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Kevin Cadle expects plenty of mistakes when the Cowboys face the Eagles

Kevin Cadle Posted 10th November 2012 view comments

The second part of Sky Sports' NFL double-header on Sunday sees the Philadelphia Eagles host the Dallas Cowboys in an NFC East battle.

Neither side has performed up to expectations this season and our NFL expert Kevin Cadle expects mistakes to play a big part in the contest.

Dallas Cowboys (3-5) @ Philadelphia Eagles (3-5), Sun 9.15pm, Sky Sports 3 HD

This is a big battle in the NFC East because the New York Giants haven't run away with the division. These teams still have to meet each other, although Dallas is through with the Giants. They had their chance to beat the Giants twice but a couple of inches didn't allow them to do it.

Michael Vick: Has been responsible for some costly turnovers this year

Michael Vick: Has been responsible for some costly turnovers this year

Everything is still within reach and I'm not just thinking about wildcards - the division is not closed down. It's a case of, 'If I go for the division then maybe I've got a shot at the wildcard, rather than going for the wildcard and getting nothing'. All things are to play for in the NFC East.

I expect the Cowboys and Eagles to make some mistakes in this game, they've been making the same mistakes week-in and week-out all year so I don't see why suddenly it's going to be any different. It's just about who makes the least amount of mistakes.

The Eagles probably play better on the road than they do at home because the fans are not tolerable to fools.

Kevin Cadle
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I think the advantage that the Dallas Cowboys have is that they have guys that can get after the quarterback. Last year that was one of Philadelphia's strengths, they were tied for first in the league in sacks. Now all a sudden they are one of the worst in the league in sacks, they've gone from one extreme to the other.

Since they fired defensive co-ordinator Juan Castillo their defence has been really leaky. He really wasn't the problem, he was a guy that they used as an example but he wasn't the problem. They've got a lot of things going on in Philly on both the offensive and defensive sides of the ball which might not be solved for three or four years.

I have to say, as a team, I really don't trust the Dallas Cowboys - although I really don't trust the Philadelphia Eagles either as far as what they're going to do.


But the Dallas Cowboys have had immense talent for years but they need the toughness factor. Who is going to stand up and be tough? They just don't have that guy to give them that toughness when they need to have it.

Philadelphia's coach Andy Reid has been in question for the last three or four years but they are still making the same dumb calls in crucial situations. They get to the one-yard line and have LeSean McCoy - one of the best backs in the NFL - but don't run him.

So they try to pass and get a turnover and the opposition goes 99 yards, which has happened on a few occasions. Probably on three or four occasions they've been inside the five yard line, passed the ball and it's been deflected, intercepted or Michael Vick has been sacked and fumbled and they've lost opportunities.

Last week they had 450 yards of total offence but only put 13 points on the scoreboard. They were in the red zone six times and came up with two field goals. It's just the same old problems with the Philadelphia Eagles.

This game is in Philadelphia. The Eagles probably play better on the road than they do at home because the fans are not tolerable to fools.

The Philly fans will back the team against the Cowboys because that is a big rivalry, Dallas is a rival to everybody in that division. So the Philly fans will be pumped to back their team but at the same time they will turn on you if you're not performing up to the level they want you to perform up to.

Kev's Call... This truly a toss-up but I'm going to go with the home side in Philly.

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