Haye chose third round

Harrison KO never in doubt

Last updated: 14th November 2010  

I knew there was going to be a big third round and the boos would turn into cheers in a matter of minutes.

David Haye
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David Haye retained his world heavyweight title in convincing style with a stoppage of Audley Harrison that he claimed was timed to perfection.

The WBA king insists he was so in control and relaxed in the ring that he simply chose to end the fight at that precise moment in the third round - and had planned to do so all along.

"I told everyone I'd knock him out in three rounds and that's exactly what I did," Haye told Sky Box Office.

"No way was it going into that fourth round. All I had to do was apply myself a little bit more and the shots landed.

"That's how confident and in control I am in there. I could have took him out earlier if I really wanted to and put my foot on the pedal but there was no need to."

But it was not the fight many had hoped for with barely a punch thrown in the first two rounds and precious little action for the fans to enjoy. At one stage referee Luis Pabon even gestured the fighters to get closer.

Boos rang around an arena used to hosting all-action displays from Ricky Hatton. However it was not something that caused Haye much concern.

"I knew there was going to be a big third round and the boos would turn into cheers in a matter of minutes. Adam wasn't fussed about it and said to ignore it."


Harrison had spent weeks telling everyone that this was his big chance and he was going to finally become a world champion.

But in reality the Olympic gold medalist landed just one jab in almost nine minutes and looked painfully short of confidence. Haye claims he expected this as well and knew his old friend would fall short.

"When you look at videos of me fighting I look like I'm easy to hit but when you're actually in there facing me it's a completely different thing," continued Haye.

"I didn't give him the opportunity to land that left hand. I was waiting for him to throw it so I could counter it and he knew that."

After barely breaking sweat in this fight Haye surely faces much bigger challenges in 2011 in the shape of the Klistchko brothers.

But after plenty of posturing and failed negotiations will this fight really take place? According to Haye the giant Ukranians have no other option.

"I promise that (Klitschko fight) is going to happen," he said.

"There is nowhere else for them to go. They are fighting all the guys that people are bored of. Audley Harrison is a character in the UK, people got behind him, that's why this fight happened.

"Who wants to see them fight anonymous Americans? They have no other options they have to sit down at the table and talk sense and we've got to get that fight happening next year."

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Sam Harper says...

This was always going to be a walk over for the Hayemaker, tactically class again like against Valuvev, I don't care if it's boring to watch for the first 2 rounds, he sized him up well, realised Audley wasn't going to throw anything and when he wanted to unleash, was clinical in doing so. This was clearly all for the money for Harrison, if he really thought in his training camp he was going to win, he is a more deluded man than I first thought. As for Haye against either of the Klitschko brothers, now that is just purely exciting. Haye could do it but personally I would like to see him fight one more big name before stepping up to the best, people forget at Heavyweight he's only fought 1 guy worth mentioning. He has age on his side so I don't want to see David rush anything. Other than that, class performance, easy victory and I really hope he can go from strength to strength. A real ambasador for English Sport.

Posted 09:50 14th November 2010

Mark Dean says...

I am glad i did not have to pay to watch the farce of a fight. Harrison should have his money taken away he did not even try to make a fight of it. That has got to be the easiest fight for a world title ever. Haye now has to fight one of the Klitschko's with no excuses about money.

Posted 09:19 14th November 2010

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