England soar to T20 glory

Australia brushed aside in final

By Graeme Mair   Last updated: 16th May 2010  

England soar to T20 glory

Winning runs: Collingwood

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England finally ended their wait for a global one-day trophy with a seven-wicket win over Australia in the final of the ICC World Twenty20.

Craig Kieswetter (63) and Kevin Pietersen (47) shared a second-wicket stand of 111 as England chased down a target of 148 with three overs to spare at the Kensington Oval.

Captain Paul Collingwood hit the winning runs as, after 35 years of drawing a blank, his country earned some silverware at an International Cricket Council event.

The triumph had been set up by England's bowlers, who restricted Australia to 147-6 after Collingwood had sent them into bat on a typically pacy wicket in Barbados.

Ryan Sidebottom struck twice with the new ball to set the tone and it was only David Hussey's patient 59 that averted total embarrassment for Australia.

Kieswetter and Pietersen's relentless aggression turned a potentially tricky run chase into a formality and, despite both falling with the winning line in sight, Collingwood (12no) and Eoin Morgan (15no) ensured the English celebrations were soon under way.

Thrill of the chase

Michael Lumb (2) was an early casualty of the run chase, picking out mid-on in the second over, bowled by Shaun Tait (1-28).

After a five-minute delay due to a sightscreen malfunction, Kieswetter and Pietersen took a positive approach to move England to 41-1 after the six powerplay overs.

They remained well in control of the required rate throughout their second-wicket stand as Australia captain Michael Clarke rotated his bowlers to little effect, Shane Watson (0-42) coming in for particular punishment.

England still required 30 when Pietersen, having looked imperious in reaching 47 off 31 balls, holed out in the deep off Steven Smith's leg-spin (1-21).

Man-of-the-match Kieswetter, whose 63 came from 49 deliveries, followed in bizarre fashion in the next over, backing away before leaving a straight ball from Mitchell Johnson (1-27) that demolished his stumps.

That left 27 needed from 35 deliveries with both Collingwood and Morgan new to the crease.

There was no need for panic and cool heads prevailed as the fourth-wicket duo eased England across the line with 18 balls to spare.

David Hussey's half-century had earlier allowed Australia to recover from 8-3 after being asked to bat.

England, making their first appearance in a one-day final since the 2004 Champions Trophy, claimed a wicket in each of the first three overs.

Watson (2), surprised by extra bounce from Sidebottom's third ball, flashed an edge through to wicketkeeper Kieswetter, who fumbled the chance for Graeme Swann to grab at first slip.

His opening partner David Warner (2) did not fare any better, run out by Lumb's direct hit from backward point after Clarke called for a single that was never on.

Brad Haddin survived two run out chances during his brief stay at the crease, which ended when Kieswetter held on at full stretch down the leg-side in Sidebottom's (2-26) second over. Haddin's reaction to the raised finger of umpire Billy Doctrove was one of disbelief and replays indicated the ball had come off his body rather than bat.

Australia had been forced to retreat into rebuilding mode, Clarke and David Hussey adding 37 off 43 balls for the fourth wicket as the first-change bowlers, Stuart Broad (0-27) and Swann (1-17), kept the pressure on.

Clarke, having never looked entirely comfortable during a run-a-ball 27, was brilliantly caught by a diving Collingwood at midwicket in Swann's second over, the 10th of the innings.

Brazen Husseys

David Hussey, now joined by Cameron White, continued to meander along to leave Australia at 59-4 with eight overs remaining.

But the batsmen finally came to life in the 13th over, bowled by Michael Yardy (0-34), which disappeared for 21 runs, including the first two sixes of the match.

White slammed 30 off 19 balls before being holing out off Luke Wright (1-5), but the Hussey brothers combined for 46 from 22 deliveries to at least ensure Australia had something to bowl at.

David Hussey, given a life on 25 when Broad misjudged a steepling catch, was run out in the final over, while his elder brother Michael - fresh from his incredible match-winning knock in the semi-final - finished unbeaten on 17 off 10.

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Comments (180)

Tim Gould says...

Sounds like john Smith could be another ungracious aussie!! They played great cricket...how can anyone say its the only thing they will win? I think thet will retain the ashes,anyone who has to rely on Shane Watson to bowl!!!!.....The South Africans and Indians looked very poor,as did the Kiwis and the windies....so on what do you base this judgement Mr Smith (cant you print your proper name!) I think in all forms of cricket we are making good progress,whereas other teams are going backwards!!

