Harrison faces BBBC probe

Governing body to consider rescinding some of A-Force's purse

Last updated: 17th November 2010  

Rescinding some of Audley Harrison's purse is something which we will have to consider.

BBBC secretary Robert Smith
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Audley Harrison is facing being hit hard financially following his abject defeat to WBA heavyweight champion David Haye on Saturday.

Harrison barely threw a punch before being stopped in three rounds, with the 39-year-old being criticised for his performance.

And the British Board of Boxing of Control have confirmed that they will now "have to consider" withholding some or all of Harrison's purse for the fight.

"It is a very difficult course to take to stop someone getting paid when they have just frozen," said BBBC secretary Robert Smith.

"But rescinding some of Audley Harrison's purse is something which we will have to consider.

"You have to bear in mind it was such a letdown for the 22,000 at the MEN Arena and the thousands watching at home.

"The board have rescinded purses when we feel a fighter has not tried. He did nothing all night.

"I think it would be extremely harsh to withhold money from him. However, the board will look at it when all the reports come in. But I wouldn't have thought so."


Harrison later released a statement saying he will consider his future in the ring.

"To my family, my team and the fans who got behind me on this journey to overthrow David Haye and become heavyweight champion, I'm sorry I was unable to walk through the door and fulfil my destiny," it read.

"I can promise I cut no corners in training and did all I could do in getting myself ready both physically and mentally for Saturday's fight.

"Ultimately, I didn't get going and my game plan to take over the fight in the later rounds was extinguished by the power and speed of David Haye who caught me clean around my guard.

"If I wanted an easy way out, I would have stayed down from the knockdown, but I rose and the referee's intervention saved me from a potentially bad knockout as David is a good finisher, but I would have gladly left the ring on a stretcher as I wanted to work my way through it.

"I make no excuses and I'm not sure where I go from here in boxing, but I'll lick my wounds, take some time out with my family and see what I want to do."

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Harry Happy says...

he should be able to keep his purse and take the earnings off the boxing board for allowing the fight to go ahead. audley harrison hasn`t performed for years except with his tongue and should go into politics, he would fit in well makings promises and delivering none.

Posted 19:53 25th November 2010

Tom J says...

what you also have to bear in mind how has audley harrison got a title shot at the W B A title, im a big haye fan but if you are going to take harrison purse you should do the same to hayemaker promotions for making it such a big mix match, but with saying that harrison had everyone fooled, reading the boxing news before the fight in boxing news there was a poll and 52 percent of the poll takers for harrison was going to win so was harrison just there to make more money by building the fight up.

Posted 12:06 23rd November 2010

Matt S says...

I think taking away his earnings is ridiculous, he was outclassed by a complete fighter. Let's not forget, David Haye took the fight knowing, in his words, he would knock Harrison out in 3 rounds - David Haye is just as much to blame then as Harrison! I feel sorry for Audley - he had a plan to frustrate Haye and it didn't work. Was anyone complaining about Haye's tactic to 'sting punch' against Valuev? All Haye did was run around the ring avoiding confrontation. Harrison' s negative tactic was no different - it just didn't work. Boxing is not just about punching, it' about making the other guy make mistakes and punishing him. Audley's plan backfired and Haye outclassed him - simple! Haye new it was going to be easy so why take a fight against weaker opposition if he wants to cement his legacy? Get off Harrison's back and concentrate on Haye's decision to not fight the Klitchko's after all his mouth about wanting to fight them!!

Posted 16:00 15th November 2010

Si Derbyshire says...

Harrison came in with a game plan - to take him to the later rounds and just hope for a sprott-like lefty to win it, simple! To say he hasn't earned his money is a joke, he spent the last few months running up mountains et al. Could you do it? Haye is simply the better boxer and Audley deep down knew it, which the next guy who fights him will find out as well!! Will they not get paid either?

Posted 15:51 15th November 2010

Joe Tietjen says...

