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The White decision

Symonds needs support, says sympathetic Bumble

David Lloyd - David Lloyd Posted 4th June 2009 view comments

I'm very sad about the situation with Andrew Symonds.

He's a good friend but he clearly needs some help and support for the problems he has. I must admit that I thought he had got over them, I thought his counselling had gone really well.

But the lad has faulted again and I'm so disappointed to see him on his way back to Australia; I guess the team management had little other choice but to send him on his way.

Collision course: Ricky Ponting (right) says Symonds' absence will upset the side's balance

Collision course: Ricky Ponting (right) says Symonds' absence will upset the side's balance

So Cameron White comes into Australia's squad and I fully endorse that decision - mainly because together with Ian Bishop and a number of ICC bods, I sit on the technical committee that decides on whether countries can call up replacements for the World Twenty20!

Naturally, there was some debate as to whether we should allow Australia to call up a substitute but to my mind it was a bit of a no-brainer. The circumstances were justified.

Not only did the Mongoose feel terrible but it looks awful. To me it resembles a giant spoon!

David Lloyd
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My feeling is that everything has to be level at the start of the competition; everyone has to have 15 players at their disposal. We haven't even started the tournament yet so if a replacement is needed I don't see any harm in saying 'yay' rather than 'nay'.

I'd look at it differently if we were three-quarters through and somebody suddenly said 'he's on his way out, can we bring a fresh player in?' I'd have a problem then and have to look into the circumstances thoroughly but as it stands I'd like everyone to start with 15.


I've been absolutely flat to the boards recently and have come to the conclusion that there simply are not enough hours in the day anymore.

I've found it quite difficult covering two games in one day in the build-up to the World Twenty20, particularly with all of the peripheral stuff that goes with it.

It's fair to say that I've been out and about loads this week. As you may have seen on Sky Sports News, I've got my hands on one of these new Mongoose bats at Lord's and I have to say it doesn't feel right to me!

It may be just Sod's Law but I picked up one and did a shadow-play demonstration for the cameras but the bat that I selected wasn't suited to me; I have to say that it didn't feel at all right! It was like wielding a meat cleaver!

Not only did It feel terrible but it looks awful. To me it resembles a giant spoon! Call me old-fashioned, but it's not for me...

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What was the first record you bought David? Mine was "Feel The Need In M'" by the Detroit Emeralds. David Knowles

BUMBLE REPLIES: Yes, I can remember - it was 'Love Me Do' by the Beatles. That was the only Beatles record I ever bought! Actually, now I think about it I'm telling a lie! My first record was 'Tower of Strength' by Frankie Vaughan. The Beatles came just after that. 'Love me do' was on Parlophone but it was the only Beatles record I ever got because I got into the Rolling Stones after that.

Bumble's jukebox

I've had a great response to last week's lyrics and many of you got the answer right - although not as many as I expected! Yep, the song in question was 'Looking for a Kiss' by New York Dolls. See if you can do any better with this week's lyrics. They go something like this...

"Gold coast slave ship bound for cotton fields / Sold in a market down in New Orleans / Scarred old slaver know he's doin' alright / Hear him whip the women just around midnight."

Come on! You must know which song this is? Answers next week....

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Stan Turner says...

Hi Bumble, Symonds has had more chances than Sinatra had farewell concerts. Nobody doubts his talents & it would seem Cricket Australia have done everything possible to help him but there comes a time when people have accept responsibility for their own lives. He belongs to an elite very well paid group of sportsmen which rightly demands certain standards of behaviour beyond what he is prepared to demonstrate. Everybody has problems in life most manage to sort them & without the level of support he has had. Still with Australia limiting contracts I expect several players will take the chance to 'throw their hat in the ring' to replace him. Little sympathy can be given to him he is an embarrasment to his team mates & that is unforgivable

Posted 09:14 5th June 2009

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