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Hooray for Henry!

It's Americans again, but it's given everyone a lift

Jamie Redknapp - Jamie Redknapp Posted 6th October 2010 view comments

You can only hope that common sense prevails at Liverpool... at last.

After all that's gone on, all they have been through, I really hope Tom Hicks and George Gillett take what money is on offer and cut their losses, for the sake of Liverpool Football Club.

Everybody knows it hasn't worked out and the sooner it's sorted the better for everybody; better for the fans, the players and for Roy Hodgson. At last there is some light at the end of the tunnel and even the news that New England Sports Ventures have agreed to buy the club must have given every single Liverpool fan a lift.

Hodgson: light at the end of the tunnel, at last

Hodgson: light at the end of the tunnel, at last

Of course everyone is right to be a little bit worried that we're talking about American owners again but these people at least like sport, have an interest in sport and a track record in sport. Hicks and Gillett just didn't seem to get it - and they certainly didn't seem to understand Liverpool Football Club.

And long gone are the days of English chairmen and owners. If guys from America, Russian billionaires or Abu Dhabi consortiums want to come and pump their money into our clubs, so be it. The Premier League is global now, whether we like it or not.

When you know 2,000 fans are marching before a game, or staging a sit-in on the Kop after it, you'd have to be blind not to notice.

Jamie Redknapp
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The problem with Hicks and Gillett was they just seemed so far removed, so distanced from it all and I am not sure they understood the damage that was being done. Call it bad judgement on their part, call it bad luck on Liverpool's part, whatever it was, it was starting to become a real problem.

Liverpool to finish in the bottom half of the Premier League, Sky Bet odds 10/3. Bet now

And I don't care what anyone says, it does affect what happens on the field. Myself and Graeme Souness disagree on this, but to be fair to Graeme he was a player when everything was fine at Anfield. I have been there in times of transformation myself and you cannot help but be aware of it.

There is enough pressure at Liverpool with former players passing judgement - and not just any players, but players with European Cup winners' medals, multiple championship medals, the lot - and now I am doing the same. That is hard enough to cope with but, when you know 2,000 fans are marching before a game, or staging a sit-in on the Kop after it, you'd have to be blind not to notice.

For a start, it affects the whole atmosphere at a game if you know the fans are coming there to protest as much as cheer you on. You can just sense it; the mood isn't quite as upbeat, the fans aren't quite looking forward to it and that buzz you get at Anfield on matchdays just isn't quite the same.


I just hope this can be sorted as quickly as possible so everyone can start concentrating on what happens on the field which, so far, just hasn't been good enough.

I don't think for a minute we are talking about a relegation battle here but the League Cup defeat at home to Northampton proved what I thought all along: that this Liverpool squad just isn't up to scratch.

There's nothing wrong with the starting XI but what that Northampton game showed is that the second string aren't good enough. No disrespect to Ian Sampson and his side, there is no way Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal, Manchester City and Tottenham's second XI would have lost to them. At home.

Liverpool to qualify for Europe this season, Sky Bet odds 7/4. Bet now

Pepe Reina, Jamie Carragher, Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres are as good a spine as you'll get in the Premier League and I do think Raul Meireles and Paul Konchesky are good additions, while there is no doubt Joe Cole will be a major plus once he gets some confidence.

But that is the problem at Liverpool right now. It's hard enough joining a club with such history and tradition as it is, never mind one that's in complete turmoil behind the scenes.

And the one man who will have been through all that is Roy Hodgson. I know there are markets on him losing his job and to an extent Gillett and Hicks may have deflected some of the pressure off him, but at the same time, it must be incredibly difficult working in those conditions.

Roy Hodgson to last the season at Liverpool, Sky Bet odds 2/5. Bet now

Of course, the start they have made is not good enough and Roy knows that. But if you are trying to tell me that in the space of seven games, a man who has had success all over the world, in Italy with Inter and who has taken Fulham to a European final, has suddenly become a bad manager, then I would have to say you're wrong.

