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Flower power

Bumble blogs on free pants, football and the boys from Brazil

David Lloyd - David Lloyd Posted 5th May 2011 view comments

A very strange parcel arrived at my house this week.

It was sent by a Mr S. Warne and contained some nice underpants and a few sets of socks. It's always pleasing to receive a pair of underpants from a fellow commentator.

He also sent me a t-shirt and a polo shirt from his new 'Spinners' line of clothing. It's all in my size and it's really good stuff, so I'll give him my heartfelt thanks when I see him.

Flower: should he be able to miss tours?

Flower: should he be able to miss tours?

I also got a free mountain bike from Paul Allott, who has been clearing his garage out, so it's been a good week for me.

Tough on tour

It was no surprise to see Andy Flower get a new deal and it will be interesting to see how things progress from here.

I was interested to hear suggestions that he might miss tours in the future because of the staggering amount of cricket the England team is asked to play these days.

They spend so much time going to the nets and practising. Give it a rest lads. Take your family to the Taj Mahal for three days. Pop over to Dubai to play some golf. Follow the Botham way... do a bit of fishing and enjoy a glass of wine!

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It's a really good talking point because while he is being asked to go away for an enormous amount of time, I wonder how the players would feel if he turned around and said: "You lot clear off, I'm not coming." I'm not sure that would work.

I'm not sure if it would sit well with the public either because at the end of the day it's part of the job. Like me, they'd be asking questions. You also risk deeming certain tours as being of lesser importance than others.

Of course the players and the coaches suffer when you go away for these extended periods of time, but you need to find a way to manage it. As a commentator I found it tough being away from home for so long this winter. It was hard to be away from my family, especially when we've been going through a difficult time. There's no harm in saying that I found it tough, but it's my job. It's what I do.

One option is to let the families travel with the squad and the other observation I would make is that they need more time off. After going on so many tours myself, I passionately believe the players and staff need more breaks while they are actually on tour.

They spend so much time going to the nets and practising. Give it a rest lads. Take your family to the Taj Mahal for three days. Pop over to Dubai to play some golf. Follow the Botham way... do a bit of fishing and enjoy a glass of wine!

The press wouldn't like to see the players being allowed to do what they want, but I think it would freshen things up.

Club life

I've just found out that I'm going to be doing a spotlight on Burnley Cricket Club for Sky Sports this summer.

Burnley has produced lots of good cricketers, including the likes of Jimmy Anderson, Jonathan Harvey, Mark Harvey, Bob Entwistle and Jack Jordan so I'm really looking forward to heading up there.

I'll be going to see them on Sunday May 15 to meet everybody when they play their fierce rivals Lowerhouse, so I hope we get a good day.

The weather has been perfect for cricket so far. I'm not playing for Accrington this year, but I'm thrilled to announce they broke the Lancashire League batting record last weekend by scoring 386/6 from 50 overs. Well done to the lads.

They've played three and won three so far and they'll be looking to carry that on against two tough teams this weekend.

Fabulous footy

I haven't seen much cricket so far because it's all about football right now. This is a terrific time of the season and I've been watching it all on Sky Sports.

I think the football lads do a really top-drawer job. I really enjoy watching guys like Jeff Stelling, Alan Smith, Jamie Redknapp and Dwight Yorke - and I think Graeme Souness has been great lately.

On that topic, I was watching my grandson at an athletics meeting in Blackpool and heard on the wireless they have unveiled a statue up there for Jimmy Armfield.

That's brilliant news because I reckon that guy should be knighted. He's a wonderful man - he plays the organ at one of the churches in Bolton - and he should be Sir Jimmy by now.

I also hear Robbie Savage is hanging his boots up and he gave us a great line on the radio the other night.

He said he'd bet his mortgage that the ball hadn't crossed the line. When a caller said he shouldn't risk his mortgage when referees are involved, he replied: "I'm only having you on. I've played Premier League football for 11 years. What would I be doing with a mortgage?"

He's outrageous and I love that.

Brazil nuts

Finally, the boys have come back safely from Copacabana, although Butty doesn't seem to be aware he ever went in the first place.

Also, Cheesy was in intensive care for a while, but made a dramatic recovery and was seen at the bar again later the same day and the Group Captain took to wandering around the streets in a pair of red underpants with white socks and trainers. He says they all do it over there.

There is photographic evidence and if I get hold of it I'll put it up on the blog.

They're off to Chester Races this week, so be careful if you're there because they've been talking a good game. I can't go because I've got a million-and-one things to do with my new house.

I didn't even watch the Royal Wedding because I was so busy pruning the roses. Or was I rearranging my sock drawer? I can't remember. Anyway, the whole thing passed me by.

See you next week.

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Paul Mokler says...

Sounds like Shane Warne is trying to get into your knickers, Bumble. Hope to see you at the home of cricket tomorrow, so that you can sign your book. Did you know there is a sweetshop in Leominster named after you ? Play up, Pompey ! Paul

Posted 16:07 5th May 2011

Steven Hoare says...

i can see the point there making cricket season nerver ends why not do the same as they have done with the captains and have a different coach for each form of the game got to make more sence than him not going

Posted 13:34 5th May 2011

Mohammed Haris says...

Its ridiculous that ecb has allowed flower to skip tours if he wants.Ya its a mentaly demanding job to coach but this decision sends wrong message to players also who think why cant we skip the tours if coach can.Its no doubt that flower is a top class coach,if he skip tours it will affect the continuity of the progress of the team,Hope this decision not backfire as players loss their concentration on the absence of flower.

Posted 03:09 5th May 2011

Phil Matthews says...

No, could you miss work, not worry about results and still keep your job. In my opinion when you take a job like this you know the pitfuls and problems perhaps the easier way is to take your family with you, its not as if the ECB can't allow the wife and kids in a hotel room............. i'm sorry mate but footballers, cricketers, etc you know what life is like, if mr flower had come off this last tour and offerred mega bucks to manage an ipl team would he have said no, i doubt it. Phil

Posted 20:16 4th May 2011

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