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A new Red record

Martin Tyler - Martin Tyler Posted 24th February 2014 view comments

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Martin's Starting Stats

I was at Crystal Palace v Manchester United on Saturday Night Football where I saw Glenn Murray play his first full Premier League game at the age of 30. Meanwhile, Wayne Rooney made his 300th Premier League appearance for Manchester United and scored his 151st goal. It was his 209th goal in 431 games for the club (all competitions) and he is now 40 short of Bobby Charlton's record. Having signed a five-and-a-half year deal there must be a good chance of him breaking that record.

I saw Bobby at the game and reminded him that he actually scored in Crystal Palace's very first top flight game in August 1969 - a 2-2 draw with Manchester United. Another member of that team - Paddy Crerand - was also at the game working for MUTV

Other stats of interest: Marouane Fellaini played in his 150th career game, Michael Carrick played in his 400th Premier League game and Robin van Persie's scored his fourth goal in five matches since he came back from injury.

It was Manchester United's first away win of 2014 and Crystal Palace's first home defeat. Palace have now only scored three goals in 10 Premier League meetings with was Manchester United and still only one at home (Gareth Southgate on the 'Cantona Night' in 1995).

Palace lost 2-0 home and away to Manchester United and this was their eighth 2-0 defeat of the season. They have also lost 2-0 at home v Swansea, away v Southampton, home and away v Arsenal, away v West Brom and away v Spurs.

Liverpool's goals at both ends

Hi Martin. I'm a big fan of your columns. I'm interested in the record of Liverpool: after beating Swansea 4-3 they have hit a goals scored tally of 70 and a goals conceded tally of 35 goals, which means there have been 105 goals in their games this season. Is this a record after 27 games and what is the overall record for a Premier League season? James

MARTIN SAYS: With the help of the boffins at Opta, I can tell you that Liverpool have indeed set a new record for the number of goals at both ends in the first 27 games of a season. Only one other team in Premier League history has seen more than 100 goals in the first 27 games of a season - that was the Manchester United side of 2001/02 which scored 66 goals and conceded 35 for a combined total of 101.

However, we could soon see a third team join that list. Manchester City have only played 26 Premier League games and there have been 96 goals in those fixtures (69 for and 27 against). We would need to see 10 goals in their game against Aston Villa on March 8 to beat Liverpool's record, but just four goals to see them reach the 100-goal mark. Even if there are no goals in that game, Man City will boast the fourth highest number of combined goals after 27 games of a Premier League season.

Most Premier League goals (for and against) in first 27 games of a Premier League season:

TeamSeasonGamesForAgainstCombined goals
Manchester United01/02276635101
Blackburn Rovers11/1227386098
Manchester City13/1426692796
Manchester United12/1327643195
Manchester United99/0027603494
Tottenham 07/0827494594

The most goals we've seen (for and against) for one team after 38 games of a Premier League season is the 142 goals that Manchester United fans saw in their team's fixtures in their title-winning season of 1999/2000. Liverpool are just 37 goals short of that total - and that United team had only seen 94 goals in their fixtures at this stage.

Most Premier League goals (for and against) after 38 games of a Premier League season:

TeamSeasonForAgainstCombined goals
Manchester United99/009745142
Manchester United01/028745132
Swindon Town93/944288130
Manchester United12/138643129
West Brom10/115671127
Tottenham 07/086661127

It's also worth acknowledging the fact that 46 of Liverpool's goals this season have come in the first-half - which is a ludicrously high percentage and is also a new record after 27 games.

Blanking blanks

Hi Martin, love this column and love your commentating. Keep it up! If my memory serves me right, I don't believe Liverpool has had any goalless draws this season. If they were to go on the season without one, is that a feat that is quite rare? Has any other teams gone on a whole season without a 0-0 draw. Regards, liverpudlian

MARTIN SAYS: Liverpool aren't actually the only team in this season's Premier League to go through a whole season without a 0-0 draw. Fulham are also yet to draw a Premier League game 0-0 - although their FA Cup replay with Sheffield United was 0-0 after 90 minutes (and finished 1-0 after extra-time).

