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Khan has absolutely nothing to fear from Bradley

Johnny Nelson Posted 2nd February 2011 view comments

The one positive to come out of Sunday morning is that we know Amir Khan has nothing to fear.

Timothy Bradley emerged victorious but if that was the very best the light-welterweight division has to offer, then Amir - who was sat beside me watching - has nothing to worry about.

Bradley is a dirty fighter, but having spoken to Junior Witter I knew that already. He told me when they fought there was plenty of hitting low, plenty of naughty stuff - and we saw that again.

Alexander: showed no steel, Bradley little skill

Alexander: showed no steel, Bradley little skill

But that happens in boxing, even at the highest level and I was appalled at the way Devon Alexander handled it. When you are an unbeaten fighter you are used to winning and having things go your own way; but when you are a world champion you also have to dig in deep, take everything and anything that comes your way.

When I fought I used to wear two protectors because if I did get hit low there was no way I was going to show the other guy I was hurt, never mind look for excuses or help from the referee. That is what you do. Rightly or wrongly, there are fighters like Bradley who will bring out the naughty stuff, but you have to get on with it.

A unification fight with Timothy Bradley has to happen and it I can't see anything other than Amir Khan winning. He has the confidence, he has the jab and he has the fitness to cope with a guy that is a soldier but little more than a bully in the ring.

Johnny Nelson
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Alexander didn't. From what I could see all he tried to do was get Bradley disqualified or the fight declared a no contest, because there is way he can have thought he was ahead on points, no way. Yes he was cut by a clash of heads but to me it looked like he was trying to cheat his way to victory.

You just don't do that. You don't look for excuses and you don't turn to the referee to save you. Remember when Amir Khan was out on his feet in that 10th round against Marcos Maidana?

Well the referee wanted to stop the fight, even Freddie Roach was on the verge of dragging him out of there, but Amir told them straight he was alright, that he wanted to fight on. It was the right reaction, because the last thing you want to do is show anyone you are in trouble.

Watching his reaction to Alexander's antics first-hand was good. Listening to him talking about beating Bradley was even more impressive. I asked him straight after the fight and he was so clear: "I'd just give him a stiff jab, sting his confidence, work him back.

"Then I would frustrate him, work him from side to side, duck and slip those shots and put him under pressure."

That is exactly the way to deal with Bradley, who is good coming forward but is very one-dimensional. And that's exactly what Amir is like these days; he has an air about him and he is so matter-of-fact.


I asked him who he wants to fight next and he just said: "I'll fight anybody". At no point did his eyes twitch, or his expression change. He meant it. Names were being thrown at him by his mates on Twitter, be it Michael Katsidis or whoever, and every time his answer was the same. This kid is willing to take on anyone.

A unification fight with Bradley has to happen and it I can't see anything other than Amir winning. He has the confidence, he has the jab and he has the fitness to cope with a guy that is a soldier but little more than a bully in the ring.

He will make Bradley think about what he is doing and he will be able to stop that double jab and straight right over the top which - as we saw in the warm-up - is all he's got.

Bradley has not really improved since becoming a champion, although his self-belief has obviously grown. But technically he is not that great and is still the same fighter that took on Witter a few years back - and Junior got complacent as you sometimes do when you have the title.

But I don't see that in Amir in the slightest. This kid wants to fight the best and is willing to take on anyone out there.

We all thought we were going to be in for a modern-day classic and unearth a serious threat to Amir at light-welterweight but it didn't happen. Bradley showed himself to be one-dimensional and when Alexander's mettle was tested, it turned out to be plastic.

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Kevin Partridge says...

Spot on! I can see this fight playing out similar to the Maidana fight. Khan will win the fight in the first 7-8 rounds, Bradley might win a few of the later rounds as Khan tires but unlike Maidana, doesn't have the power to genuinely hurt Khan. All Khan has to do is avoid Timmy's headbutts in the early rounds, if so he will win comfortably either by UD or TD.

Posted 14:42 4th February 2011

Marcus Bellinger says...

That fight just showed the state of American boxing Khan will easily beat Bradley, American boxing is on its knees we have so many better fighters than they do.

Posted 19:55 3rd February 2011

Donna Mariveles says...

I think Khan does have something to worry about, aside from Bradley's head. Bradley, IMO, will be able to get inside Khan's jab and rough him up inside, which is his specially and takes away Khan's advantage at range.

Posted 07:45 3rd February 2011

Adam Whiteley says...

i agree, does bradly remind you of anyone? coming forward, wild swings, big hitter but thats about it, hes just a carbon copy of maidana, who is the biggest hitter in the division, and since maidana couldnt put khan away, bradley wont be able to, i think khan is more accurate than alexander aswell, and is twice the speed of him, and speed kills, i dont think bradley will see whats hitting him, as much as people dont like amir, hes here to stay, and he will have no problems in unifying the belts by the end of the year.

Posted 13:08 2nd February 2011

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