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Features - Martin Tyler Posted 27th April 2010 view comments

Martin Tyler's stats and facts column is here!

Every week he will be here to offer you statistical gems to make your day, impress your mates and, on occasion, to settle the odd bet.

Sky Sports' voice of football and his back-up team of experts are here to answer your questions and queries on all things statistical and historical from the beautiful game.

Lampard: made the 20-goal mark and a Premier League first

Lampard: made the 20-goal mark and a Premier League first

If you have spotted something from a game or have been stumped by a pub quiz question, simply email here and he will do his best to help.

Tyler's Starting Stat - Seventh heaven

You won't be surprised to find out that several records fell at Stamford Bridge on a goal-crazy Super Sunday this week. The 7-0 win was in fact Chelsea's biggest ever in the top flight, surpassing their 7-1 win over Aston Villa in March, and the third time this season they have hit seven (more of that later). There were also some individual landmarks to note, not least from Frank Lampard, who hit the 20-goal mark in the Premier League for the first time and, with 25 goals to his name, is enjoying his best scoring season to date. Salomon Kalou also weighed in with his first hat-trick in a Chelsea shirt - I am told he scored one for Feyenoord - yet only scored his second, third and fourth Premier League goals of the season and took his tally to 11 overall. It was also the 21st Premier League game in which he has scored for the Blues and they haven't lost any of them. At the other end of the scale, Daniel Sturridge scored his first league goal for Chelsea a full year since his last one, for Manchester City at West Brom. As for Stoke, there was not much good news of course, the 7-0 scoreline representing their biggest Premier League defeat and endinf their six-game unbetaen run on the road; they have never gone six away games in the top division without defeat. Maybe we should've seen it coming though, because they haven't won a league game at Chelsea since 1984 when former Stamford Bridge favourite Alan Hudson, who was on the pitch singing Blue is the Colour with some more famous faces at half-time, got their goal in a 1-0 win.

Hi Martin, I'm a fan of your column. I follow it every week and with your information I surprise my friends every week. Following Lampard's 20th goal of the season, is he the first central midfielder to achieve this record in the Premier League? Thank you for your consideration. Koushyar (Chelsea fan)
Lampard is indeed the first central midfielder to record 20 Premier League goals in one campaign. Below I have detailed the other players to have scored 20 goals in a 38-game Premier League season and you can see that they are all out-and-out strikers with the possible exception of Cristiano Ronaldo. He scored 31 goals in 2007/08, but played much of that season in a very advanced role, certainly much further forward than Lampard.

2009/10: Wayne Rooney, Didier Drogba, Darren Bent, Carlos Tevez, Frank Lampard
2008/09: NONE
2007/08: Cristiano Ronaldo, Emmannuel Adebayor, Fernando Torres
2006/07: Didier Drogba
2005/06: Thierry Henry, Ruud van Nistelrooy
2004/05: Thierry Henry, Andrew Johnson
2003/04: Thierry Henry, Alan Shearer, Louis Saha, Ruud van Nistelrooy
2002/03: Ruud van Nistelrooy, Thierry Henry, James Beattie, Mark Viduka
2001/01: Thierry Henry, Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink, Alan Shearer, Ruud van Nistelrooy
2000/01: Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink
1999/00: Kevin Phillips, Alan Shearer, Dwight Yorke
1998/99: NONE
1997/98: NONE
1996/97: Alan Shearer, Ian Wright
1995/96: Alan Shearer, Robbie Fowler, Les Ferdinand

As we mentioned in the column a few weeks ago, Chelsea have now become the first team to have two players scoring 20 Premier League goals in a 38-game season. This season has also set a new record with five players reaching 20 goals for the first time in a 38-goal season. Jermain Defoe will be hoping to take that tally to six by scoring twice in his final three league games.

Dear Martin. Has any team scored seven goals in three different games before, let alone in the same season? Chelsea fan
No team has ever scored seven goals (or more) twice in the same Premier League season, let alone three times. So Chelsea's efforts against Sunderland, Aston Villa and Stoke City have set a new record. Indeed, Chelsea are only the second team to score seven in three different games since the Second World War. The other was the Wolves side of the 1962/63 season. When you include Tottenham's nine goals against Wigan, we've seen teams scoring seven goals or more on four separate occasions this season. That too is a new Premier League record. Chelsea had never scored seven goals in a Premier League game before the turn of the year, so to do it three times in four months is particularly impressive. But as you can see from the list below, Blackburn Rovers and Manchester United have achieved the feat on four separate occasions in the Premier League era:

Blackburn have hit seven against Norwich City (1992), Nottingham Forest (1995), Sheffield Wednesday (1997) and West Ham (2001)

United have hit seven or more against Ipswich (1995), Barnsley (1997), Nottingham Forest (1999) and West Ham (2000)

Other teams to have scored seven in a game are Newcastle (three times), Arsenal (twice), Everton (twice), Tottenham (twice), Aston Villa, Nottingham Forest, Portsmouth and Middlesbrough.