Posted 10:47 24th May 2010

John Smith says...

come on guys stop moaning and let them enjoy there victory it been a long time since england has won anything and this will be the only thing they can win!!!!

Posted 12:16 23rd May 2010

Kevin Booth says...

Did anyone actually watch this tournament? England from the Super 8 stage onwards hammered everyone they played. How? Because of their bowling. 5 English bowlers (born in England) + one over from Luke Wright (also born in England). The batters could have been from anywhere; England, South Africa, Bangladesh, Dundee... it wouldn't have mattered, anyone could have chased down the puny targets the oppostions were setting or set a defendable target for the bowlers. England smashed the tournament because their homegrown bowling attack skittled every native batting line up they faced. So there!

Posted 19:38 20th May 2010

Simon Cataudo says...

I'm staggered at all the misery-guts comments here. I'm half English and half Italian and my dual nationality is hardly of my choosing. Does that mean I can't play sport internationally? The last Englishman to win the world cup was Simone Perrotta - he was born in Ashton-under-Lyne. Does that make him English or Italian? Italians were harldy nit-picking when the trophy came back to Italy. England won, and that's that. Do all county players come from the county they represent? No. That's the way it is in International sport now. There are plenty of 'mongerls' such as myself out there who have a choice who they want to represent; why give someone a hard time if they choose England, then go on to help us win a world championshp? England won fair and square. We should be enjoying that, not turning it into a BNP platform for right-wing opinion.

Posted 09:45 20th May 2010

Michael Mr. cricket says...

The only people that aren't complaining are the Englist. What does it say about the development program in English cricket when half the team come from somewhere else. They could almost make 2 teams with all the foreign players they've used over the last 10 years. A truly English team (players born in England only) will get pumped in internation cricket. English cricket should be embarressed!

Posted 10:49 19th May 2010

David Bain says...

I dont think the issue here is the South Africans playing for England, the issue is how many. In the case of Strauss, and in the past Hussein, they were kids when they came over, so they have been brought up in the English system, and look like and play like Englishmen, so can be regarded as English. In the case of Pietersen, Trott and Kieswetter, they were all adults when they came over, and play,act, and look like South Africans. why does Kieswetter want to play for England, when Bouchers days are numbered, and dont let Pietersen fool you about changing allegiances because of the colour system, that is just his arrogance in believing he was better than anyone else, which he wasnt at the time. Basically you dont mind one maybe 2 overseas players playing, but the amount coming through now is ridiculous. In the case of keepers, what about good english talent like Stephen Davies, or Phil Mustard .

Posted 09:51 19th May 2010

Cj Samuel says...

It was sad to see such a lousy reception for the world champions . It would have been better if Australia had won, atleast people there appreciate it more .. Shame on you England. I think soccer fever will bring an end to cricket and rugby in the future.And the bad news is you guys aren't that good at it as compared to the other two sports.

Posted 09:46 19th May 2010

James Oconnor says...

most irish people dont really care about cricket.

Posted 07:04 19th May 2010

Benjamin Rajendran says...

Why so much noise about England winning 20/20 World Cup?after all 100 years back England was ruling 2/3rds of the world.So you will find players from 100 countries.Do not be surprised if England wins the World Cup in South Africa!

Posted 21:39 18th May 2010

Chris Streeks says...

I'm a big fan of International Cricket, and I was delighted that England finally won a hard earned trophy that involved other cricketing nations as well. To me, the Ashes series against Australia wasn't a real competition, because it only involved two jingoistic teams; (I'll admit, I'm probably the only person with this particular viewpoint) however, the lively Twenty20 format has proved that England can work hard and win a competition that involves other countries as well ... WELL DONE ENGLAND!!!

Posted 18:49 18th May 2010

Mark Long says...

COME ON PEOPLE... STOP MOANING. Pietersen & co are playing for England and that's that SO SHUT UP!! it shouldn't matter where they were born/ raised!!!

Posted 18:45 18th May 2010

Bakkar Tarkhan says...

anyone who really understands cricket would know one of the main reasons England beat Aus is because they took a hammering from pakistan in the the semis albiet Pakistan lost but that was only down to the last 2 overs of the game the rest of the game pakistan ran them ragged so basically Pakistan made it easy for England i also beleive if Pakistan would have made the Final they would have given England are far tougher game PS i say ENGLAND really we should call them SOUTHAFLAND because theyre not really english are they

Posted 16:56 18th May 2010

Nigel Barriball says...

