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Coach's Corner: Keeping up with Celtic Dragons' Joneses...

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Coach, player, author, commentator, analyst... Anita Navin's list of netballing expertise is long and here at Sky Sports we've asked her to take up the post in our Coach's Corner to analyse all the big talking points from the ZEO Netball Superleague.

Team Bath 62-62 Celtic Dragons

ANITA'S VIEW:Keeping up with the Joneses is all about comparison to others and Down Under it's a reality show highlighting the plight and outright resilience of family survival in the outback.

Kyra Jones: mastered the long ball in to the Celtic Dragons GS.

Kyra Jones: mastered the long ball in to the Celtic Dragons GS.

When it comes to reality and resilience then take a look at Celtic Dragon's Kyra Jones who developed her court craft in Australia before making the move to Wales in recent years.

As the ZEO Player of the Match on Friday, Jones, a confident, consistent and skillful Wing Attack was able to focus successfully on her own game whilst also supporting the team to a well-earned point on Friday night against Team Bath.

She is clinical at the centre pass ensuring she prepares early using her vision to see her GA on the line and is always seeking to be the first phase option

Anita Navin
Quotes of the week

She compared well to her first half opponent Serena Guthrie and then when facing up against Mia Ritchie in the second; Jones demonstrated consistency and quality in her execution of some fine attacking moves.

Jones uses the front cut to close off her opponent and ensure she is ball side to receive the pass from her team mates. When she is the ball carrier with space in front of her she effectively uses the double play or 'give and go'.

She is clinical at the centre pass ensuring she prepares early using her vision to see her GA on the line and is always seeking to be the first phase option (accurate on 80% of the first phase at the Centre pass in Q3).

Jones will battle to reposition by pulling wide on the court occasionally outwitting the opponent by using a very subtle change of pace. Coaches should check out her technical skills, particularly her ability to receive the ball and turn quickly to face the goal. Her high release point and ball placement provide a great example for our young players.

Kyra Jones is the prime feeder of the long ball to her GS Timmy Cato and with 100% accuracy of the feed in Q3 she is an impact player at the heart of any opposing team's game plan!

Not only can she attack but she tracks a player with precision and intensity so typical of the Aussie style. On defence of the centre pass Kyra is relentless and was able to disrupt the Bath pass by removing the WD as an option in Q3.

Coaching eyes may well question the positional change of Guthrie to C from WD mid-way in the game given her persistence and eventual success at reducing the consistency and accuracy of Jones in Q2. It goes without saying Guthrie is needed at Centre for her ability to deliver that stress free ball into her shooters but this comes at a price with the costly loss of her tally of intercepts in the defence unit.

Nia Jones, playing in what would perhaps be her third position at Goal Defence for Celtic, worked tirelessly against the England skipper Pamela Cookey. Challenging for any loose ball and reacting quickly to any sudden bursts of speed by Cookey, it was the Jones in defence who kept her side in the game. At 61-61 Jones tipped the ball and demonstrated her determination and athleticism to keep the ball in play whilst off balance.

Ritchie for Team Bath then prevented the conversion, taking an intercept from a diagonal ball to give Team Bath the lead 62-61 with 21 seconds on the clock. The Jones dynamic connected well in the dying seconds and Kyra was able to receive the centre pass and successfully deliver to goal.

Setting goals for Wing Attacks

Coaches, here are some key quantity and quality tips to apply in setting goals for your Wing Attacks

Tip#1: Quality - Use of the front cut to get free, close off the defender and be ball side.

Tip#2: As the ball carrier see the open space in front and use the double play or 'give and go'.

Tip#3:Track the WD at their centre pass, force wide and be in front of the ball to defend the pass in the centre third.

Tip#4: Quantity

- 85% accuracy of feeding to the shooter

- 80% success at being the 1st phase option at the centre pass

- 90% success at being the first lead for the attacking centre pass

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