New managers always need time and Roy has hardly had any. Yes, if things haven't improved eight months down the line, a year down the line, then maybe then it would be time to get rid of him. But now? No way.


When the new owners come in - and please, let it happen as quickly as possible - they have said there will be money to improve the squad. Let Roy bring more of his own players in and then judge; and if it is no better, then something will have to give.

Also, to all these people who say he should go, who would they rather see take over? Kenny Dalglish's name always gets mentioned and he's already at the club, so it always becomes more of a possibility if they do want to go down that route, but I can't see it.

Of course, the new owners might even have their own manager in mind as they often do, but right now there is only one man to manage Liverpool Football Club and that is Roy Hodgson.

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Colin Smith (Liverpool fan) says...

Sorry Jamie, but no. RH is well and truly out of his depth. I mean what has he changed from the Rafa days?? Mach has gone and his "replacement" (!!) hasnt a clue what he is doing in the famed red shirt! As far as I can see only one decent player has been brought in and that is Joe Cole. How come he still plays DK in midfield when he plays as a striker for his country?? The "time" bit is true, but when the premiership can be decided by xmas, he had better get his finger out!

Posted 23:00 14th October 2010

Matt Pearson (Liverpool fan) says...

Give Roy a chance i cant believe what i am hearing!??? Good job Man Utd didnt judge Fergie in first few games or shanks at Anfield. Roy is a good manager he has come to a club that Rafa left in a mess some due to him some due to owners etc. Yes we need a striker but did under Rafa too and wasnt sorted. And Rafa wasted a lot of money on average players some poor players too!. Roy should be given time to mold the team to his ideals then lets judge him. As for Kenny taking over he is a legend to us all but Legends should stay that and remain in our hearts but that was yeaterday no time to look forward. Dont blame Roy for the mess rafa left after 7 games this isnt the Anfield way!. YNWA

Posted 15:12 14th October 2010

Ken Weight (Portsmouth fan) says...

Can someone explain how Liverpool can get the Prem League to accept new owners in 1 day when they took weeks and weeks to accept new owners for Pompey. What fit and proper process did they go through. Or is it just my sour grapes

Posted 13:53 14th October 2010

Alan mcdonald (Liverpool fan) says...

Totally agree with Redknapp on this, Hodgson was given the job because of what he has achieved. He was the best available candidate for the job. He hasn''''t even had a chance to pick a fully fit starting 11 yet, so talk of getting rid is a bit reidiculous! The chronic lack of depth and imbalance in the squad is down to Benitez and it''''ll take a good couple of season to sort out once we have new owners. At the minute its a balancing act. I am a bit worried though that if these NESV fellas don''''t get their hands on the club by the end of the week we could be in a relegation dogfight . . . Lets not get caught up in the notion that we are too good or too big a club to go down. Hopefully we''''d be ok but if key players keep underperforming we''''re in potentially in a lot of trouble.

Posted 15:29 11th October 2010

Michael Wedlake (Queens Park Rangers fan) says...

Give Roy a chance you bunch of muppets.

Posted 09:58 8th October 2010

Neshan Chetty (Liverpool fan) says...

I have to disagree with Jamie on Roy Hodgson. Wait eight months or a year. Yuo got to be kidding me! Liverpool will be relegated by then! Almost 20% of the season has gone by and we only have 7 points. If Roy can''t get things on track within the next 8 games then he must be sacked. It was bad enough that we finished 7th but now we must risk relegation to give good old Roy a chance? Crazy. He seems totally clueless on the sidelines and I can''t see what style he''s trying to play on the pitch. Its like get the ball up the field and lets hope someone will score - like a typical low table team. Besides if you look at he''s career he really hasn''t set the world on fire - taking the Swiss to the second round of the WC is just like doing well in 3 cup games - that''s it. He was a poor choice to start with.

Posted 07:33 8th October 2010

Matty Caffo (Liverpool fan) says...

