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Power pressure

Rod says Phil Taylor needs to raise his game

Rod Harrington Posted 23rd April 2013 view comments

It was a great night in Dublin - the players loved the crowd and only Phil Taylor let me down in my six predictions! There were a couple of lucky results like Van Gerwen beating Lewis, but last week seemed to be the most predictable of all weeks in the Premier League. This week will be a little different.

It's week 12 and there are six more games in Birmingham at the NIA. It's important for those on a bad run to forget the previous week, but that's hard in the Premier League.

In other tour events you can have a bad week and then come up against a lesser player and get on a run. That's impossible in this event. It's every Thursday and you're playing top players all the time. One loss and you could be thinking of relegation and that all adds extra pressure.

Taylor: Needs a big performance in Birmingham

Taylor: Needs a big performance in Birmingham

We haven't really talked too much about the top four because of the battle for relegation, but the pressure is now really on.

I have to say a lot of players are looking tired. They could do with finding out what makes them tick at a good standard to sharpen them up. The one thing missing in this sport is that few players bring in a coach or a friend if things are going badly. Even if they did, I don't think they'd listen!

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I really like Andy Hamilton and Robert Thornton, though. They get up there and play their hardest - if they lose they just get on with it. I really like that attitude.

So on to Thursday's matches in Birmingham.

Phil Taylor v Adrian Lewis

Taylor got a draw with Barnie last week, he's fourth and still need points to guarantee fourth place and go to the O2. Lewis is in the worst form and his head is in the worst state I've seen in a young man. He's an incredible talent but he's just missing doubles. That's making him want to score heavier and he's pushing and pulling the darts. I can't see him doing it on Thursday and Phil will be up for it. Adrian has got to literally turn his form around overnight and throw his best darts for 18 months.

My advice for Adrian would be to stay away from Phil; don't practice with him on the same board and just go up there and try to enjoy it. That's easy for me to say but when you enjoy it your arms aren't so tight and you don't pull your darts. If he can get into Phil in the opening two legs then Lewis with his ability could easily turn the game around. The form book, however, says he won't.

ROD'S CALL: Taylor win

Simon Whitlock v Michael van Gerwen

Simon's had a couple of good weeks and he really needs to win every game to make the top four. Meanwhile, Van Gerwen is on such a high. He's the player Taylor's been for 20 years. It doesn't matter what's happened to him in the previous three darts or legs, he doesn't care. The only thing important to him is the next dart and that's why he's got such a great attitude.

That's why Van Gerwen is so hard to beat and even Taylor is struggling against him. You just can't intimidate him. He loves the game and I can only see Van Gerwen winning. He's got that extra scoring power and Simon will have to look at some big check-outs at crucial times if he's to have a chance.

ROD'S CALL: Van Gerwen win

Robert Thornton v Andy Hamilton

This is a tough match to call. They are both solid players and two consummate professionals with their play and conduct. Hamilton has relied on his double 16 and 8 but he's been missing them in the last three weeks.

Thornton has been brilliant this year but he too has gone off the boil. This will be a close one and I wouldn't be surprised to see a draw. Perhaps Thornton will have the edge.


Raymond van Barneveld v James Wade

This could be the game of the night. Wade has probably been playing his best darts for four years over the last few weeks. He's another player who's got his brain in the right gear and who isn't worrying too much about his opponents. Barnie played very well last week but was letting people off at crucial times. In this field he'll get crucified and he can't afford to slip-up against Wade.

Wade has been prolific, especially with 124 and 120 check-outs, but this will be close and could easily be a draw. Barnie has his fluency and natural ability and he'll be facing a man who's a solid professional. It's like George Best playing Kevin Keegan! Keegan was the not the most naturally gifted and had to work so hard, while Best was rubbish for most of the game and would then score two goals.

In darts, the solid pro wins 8 out 10 times. Wade is a 90-minute man and you have to play so well to get anything off him.


Phil Taylor v Simon Whitlock

Phil has got to get a four-pointer on Thursday. Whitlock has not had the best results against Taylor but the difference between these two is that Phil can play two big games in one night and keep the same standard. Simon struggles with that and that may be his downfall. He's got the ability but playing a second game in Birmingham will hurt Simon more.

ROD'S CALL: Taylor win

Adrian Lewis v Robert Thornton

This is all about their first match of the night. If Lewis loses his first game, or plays badly, then it will be tough for him. If Thornton beats Hamilton then I can only see him beating Adrian. The form book says Thornton but I've just got this feeling that Lewis could do it. He'll know he can't make the top four and so he may get up there and be relaxed. We may just see the real Lewis in Birmingham and he may just pull it out of the bag.

ROD'S CALL: Lewis win. Just

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