Listen to Kevin Jones - anyone who expected Audley Harrison to make this look like anything other than a ridiculous mismatch has only themselves to blame for falling for the 'showbiz' side of the sport. What made anyone think that a guy like Harrison - who has proven over the last ten years that he is not even close to being a world class boxer - could have a chance against a fighter like Haye - who while still having to prove he can match the Klitschkos, has cetrainly proven he's a big punching ferocious knock-out artist in unifying the cruiserweight division? Don't go crying about the fact you were sucked in by the hype - learn from it.

Posted 15:19 15th November 2010

Anthony Carter says...

Well it is hard to say whether or not they should withhold his purse, at the end of the day we have watched Tyson knock journey men out within a minute, I don't see how it is any different here. Those who bought into the Audley hype only have themselves to blame...and most people who follow boxing opinion was that Haye would knock him out in the early rounds, he was clear underdog by the bookies...and they rarely get it wrong. As for the pay per view or those who turned up at the MEN arena watched the undercard too, they still got some value for money, not everyone was there to see the Haye/Harrison fight. Lets face it...we saw Audley Harrison exposed for the liar he is and watched his last fight and saw the end of the A Farce, must be worth the money paid.

Posted 15:03 15th November 2010

J r Hartley says...

Why are people complaning!!? Everyone who expected to see a new audley harrison have a 12 round ding dong like the pac mans fight are deluded and obviously know nothing about boxing. i leopard cant change his spots. i paid my £15 because i knew harrison would freeze and look scared like he has in all of his fights and i wanted to see haye knock the snot out of him, which he literally did. i really dont know people were expecting to see. Haye delivered and destroyed him in a bitz of an attack. On a separate note, we have heard from most people involved in this fight. Even audley to his credit has been good enough to say some word for the camera, but where is Shadeed Suluki!!? The outspoken trainer who was starting a slanging match live on sky sports news with booth and had an awful lot to say before the fight has become awfully quiet since his main man got beaten up. Strange that!!

Posted 14:30 15th November 2010

Stuart Cullimore says...

The reason I didnt go was because it was evident that it was going to be a mis-match, the claims that Audley Harrison didnt try are wrong, you could see he was lining up that left hook hoping for Haye to lunge in and get caught, he would never have been able to hit David with the jab and was always going to be reliant on the counter punch, im afraid anyone who went to the MEN expecting a competative fight musn't really know the sport, Audley has never been an aggressive march forward fighter, he had a shot wasn't good enough and he was never going to be. As for Sky giving people the next fight free may I ask why should they? I thought they put a great show on! The Groves fight was brilliant and then we were treated to the Pacquiao fight! Sky wern't to know what was going to happen sometimes fights are great sometimes they are not thats boxing! BBBC dont be withholding Audleys purse thats just not on he just wasn't good enough.

Posted 13:53 15th November 2010

John Rees says...

l hope the b.b.b.c have the spine to withdraw the purse of audrey harrisson after saturday`s farce. they will will lose all credability if they pay this joke of a heavyweight whose licence should also be withdrawn, they shoulder the blame for allowing such a MISS-MATCH and should pay his purse into a fund for up & coming good YOUNG british fighters lets be honest he was an old man when THEY gave him a pro licence.

Posted 13:49 15th November 2010

Maurice P says...

To be perfectly honest, I blame Hayes camp for this atrocity as much as I do Harrison. It doesnt take Einstein to know that Harrison is poor by any standards and this was OBVIOUSLY strictly business transction for Haye. He must be after a new house or something. Now you tell me this, if any of us were offered a million for getting knocked around by haye for a couple of rounds would u refuse...i know i would be the first in that ring. So lay of Harrison he knows he is no boxer but he was out there feeding his family. HAYE needs to concetrate on beating the Klitschkos otherwise he will be quickly forgotten. very quickly...

Posted 13:44 15th November 2010

Steve Reilly says...