I agree with Jamie. How anyone can judge Roy Hodgson on just a few games into the season is not fair. I think Roy will do a great job and he is the right man to be at the club right now. He has so much experience as a manager, he has been there and done it. He is the manager for us right now who will keep the ship steady, keep hold of our top players. He comes across as a real nice guy who people respect, and I think he would have a good relationship with the players. Once the club is sold and he gets transfer money, things settle ... if things don''t go well, then we may have to look somewhere else, but I really truly believe that the players want to play for him and I really believe that Liverpool will come good in the few weeks ahead. I think we will beat Everton in the derby next week and that will give everyone a lift to go with the new owners, so things will start to look up from then on in! Keep the faith, we will be ok! We can still get into Europe... and will!

Posted 01:23 8th October 2010

John Philips (Liverpool fan) says...

I have never been a fan of your writeups. But I want to agree on some few things except that u think Roy should be given time. Roy is not good enough for Liverpool. He will run us to the ground just like your good friend ''Souness did. You mention Roy being successful all over Europe. Where? When was he ever succesful. Face it, though u will hate to admit it, Roy is big step down from Rafa.

Posted 01:01 8th October 2010

Darlington Bah (Liverpool fan) says...

Jamie,I agreed with all that you have said. You give some very sharp points. My only prayer now is the spedded taking over of LFC from Hick and Gillette. Roy if given any fund to sign player pls sign some hard profile player to blend with the other guys including Torres,Gerrard, Cole and the rest. Roy another plead, pls get rid of Lucas, Babel, Aurelio and Meirelles.

Posted 23:16 7th October 2010

Ken Bann (Liverpool fan) says...

Yes Jamie, you have made some good points, but I disagree with your opinion that RH should be kept on as manager. A blind man could see that we needed another striker, a problem Rafa got pelters for not solving, instead Roy bought two more holding midfielders (come on, really, how many do we need?) The Northampton result may have been seen as a blip, but what happened at the weekend confirms Roy is not the right man to take our great club forward, especially given that the best British manager (apart from SAF) is out of work, that is Martin O''Neill. He would get the best out of the existing players and has proven to be shrewd in the transfer market, because lets face it, we may get a bit of money to spend, but it won''t be Man City money. MON''s record at Celtic, how were nowhere near the title before he came, then at Villa who he took from the relegation zone to the brink of CL qualification every season with few, if any, big signings. He would relish the chance to turn a club like Liverpool around and I think it is time for a complete fresh start; New Owners; New Signings; New Stadium; New Manager!!

Posted 22:52 7th October 2010

Ed Rose (Liverpool fan) says...

I''ve been a Boston Fan since th 60''s and this group made the long suffering Red Sox winners. Their committment to fhe team and it''s fans is great. They have invested liberally in players and facilities and are 1st class owners. Now, if only they could get ho;d of the local MLS club.

Posted 20:13 7th October 2010

Martin Walsh (Liverpool fan) says...

you will notice that Jamie never mentioned Pulson? the one player that Roy said that he was familiar with--lets just hope that Roy does not know any others. Roy won a Danish league and cup I think? THAT DOES NOT CONSTITUTE A VERY SUCCESSFUL MANAGER in my book. He was sacked by Blackburn for gods sake. We have just got rid of a successful manager( who was snapped up by the European champions---and we should be making a comparable signing if we are to really progress

Posted 18:46 7th October 2010

Jutiar Salman (Liverpool fan) says...

Jamie, you are right about the owners but wrong about Roy. You rattle off the "a man who has had success all over the world, in Italy with Inter and who has taken Fulham to a European final" quote but what did he win at Inter? The only job he has had that comes anywhere close to being at Liverpool. Lets not fool ourselves Jaime, Roy is out of his depth and the one thing I would hate to see is the first transfer window, the one the new owners would like to use to show how serious they are, being managed by Roy Hodgson. When you consider buying Carlton Cole for Liverpool you should not be given a penny to spend. ROY OUT!!

Posted 17:28 7th October 2010

Alex Lloyd (Cardiff City fan) says...

