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Kevin Cadle Posted 1st November 2012 view comments

Our first game on Sunday brings together two teams who keep coming out on the wrong side of tight contests.

The Carolina Panthers make the trip to the Washington Redskins looking to end a five-game losing streak but our man Kevin Cadle doesn't see that happening.

Carolina Panthers (1-6) v Washington Redskins (3-5), Sun 5.30pm, Sky Sports HD2

Cam Newton and Robert Griffin III, the young quarterbacks on either side, are the Heisman Trophy winners from the last two years and in their own way each has made an instant impact as a professional.

Robert Griffin III: Redskins QB is putting together an impressive rookie season

Robert Griffin III: Redskins QB is putting together an impressive rookie season

Newton is having an off season in his second year, the Panthers have lost six games but only the New York Giants have really blown off their heads.

The other five losses have been by a combined total of 18 points, so they are there for the whole game but then they are just not finishing.

The Panthers' defence has improved compared to last season but there has been a big drop-off from the offence, you are talking seven or eight points a game.

Offensively they have just not put it together, they are nowhere close and need to run the ball more.

Carolina have spent a lot of money on their running backs - DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart - but are not running the ball. They need to give them the opportunity to get the offence moving forward and then let Cam take over.

They just seem to be a team that is not in-sync on the field. You can blame the coach if you want for the 1-6 start - but you better blame it on everybody because they all have a share in that record.

In Washington, RG3 is doing his job as a rookie quarterback, he's been fantastic.

But their pass defence is the worst in the NFL and they are not coming through when RG3 gives them leads in the fourth quarter.

As a team they are bad and are on record pace for most passing yards given up - and I thought the New England Patriots' pass defence was bad last season...

Kev's call: I have to go with the home team in this one even though their defence is terrible! It took Washington a long time to finally win at home but I just think that RG3 and the Redskins' offence will have enough this week.

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