the over.

Over 13 - Ind 49/1 (Kholi 4, Pujara 18) Siddle is in the line of fire as Pujara straight drives a full delivery into the bowler's leg. Australia need to consistenly pick up wickets in order to keep their spirits up. If a partnership puts on 30 or 40 runs, the heads of the fielders might just drop as they stare defeat in the face.

Over 12 - Ind 48/1 (Kholi 4, Pujara 17) Doherty is tossing the ball up, asking the batsmen to drive. Kholi accepts the invitation and gets off the mark with an off-drive for four.

Over 11 - Ind 43/1 (Kholi 0, Pujara 16) The wicket has spurred the Australians on, as some superb fielding stops a certain boundary and almost causes some confusion in the running between the wickets. A second tight over in a row goes by as India consolidate after the loss of their first wicket.

Over 10 - Ind 42/1 (Kholi 0, Pujara 15) WICKET. Doherty has Vijay stumped as the batsmen came down the wicket and looked to go over extra cover. Kholi is the new man to the crease. Kholi starts watchfully as the wicket maiden is completed. Hopefully India continue to attack even if a few wickets fall because if they decide to accept a draw then this could turn into a rather dull final session.

Over 9 - Ind 42/0 (Vijay 26, Pujara 15) Vijay starts the Siddle over with a crisp stroke through mid-wicket for four. Pujara takes strike and shows that he can also play through the leg-side as another boundary see's the scoring rate increases.

Over 8 - Ind 33/0 (Vijay 21, Pujara 11) Doherty delivers the first over after lunch. He is worked for singles at will, like the middle overs of an ODI. India now require 100 runs to win. The final ball of the over catches the inside edge, hits the pad and is caught at slip. The umpire however is unmoved. A lucky escape for Pujara.

Tea Tea has been called on the final day of the third Test. India will have between 28 and 30 overs in the final session to score the 103 runs they require for victory. If the first seven overs of the innings can be used as a yard stick, then the Indian's should be able to chase down the runs without too much hassle. Australia will need some quick wickets after the break in order to cause some nerves in the Indian camp. It appears that India will complete a comfortable win in the final session, but we will have to see if a strange result can get thrown up again by this game that is famous for being so unpredictable.

Over 7 - Ind 30/0 (Vijay 19, Pujara 10) Siddle is giving nothing away as he has found a good line and length. Pujara is solid though and in no rush as he waits for a slightly short delivery that he eases through point for four.

Over 6 - Ind 26/0 (Vijay 19, Pujara 6) Lyon's over was used to change ends for the quicks. Starc is back into the attack and will look for more swing from this end. Vijay slashes a wide delivery over point for another boundary. the opening batsman is in a hurry to knock of the runs required.

Over 5 - Ind 21/0 (Vijay 15, Pujara 6) Siddle has changed ends and is back at the batsmen. Vijay confidently plays out a tight over with the ball seemingly attracted to the middle of his broad bat.

Over 4 - Ind 20/0 (Vijay 14, Pujara 6) Australia are deviating from their traditional strength of fast bowling as off-spin is introduced into the attack. Lyon may be used just for one over to switch ends for the quicks. Six runs are easily taken from Lyon's first over as the gulf in class of the two teams spinners is made clear.

Over 3 - Ind 14/0 (Vijay 13, Pujara 1) Starc bowls to Vijay who looks like a million dollars after two hundreds in the last two Tests. Starc has dragged his length back in his second over which allows variable bounce to come into play but doesnt allow the ball as much time to swing. Striving for the swing, he pitches full and is dispatched through straight mid-wicket for a boundary.

Over 2 - Ind 10/0 (Vijay 9, Pujara 1) Siddle shares the new ball. He is a very competitive character and will make India work hard for every run. Siddle starts with a maiden.

Over 1 - Ind 10/0 (Vijay 9, Pujara 1) Starc is given the new ball and he will be nice and warm after his impressive innings. There is swing immediately, but it swings into the middle of Vijay's bat and races throughs quare-leg for four. India's chase is under way with 10 off the first over.

End of innings Australia have managed to compile a lead of 132. India will need to score 133 runs this afternoon to win the Test match and take a 3-0 lead in the four match series.

Over 90 - Aus 223/10 (Starc 35,Doherty 18) WICKET. Jadeja has made the breakthrough. Starc is caught by one of the vultures around the bat.

