Nag Me FAQ What is Nag Me?

What is Nag Me?
Nag Me is a really useful, simple service that alerts you when horses you have selected to follow are set to make an appearance under rules on a racecourse in UK or Ireland.

Why would I want Nag Me?
Nag Me is invaluable for anyone who likes or follows horseracing whether you like bet or not. Nag Me will ensure you will never miss out:

  • When you've had a tip to follow a horse but are unsure of when it is running
  • If you've seen a horse put in an eye-catching run and intend backing it on subsequent runs
  • When your horses to follow are running
  • If you follow particular types of horses or certain trainers
  • If you've ever experienced the frustration of missing out on a winner you intended to back!
  • How much does Nag Me cost?
    We offer FREE e-mail alerts for up to 25 horses of your choice. SMS Text Message alerts are also available costing an additional 25p per message received.

    How many horses can I set to be alerted on?
    Your subscription allows you to be alerted by email for up to 25 horses. An unlimited number of horses can be set up via the SMS option, so allowing you to be reminded about as many horses as you like.

    When will I receive my alerts?
    Each morning our systems will check your Nag Me horses set up for email alerts against the following day's declared runners. If one of your horses is entered to run we will send you an email alert at around 3pm. On the morning of the race, any SMS alerts you have set for horses running that day will be texted to your mobile phone. There may be occasions when a horse is declared a non-runner or a meeting is abandoned after we have sent SMS alerts; whilst this may be unfortunate, this is entirely out of our control

    How do I pay for SMS alerts?
    SMS Alerts are billed via your mobile operator's normal billing mechanism. Any queries about billing should be directed to your mobile operator

    Will SMS alerts work on my mobile phone?
    Nag Me SMS alerts are supported by all UK networks and should work if your phone is fully operational and supports SMS.

    How do I set up Nag Me?
    Once you have registered and responded to the SMS confirmation (if applicable), you may then start to put together your Nag Me 'stable'. Our database contains all horses in training that have had at least one run in UK or Ireland so it is a simple case of searching by name. Once you have reached the horse's profile page and verified that is the horse you wish to be reminded about, you can then click on the 'Nag Me' link or button above its name to add it to your stable. That will automatically set SMS and email alerts on that horse. From then on, you can add to your stable or at any time, and via the subscription details page, view the horses you have selected and update or amend the existing alert preference for each runner.

    I cannot find a horse - why?
    Unraced horses or horses that have previously run outside of UK & Ireland will not feature within the database as they only gain a database entry upon their first run under rules on a British or Irish racecourse.

    My horse is to run outside UK or Ireland, will I be alerted to this?
    Unfortunately we are unable to alert you if you your horse is declared to run in other countries.

    How do I remove horses from my Nag Me list?
    Deselecting both the SMS and email tickboxes and clicking 'update' will remove the horse from your alerts list altogether.

    What if I want to update my personal details?
    Login to your account and go to 'Change Account Info'.

    I am receiving email alerts but they are difficult to read - why?
    Nag Me emails are sent in HTML format so please ensure your email software can accept HTML to take full advantage of Nag Me

    What if I forget my password?
    The login screen has a 'Forgot your password' link that will email your password to the email address registered on the account.

    Where can I find Nag Me?
    Links to Nag Me are throughout our racing section and also next to each runner on racecards allowing you to quickly and easily add horses to your account.

    Who is behind Nag Me?
    Nag Me is a service operated by Sky Sports, part of British Sky Broadcasting Ltd.

    What happens if I miss an alert?
    In the very unlikely event that you miss out on a horse due to a problem outside of our control, we cannot be held liable for losses arising from you missing the run. To make doubly sure of being alerted about the horse we highly recommend you use the additional SMS message option.

    If I have a query that hasn't been answered here or have a specific problem with my account whom should I contact?
    Please feel free to direct any further questions, issues or requests for assistance to <>

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