However, this is not particularly rare. According to Opta, we have seen 25 sides go through an entire Premier League season without being involved in a 0-0 draw and, like Liverpool so far, many of those teams were not involved in a goalless draw in any competition. In fact, Manchester United have gone through five complete Premier League seasons without a 0-0 draw - although Liverpool have never done it before.

The teams to go through a Premier League season without a 0-0 draw:

Arsenal (2001/2002 and 2002/2003)
Barnsley (1997/1998)
Blackburn Rovers (2003/2004 and 2011/2012)
Bolton Wanderers (1995/1996)
Burnley (2009/2010)
Fulham (2013/2014)
Ipswich Town (1994/1995 and 2000/2001)
Leicester City (1999/2000)
Liverpool (2013/2014)
Manchester City (2008/2009)
Manchester United (1999/2000, 2000/2001, 2002/2003, 2011/2012, 2012/2013)
Newcastle United (1995/1996 and 2002/2003)
Oldham Athletic (1992/1993)
Queens Park Rangers (1995/1996)
Tottenham Hotspur (1993/1994)
West Bromwich Albion (2010/2011)
Wigan Athletic (2005/2006 and 2012/2013)
Wolverhampton Wanderers (2010/2011)

Liverpool's last 0-0 draw was at home to Everton last May and that means they have gone 29 games without a 0-0 draw. They have a very long way to go to match the longest Premier League streak without a 0-0 draw because that record was set by Manchester United, who played 114 Premier League games without a goalless draw between May 1999 and May 2002. After a 0-0 draw at Blackburn in the penultimate game of the 1998/99 season they were not involved in another 0-0 draw until the final game of the 2001/02 season when they were held 0-0 at home by Charlton.

Longest runs without a 0-0 draw in the Premier League:

Date of Last Game in RunTeamPL Run Without 0-0
08-May-02Manchester United114
30-Sep-01Ipswich 87
17-Aug-13Manchester United82
19-Nov-94Tottenham 66
21-Jan-12Bolton 59
04-Dec-04Blackburn 57
13-Sep-03Newcastle 57
30-Nov-96Newcastle 56

People say there are very good 0-0 draws, but we all love goals - and they are really my lifeblood as a commentator. I'm glad to see the back of them!

Not scoring, not dropping

Hi Martin. It's interesting to see Crystal Palace doing so well this season. They've only scored 18 goals though which got me thinking... What's the record for the lowest number of goals scored in a Premier League season for a team that didn't get relegated? Chris Andrews

MARTIN SAYS: Crystal Palace's tally of 18 goals is the lowest in the Premier League this season and they need to score three times in their final 12 games to avoid recording the lowest ever goals tally in Premier League history, which was the 20 goals scored by Derby County in 2007/08.

Palace currently have a ratio of 0.69 goals per game in the Premier League and if they continue to score at that rate they will end the season with between 26 and 27 goals. Only three sides have ended a season with less than 28 goals and all three of them (Derby in 2007/08 and Sunderland in both 2002/03 and 2005/06) finished bottom of the table.

However, we have seen three sides score 30 or fewer goals in a Premier League season and survive and, to answer your question, the side that has scored the fewest goals and avoided relegation was Leeds United in 1996/97. They only scored 28 goals in that campaign, but still managed to finish in 11th place on 46 points.

I always remember Spain won the World Cup in 2010 scoring eight goals in seven games, so it's scoring when it matters that matters!

Fewest Premier League goals without being relegated:

TeamSeasonGoals ForFinal Place
Leeds 96/972811
Manchester City06/072914
Blackburn 04/053215
Stoke 12/133413
Stoke 09/103411
Wigan 08/093411
Wigan 07/083414

Never on for 90

Dear Martin. I'm a big fan and hope you find this question interesting. I read that Lukas Podolski has only completed 90 minutes three times in the Premier League. I was wondering which player has played the most Premier League games without ever completing 90 minutes? Ashley (Arsenal fan)

MARTIN SAYS: Good question! It is remarkable that Lukas Podolski has made 42 appearances for Arsenal in the Premier League and yet Saturday's game with Sunderland was only the third time he has completed the entire match. The other occasions were against Reading in December 2012 and against Liverpool last January.

