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Packers march on

KC is backing New Orleans and Green Bay to triumph

Kevin Cadle Posted 9th December 2011 view comments

Sky Sports is bringing you a double dose of NFL entertainment on Sunday with two great matches in store... in HD.

Kevin Cadle will be there to guide you through the games as usual and here's how he sees them going...

New Orleans @ Tennessee (5.30pm, Sky Sports HD4)

No question this game is going be a tough on - Tennessee have a pretty good defence. A lot of people overlook that and think that Tennessee is all about Chris Johnson and Matt Hasselbeck but their defence has been doing a very good job. It is a case of can this defence get to Saints quarter back Drew Brees and take away some of his passing options. Brees has so many targets on that team that he can go too so the Titans defence have got to close that down.

Saints: KC's tip to beat Titans

Saints: KC's tip to beat Titans

Tennessee are a different side away from Nashville - when they go on the road you are talking about a whole different mentality.

They need their players showing up and performing to their level - that goes for both teams. New Orleans are fighting for that wildcard and are in a much better position as far as the wildcard goes, but Tennessee need a win to keep their hopes alive too.

The Saints have struggled on the road - at the Dome their turf accelerates their speed and makes them a little bit quicker and faster. When you go away from that you are one, on your opponents backyard and two, you are onto grass which seems to have an effect on this team. But they need to get used to it and figure something out. If they get to the play-offs they will play on grass at some stage.

Kev's Call
I am going to go with the Saints. They still have the edge and I expect Chris Johnson to find some room for Tennessee and if he has that sort of game then all of a sudden it becomes a different game, but at this stage I think Saints will do it.

The Cadle Guy

Chris Johnson - he is a talented player and as I said if he can produce the goods then he could turn this game for Tennessee.

Oakland @ Green Bay (9.30pm, Sky Sports HD4)

We just don't know which Raiders team will pitch up on Sunday, they will want to get into the play-offs the divisional way and a win will keep them in the play-off picture. Right now they are tied at the top of the division but they can certainly make things happen.

Green Bay had a real wake-up call against NY Giants and I mean that is a positive way. I did think the Giants were up for stopping their winning streak but the packers proved me wrong in some style!

They now know they have the tools to come back and be successful. I think from that point Green Bay will continue to build on what happened in that game.

An unbeaten run is a real possibility - they are now 12-0 with three of their final four games at Lambeau Field. But it will be interesting to see if they go for it or rest some of their players for more important things to come. These players want that perfection though and what better way to win back-to-back Super Bowls by going unbeaten. They clinched the NFC North title last week and this week will be looking for that first-round playoff bye.

The Raiders will still be hurting from that loss to the Dolphins last week and will like nothing better to be the team that end the packers run.

They will look to get stuck into the Packers rushing offence which has not been that impressive this season. If Carson Palmer can find some room then he will try and get the offence moving but it's going to be a tough ask.

Kev's Call
I am going to go with Green Bay continuing their winning run and to take this one pretty comfortably.

The Cadle Guy

Running game - I'm not going to go for a player, but rather the running game as a whole for Green Bay. It is time for them to find their running game and I think the time will be on Sunday.

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