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Wladimir Klitschko: Ukrainian could retire in two or three fights

Glenn McCrory Posted 3rd September 2013 view comments

Wladimir Klitschko is at the top of the boxing world and he will stay there for as long as he wants.

I don't think he is getting bored beating people so easily because that's what he and his brother, Vitali, have done since they were kids, and because he has had so few challenges his body is not breaking down either.

Klitschko: fights Povetkin in October

Klitschko: fights Povetkin in October

That said, I think Wladimir will want to go out on the top in the way that Lennox Lewis did and not have his mantle stolen from him, so I'm not sure that he will have too many more fights after he faces Alexander Povetkin in Moscow in October.

Winning in Povetkin's country will help cement Wladimir's legacy and prove he can do the business outside of Germany and come out on top while his opponent holds all the advantages, but I would be surprised if he called it quits after that.

I don't think Klitschko sees Povetkin as a big enough test and will want to beat one, maybe two, of the upcoming heavyweights before he goes.

Glenn McCrory
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I don't think he sees Povetkin as a big enough test and will want to beat one, maybe two, of the upcoming heavyweights like Deontay Wilder, Seth Mitchell and Tyson Fury before he goes - though I'm not sure another fight with David Haye would appeal to him.

But after that his time could be over because while Vitali hasn't retired yet it looks like he will soon and I don't expect Wladimir to carry on boxing for that long without him.

They have had little fallouts over years, but have always liked conquering the world as a pair.


I hope Wladimir and Vitali are remembered with affection when they hang up their gloves because although they have the God-given gifts of height, reach and athleticism and looked like they were manufactured to be boxers, they have worked hard to get where they are.

Yes, they have been well managed and looked after but they have always tried to make themselves better and when they have had setbacks, they have gone straight back to the drawing board in the gym and got fitter, stronger and worked on their weaknesses.

However, while they deserve the respect, I think the heavyweight division will become much more exciting when they are not in it; the Klitschkos are winners but they don't provide entertainment like Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield did.

There is no-one beneath Wladimir and Vitali jumping up and demanding to be noticed at the moment, but Fury, Mitchell, Johnathon Banks, Haye and the like are waiting for an opportunity to boss the division.

Wilder, too, could be the real deal but it is always difficult to judge someone on beating Audley Harrison because over the years he has turned into a bit of a laughing stock when stepping up to world level.


Deontay needs to take a leaf out of the Klitschkos' book and keep himself right outside the ring otherwise he will achieve nothing, but if he does that he could become a star because America is crying out for a quality heavyweight.

There are some super fights coming up with Floyd Mayweather taking on Saul Alvarez and Danny Garcia boxing Lucas Matthysse, but Americans have lost a bit of interest in the heavyweight scene now that their country doesn't rule it. They need a new hero.

Tommy Morrison, meanwhile, was a real star and I was sad to hear that he has passed away because his charisma, looks, style and excitement brought a lot to the game and I really enjoyed commentating on his fights.

He was reckless, too, and went down the wrong path but he was elevated to superstardom when he starred in Rocky V as Tommy Gunn and had his great in-ring moment when he beat George Foreman for a version of the world title.

Boxing has lost a bit of Hollywood.

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Mark Haslam says...

Both boring fighters. The heavyweight division doesn't have many strong fighters. They have always fought in there comfort zone. The only fight Wladimir has had that really worried him was against Haye in which he made it very difficult to setup and all on there terms and in there own back yard. Although people think Haye used his toe as an excuse. He hurt Wladimir in the last round but his robotic display got him the points and fair dues to him for that. Still I do think Haye would beat him the second time round. If Wladimir wants to become a true champ then he needs to really come out of his comfort zone and take Haye on in England. If Wladimir succeeds there then it would silence the doubters. But we all know theres no chance he will take on Haye over here. Hes too scared of that.

Posted 12:48 5th September 2013

Paul Wakefield says...

Oh my god does he have to have another 2 or 3 fights? Have we not suffered enough surely he could call it a day now - then maybe the heavyweight division would eventually recover and be worth watching again.

Posted 17:52 4th September 2013

Neil Owen says...

Both the Klitschko brothers have been very solid and strong fighters. However they may not be very well remembered in the States and UK as they have not have very many exciting fights between them. This may not actually be their fault as the heavyweight division has been quite weak for a while. I think people might have more respect for Wladamir if he had taken on Nikolai Valuev. Although he was not a very highly respected heavyweight champion, it would have given him a chance to prove he can beat heavyweights of a similar size or bigger. It may have also help if he decided to fight Haye rather than box a tactical but safe fight. It certainly showed he has a clever boxing brain, but with so few memorable fights, this is one that could have left a dent in boxing history. I hope Wladamir stays on enough to give some of these younger heavyweights a chance as their are some real prospects coming through.

Posted 17:00 4th September 2013

Jason Shaw says...

Love them or hate them the Klitschkos are both talented fighters. Yes, they might not set the place on fire with their performances but they do the basics very very well and get the results. We also have Chisora in the wings and with the right temperment and training he could be a world champion and also the big punching Mike Perez. I would love to see Perez move to another trainer and promoter he should be fighting way more and has got an awful lot of talent and fit Perez would take some stopping.

Posted 16:42 4th September 2013

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