Hi Martin, I've got a question for you. I can't find the answer but you are a legend so might be able to help me. Imagine Liverpool finish fifth and win the Europa League, I presume they are automatically qualified to enter the Europa League next season. I understand three slots are awarded, fifth place, sixth place and cup winners. Because Portsmouth aren't eligible, seventh place gets it, but if Liverpool finish fifth, does the slot move down to eigth place? This would mean Everton get another chance at Europe next season. Is this the lowest a team has ever been in the Premiership qualifying for Europe? I dont think it is, but can't think of who it could be. Tony Savage (Everton fan)
Well thanks for the kind words Tony! Although it is not a stastical query we do get asked to clear the odd thing up, especially at this time of season and as an Evertonian I am sure you are dying to know the answer! Unfortunately though, it might not make good reading for you because as I understand it, we are not looking at eighth place making it into the Europa League. Basically we get three Europa League places, for the FA Cup winners, League Cup winners and fifth spot in the Premier League. Now as Manchester United have won the League Cup, that place is transferred to the team finishing seventh and as Chelsea are in the Champions League next season and Portsmouth deemed ineligible for the Europa League, the FA Cup place will now go to the team finishing seventh in the table. Should Liverpool win this season's competition, they will be back next season as defending champions, but as I understand it this will not create an extra place for English teams. However, should Fulham win the Europa League, they will be allowed back in as defending champions on top of the sides finishing fifth, sixth and seventh in the league... clear as mud isn't it! I think perhaps Everton's best bet is the UEFA Fair Play League, which can offer sides a route in via the tournaments qualifying round. There are three places across Europe available and the last I saw, England were third in the standings - which I guess could see Everton qualifying in eighth place!

Hi Martin, I am a Villa fan and I believe this week's win over Birmingham has given us our highest number of points in the league in our history. Having said that, we are currently fifth but could finish seventh. If fourth to eighth all win their remaining games (which cannot happen as City play Spurs and Villa play City, but you know what I mean), basically Everton could end up on 60-plus points+ and finish eighth. Ten years ago would 60 points have given you a top-four finish, if not the title? And Everton could end up on 60-plus and finish eighth - that means eight teams all ending up with 60 points or more - has that ever happened before? Daniel Singham
I think I understand what you're getting at Daniel! I will answer the second point of your question first and tell you that the top eight have won 60 or more points on one previous occasion over a 38-game season. It happened twice when the Premier League was contested over 42 games, but when it comes to comparing to this season's possibilities that you so succintly outline, I have to refer you back to 1995/96. That was in fact the first season the Premier League went to 38 games and that season the top eight finished with more than 60 points. Manchester United were the champions with 82 points, Newcastle second with 78, Liverpool third with 71 and then Aston Villa and Arsenal, fourth and fifth on 63. Three more clubs also broke the 50-point barrier to take the total eight, with Everton, Blackburn and Spurs all reaching 61. As for 60 points being enough to make the top four or indeed win the title Daniel, I am afraid no-one has ever won the title with that few points. And in terms of getting into the top four with 60 points that has only happened once: in 2003-04, Arsenal's Invincibles season when Liverpool made final the Champions League with 60 points exactly.

Hi Martin. Great column! Can I enquire if any team has won the three different Doubles before? i.e. League and FA Cup, League and League Cup, League Cup and FA Cup. If Chelsea win the Double this season they would have won all three Doubles. Best wishes, Lawrence Wee, Singapore
If Chelsea were to do the conventional Double this season, it would be the 11th occasion in which it's been achieved and they would become the seventh club to do so.

Preston North End (1889)
Aston Villa (1897)
Tottenham (1961)
Arsenal (1971)
Liverpool (1986)
Manchester United (1994)
Manchester United (1996)
Arsenal (1998)
Manchester United (1999)
Arsenal (2002)

Only four teams have done the League and League Cup double - including Liverpool who did it in three consecutive seasons in the 1980's:

Nottingham Forest (1978)
Liverpool (1982)
Liverpool (1983)
Liverpool (1984)
Chelsea (2005)
Manchester United (2009)

Meanwhile, the FA Cup and League Cup double has been achieved by three teams:

Arsenal (1993)
Liverpool (2001)
Chelsea (2007)

So to answer your question, Chelsea would actually become the SECOND team to do all three domestic doubles. As you can see, Liverpool completed the set back in 2001.