Over 89 - Aus 223/9 (Starc 35,Doherty 18) Ashwin beats Starc's outside edge with some vicious turn, but this last wicket partnership continues to grind out time and runs.

Over 88 - Aus 222/9 (Starc 34,Doherty 18) Doherty reaches his highest Test score with a lofted drive down the ground for four. The lead is now 131.

Over 87 - Aus 218/9 (Starc 34,Doherty 14) Ashwin tries something different by throwing it up and attempting to bowl the batsman behind his legs. Starc responds by playing against the spin through mid-wicket for four.

Over 86 - Aus 214/9 (Starc 30,Doherty 14) Jadeja is getting a chance to finish off the innings, so the pace bowlers have been removed in a hurry by Dhoni. Starc keeps the score ticketing over with a push into the covers for two.

Over 85 - Aus 211/9 (Starc 27,Doherty 14) Spin has been called on once again as Ashwin gets a chance to extract some bounce with this new, hard ball. Doherty, growing in stature, plays out the maiden.

Over 84 - Aus 211/9 (Starc 27,Doherty 14) Starc's confidence in Doherty is growing rapidly as he is now taking singles of the first ball of the Kumar over. Doherty repays this faith by cracking a cut for four more runs. The indians might just start to be getting a little worried about this growing lead.

Over 83 - Aus 205/9 (Starc 26,Doherty 10) Sharma shares the new ball and immediately gives Starc a single so that he can attack Doherty for the next five deliveries. The number 11 plays a lovely cover drive and the resulting boundary brings up the 200 for Australia. The lead has now swelled to 112.

Over 82 - Aus 198/9 (Starc 25,Doherty 4) The new ball is taken and as expected, Kumar is back into the attack. He is used as a new ball specialist by Dhoni and will be looking to snare his fourth wicket of the innings. The first signs of conventional swing is deal with rather easily by the batsmen who look more confident against the pace bowler.

Over 81 - Aus 197/9 (Starc 24,Doherty 4) The new ball has not been taken as Ashwin continues with what is now a very tired and ragged looking ball. Doherty manages to survive another over and is doing a good job of keeping Starc company in the middle.

Over 80 - Aus 196/9 (Starc 23,Doherty 4) The new ball will be available after this Tendulkar over. If the batsmen survive Sachin's all-sorts, then Kumar might get his first bowl of the day.

Over 79 - Aus 195/9 (Starc 22,Doherty 4) Ashwin bowls to a very assured looking Starc. After four deliveries Starc takes the single as he is successfully farming the bowling in this final partnership of the innings.

Over 78 - Aus 194/9 (Starc 21,Doherty 4) Tendulkar is into the attack and the reasonably small crown gives an almighty cheer. This is a ploy from Dhoni to buy a wicket as he feels that they will not be able to resist attack the little master.

Over 77 - Aus 193/9 (Starc 20,Doherty 4) Ashwin has changed ends and is giving the ball plenty of air. The tail enders usually cant resist having a dip at a spinner who gives the ball a little flight.

) Jadeja is now into the attack as Dhoni is trying everything to capture this last wicket. Another over is negotiated by the Australians as they are starting to frustrate India.

Over 75 - Aus 191/9 (Starc 18,Doherty 4) The Sharma experiment lasted just one over and now Ojha is back into the attack. The over yields just a single.

Over 74 - Aus 190/9 (Starc 17,Doherty 4) Ashwin continues to Starc who is looking every bit a batsman. If Australia can turn him into a regular all-rounder then it will allow them to field a more balanced team. Doherty edges the ball between the two slips and is off the mark with a boundary.

Over 73 - Aus 183/9 (Starc 14,Doherty 0) Sharma is back into the attack to try and clean up the innings. Starc is beaten outside the off-stump as the ball is starting to reverse consistantly. It may be worth Starc trying to attack the bowlers and to score a few runs before Doherty is dismissed.

Over 72 - Aus 179/9 (Starc 11,Doherty 0) WICKET. Ashwin traps Haddin lbw with his delivery that pitches in line with the stumps and just straightens. Doherty is the new batsmen for Australia.

Over 71 - Aus 179/8 (Starc 11,Haddin 30) Ojha is aiming at the large rough areas outside Starc's off-stump. It should just be a matter of time until one explodes out of the rough. The batsmen will need their fair share of luck in order to survive.

