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World in union
World in union Luke Dorn

World in union

Luke Dorn looks at the attraction of playing rugby union, plus can't help but mention the Origin result!

Trading standards Luke Dorn

Trading standards

With the anti-tampering deadline been and gone, Luke Dorn assesses the situation from all sides.

Obstructing the law Luke Dorn

Obstructing the law

When is obstruction not obstruction? Luke Dorn offers up an easier option to replace the current ruling.

Tackling the issue Luke Dorn

Tackling the issue

Luke Dorn on the dangers involved in tackling and praises two legends of Super League.

Official procedures Luke Dorn

Official procedures

Luke Dorn calls for video referees at every Super League game and reviews his '18th man' idea.

Raging Bulls Luke Dorn

Raging Bulls

Luke Dorn feels sympathy for the fans and players at Bradford as the club goes through hard times.

Training days Luke Dorn

Training days

Luke Dorn starts a new year of his blog talking about his return to Castleford and a tough pre-season.

Deep impact Luke Dorn

Deep impact

London's semi-final defeat has been tough to take for Luke Dorn and the rest of the Broncos squad.

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Barrie vs Terry

Barrie v Terry

Barrie McDermott and Terry O'Connor go head-to-head with their Super League predictions......