Hi Martin, I heard that we (Sunderland) had the highest percentage of English goalscorers in the Premier League this season. Can you confirm? Alan Devaney, Sunderland fan
Alan I can confirm you heard right, your side does indeed have the highest percentage of English goalscorers in the Premier League this season. Much of that of course is down to Darren Bent, whose 24 goals of the 47 they have managed in the league is more than 50 per cent on its own - and the highest one-man ratio of any of the 20 Premier League clubs this season. As you can see from the information provided by the good boffins at Opta, Sunderland are clear of Birmingham, Aston Villa and Tottenham when it comes to Englishmen hitting the back of the net. Overall, just under 37 per cent of Premier League goals this season have been scored by English players which means of the 20 clubs, nine are beneath average. The stats speak for themselves on this one, though...

TeamEnglish goalsTotal goalsEnglish %
Aston Villa335164.71
West Ham 224450.00
Man United408149.38
Hull City103231.25
Man City106914.49
PL TOTAL36599236.79

Tyler's Teaser

Hit the video for this week's tricky teaser. Send in your answers to Martin's question using the feedback form below - and don't forget to keep your own questions coming in...

Comments (13)

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Robert Henry (Chelsea fan) says...

In next season's Premier League there will be four teams beginning with the letter W.Is this the first time this will have happened in top tier history?

Posted 15:16 3rd May 2010

John Genco (Manchester United fan) says...

Hi Martin, I was hoping you could answer this question: Has anybody in Premier League history (or top flight history) had a perfect record at home. That is to say, won every game, lost none and drew none? Thanks and can't wait to hear you in the States for the World Cup!

Posted 20:57 2nd May 2010

Colin Peacocke (Hibernian fan) says...

Cracking Questions Martin, 7 players have won both player and young player of the year. Andy Gray Ian Rush Mark Hughes Ryan Giggs Wayne Rooney Steve Gerrard Cristiano Ronaldo Cheers

Posted 11:33 2nd May 2010

Robert Rostron (Blackburn Rovers fan) says...

Hi Martin, big fan of your column. I once heard that my team, Blackburn Rovers, are the only English team to win a trophy in three different centuries, (ie 19th, 20 and 21st century.) I was wondering if you could please confirm this? Thanks big man.

Posted 15:10 30th April 2010

Jordan O'keeffe (Manchester United fan) says...

Andy Gray Cristiano Ronaldo Ryan Giggs Wayne Rooney Steven Gerrard Mark Hughes Ian Rush and only Gray and Ronaldo Won it in the same year !

Posted 19:37 29th April 2010

James Dick (Aston Villa fan) says...

Martin, Love the column, really good stuff! I wasn't surprised to see Lamps finally hit the 20 league goal mark this season, however it does feel a quiet season compared to some of his earlier seasons under Mourinho where it seemed he scored from all angles. My question is this - how many goals have come from the spot from Lamps this season, and what is the record number of goals in the Premier League without penalties considered? I seem to remember Andy Johnson getting 20 a few seasons go with a high proportion of pens! Thanks, James.

Posted 13:13 29th April 2010

Rob Taylor (Newcastle United fan) says...

The winners of both are Andy Gray, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ian Rush, Mark Hughes, Steven Gerrard, Ryan Giggs, and Wayne Rooney

Posted 10:03 29th April 2010

Alan Hiscutt (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Hi Andy! From memory Wayne Rooney Cristiano Ronaldo Andy Gray Ryan Giggs Ian Rush And Steven Gerrard I dont THINK there are others, I remember Le Tissier coming close but dont think he ever won the senior award, Fabregas has yet to win the Senior award. So just the 6 I THINK.

Posted 08:44 29th April 2010

Homzie D (Manchester United fan) says...

Martin, excellent column as ever. I absolutely enjoy your commentary with Andy Gray which I always look forward to. My query for you is have a set of brothers scored for the same team in the same match? Thanks and Cheers from a very hot and humid Bombay.

Posted 16:29 28th April 2010

John Miller (Chesterfield fan) says...

The Players to have won both the PFA Player of the Year award and Young Player of the Year are Andy Gray, Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ryan Giggs, Steven Gerrard, Ian Rush and Mark Hughes. Gray and Ronaldo did it in the same year

Posted 09:58 28th April 2010

Ahmad Bashter (Aston Villa fan) says...

Answer of the teaser: Andy Gray (same season), Ian Rush, Mark Hughes, Steven Gerrard, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ryan Giggs and Wayne Rooney respectively

Posted 07:26 28th April 2010

Gurvinder Sahota (Arsenal fan) says...

The answers are Andy Gray, Ian Rush, Mark Hughes, Ryan Giggs, Steven Gerrard, Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney.

Posted 23:22 27th April 2010

Ben Chia (Arsenal fan) says...

Players who have won both PFA Player and Young Player of the Year: Andy Gray (of course), Ian Rush, Mark Hughes, Ryan Giggs, Steven Gerrard, Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo. I think that should be all.

Posted 19:44 27th April 2010

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