Over 70 - Aus 179/8 (Starc 11,Haddin 30) Ashwin is extracting a lot of spin from the pitch, but the batsmen are waiting for the ball nicely off the slow pitch and are knocking into the gaps.

Over 69 - Aus 177/8 (Starc 10,Haddin 29) Ojha is too full after lunch and is driven for four by haddin. The indians will not mind the batsman driving however because there is plenty of turn available and the edge could easily be brought into play.

Over 68 - Aus 172/8 (Starc 10,Haddin 24) Starc takes guard again after lunch and will face Ashwin. A couple singles off the first over of the second session will help the batsmen to settle in for what needs to be a long partenrship.

Lunch The first session was characterised by an alarming over rate. The indian team managed to bowl 46 overs in the morning session, which saw the match move forward at a rate of knots. The spinners strangled the Australian batsmen and picked up five wickets, to leave Australia on 170 for eight. The lead is just 79, but the positive that Australia can take from the session is that Haddin and Starc, the current batsmen at the wicket, are looking untroubled. The two batsmen will have to bat out the majority of the next session for Australia to have a chance of saving this match. If there is an early wicket after the break, then the match will probably be decided without the third session even being required.

Over 67 - Aus 170/8 (Starc 9,Haddin 23) Ojha has replaced Sharma as the pace bowler was given another very short spell. Haddin is showing some great fighting spirit as he negotiates another maiden.

Over 66 - Aus 170/8 (Starc 9,Haddin 23) Ashwin is back into the attack. India will be looking to make at least one more breakthrough just before the lunch break which is approaching rapidly. The batsmen have milked the singles with ease this over.

Over 65 - Aus 167/8 (Starc 8,Haddin 21) Sharma beats Starc outside the off-stump as the first signs of reverse swing are exploited by the bowler. Sharma has found his range and is making life difficult for Starc who manages to bat out the maiden.

Over 64 - Aus 167/8 (Starc 8,Haddin 21) Haddin starts the Ojha over with a square drive for four. The lead is now 76 and India will start to be thinking about what would be a total that they would be comfortable to chase this afternoon.

Over 63 - Aus 163/8 (Starc 8,Haddin 17) Sharma finda a thick outside edge which travels to thrid-man for a single and brings Haddin onto strike. Haddin responds with a single of his own. These two batsmen look as comfortable as any that have been at the crease today.

Over 62 - Aus 161/8 (Starc 7,Haddin 16) Starc patiently plays out another Ojha over, taking a single to end the over and retain strike.

Over 61 - Aus 160/8 (Starc 6,Haddin 16) Sharma is back into the attack. He will be looking for the reverse swing that proved so effective in the fdirst innings. He strays onto the pads and Haddin accepts the gift by helping himself to a boundary through mid-wicket.

Over 60 - Aus 156/8 (Starc 6,Haddin 12) Ojha continues to toss the ball up, looking to entice a false stroke. the bowler looks to try something different and drags it down. Starc jumps on it and cuts to earn his first boundary.

Over 59 - Aus 151/8 (Starc 2,Haddin 11) ashwin lets Starc off strike at the start of the over which will frustrate the off-spinner who would prefer to turn the ball away from the bat.

Over 58 - Aus 149/8 (Starc 1,Haddin 10) Dhoni is really mixing up his bowling options as Ojha replaces Jadeja. The spinner is givingt he ball plenty of air, inviting Haddin to go over the top. Haddin resists andam aiden is the result.

Over 57 - Aus 149/8 (Starc 1,Haddin 10) Ashwin is now back into the attack with the arrivalo f the left handed Starc. Starc is immediately off the mark. Haddin shows aggression as he plays a slog sweep which earns him four runs.

Over 56 - Aus 143/8 (Starc 0,Haddin 5) Jadeja continues to Haddin. The newm an to the crease is Australia's hero from the first inning, Starc. Another maiden comes and goes.

Over 55 - Aus 143/8 (Siddle 13,Haddin 5) Ojha is back into the attack this is a good move as the right hand batsmen will have to hit against the turn if they continue to be aggressive. Siddle goes long down the ground and hits a straight six. There is plenty of action with wickets and runs coming in a hurry. WICKET. Siddle is clean bowled.

