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Winners and losers

Highs and lows in 2010

Wayne McCullough Posted 29th December 2010 view comments

The five UFC champions who started off 2010 as belt holders were BJ Penn (lightweight), Georges St Pierre (welterweight), Anderson Silva (middleweight), Lyoto Machida (light heavyweight) and Brock Lesnar (heavyweight).

Two weight champion Penn was making the fourth defence of his title against Frankie Edgar at UFC 112 in April. Edgar got the decision on points and became the new champion. It was a close fight so the rematch was set for four months later at UFC 118 where most thought Penn would reclaim his belt. That didn't happen with Edgar winning all five rounds clearly, proving he was championship material, ending the year as the reigning champ.

Georges St Pierre: undefeated in 2010

Georges St Pierre: undefeated in 2010

Edgar faces the New Year with a challenge from Gray Maynard set for January 1, 2011 at UFC 125.

GSP defended his title twice in 2010 with easy wins over Dan Hardy at UFC 111 in March and Josh Koscheck in December at UFC 124. He remained champion and will be hard to beat at this weight.

The middleweight Pound for Pound king, Anderson Silva also defended his belt twice but it wasn't as easy for him as it was for GSP. In April at UFC 112 he defeated Demian Maia or points and in August at UFC 117 he got dominated for about four and a half rounds by Chael Sonnen. He looked like he was about to lose his belt that night but with around two minutes left in the round he pulled out a left triangle submission choke while on his back.

GSP defended his title twice in 2010 with easy wins over Dan Hardy at UFC 111 in March and Josh Koscheck in December at UFC 124. He remained champion and will be hard to beat at this weight.

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This was a scare for Silva but he was able to hold onto his belt and remained champion at the end of the year.

Lyoto Machida began 2010 as the light heavyweight champion and had to make a defence of his belt against Mauricio Rua in May at UFC 113. This was a rematch of their bout at UFC 104 in October 2009 where Machida got the points win but it was clear Rua had won. In their second meeting Rua dethroned the champ by way of a 1st round KO. The belt should have been his seven months earlier but he deservingly ended the year as the new champ.

Beaten Brock

Heavyweight Brock Lesnar started the year as champion but Shane Carwin became the "interim" champ after beating Frank Mir at UFC 111 in March 2010 when Lesnar was out of commission for a year with a career threatening illness.

Brock came back in July 2010 and successfully defended his belt against Carwin at UFC 116. He got beat up badly in the first round and came very close to being stopped, but Carwin had punched himself out trying to finish Lesnar. Lesnar came out in the 2nd round and finished his opponent off with a submission win by way of a choke showing he was back.

Just about three months later at UFC 121 Lesnar faced top contender Cain Velasquez who was attempting to become the first UFC champion of Mexican descent. He didn't let anyone down, stopping Lesnar in the first round after having him down a few times finishing the year as the new champ.

Out of the five fighters who began the year as champion, only two held onto their titles in 2010, GSP and Silva and three new names emerged, Edgar, Rua and Velasquez. With the WEC and UFC merging at the beginning of 2011 there will be another two champions at bantamweight, Dominick Cruz, and featherweight, Jose Aldo, so next year we can look forward to having seven champions.

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Louie Johnson says...

gsp is god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted 10:42 21st March 2011

Robert Brewer says...

G.s.p. will be a champion for a long, long time bro.

Posted 00:10 27th February 2011

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