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He Khan't complain

Bolton boy must set his sights on a rematch now, says Wayne

Wayne McCullough Posted 13th December 2011 view comments

This past weekend, Amir Khan was making the second defence of his WBA Super world light-welterweight title and his sixth overall of the WBA belt he won by defeating Andriy Kotelnyk in July 2009. It was also the first defence of the IBF belt that he took off Zab Judah in July this year.

On Saturday night he faced Lamont Peterson, who had fought for a world title before in December 2009 - losing to Timothy Bradley on points. He had a record of 29-1-1(15 KOs) going into this fight, with the draw being a highly controversial one to Victor Ortiz in December 2010.

Khan started brightly against Peterson

Khan started brightly against Peterson

The fight took place in Washington D.C, USA, the city where Peterson was born - so was Khan going to be stepping into the Lion's Den or would his British fans make the trip over to support him?

Both Peterson and Khan have been down in previous fights so their chins are on a par. They both made the weight, Khan one pound under the limit of 140 lbs. Unofficially, on fight night, Khan weighed 149 lbs and Peterson 155 lbs on the HBO scale.


Khan started as the aggressor and used his quick hand speed to try and catch Peterson. He was succeeding with his fast left jab and near the end of the first round a right to the head dropped Peterson. He wasn't hurt and got up to finish the round.

I scored it 113-112 for Peterson and thought the ref did a fair enough job. A rematch is most certainly going to happen but Khan needs to keep his chin down and not run as much.

Wayne McCullough
Quotes of the week

Khan continued to outwork Peterson in the next round mostly with his fast lefts. But in the third, Peterson started to push Khan around the ring and he went to work on Khan's body and hit him with a hard overhand right. There was a lot of pushing and shoving by Khan and I was surprised he wasn't warned early in the fight.

Peterson deserved the third and fourth rounds on the cards as he was forcing the fight and landing cleaner shots.


The next four were mostly Peterson's with Khan maybe taking one of them. His body shots looked like they were hurting Khan badly as he was moving away like an amateur fighter trying to avoid damage.

Khan's left hook, right hand combinations worked occasionally but he was too busy moving to set his feet and get real power into them.

At the end of the seventh, the referee finally took a point off Khan for holding or shoving Peterson. Rounds nine and 10 were close with Khan landing a right uppercut to his opponent's chin, only for Peterson to reply with one of his own.

Peterson was still landing a lot of body shots. Khan's hand speed and quick combinations were landing but Peterson had been dictating the fight from the third round. Both fighters suffered damage around their eyes - the left eye for Khan and the right eye for Peterson.

Going into the last two it was close as Khan jabbed and moved. Peterson was relentless trying to pin his opponent down but Khan was landing punches and getting out of his opponent's range.


I had the fight even heading into the final round so the fight was up for grabs on my card. Khan came out and immediately got hit by a left hook. Peterson continued to force Khan and they both showed great conditioning.

About a minute into the last round Khan was deducted another point for holding but by this point I was surprised the referee hadn't disqualified him. Khan finished the round off by landing a three or four punch combo but the points he had deducted may have cost him the fight.

The judges scored the fight 113-112 twice for Peterson and 115-110 for Khan.

I scored it 113-112 for Peterson and thought the ref did a fair enough job. A rematch is most certainly going to happen but Khan needs to keep his chin down and not run as much. He also needs to set his feet to get his punches off.

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Adrian Ross says...

I cannot beleive Amir's gripe!! I watched the fight and found Amir to be not that effective. His combinations look to be landing, but Peterson was untroubled. Let's look at it taking all emotion out of it. Khan struggled against Maidana, he could have easily of lost in the 10th. The fight with Peterson could have gone either way and at times Khans punches didnt seem to effect Peterson. Ask yourself this: have you ever seen Mayweather in that kind of trouble on such a regular basis. Khan is good to watch because you always have the feeling he could loose and that makes the entertainment but with Mayweather he has that air of class about him. I think Khan needs a check, he is a good fighter with a group of about 5 to 6 guys, but he is not a superstar such as Mayweather or Pac Man.

Posted 13:06 23rd December 2011

Frank Anguige says...

I personally have never known a boxer have a point deducted for pushing an appointment off him. But on the other side of the coin Petterson deserved to win the fight for his constant moving forward towards Khan. I would love to see a re-match asap. This loss should only make Amir stronger and more hungry for the top spot.

Posted 09:31 13th December 2011

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