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Adam Craig:

Adam Craig:

Mickey taker
Mickey taker Adam Craig

Mickey taker

A Hawaiian shirt and a Hollywood legend... Adam Craig closes his WrestleMania diary in fitting style.

Perks of the job Adam Craig

Perks of the job

Adam Craig finds his Sky Sports shirt come in handy at the Reliant Stadium ahead of Wrestlemania 25

Adam and Eve Adam Craig

Adam and Eve

Adam Craig meets his new favourite diva and WWE Champion Triple H in his latest WrestleMania blog.

A happy ending Adam Craig

A happy ending

Adam Craig's latest WrestleMania blog is book-ended by 3,000 librarians and WWE diva Tiffany.

The King and I Adam Craig

The King and I

Adam Craig blogs from WrestleMania XXV, where he finds the voice of WWE, Jerry Lawler, in fine form...

The 'Mania begins Adam Craig

The 'Mania begins

Adam Craig kicks off his WrestleMania blog from Houston with a super-sized diva... and Ade Akinbiyi.

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Brock Lesnar and John Cena’s main event at Night of Champions ended in chaos. Find out how…

Title tales

See what happened on the Night of Champions undercard in Nashville and whether any belts changed hands.

Miz and Miz-dow win

The Miz and Damien Miz-dow beat Dolph Ziggler and R-Ziggler on Tuesday's episode of Main Event.

Rivals collide

Brock Lesnar scrapped with John Cena and Mark Henry punished Rusev on the pre-Night of Champions Raw.

Crushed in the cage

The Authority met Roman Reigns in a steel cage, while Bray Wyatt battled with Chris Jericho on Raw.


Artistic impressions

Artistic impressions

See how illustrator Paul Ainsworth used his sketch skills to give makeovers to a throng of WWE Superstars.

Feline fighters

Feline fighters

Ever wondered what wrestlers would look like with cats' heads? No, us neither, but here you go...

Batista as Drax

Batista as Drax

Take a peek at images of Batista playing Drax the Destroyer in new movie Guardians of the Galaxy.