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Rod Harrington: Phil Taylor may slow down, but won't stop before 60

Rod Harrington Posted 16th October 2013 view comments

Phil Taylor is now a clear favourite to win the World Championship once again.

People always have a pop at me on Twitter and Facebook for tipping him to win tournaments, but if you'd listened to me you'd have won loads of money!

The way he beat Dave Chisnall in the World Grand Prix Final was incredible.

Taylor: thrashed Chisnall in the World Grand Prix final in Dublin

Taylor: thrashed Chisnall in the World Grand Prix final in Dublin

Chizzy knocked The Power out of the World Championship in 2012 and he didn't want to be constantly reminded of it. That got him riled up and he went up and won the match dropping only two legs in the process.

He didn't want to hurt his opponent because he likes him, but he wanted to prove that he is still the one to beat.

Chisnall would do well in the Premier League because he's such a great 180-hitter and the fans want to see big finishes.

Rod Harrington
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He keeps getting a little bit better every time, but I do believe he will cut down next year. He doesn't need to play the Tour events because he's always in the later stages of the majors, so that will maintain his high ranking.

I believe he should cut down on the Tour events and take more time to relax and stay healthy, though with the way he's playing I can't see him packing up before he's 60.

I think he will slow down and pick and choose events - and if you do that there is no reason why you can't go on forever.


I like the fact he doesn't over-practise. Apparently Chisnall was in the practice room for five hours before the Grand Prix Final. Now routines are fine, but I think that's too much.

I used to turn up three hours before a match and do a light warm-up, so I didn't have to rush about. Sometimes when you get in a routine you get bored and lethargic, so sometimes you just need to rock up and do what you need to do.

However, I can't praise Taylor enough. His standard is incredible and he is doing the whole sport a favour.

All the younger players are now aspiring to be Phil Taylor and 99% of them are going to fall short of that - but in trying to get there they will end up being a better player than they otherwise would have been.

Taylor is helping the next generation and other players are starting to do the same.

Michael van Gerwen has told me he will do anything for the Youth and Challenge Tour because he learned so much in the system and he's now earning an awful lot of money. Adrian Lewis is the same.

The players are starting to appreciate that they need to leave a legacy. My generation did that and now it's their turn - and those of us involved in the PDC need to steer it in the right direction.


Chisnall was thrashed in the final and that can hurt players, but you have to get over it.

There's no sympathy in this game and you won't see people putting their arm around his shoulder. If you don't get over it then you don't move on.

Less than 48 hours after his first PDC major final he was playing in the Championship League and he got relegated. I think he needed a few days to get over the tournament.

Reaching the final is an incredible feat and I think the Championship League came a couple of days too early for him, but that's the way the calendar is nowadays.

I had a word with him and told him that it's the way it goes sometimes and you have to move on. I'm sure if I'd told him before the World Grand Prix that he was going to make the final against Taylor then he'd have bitten my hand off.

He's made himself a nice wad of money and he is possibly going to get himself into the Premier League next season. He would do well in that event because he's such a great 180-hitter and the fans want to see big finishes.

He's also a contender for the World Championship because of his scoring power. If the Grand Prix Final had been a straight start, rather than double-in, I'd have given him half a chance against Taylor so he could do well at Ally Pally if he's firing on all cylinders.

You have to move up rungs of the ladder and he has done that. As he moves on and makes more finals - which he will do - he will get more confidence in his own ability and that's what carries you on in this game.

When he sits back and reflects then he should have confidence of reaching the World Final - even though he probably doesn't realise that now.

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