Audley apologises

Harrison says sorry - but insists he could have done no more

Last updated: 17th November 2010  

If I wanted an easy way out, I would have stayed down from the knockdown, but I rose and the referee's intervention saved me from a potentially bad knockout as David is a good finisher.

Audley Harrison
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Audley Harrison has apologised for his performance against David Haye - but insists he didn't take the easy way out.

The WBA challenger was jeered by a capacity crowd after being stopped in the third round, having thrown just one punch.

Harrison admits he doesn't know if he will box on, but has denied claims he was only in it for the money and says he could have done no more.

"To my family, my team and the fans who got behind me on this journey to overthrow David Haye and become heavyweight champion, I'm sorry I was unable to walk through the door and fulfil my destiny," he said in a statement released on Monday.

"I can promise I cut no corners in training and did all I could do in getting myself ready both physically and mentally for Saturday's fight.

"Ultimately, I didn't get going and my game plan to take over the fight in the later rounds was extinguished by the power and speed of David Haye who caught me clean around my guard.

"If I wanted an easy way out, I would have stayed down from the knockdown, but I rose and the referee's intervention saved me from a potentially bad knockout as David is a good finisher, but I would have gladly left the ring on a stretcher as I wanted to work my way through it.

"I make no excuses and I'm not sure where I go from here in boxing, but I'll lick my wounds, take some time out with my family and see what I want to do."


Harrison's pride may have taken a battering on Saturday night, but he insists he will look back at the whole experience with some satisfaction.

And although the fifth and most high-profile failure of his professional career has left him with nowhere to go and led the likes of Barry McGuigan and Joe Calzaghe to call for his retirement, he says he will not change him.

"From Prizefighter, to the European Title and overcoming a career ending injury and surgery - I am happy to have made my way back to this point," his statement continued.

"Yes I am defeated and upset about the outcome on Saturday, but my journey in life has been one of triumph and the 'yes I can' slogan goes onwards and upwards."

Finally, after a month of public insults and personal swipes, he admits that he and Haye have now buried the hatchet. Haye went into Harrison's dressing room at the MEN and the pair are now friends again.

And Harrison says he will be right behind his old mate as he attempts to unify the heavyweight titles against Wladimir and Vitali Klitstchko.

"To David Haye, I'm grateful for the opportunity to fight for the world title and I'm glad we buried the bad blood between us," he said.

"I wish you well in your attempts to unify the titles and you have my support."

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Graham Price says...

Did any of you watch the same fight as what the rest of the world did. The man got paid nearly 1million pound for a fight that he threw a single punch! i hope the BBBC do revoke his purse because anybody would step in that ring for that kind of money. This is supposed to be a world title fight, 3 minute demolition. Do us all a favour Audley, retire and get on whith you life outside of the ring!

Posted 11:41 1st December 2010

Imran Smith says...

atleast he audley had the courage to step into the ring regardles of how much of a pathetic boxer he is, vitali calls haye out again 50/50 any place in spring. so anwswer me this guys.. audely is "fraudley" atleast he accepted the fight everyone knew he would lose as he believed in his "destiny" what does that make haye for dodging the klitchkos?"

Posted 13:45 30th November 2010

Abdul Durojaiye says...

Fraudley finally got what he deserved, and I¿ve got a refund on my TV licence fee the BBC paid him at the onset of his shambolic so called career. Thank you, Mr David Haye for ridding us of this sorry excuse for a pantomime act. I feel gooooooooood!

Posted 05:06 17th November 2010

Gearoid Collins says...

No need to apoligise Audley and no need to listen to the critics. You showed courage to get up and to take big shots. We know what the plan was and that is why you didnt offer much as you were waiting for the late rounds. Unfortunatley you got hit and the fight ended. Unlucky and what ever path you take then best of luck with it. to sky moderators...i have mailed here many times and it has never been posted. if this is not posted ill will report you to support as ye are refusing to post my comments which have nothing wrong with them and im a dedicated subscriber to sky for many years so im not happy being ignored

Posted 18:36 16th November 2010

Mark Holmes says...

I am sorry if i appear ungracious but i dont feel the apology is enough, that performance was shameful and disgrace. It was the Audley many thought they knew and has taught us nothing about Haye. I still cant see him beating Vitali and suspect Wlad would have enough to see him off. Boxing itself must take a measure of blame here. Fighters used to work inhumanely hard to get into the high salary fights and earn it , audley and indeed khan begin by being highly paid and end up exposed. It is fortunate for many of the heavyweights that there is no Ali or Tyson about at the minute. I hope you retire Audley and if there is any justice be unpaid for an unforgivable lack of heart saturday. Haye i hope you prove the country right but its a shame we didnt get the opportunity to learn more . My best to both in the future.

Posted 17:27 16th November 2010

Mark Batty says...

Although Audley's performance wasn't what he said it was going to be, i can't help but feel a bit sorry for him. He looked great so he obviously trained hard for the fight and the fact he picked himself up off the canvas show's how much he wanted it. I think he has shown great dignity and honesty in defeat and it's good to see he didn't get seriously hurt as he was out of his depth. I think he should now retire as its sad to see a great olympian reduced to a journeyman, He was a great amateur fighter where points is the game but just it just didn't translate into the professional scene......

Posted 15:25 16th November 2010

Craig Craig says...

yet another great interview with the gent that is Audley..... yes it was a poor effort but he is a good man and deserves more credit that he gets. fair play mate and all the best for the future!

Posted 12:59 16th November 2010

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