Vitali makes Haye offer

Klitschko willing to split purse 50-50

Last updated: 18th November 2010  

Vitali Klitschko has thrown down the gauntlet to David Haye, telling him to stop talking and meet him in the ring.

WBA heavyweight champion Haye has admitted that he wants to fight both Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko before he retires next year.

Previously, proposed fights between Haye and the brothers have fallen through over financial wranglings.

However Vitali, the WBC titlist, has now said he is willing to split the purse for any contest down the middle to ensure the fight happens.

Klitschko said: "I'm ready any minute to sign a 50:50 contract. We are both world champions so let's fight.

"Let's make the fight in the springtime - I'm ready... The question is for David Haye.

"I hear about the great venue of Madison Square Garden for this fight. But I'm ready to fight in Germany, the United States or Great Britain. Where the most money is on the table... Let's fight in this place."

Vitali outpointed Shannon Briggs in his last outing in October, while Waldimir is due to defend his WBO and IBF belts against the undefeated Brit Dereck Chisora on December 11.

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Reinhard Wagner says...

isnt it weird how so many say that the Klitschko's arent that good & they are boring.Yet if Haye beats them both then he will be a GREAT champion ? I have to laugh !

Posted 12:35 4th December 2010

Jamie Scrymgeour says...

i agree with the gentleman below , i am a haye fan he is a great fighter but time is up david cant say he's the best until he defeats the best that being said he has to go at it with the klitschko's (one at a time though) its time step in the ring with real boxers!! (by that i meant not harrison)

Posted 17:33 29th November 2010

Stuart Jones says...

At his best Haye has the ability to defeat either of the Klitschko's. Pound for pound his stronger & quicker. Wether he has the desire is the question. It's time the Hayemaker put up or shut up!!!

Posted 12:26 24th November 2010

Zaki Yasin says...

time for talking to stop and the fighting to start. i think david is in the form of his life and there's no better time to take them on than now. wlad first then vitali.

Posted 09:20 23rd November 2010

Shaun Parkin says...

"The ball is in your court Mr Hayefaker" Let's wait and see what excuse comes from the Haye camp now!

Posted 09:40 18th November 2010

Hugh Mcloone says...

Come on then David, lets get this fight on for next year, would love to see you unify the Heavyweight division before you hang up your gloves

Posted 09:14 18th November 2010

Joe Pas says...

This is really good news, Personaly I think Haye should fight Wladmir first. His Chin is suspect and out of the two Brothers would be an easier fight. But what ever comes to the table Haye should take, to cement himself in History as a Great Champion. Great Britain or Germany should be were the fight is hosted because it's the home of heavyweight boxing at this period.

Posted 17:01 17th November 2010

D Budge says...

let's see how well Haye backs up his big talking. it's time for him to face a legitimate TOP Heavyweight now instead of parading himself about as the genuine Champion. Bonin, Barrett, Valuev, Ruiz and Harrison have got to be some of the worst Heavyweights in history. let's see Haye finally step up and see if he really is "the saviour" of Heavyweight boxing

Posted 16:48 17th November 2010

Gavin Hughes says...

Come on David you have it all their 50/50 split and flexible on venue, Surely it must be Madison Square Garden as a neutral venue for both fighters but their no stumbling blocks left to use so make it happen for the sake of boxing.

Posted 16:47 17th November 2010

Peter Chopyk says...

Let me make a prediction. David Haye is not going to fight Vitaliy even though he has said that WBC belt is his main priority. Haye knows that Vitaliy will be too strong for him at this moment . Wladimir can be considered a better option but difference in class between Audley and any of the Klitschko brothers would be too big for Haye. In my opinion he needs another one or two fights against some one like Chagaev or Povetkin in order to get more experience before fighting Klitschko brothers. But his mouthing off has backfired at him. The pressure is on Haye now . He either has get into the ring with Vitaliy or shut up and run away again.

Posted 22:22 16th November 2010

Steff Mcknight says...

If what he says is true then there is no reason for the fight not to happen,but the brothers only fight in germany incase the fight is close. Haye would have to knock him out to get a draw in Germany in my opinion.

Posted 21:29 16th November 2010

John Gardner says...

I'll be very surprised if Haye takes this fight. Haye has mentioned about fighting Wlad first because "he throws more punches" - making out that it'll be a more exciting fight. Anyone else believe that or like me do you all feel that he'd prefer Wlad because he is more vulnerable around the whiskers? I think Wlad first and - if he beats Wlad - then Vitali afterwords. I reckon he has a fair chance of beating Wlad but thing he would have to start very fast and not fight so tactically a la Valuev. Re Vitali - i feel Haye's chances decrease significantly

Posted 21:04 16th November 2010

Az Ali says...

Nice call out Vitali, spoken like a true champ. Lets see if Haye can man up and accept this simple offer. Haye you are so going to lose against any of the Klitschko brothers. You might as well lap up your win off Audley while you can because its not going to last long. Time to fight real champions and the the best in the business.

Posted 19:58 16th November 2010

Darren Clark says...

Haye should really take this offer and should fight in england as he has loads of fans and support so yeah go for it make these 2 your last fights you can do it

Posted 18:24 16th November 2010

Darren Collins says...

Im a big haye fan and love the way he boxes, but now is the time for him to man up and take on the klitschkos, no more side stepping. If vitail is willing to split the purse 50-50 and fight anywhere in the world, its his chance to prove what he`s all about and bring another title back to britian

Posted 16:50 16th November 2010

Anthony Carter says...

These fights have to happen, otherwise the heavyweight scene will crumble and people will lose interest. I think these are the three best heavyweights around so they should be fighting each other and not taking easy fights. Obviously Vitali will be the first option as both he and Haye are both available right now for a spring/summer fight, and Wladimir later in the year. I also think Haye should negotiate fighting both of the brothers (depending of the manner of the the otucome)...because though I think Haye has some shortcomings he is still is the best challenger out there for the Klitchsko's, also it would be good for the brothers to get bragging rights over the other without fighting each other..

Posted 15:24 16th November 2010

David Mccabe says...

I think haye should just sign the contract and get the fight on!!!

Posted 14:54 16th November 2010

Nick Berry says...

Yeah baby, lets get it on. Haye and Vitali at the MEN in the Spring. Once Haye has taken care of the older Brother, he can then move onto the younger Brother in the summer, assuming of course Derek Chisora does not plonk Jnr on his backside next week. All good for boxing, at last we can see a unification in the pipe line. Anyhow, the winner to fight Manny Pacqiao - lol.

Posted 13:34 16th November 2010

John Curtis says...

Hmmm, i think Haye should fight Wladimir first, Vitali is the ultimate test, he may be able to take some of Hayes punches for the first few rounds, thing is though, can Haye take his punches? I dont think so, he has the hardest punch in boxing but did get caught quite easily by Shannon Briggs. Wlad will get a rough time againt Chisora but win and Haye should retire him by the end of the Spring and then set up the Vitali fight for October and afterwards tell us that he wont be retiring... hopefully! Vitali fight will be great for boxing fans, Wlad fight will go much the same as Audley did, he will get boxed out of his shell!

Posted 13:11 16th November 2010

Chris Hickey says...

I am certain that Haye would KO Wlad but I think Vitali will be a tough fight. If Haye doesnt knock him out Vitali will win get a boring points win. To be fair to Vitali, he has an awesome jab but he's still quite boring to watch.

Posted 12:48 16th November 2010

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