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Coach's Corner: It was tight at the Copper Box but Tamsin proved she's earned an England recall

Anita Navin's Coach's Corner Posted 10th March 2014 view comments

Coach, player, author, commentator, analyst... Anita Navin's list of netballing expertise is long.

So here at Sky Sports we've asked her to take up the post in our Coach's Corner to analyse all the big talking points from the ZEO Netball Superleague...

Storm on form but it was never going to be just a walk in the park...

ANITA'S VIEW: The intensity of this encounter is always an exciting spectacle and one eagerly anticipated by any avid netball fan.

Storm Selfie: Tamsin Greenway (centre) celebrates winning at the Copper Box - photo by Gary Baker.

Storm Selfie: Tamsin Greenway (centre) celebrates winning at the Copper Box - photo by Gary Baker.

It was the perfect day for this encounter with a record-breaking crowd of 3,151 and some intense, fearless and passionate performances from both teams. And the game almost turned on its head in the final quarter with a characteristic late comeback by Mavericks.

3 - Storm scored three successive goals to take a half-time lead.

She is clinical at the centre pass ensuring she prepares early using her vision to see her GA on the line and is always seeking to be the first phase option

Anita Navin
Quotes of the week

1 - 100 per cent shooting accuracy for Rachel Dunn in quarter 3.

5 - Turnovers per team before a goal was scored in the second half.

1 - Goal difference in the score line with 45 seconds to go.

ZEO Player of the Match and Surrey player-coach, Tamsin Greenway, did not disappoint; she rallied her team together in the final quarter while managing to stay in touch with her own game and most of all, remained composed under the defensive pressure applied by Mavericks - it was a spectacle in itself.

Greenway was forced to adapt her game given the tight one-on-one defence applied by Aussie import Samantha May. It was all about Greenway's composure to mix up her own game, often committing fully to split the defence as they put on a 2v1 against her or coming off the line at the centre pass and dominating more in the second phase.

Pulling out wide to split the defence was a crafty method of ensuring May did not always deny and delay the run to the circle edge. Dunn continued to protect her pocket under the post for those high percentage shots and when under the tight defence of Layla Guscoth she was not fazed when she found herself pinned to the goal line.

Dunn's decision-making is more evident and she quickly started to pitch herself a little higher in the circle to outwit the Lindsay Keable and Guscoth pairing who, in the end, did not adapt and mix up their style. Dunn needed to dominate with Becks Jury lacking the confidence to put the shot away in the first half. There were times when the defensive pair could have left Jury to roam outside the circle and place more pressure in the circle on Dunn.

In the second half Katie Harris netted more goals at Goal Attack and I'm guessing moving forward may well be a starter in the forthcoming ZNSL fixture.

It was Greenway's yelling of 'believe' in the final quarter that really outlined her passion for this game and overall determination to take the victory. The intensity, focus and commitment of her players on court had been lost in the final quarter and the 10-goal lead once held by Storm was down to one.

With several players hitting the deck in the final few minutes it called for a CLOG (Closing Out the Game strategy)! When you're one goal up with 45 seconds on the clock and in possession, then it is all about playing a short game, ball side options, keeping possession often around the transverse line from the centre court into one's attacking third and most of all opening up the vision to see the defence. Running down the clock and using this possession strategy would have been a tactic Storm could have used more of when the gap was reduced to five goals in the final minutes of the game.

Practice makes perfect

Coaches, look closely at your team and how they play in the final minutes of a game when they are up by one or two goals.

Practice scenarios like this in training and challenge your players to look at strategies to maintain possession when 'there is only one minute to go and they lead by one goal!' You will soon evaluate which player is the 'engine' (the one to make the decisions, communicate and hold the team together).

Greenway, along with Sara Bayman (Manchester Thunder), are my defined 'engines' of this ZNSL campaign. So, will these two fine athletes be selected for England for the up and coming Commonwealth Games in Glasgow? Greenway, having taken a break from International duties in 2011, might well be a consideration for Anna Mayes given her recent form.

Integrating her at this late stage might pose a challenge given the intense programme the athletes have been working on for at least 18 months but all that said she brings a wealth of experience to the Wing Attack position.

She offers an alternative style to the power and elevation of Sasha Corbin and most of all, she has the dogged determination and the composure to outwit the top-class opponents England athletes will encounter in Glasgow!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this so get in touch.

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Tobey B says...

I think the WA bib in Glasgow is Tamsin's if she wants it. More interesting will be if Dunn gets a recall - she should. Main thing for England attack is to cut down on turnovers

Posted 03:19 11th March 2014

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