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Hayemaker ready to deliver an explosive knockout

Last updated: 2nd April 2010  

He's gonna get knocked out and maybe subconsciously he knows that. That's why he told his family to stay at home.

David Haye on John Ruiz
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David Haye has risked the wrath of John Ruiz by threatening to take his head off.

The WBA heavyweight champion, who famously upset the Klitschko brothers by sporting a t-shirt with their severed heads on last year, says he is in the mood to deliver a blistering knockout performance at the MEN Arena on Saturday night.

Haye has been unusually subdued in the run-up to his first world-title defence, live on Sky Box Office, but exploded into life in familiar fashion with the first bell 72 hours away.

Ruiz has arrived in England with a small entourage and without his family, a man on a mission to become only the third man in history to become a three-time world heavyweight champion.

But Haye believes he has left his loved ones at home because he knows what's coming.

"I wouldn't bring my family either, if I knew I was going to get decapitated!" he told Sky Sports News.

"He's gonna get knocked out and maybe subconsciously he knows that. That's why he told his family to stay at home.

"I'm bred to do this, I'm a fighter through and through. I know what it's like to be in hard fights, I know what it's like to dig deep and I'm expecting to have to dig deep.

"I'm mentally prepared for a tough, gruelling fight - but a fight he will end up unconscious in."


Only one person, David Tua, has managed to knock Ruiz out in 54 professional fights.

Haye will be boxing at heavyweight for only the fourth time and says concerns about his weight and physique will prove unfounded once the bell sounds on Saturday.

He only arrived in Manchester in the early hours of Wednesday morning, but insists it is merely a case of the quiet before the storm.

"I wanted to do my last hard training session in London, in my own gym," he said. "It's fine, it's only when I really get into the changing rooms that I really switch on.

"A lot of fighters switch on too early; you see them shadow boxing a week before their fight and they're burning up too much energy that they need in the fight. When I'm in the ring, that's when I'm 100 per cent, all guns blazing.

"It's all about looking, feeling and being as perfect as possible on the night of the fight. There's no need being on peak performance three weeks out - it means nothing.

"Everything myself and Adam (Booth) do is to peak when we walk into that ring. When I climb through them ropes I'm in the best physical condition I can be in and that's all that matters.

"I'm expecting a real tough night; it's going to be exciting but I am going to knock him out."

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Leon Hayden jordan says...

Believe me or not D.Haye is the better guy than Lennox because of his style which is 150% different than Lennox and he is younger and very talented guy. He has got everything you can see from a true gentleman, the smile, the body language can speak more than and dont forget his better looking than others british boxers. Come on bruv you will win it by knocking Lazy Ruiz out, his time is gone. He is just a bag puncher for Haye.

Posted 14:55 2nd April 2010

Jay Keogh says...

Can't wait to see David run amok in the ring

Posted 23:10 1st April 2010

David Dowling says...

The hype of haye is a bit much. The heavyweight division is the worst it has been in years. There is no heavyweight worth watching right now. though he might be the best of a bad bunch. you want to watch great fighters go to the lighter weights . the pacman is the most excitng fighter on the planet. the heavyweights are exciting to watch due to the big punch that can change a fight but the greater talents are in the lighter weights right now. but i wish both men a good fight and may the best man win.

Posted 21:17 1st April 2010

Brian Hamill says...

Haye will be Haye. He will box well, become overconfident, get dropped, be in trouble, fight his way through it, edge himself ahead in the fight, then land the decisive KO punch. Trust me. Haye KO9 Ruiz.

Posted 17:43 1st April 2010

Nick Rothery says...

David has the charisma and personality to match Ali, he has the power to equal Lennox but does he have the guile and the craft to beat a slugger like Ruiz? I hope so...bring on the Hayemaker!

Posted 16:14 1st April 2010

Shane Khan says...

Haye is not an aspiration.. Boxing is an art that requires intelligence.. All the best fighters let their boxing skills do the talking...Haye on the other hand has to lower the tone of boxing and "trash-talk" the competition. His popularity will increase ten fold if he kept his mouth shut. We all know the heavyweight division is in a dire state and there hasnt been any greats produced. So..Haye..shut your trap and let your skills merit you!.. for your own sake!.

Posted 16:06 1st April 2010

Dave Blowers says...

Good luck to David Haye , the country is behind you, whup this guy and take the Klitschko brothers and you will be without doubt the new undisputed heavyweight king

Posted 12:06 1st April 2010

Martin Dronfield says...

David Haye is only champion due to the current poor state of the division, sure he should beat Ruiz, however, I fail to see who he would have beaten out of the following - Lewis, Bowe, Tyson, Holyfield, Tua, Golata, Mercer, to name but a few. Easy to shoot his mouth off given the current crop of opposition, always an angle with Haye, well managed I think they call it these days!

Posted 10:54 1st April 2010

Michael Brown says...

good luck on sat make sure you knock him out

Posted 10:26 1st April 2010

Hiram Nyaburi says...

Ruiz v Haye, experience v determination, talent. Its David v Goliat, yet I have a gut feeling, David's gonna lose the title. The philistine will triumph this time. But again, that's me

Posted 09:47 1st April 2010

Simon Sheridan says...

I think David could win this inside 6 rounds. I think he could turn out to be a genuine heavyweight champion, who can go on to dominate for several years. Early days as yet, but I am optimistic he is for real.

Posted 09:32 1st April 2010

Mule Siandenge says...

I think it will be a tough fight so we have to wait 4 tha night but am sure HAYE will come out the strongest be it on points.

Posted 09:02 1st April 2010

Scuba Steve says...

cant wait! knock him out bruv!

Posted 08:33 1st April 2010

Waj Tee says...

You no it David blow him away..

Posted 02:05 1st April 2010

Martin Rosser says...

i cant stand david haye!!!! i hope ruiz knocks him out in later rounds!!!!!!!!

Posted 22:17 31st March 2010

Karl Rawlings says...

I have every confidence in haye making a mess of ruiz, if you can beat a 7ft monster then you can finish a career thats spanned many years especially when haye is on the way up. COME ON HAYE!!!!

Posted 19:32 31st March 2010

Ben Shaw says...

Got my tickets for the MEN and can't wait for this one!! Haye to knock him out in the 6th!!

Posted 19:18 31st March 2010

Michael Bates says...

Would love to see The Hayemaker do a job on Ruiz on Saturday night, his confidence is admirable and hopefully he brings the heavyweight boxing scene back to England like Lennox Lewis did a decade ago. Cmon David

Posted 18:45 31st March 2010

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