Can''t agree more. I think this situation with Liverpool highlights the massive risk(s) that can come with foreign investment. When you look at overseas consortiums and takeovers in the Premier League, apart from Man City and Chelsea alot of clubs have been hammered financially i.e Man United!! The one thing these American owners were never going to understand was the culture of what Liverpool represent no matter how hard they tried. This weakness then affects desisions made and before they knew it they became scapegoats and backed into a corner. The new investors seem to have a proven track record of turning struggling teams around so it might be different this time. I follow the Blue half of Merseyside and would love us to have some investment and money to spend and improve, however if this is the potential risk that comes with investment then im happy to carry on as we are at Liverpool is has gone so wrong so quickly.

Posted 16:00 7th October 2010

Passing Game (Liverpool fan) says...

To have managed Inter doesn''t automatically mean you had success with them. I still think Liverpool should go for a younger manager that has a style of passing and modern tactics, somebody hungry for success, that would be a joy to watch even if results aren''t going to plan (like Rijkaard or Guardiola at Barcelona). With Hodgson, you can see that his football is not going to get them anywhere. Agger gave it away with what he said about Roy telling defenders to smack the ball can work for a Fulham, but at Liverpool we expect more.

Posted 15:52 7th October 2010

Sabrie De roos (Liverpool fan) says...

Well said Jamie , I think we need some backs, i see Johnson wants to leave for Real deal,, he may leave it will be so much beter, Carra with alll respect has to go as well we need strong and pace full backs ,Reina is a good shot stopper , but he is sshakky in crosses. Strikers ofcoz we need 2 more quality strikers. pace on the wings aswell. joe cole should play straight throught the middel not on the wings.. give spering a show Paulse dont have pace either. Hpefully with the new owners we can buy some players and get back to winning ways.

Posted 15:39 7th October 2010

Derek Mclean (Liverpool fan) says...

If Roy is to have any success he has got to learn quickly that he is not managing a team who can finish 5th to 15th and have fans happy with that. Liverpool has an expectancy higher than most, rightly or wrongly. We also expect to see our team attacking from the first minute, committing men forward and pressing the opposition, especially at home. We do not want to see 1 striker or 2 holding midfielders when we are playing Blackpool or West Brom etc (with respect to those teams). Roys problem in my eyes is he has no wingers at the club, all our wide midfield men want to come inside so we never get to the bye line and cross the ball. Defending against us is easy, defences stay compact, leaving Torres no space and too many men to beat on his own. My short term solution is to go 3-5-2, so we can get width. It also helps Johnson and his lack of ability to defend. Agger will be back in the team as one of the 3 defenders as he can bring the ball out better than any other centre back. Having two strikers will free up space for Torres and having wing backs will spread the oppositions defence wider from touchline to touchline. Come on Roy, it makes sense. You will get the fans behind you if you start being more positive. Our negative tactics have left us in the bottom 3, so it didn''t work. Your job is on the line if you stick to the same tactics.

Posted 14:18 7th October 2010

Peter Ajayi (Liverpool fan) says...

Well said Jamie lad!, I think we should be looking a head to the future of the club by starting to get rid of dead weight. Jan we should get a worl class striker just as good as el nino if not better!! Forlan, Fernando from althletico Bilbao or aguerio someone of internation pedigree. Also give the raising talent a shot. Spearing, kelly, darby, wilson. Lucas should not ever get to put on a liverpool shirt, Kuyt is to old and slow not enough class, Bable has had too many chances so sell these players to get two world class players. Alos rebuild Anfield forget Stanley park and never share with Everton Shanks would turn in his Grave R.I.P

Posted 13:52 7th October 2010

Daniel Gourd (Liverpool fan) says...

Roy''s had "success"? really? what Major trophies has he won?

Posted 13:48 7th October 2010

Andrew Gabbidon (Liverpool fan) says...

Jamie made some good points about past players who have won major medals, are passing judegement on the current team. The likes of Souness can say what they like, but his day was yesteryear when LFC was it it pomp. Football has change some much on and off the field and pressure that go with the game,it doesn''t help with GH and GG having no understanding of football or Liverpool football club and just breaking down a foundation so quickly that had taken years to build.

Posted 13:40 7th October 2010

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