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Kevin Cadle talks Miami's spirit and the rebuilding process ongoing in Baltimore

Kevin Cadle - Kevin Cadle Posted 3rd October 2013 view comments

We get our first sight of the Miami Dolphins on Sky Sports this season as they play host to Super Bowl champions Baltimore in our first live game on Sunday.

Miami started the season strongly but lost for the first time last week, and it'll be interesting to see how they respond to that defeat.

The Ravens are 2-2 but well in the running in the AFC North, so can they start another run to the Super Bowl?

The Miami Dolphins need to bounce back after defeat

The Miami Dolphins need to bounce back after defeat

Our Kevin Cadle is interested to see how the Dolphins bounce back, and discusses Baltimore's chances of a Super Bowl return...

Baltimore Ravens @ Miami Dolphins - Sky Sports 3 HD 5.30pm

Miami lost their unbeaten tag last week - the big thing when you get teams on streaks is the first game after they lose, to see how they respond once they get out there.

Is it a case of does the bottom fall out because they finally lost one or do they rekindle that fighting spirit and get back to where they were in those previous games and back to doing things well when they were on that winning streak.

Right now time will tell on that but I look forward to seeing the Miami Dolphins on Sunday, they seem to be a rejuvenated franchise, and they seem to be playing a lot better.

The Baltimore Ravens on the other hand have been up and down since they won the Super Bowl, they lost a lot of veteran leadership and a lot of talent during the off-season.

They gained younger talent but it has that inconsistency that you get with younger players over veteran players.

There's a lot of talk about Joe Flacco and that big contract after last week.

Joe Flacco just won a Super Bowl, and when you look at his career over first 70 or 80 games he's won more than any quarterback has at that stage so yes he's earned that money, but as we always say it's all about what have you done for me lately in this league.

And in his last game he had five interceptions and every time Flacco has a bad game people are going to question whether he has earned that money.

So coming off a five interception game against the Bills he's going to need to pick it up, but one of the things he's got to deal with is he's down a lot of receivers from last season.

Guys got injured, other guys got traded or moved on so that's one of the things hurting Joe - the people who have stepped in are not up to the level of the ones he previously had.

I don't think this is a Super Bowl team, they have a decent team but I don't think they're a Super Bowl team. They've made a lot of changes and it's going to take a bit of time because they've replaced a lot of key players.

I don't think this team is ready for a Super Bowl run, I think they're going to be hard pressed to make the play-offs, and it starts with a hard road game on Sunday.

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