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Alex Ferguson

Clowney's no joke

US sports expert Alex Ferguson profiles Jadeveon Clowney, the biggest defensive pick of the draft.

Alex Ferguson

A perfect union?

Alex Ferguson looks at the possible unionisation of college football and how he would handle the issue.

Alex Ferguson

Try-out tales

Alex Ferguson runs the rule over the NFL wannabes who strutted their stuff at the Combine in Indianapolis.

View from America

Desperate deals?

Simon Veness reviews a crazy week in the NFL's free agent frenzy, as sides splash out over $1bn.

Neil Reynolds

Land of free agents

Neil Reynolds picks six of the biggest free agents hoping to strike it big in the NFL signing period.

View from America

Calm before the storm

Simon Veness reflects on an unusually quiet NFL off season and considers what could be around the corner.

Neil Reynolds

Combine harvest

The painstaking Combine puts hopefuls through mental and physical pain, says Neil Reynolds.

Neil Reynolds

Quality and quantity

The Seahawks dominated Super Bowl XLVIII from the start, so Neil Reynolds closes it with his Pick VI!

View from America

Seahawks flying high

Simon Veness says a Seattle 'tour de force' made a nonsense of every Super Bowl XLVIII prediction.

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