Over 54 - Aus 137/7 (Siddle 7,Haddin 5) Haddin now joins the party as he hits Jadeja over the top for a boundary. It looks as if the batsmen have decided to fight fire with fire because they have realised that they will not be able to simply survive.

Over 53 - Aus 133/7 (Siddle 7,Haddin 1) Siddle realises that Australia need some runs on the board if they are going to have any chance in this match. He lofts Ashwin down the ground and picks up four runs for his team.

Over 52 - Aus 129/7 (Siddle 3,Haddin 1) WICKET. Jadeja has struck again ans Henriques is caught and bowled by the left-arm spinner. Siddle is the new player in the middle. There is almost an appeal a ball now and it looks as if this match could be coming to an end.

Over 51 - Aus 126/6 (Henriques 2,Haddin 1) Ashwin is worked for a couple of singles to get the respective batsmen going. All of a sudden things are happening and there seems to be a great deal of turn for the spinners.

Over 50 - Aus 124/6 (Henriques 1,Haddin 0) Henriques has come in and is techniques is clearly different. He is using his height to get as far forward as possiblei n an attempt to smother the spin.

Over 49 - Aus 124/6 (Henriques 1,Haddin 0) Hughes consistently plays off the back foot. Ashwin tries to go fuller and as a results delivers a full toss which Hughes clips for four. WICKET. Ashwin has trapped Hughes lbw, which brings Henriques to the wicket.

Over 48 - Aus 119/5 (Hughes 65, Haddin 0) Haddin faces up to Jadeja. The wicket-keeper is naturally a very attacking batsman. He has started very carefully though, as he see's out a maiden to start.

Over 47 - Aus 119/5 (Hughes 65, Haddin 0) Ashwin is back into the attack and Haddin is the new man to the crease. Big turn beats Hughes outside off-stump. The batsman see's out another maiden.

Over 46 - Aus 119/5 (Hughes 65, Clarke 18) Jadeja is attcking Hughes' stumps as always. He never lets the batsmen rest as every ball needs to be played. WICKET. Jadeja has got Clarke once again. The inside edge onto the pad has been taken at short-leg.

Over 45 - Aus 118/4 (Hughes 64, Clarke 18) Hughews takes a single which will break the string of maidens that India has put together. Clarke defents the rest of the over and looks more comfortable at Ojha's end.

Over 44 - Aus 117/4 (Hughes 63, Clarke 18) The runs have dried up but for the batsman, time spent at the crease is just as important as scoring runs. So the Australians won't be too unhappy as another maiden passes.

Over 43 - Aus 117/4 (Hughes 63, Clarke 18) Hughes is wrapped on the pads by Ojha, but the batsman is making sure that he gets outside the line of the off-stump, so that lbw is taken out of the equation. It is difficult for the batsman though as the ball is really spitting out of the rough.

Over 42 - Aus 117/4 (Hughes 63, Clarke 18) Jadeja has Clarke in his sights as he looks to continue his run of dismissing the Australian skipper. A testing maiden is well negotiated by the batsman.

Over 41 - Aus 117/4 (Hughes 63, Clarke 18) Hughes is camping on the back foot against Ojha. He is waiting for the slow turn off the surface and then adjusts if the ball behaves unusually. The lead is 26 and growing slowly.

Over 40 - Aus 117/4 (Hughes 63, Clarke 18) Jadeja finds the outside edge of Clarke's bat. It runs away all along the ground for a boundary. Another Jadeja over is completed in the blink of an eye.

Over 39 - Aus 113/4 (Hughes 63, Clarke 14) The two left-arm spinners are asking different questions of the batsmen as they are bowling with different speeds and flight. Both batsmen seem to have found a nice zone and concentration is high.

Over 38 - Aus 112/4 (Hughes 63, Clarke 13) Consecutive singles off Jadeja allows the batsmen to share the pressure and keep the scoreboard ticking. Rotation of strike is key, especvially when looking to bat out a day.

Over 37 - Aus 110/4 (Hughes 62, Clarke 12) Ojha is back into the attack and has changed ends. Hughes won't be too upset to see off-spin out of the attack as he picks up a single as he works one with the turn into the leg-side.

Over 36 - Aus 109/4 (Hughes 61, Clarke 12) Jadeja is into the attack. It's an expected move because the spinner has had the wood over Clarke of late. Jadeja is different to Ojha in that he bowls quicker and flatter. He starts with a very accurate over.

