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Alex Ferguson

Football bedlam

In college football history, no-one has seen a weekend like it. Here's Alex Ferguson's take...

Alex Ferguson

Early assessments

Alex Ferguson says Cincy have shone and Oakland have been appalling in the NFL action so far.

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Blake's heaven
Blake's heaven Neil Reynolds

Blake's heaven

Neil Reynolds says the Jags and the Rams had good Drafts - but urges caution over Johnny Manziel.

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Cowboys 'on course' View from America - Simon Veness

Cowboys 'on course'

Simon Veness says the NFL landscape is seriously disturbed after the Cowboys’ win in Seattle.

Draft developments View from America

Draft developments

Simon Veness reviews the aftermath and fallout from an exhausting, rollercoaster 2014 NFL draft.

Daft drafts? View from America

Daft drafts?

Simon Veness credits Cleveland for capturing Johnny Manziel - but was left bemused by many picks.

First and foremost View from America - Simon Veness

First and foremost

Simon Veness looks at which men - other than Mr Manziel - may be selected early in the NFL Draft.

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