The clever chaps at Opta have flicked through the record books and found one player who played 32 times in the Premier League and yet never completed the full 90 minutes. That man is the former Wigan Athletic striker Conor Sammon, who played in two Premier League seasons. In 2010/11 he made six appearances as a substitute before being handed his first start in the final game of the campaign against Stoke - when he was substituted after 67 minutes.

He played 25 times for Wigan in 2011/12 with 17 of those appearances coming as a substitute. He started eight games for them that season including a run of seven straight starts in November and December. However, he was hooked in the first six of those matches and in the seventh - a 5-0 defeat away at Manchester United - he was sent off in the 40th minute. He once played 84 minutes against Sunderland, but never played a full Premier League game.

He moved to Derby at the start of the 2012/13 season and was substituted in his first two games before finally completing a full 90 minutes in English league football at the 35th attempt against Watford.

Opta have compiled a list of the players with the most appearances in the Premier League without playing a full match:

Conor Sammon (32 apps)
Corrado Grabbi (30 apps)
Christopher Wreh, Markus Rosenberg (28 apps)
Nile Ranger (26 apps)
Christian Nade (25 apps)
Ji Dong-Won (24 apps)
Lee Dong-Gook (23 apps)
Stuart Wilson, Stefan Moore, Anthony Stokes, Apostolos Vellios (22 apps)

Best wins away

Dear Martin. The commentators on Hull's 4-0 win against Cardiff said it was their best ever away win in the Premier League. I wonder how many other teams have not won an away game in the Premier League by more than three goals? Rick

MARTIN SAYS: Hull became the 30th side out of the 46 to have played in the Premier League to record an away win by four goals or more.

Here are the 16 teams to have played in the Premier League and not won an away game by more than three goals. You may be surprised to see the likes of Fulham, Birmingham, Derby and Stoke on the list, while Barnsley and Cardiff have never won a Premier League away game by more than one goal:

Barnsley's best away win in 1 season was 1-0 (against Crystal Palace, Liverpool and Aston Villa)
Birmingham's biggest away win in 7 seasons was 2-0 (against Aston Villa, Charlton, Leeds and Leicester)
Bradford's biggest away win in 2 seasons was 2-1 (against Leicester City)
Burnley's biggest away win in 1 season was 4-1 (against Hull)
Cardiff's biggest away win in their first season was 2-1 (against Fulham)
Crystal Palace's biggest away win in 5 seasons was 4-1 against Coventry
Derby's biggest away win in 7 seasons was 5-2 (against Sheffield Wednesday)
Fulham's biggest away win in 13 seasons was 4-1 (against Newcastle and Crystal Palace)
Ipswich Town's biggest away win in 5 seasons was 3-0 (against Oldham, Everton and Southampton)
Oldham's biggest away win in 2 seasons was 3-1 (against Southampton)
Sheffield United's biggest away win in 3 seasons was 3-1 (against Coventry)
Stoke's biggest away win in 6 seasons was 3-0 (against West Brom)
Swindon's biggest away win in 1 season was 3-1 (against QPR)
Watford's biggest away win was 2-0 (against Reading)
Wimbledon's biggest away win in 2 seasons was 3-0 (against QPR and Crystal Palace)
Wolves' biggest away win in 4 seasons was 3-1 (against West Ham and Sunderland).

We've previously seen the likes of Blackpool - who were only in the Premier League for one season - win a game 4-0 away (against Wigan), while Everton have played in every Premier League season and have never won an away game by more than four goals. Their best away win came against West Ham when they won 4-0 in February 2000.

The record away win in Premier League history remains Manchester United's 8-1 win over Nottingham Forest in February 1999. Aston Villa, Chelsea, Liverpool and Nottingham Forest have all won away Premier League games by six goals, while Arsenal and Man City have never won a Premier League away game by more than five. Tottenham's best Premier League away win was their 6-2 success over Wimbledon in May 1998.

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