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A chinny reckoning

Taking on Brook is now the obvious move for Khan

Wayne McCullough Posted 17th July 2012 view comments

This weekend's fight was a chance at redemption for Amir Khan after his scheduled rematch with Lamont Peterson was scrapped because of the American's failed drug test.

Khan was given his old WBA belt back before this fight and the WBC belt was also on the line as his opponent, Danny Garcia, held that title.

Khan was on Sky Sports recently and when asked about a fight with Kell Brook, said: "I'm more well known here in America than he is in England. I'm a superstar in the sport."

Amir Khan faces some tough decisions after defeat to Garcia

Amir Khan faces some tough decisions after defeat to Garcia

I, however, reckon a fight with Brook would be a massive British draw, while I don't think it's necessary to praise yourself and you should leave that to your fans and supporters.

It's also noticeable that he ignores the younger fighters who call him out. Is it about being popular and not fighting the up-and-comers? Khan is probably more recognised after this past weekend but not for the right reasons.


The first few rounds were Khan's. His hand speed was beating Garcia to the punch. It looked like Garcia was out of his depth.

Khan seemed to be humble in defeat but what's next for him? The big fights at welterweight are now in the distance.

Wayne McCullough
Quotes of the week

Then, in the third, as Khan was standing straight up, Garcia landed a left hook to Khan's chin, grazing his neck first. Khan went down and when he got back to his feet he was still hurt and wobbly.

There were about 25 seconds left in the round but the referee took his time making sure Khan was ready to fight on as the clock continued to run. The bell sounded to end the round and Khan had survived.

As the fourth started, Khan got hurt again by a right to the head. He took a standing eight count as his gloves had touched the canvas and the ropes held him up. He showed guts to continue and Garcia looked like he might punch himself out trying to finish Khan.

Another left hook grazed the top of Khan's head, then a right put him down for the third time in the fight. He got up again, badly hurt, and referee Kenny Bayless stopped it.

He had asked Khan if he was OK, the Bolton fighter had said yes but his body said otherwise as he was still shaky. He wanted to fight on but his body didn't.


Now he has to look at what he can do in training to try and avoid taking shots on the chin.

Khan seemed to be humble in defeat but what's next for him? The big fights at welterweight are now in the distance. Maybe his chin was not fixed when he came to train in the US.

In my opinion, you either have a good chin or you don't. But you can be taught to block shots and not stand up so straight, like Khan does when he leaves himself open. Big or small, when a shot lands on Khan's chin, it has an effect on him.

Garcia got the biggest win of his young career and surprised everyone. He wasn't known as a puncher but he hit hard enough to knockout Khan, who is known to have a weak chin.

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Anthony Kearney says...

When you look back on Khan's career, opponents and the manner in which he won his fights its plain to see this guy is not the real deal. He has won on headbutts for two or three fights, barely hung on and really struggled in around 4 fights. When he comes up against an opponent of any caliber that hasn't been hand picked he really struggles.He is an average fighter, but because of Golden boy promotions pushing his name, for there own benefit and trying to turn him into a superstar he clearly is not. The lack of respect he shows to opponents is a disgrace, always looking past his next opponent.Always talking about how he is gonna clean up the division. He is a choker.

Posted 09:26 18th July 2012

Buster Simpson says...

you might be able to block shots, but eventually you'll get hit & if khan gets hit on his chin, he's likely to go down. if he fights a puncher who's has the power of his ego, he'll go down even quicker. mayweather is a superstar, manny is, but khan clearly isn't. he's always going on about his team must do this or plan that, he's got the best of the best around him, but must realise when the bell goes it's him vs his opponent. cant stand how he's always making excuses.

Posted 11:22 17th July 2012

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