Player ratings

We rate every Premiership and UEFA Champions League game throughout the season, but we want you to join in.

We provide our own player ratings and we also give you the reader the opportunity to mark the stars.

Player ratings are featured on each match report that appears on the site during the season and you can also see a players average rating on their player profile.

The basic format we are following is to hand a 'star man' rating to one player on each team, followed by the rest - we also use the list below for a general guide on how to rate the players.

We must stress that these ratings are judged independently by the journalist reporting on the game and have nothing to do with the Sky Sports television coverage. Hence, the official Sky Sports TV Man of the Match may sometimes differ from the top mark awarded on the site.

These are the standard rules we will be using:

10: Out of this world - very rare, exceptional performances only.

9: Excellent - Top-class display, probably the matchwinner.

8: Very Good - Outstanding, very influential.

7: Good - Impressive, eye-catching.

6: Average - No major faults, nothing overly impressive.

5: Below Average - Some faults, out-of-touch.

4: Poor - Many faults, easy to criticise.

Happy voting!