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In it together
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In it together

Rob Burrow says the team spirit created by England training camps could be key ahead of the World Cup.

A great Briton Features

A great Briton

Brian Carney says Jamie Peacock must be classed as one of Britain's best ever rugby league players.

Four Nations battles Features

Four Nations battles

Ahead of Saturday's final at Elland Road, takes a look at the key positional contests.

Sinfield home at last Features

Sinfield home at last

Kevin Sinfield admits he finally feels at home in an England shirt after settling down at stand-off

Gamble on England Features

Gamble on England

Stevo is delighted with England's positive attitude ahead of their Four Nations clash against Australia.

Marshall roar! Features

Marshall roar!

New Zealand captain Benji Marshall has sung the praises of "little brother" Rangi Chase.

Pressure on the kiwis Features

Pressure on the kiwis

Stevo wonders if New Zealand can turn things around against Australia in the Four Nations final.

A damaging day Features

A damaging day

Bill Arthur was saddened as the bad behaviour of louts ruined rugby league's big day at Eden Park.

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