Over 35 - Aus 107/4 (Hughes 60, Clarke 11) Ashwin has Hughes camped down at his end. Ideally, Australia would preffer Clarke to face Ashwin and Hughes to deal with Ojha as it is easy faceing the ball turining into the pads rather than away from the edge. Hughes gets one fine down the leg-side and picks up his first boundary of the day.

) Ojha is attacking Clarke's stumps. If one turns then the edge is in play and if it slides on then lbw is a danger to the batsman.

Over 33 - Aus 101/4 (Hughes 56, Clarke 9) Hughes has gone back into his shell against the off-spin of Ashwin. The positive side for Australia in this game of survival, is that the pitch only has four days worth of ware and tear due to the fact that the first day was rained out. This will make it slighly easier than usual to bat through day five.

Over 32 - Aus 101/4 (Hughes 56, Clarke 9) Clarke takes a single which means that Ojha will get his first look at Hughes today. The Australian plays his first aggressive shot as he sweeps with the spin for two runs to open his account today. Clarke is in obvious pain but he is playing through the back trouble for the team.

Over 31 - Aus 97/4 (Hughes 53, Clarke 8) Ashwin is rushing between deliveries to Hughes. The dot balls are stacking up as Hughes doesn't look to have a scoring option. Another maiden is completed.

Over 30 - Aus 97/4 (Hughes 53, Clarke 8) Clarke is off the mark with a boundary and those runs take Australia into the lead. The lead is two which means that from now on, every run that is scored will need to be chased down by India if they are going to win the Test. Ojha is just a little too straight as he is worked for another leg-side boundary.

Over 29 - Aus 89/4 (Hughes 53, Clarke 0) Ashwin can now focus on getting rid of the actual batsmen in this lineup. Hughes plays out another maiden and has still not added to his over night total.

Over 28 - Aus 89/4 (Hughes 53, Lyon 19) Lyon looks like a batsman for a moment as he pushes Ojha into the leg-side with such good timing that the ball makes it all the way to the mid-wicket boundary. WICKET. Ojha breaks through as the night watchman is caught behind as the edge is found.

Over 27 - Aus 85/3 (Hughes 53, Lyon 14) HUghes is playing Ashwin very carefully as he tries to settle in for a long day of batting. The maiden is completed.

Over 26 - Aus 85/3 (Hughes 53, Lyon 14) After a two over experiment, Sharma is replaced by Ojha. A chance goes down. Lyon adges, Kholi moves sharply to his left with one hand and puts down the chance. Lyon picks up two runs and survives.

Over 25 - Aus 83/3 (Hughes 53, Lyon 12) Ashwin gives Lyon the single early in the over and Hughes takes strike for the first time this morning. The left handed batsman has struggled during the series, but managed to bring up a half century yesterday. He will be eager to score a big ton and secure his place in the team.

Over 24 - Aus 82/3 (Hughes 53, Lyon 11) Lyon is getting nicely into line of Sharma's deliveries. It will be the Australian off-spinners job to protect Clarke and the rest of the batsmen in the hutch for as long as possible. Lyon takes a single off the last ball of the again to retain strike once again.

Over 23 - Aus 81/3 (Hughes 53, Lyon 10) Ashwin shares the attack and is in to the night watchman. India will obviously want an early breakthrough, but it is especially important to get rid of the tail ender because if he hangs around it will cause a great deal of frustration for the bowlers. Lyan steals the strike with a single of the final delivery.

Over 22 - Aus 80/3 (Hughes 53, Lyon 9) Sharma will bowl the first over of the final day. Australia are fighting to save the Test which will seal the series for India, but it will at least end the runs of defeats for the tourists. The scoring is underway as Lyon flicks a full delivery off his pads for a boundary.

As It Stands Australia's decision to bat first brought them 408 all out on the back of 99 from Mitchell Starc and 92 from Steven Smith. India responded with a resounding 499 all out - thanks largely to big tons from Murali Vijay and Shikhar Dhawan. The Aussies have since moved to 75 for three - and a deficit of 16.

Greetings Hello and welcome to our over-by-over commentary on day five of the third Test - in the the four-match series, which the hosts lead two-nil, between India and Australia at the Punjab Cricket Association Stadium in Chandigarh, Mohali.

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