Booth - Klitschkos are next

Haye's manager almost certain fights will happen next year

Last updated: 14th November 2010  

I am 99.99 per cent sure that the fights will happen next year - one before the summer and one straight after the summer.

Adam Booth
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David Haye's manager and trainer Adam Booth says he is "99.99 per cent sure" that the WBA heavyweight champion will fight the Klitschko brothers next year.

Haye retained his title with a three-round demolition of Audley Harrison on Saturday night and thoughts immediately turned to his next fight.

Blockbuster bouts between Haye and WBC champion Vitali Klitschko and IBF and WBO title holder Wladimir have been mooted for some time but have so far not come to fruition.

But Booth is almost certain that the two camps are now in a position to complete negotiations and that the fights will take place over the course of 2011.

"I am 99.99 per cent sure that the fights will happen next year - one before the summer and one straight after the summer," he told Sky Sports News.

He added: "There's no tie-ins, there's no options. At the time when we were negotiating it, remember that there were a couple of mandatory challengers floating about as well that had to be taken care of.


"And on top of that there were some little contractual points that can be ironed out when the desire is there.

"But because the mandatory challengers - on his part and our part - were floating around, it meant that we could never really 100 per cent commit to it.

"But the time is coming now where both parties will be free to 100 per cent commit to it, as long as everyone talks sense."

Haye remains committed to his plans to retire from boxing at the end of next year and is hoping to fight both brothers before then.

"We'll sit down and try to make it happen. We were talking to them before the fight, but things didn't go the way we wanted them to go," Haye said.

"Fingers crossed, they will realise after this fight, once they see the (box office) numbers they will realise I am the main man, there's no-one else for them to fight.

"I won't have to bow to their demands. I don't need to. They've never been in that situation. Other than Lennox Lewis (against Vitali), they have never been in the ring with anyone who generates more than they do."