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It's coming home!

A memorable end to a memorable week in Dallas for our man Paul Higham

Dallas Diary - Paul Higham @SkySportsPaulH Posted 7th February 2011 view comments

It's coming home! The Vince Lombardi Trophy is heading back to Green Bay where the legendary coach plied his trade to become the name on the NFL's Super Bowl trophy.

Sunday's game was a fitting way to end what has been an incredible week in so many ways, and by the finish, Green Bay's path to victory also summed up what a topsy-turvy week it's been for most of us in Dallas.

The lights come on for Black Eyed Peas

The lights come on for Black Eyed Peas

After all the snow has melted away, all the dust has settled and all the confetti swept up from Cowboys Stadium, it is apt that the NFL's Titletown gets a 13th prize and fourth Super Bowl after a courageous play-off run of three away games.

Sunday's game was also similar to a road game given the support for the Steelers inside the stadium, but the Cheeseheads also found their voice at times, especially as the Packers exploded under MVP Aaron Rodgers to race into a 14-0 and then 21-3 lead.

Pittsburgh's late score before half-time shook the Packers, and maybe it was the Black Eyed Peas (they didn't seem to go down too well) or injuries to Charles Woodson, Sam Shields and Donald Driver, that saw them emerge for the second half a different, poorer team.


What a rollercoaster ride it was, every bit as big as the menacing ones that lurk in the nearby Six Flags theme park but as guys went down, Green Bay just about stood firm, and fully justified the win.

It was also a rough ride for myself in the press box, after a great start in the sunshine outside at the Primesport Party that has become my regular pre-Super Bowl haunt over the last few years.

The ageing laptop packed itself up at half-time, maybe it was the Black Eyed Peas again I don't know, but after making do with Twitter it eventually got going again just in time to see Pittsburgh come so close to making the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history.

Rodgers' play-off run must be one of the best ever, as was Green Bay's as a whole, and their locker room resembled a casualty unit with boots, tape and all sorts on their battered players - winning four road games on the spin will do that to you!

Driver was as emotional as you've ever seen, Woodson broke his collarbone just before half-time, but he spent most of the half rallying the troops until it became too much for him and AJ Hawk said afterwards that they wanted to do it for the injured cornerback - who has already said he won't retire and will return for the Packers next year.

Young Pack

The Packers are the second youngest team in the NFL so I believe another dynasty could be building up in Wisconsin, with Rodgers at the helm and if they get their injured players back who knows how good they will be - and if they get to play a few play-off games at Lambeau Field!

Other incidents of note include some confusion over whether Cristina Aguilera sang the anthem correctly, and just how long were the BEPs and Usher stashed away in the massive jumbotron suspended above the field?

Speaking of the field, I managed to sneak on at the end of the game after visiting the locker rooms, and that's when the enormity of the venue really hits you - it's huge! It also hits you when you're trying to find you're way out of the building too!

Ben Roethlisberger was distraught after the game - he immediately shaved his beard off and was in sombre mood, almost tearful as he said he felt like he personally let the team and fans down with his two crucial interceptions.

All in all though, I think a justified and right result for everyone, bar the Steelers and their fans, and an incredible end to an incredible week, and incredible season come to mention it!

It's been a long, hard road for Green Bay, it's been a tough, long week for North Texas and the organisers, but both of them have come out of Super Bowl Sunday with flying colours, and now we've got used to the snow bring on Indianapolis in 2012!

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Gav Mc says...

Great work mate, shame they through the ball away so late on

Posted 04:11 8th February 2011

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