Lets not tarnish a superb tournament played by England. So a few players wanted to play for England, instead of SA or Ireland. Why not vent your narrow minded views at the County Academies who are obviously not producing enough quality young cricketers even after all the money currently being pumped into the game. Both my boys play county standard cricket, but cricket is not on their school curriculum at their state school - you have to attend a private school to get that. We will have more chance of having an 'English' team if the sport was available to the masses at a younger age.

Posted 16:47 18th May 2010

Daniel Wilkins says...

i wish people would stop complaining about the whole "South African England Players" thing. Kevin Pietersen does have an english parent as far as i'm aware and left South Africa because he was a victim of the positive discrimination in South Africa. As for the likes of Trott and Kiesweter, they have learnt their trade in England therefore they would feel more English than South African.

Posted 13:35 18th May 2010

Dave B says...

Waselighted for the England team on winning the T20. They have played excellent cricket throughout the tournament & are thoroughly deserved winners. To pick up on the 2 debating issues - I'm not convinced Ireland would've chased down that total on that wicket, having failed so dismally against the Windies in their other match, so to say otherwise is pure speculation as it is about the England v WI match. Also nationaility - all the 'so called' South Africans, and I include Strauss & Prior in this as they are often bracketed accordingly, in the England set up have 1 English parent. It only becomes an issue with me when players represent 2 countries eg Kepler Wessels, Henry Paul & Riki Flutey(Rugby Union) etc. And none of the English lads have done that. Exception is Eoin Morgan but he has no opportunity to play Test Cricket for Ireland (as an associate nation) and is therefore allowed to play for 2 countries. So once again, well done England - keep up the good work.

Posted 11:33 18th May 2010

Roshan Goonesekera says...

well done england england has at last won a world tournament in cricket. but with 1st a non english coach - the country that gave us cricket has not got a good enough coach. an academy started and brought up by an australian rod marsh. ashes in 2005 won with the help of an aussie bowling coach and a zimbagwen coach , then comes a west indian bowling coach. without the 2 south africans and the irishmen what did the players who learned the game in england do. why is everybody so excited about this win when it was england who started twenty20 and play it most they should have been winning it every year. even the country that gave us football has to have a italian coach. maybe they should get some non english to get your tennis back in to order.

Posted 11:16 18th May 2010

Andy Daley says...

I think the confusion arises here with the nationality problem. People dont understand it. If either one of your parents is of a particular nation you automatically become a citizen by descent not birthright. Therefore Pietersen and co are SA by birthright and British by descent. Hence dual nationality. Ask yourself this if these players didnt have English parents/connections would they now be living in UK?? Most probably not. There descent is the whole reason they migrated to the UK in the first place. What next Strauss(test team) left SA as a toddler and played all his cricket in England. Are we going to ask for his SA nursery reports??? As for the cricket itself, England cruised home, never seen them play so well. I think this is the turning point. The Aussies know it too.

Posted 09:10 18th May 2010

Bobby Rea says...

Yea fair play to England glad to see another team beat Australia and bring them down a peg. But without two south African born players and the Irish lad Morgan they would have been without their best three batters. Is this really the way England want to get to the top?

Posted 03:10 18th May 2010

Jay G says...

haha i love reading people's bitterness on here it makes me laugh, next thing you will hear is something stupid like ryan sidebottom's great great great great great great grandad went on holiday to S Africa for a week back 1705 and that makes him not available to play for England...come on get a grip yes the batters get a mention for knocking of the runs but its the bowlers who won us alot of the games in restricting great teams like sri lanka and the aussies to below par scores for the batter to knock off, let me list them broady, sidebottom, big Tim B, swan, yardy and even wright thats a quality English bowling attack, we got robbed against west indies we were lucky against Ireland yes but then look at the results beat former wold champs pakistan beat S Africa beat new zealand and then sri lanka in the semi's then the best team in the world australia that speaks for its self, its a team of 11 ...3 S african born players 1 irishman and the 7 English players people seem to be forgetting about hummmm that makes well over half of the team English does it not??? if we did go out in the group stages no one would have said anything ......thats sour grapes i think people get over it.....were England its not gonna happen every tournament now is it , well done boys!

Posted 22:43 17th May 2010

Winner 01 says...

england no.1

Posted 21:35 17th May 2010

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