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Make Haye again!

Enzo needs a rematch to restore his reputation, says Nelson

Johnny Nelson Posted 12th March 2009 view comments

This is where Enzo Maccarinelli starts rebuilding his credibility.

I am afraid I know next to nothing about Ola Afolabi but for me, this is all about the man who replaced me as WBO cruiserweight champion.

He has to get people believing in him again, he's got to convince the public again after being blown out of the water by David Haye almost a year ago to the day.

Maccarinelli: rebuilding requires a Haye rematch, says Nelson

Maccarinelli: rebuilding requires a Haye rematch, says Nelson

And I think the only way for him to do that is to go looking for Haye again - even at heavyweight. That is the only way I think he can redeem himself, I'm afraid.

Enzo says there were problems with his preparation for that fight but unless he gets in and beats him, he will just be known as a knockout merchant who got caught cold himself. If he beats Haye - even if he pushes him at heavyweight - he can turn round and put that defeat down to one of those things.

When I was fighting me and Enzo should have met, but never did. There were certain things, certain flaws I had spotted and when David beat him, I already knew the stuff we found out that night.

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He would need some preparation though, probably against a heavyweight who is past his best, someone like James Toney, Monte Barrett - a name.


Enzo is not a heavyweight of course, but I know myself that a cruiser can beat a lot of those guys up there and I do think that is the only way he gets his credibility back.

If you look at the current cruiserweight division there isn't really anyone out there who leaps out at you. There is no David Haye anymore.

I suppose Enzo could get a decent name in terms of the trade. When he boxed - and I do mean boxed - Wayne Braithwaite for 12 rounds, that win went down well within the sport. People knew what a good display and what a good victory it was.

But did the general public? I'm not so sure. Now Haye has gone, now Jean-Marc Mormeck has been exposed, there isn't really anyone out there who fits the bill. Guillermo Jones perhaps, Tomasz Adamek maybe. But even then I am not sure it will be enough to get his reputation back.

Maybe Herbie Hide will though. For some reason they didn't box before, but Herbie would fit the bill. He is still high profile, he has been up to heavyweight, done it all and got the tee-shirt. He is heavy-handed and he is dangerous.


When I was fighting me and Enzo should have met, but never did. There were certain things, certain flaws I had spotted and when David beat him, I already knew the stuff we found out that night.

It is hard to see what is going to be different, although he says he has made changes to his preparation. At 28, he does have time on his hands, but he might well be in a no-win situation here because no-one has really heard of Afolabi.

I have tried to check him out and ask about, but without much luck. But a certain Freddie Roach is his trainer and you know one thing with Freddie - he doesn't usually associate himself with good-time losers. Normally his fighters have something about them.

Enzo cannot afford to write this guy off, even without the year he has just had. He only has to look at what happened when he last fought in December and Amir Khan took on Breidis Prescott to see where it can all go wrong... and that is the last thing Enzo Maccarinelli needs right now.

Can Maccarinelli rebuild his reputation? Does he need David Haye to do that? Should he fight Herbie Hide? Can he become unified cruiserweight champion? Let us know your thoughts below...

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Jason Clegg says...

The fight with Enzo and Jonny didn't take place because Jonny didn't want it. There was every excuse in the world coming out of Sheffield. The fight would have been a one sided affair, with Jonny back stepping away every round with Enzo driving forwards with bombs. In my opinion anyway Enzo would have taken it by points. Full respect to Jonny Nelson though he was a master at avoiding a tear up. Enzo isn't naturally big enough for the heavyweights, so he may as well do a Jonny and dominate a division where he is number 1.

Posted 09:28 13th March 2009

Paul Fuller says...

I dont think he needs to beat Haye to redeem himself. Hatton hasnt had to beat Floyd Mayweather Jr, nor has Juan Manuel Marquez had to avenge his loss to Manny Pacquiao. If he wants to redeem himself all he has to do is become a world champion again, and beating Afalobi will be a good step in the right direction seeing as he is being trained by one of the best.

Posted 21:19 12th March 2009

Peter Marrero says...

I'm afraid that if Enzo met Mr Haye again the same ko result would happen but maybe even quicker if at Heavyweight. DH would see it as done business and a backwards step to even talk about it however I do rate and like Enzo but make your name & money at crusier where he could unify.

Posted 20:32 12th March 2009

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