Of course they should take a good portion of his purse as boxing fans had paid a lot of money to watch a World Championship fight that never took place due to Harrison's refusal to take part. Also someone needs to ask why this fight was ever sanctioned as anyone who has seen Harrison 'fight' before would know he does not have the heart for this game

Posted 13:05 15th November 2010

Tom O'connor says...

Nope, anyone who feels robbed by paying: Its your own fault. You chose to believe the hype and not do any research into the fighters before buying it. Regular boxing watchers knew it would be a waste of money. Let Harrison keep his money (which is his contractually) so he can retire and let that be the end of it. If you're angry about it then lesson learned for next time

Posted 12:51 15th November 2010

Dom Kerr says...

Why the criticism of David Haye he said a daft thing regarding his family betting on round 3 that was just bravado.He held back in first couple of rounds because he expected more from Harrison when he finally established that he was a great useless windbag he had the confidence to step up a gear.My issue in all this is how did Harrison get the fight in the first place?For me that is where the fraudulent activity lies how can a boxer who in previous fights has shown absolutely nothing get a shot at the world title?The boxing authorities need to take a long hard look at the way they operate because they have done a great disservice to the sport I can only imagine what the true warriors in the game are thinking.I understand that it was a lucrative bout however over the long run if money comes first over ability this great and noble art will die and I am afraid to say cage fighting and similar will take over

Posted 11:12 15th November 2010

Joe Mcgirt says...

Boy do I feel like a complete mug for paying £15 for this... I'm also stuck in 2 minds- I do feel genuine pity for Harrison, he's a good guy and he's now lost his dream, so I don't want to kick a man when he's down, but on the other hand he didnt even try, after all these years and all his big talk, he gets a miracle chance at his dream and he didnt even give it a go, thats an insult to hard working fighters around the world who never get a fair shot. So enough is enough. He's got his family, got his health, and hopefully he can keep the money he's made from this fight and retire. A gold medal at the olympics is still a fantastic achievement to look back on. Time to hang the gloves up Audley.

Posted 11:03 15th November 2010

Allan Donaldson says...

What's the problem? I actually enjoyed watching Haye retire Audley Harrison.

Posted 10:47 15th November 2010

Paolo Moi says...

This is much too harsh, I'm sure he tried and was feeling his way into the fight, he had to pay for his training which i'm sure was expensive so it would be rather nasty to withold his purse.

Posted 10:44 15th November 2010

Iain Clegg says...

He doesn't deserve to get paid! He was useless and did nothing, what a disapointment but what else do you expect from Harrison!! I watched the Pacquiao v Margarito fight, now thats what I call a fight! Entertainment from start to finish, Pacquiao is awesome he seems to get better! I think he would have a good chance against Mayweather or at least make a spectacular fight - it needs to happen!!

Posted 10:25 15th November 2010

Paul Elliott says...

Yes Robert Smith, Audley should have to cover the cost of all those boxing fans who paid hard erned good money at the MEN and at home. The fans at the MEN should be reinbursed and the fans at home who paid, should be given the next Box Office fight (Khan) for free. He was a bl**dy discrace to everyone, an ordinary 'Joe Bloggs' of the street could have thrown at least one jab, and this was a world title fight!!! It would be an excellent goodwill gesture for Sky Box Office, to give those fans who have paid, the Khan fight for free, and then reclaim that money back off Harrison.

Posted 10:08 15th November 2010

Paul Stafford says...

His purse should be withheld and all the "MUGS" who paid £15 to watch should get a rebate and an apology. But at last this big-joke of a fighter is finished for good now.

Posted 09:55 15th November 2010

Kevin Jones says...

This is a little harsh.. 1) Audley throughout his career has always dissapointed.. Are they going to take back all the money he has earnt.. ?? 2) David Haye didn't throw any punches in the first 2 rounds either so therefore they should take 2/3 of his earnings.. Anyone that paid for that fight expecting a good match was foolish..

Posted 09:51 15th November 2010

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