Chisora blasts Harrison

Chisora vows to ruins Haye's dream by taking Klitschko's belts

Last updated: 30th November 2010  

British and Commonwealth champion Dereck Chisora has slammed Audley Harrison's lamentable display on Saturday night.

Chisora is preparing to take on IBF and WBO heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko next month and has vowed not to repeat Harrison's lame effort.

And he urged the former Olympic champion to emigrate to avoid the wrath of a nation.

"Harrison didn't even go in there and try," he said. "I can't think of anything worse, especially when you are fighting for what is supposed to be the most treasured prize in sport - the heavyweight championship of the world.

"I'd never show my face again if I fought like that. It was pathetic.

"He disgraced himself and he disgraced British heavyweights, he shouldn't get paid the reported million pounds he is earning after that shambles.

"The best thing Harrison can do for Britain and himself is to emigrate."

The Londoner is an even bigger underdog to beat Klitschko than Harrison was to beat David Haye, but says he will do the nation proud by bringing home the titles.

"I'm going into the Klitschko fight a big underdog, but I promise you now that I'll throw more than one punch and put up more of a fight than he (Harrison) did," said Chisora.

"I've got a big challenge ahead of me by going out to Germany, but I'm going out there to give it my best shot because winning the title means more to me than the money.

"I'm confident that I call pull off a massive shock and bring the title back to Britain, and I'm ruining Haye's dreams of beating the Klitschkos because I'm going to do it first."

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Josh Keat says...

Wladimar Klitschko has had 58 fights this being his 59th, he is very, very experienced, he has seen it all before, Chisora has 14 fights. I personally do not think Chisora has the right to fight for the Heavyweight Championship of the world with his record to date, he needs another few years and 10 more fights before he should even be thought of. However he as nothing to lose and hopfully will give it his all, the klitschkos are known for their late KOs and brutal stoppages, but with chisora i think Wlad could finish this guy real early 3 maybe 4 rounds. Klitschko has the advantages in everything other than age, Chisora is 8 years younger. Height, reach, weight, Skill and experience go for Klitschko, Chisora doesnt fight like Mike Tyson either so his hopes of using his shorter stature to get inside are nulified aswell. Klitschko in one of his most dominant displays ever. Early to Mid KO.

Posted 11:36 23rd November 2010

Craig Walker says...

Go on son hope you do ti, at least you have the bottle to fight a klitchko unlike Haye. Do your country proud

Posted 16:06 15th November 2010

Paul Johnson says...

Chisora might lose against Klitschko but showed more guts than both Harrison and Haye to be honest getting in the ring with him.

Posted 12:36 15th November 2010

Mr Benn says...

Don't Think So Sunshine!!!!

Posted 11:50 15th November 2010

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